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tv   [untitled]    April 29, 2012 8:00pm-8:30pm EDT

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free. and free book yes videos for your media projects free media. the latest news and we can review lebanon seizes an army shipment apparently bound for opposition forces in syria as russia accuses rebels of trying to destroy the un brokered peace plan. nicolas sarkozy looks to the far right for support after losing the first round of the french presidential election to socialist candidate prince alon less than a week of campaigning left till the final ballot. police in ukraine release of photo fit images of the men they think are responsible for multiple bombings in the proper troves on friday that left thirty injured officers reopen that investigation into a similar bombing in the city last year believing the attacks could be linked. lie
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detector experts from the u.k. say the country's police have the wrong suspect in the killing of former f.s.b. agent alexander litvinenko with london six years ago. four am in moscow i met treasure bring you today's top stories and a look back at the week's news as violence in syria continues unabated neighboring lebanon seized a shipment of smuggled weapons believed to be destined for syrian rebels the cash apparently came from libya which is backing opponents of the assad regime this is syrian state television claims rebels have stepped up their offensive with attacks on the syrian central bank and a police patrol in the capital saturday saw the first insurgent attack from a c. a day after a suicide bombing that killed at least nine people in the capital russia says the opposition is trying to scuttle the u.n. brokered. ceasefire as the world body steps up its observer mission to syria
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franklin lamb director of the engine you know americans concern for middle east peace things the latest arms smuggling effort could be an attempt at regime change . great suspicion is that these are arms that were leftover from libya the craft was rooted there were to be fifteen containers but it turned out there were already in fact three that were filled with one hundred fifty tons of weapons the americas almost surely knew about it nato nato did the israelis didn't touch that ship this time not this ship seems very clear that with all of the differences and we could name twenty or more between the situation in libya and the situation in syria the fundamental pillar i read. is identical to this ship clearly headed for the so-called free syrian army as other shipments who have come from lebanon into syria design is regime change and that was done one believes
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the overwhelming evidence in support of that regime change so who's got time answer now is washington and certainly brussels with nato the way what they know about about that ship if we follow where the facts lead in the coming days i think there's going to be a remarkable. result in investigation of exactly what's going on the political leaders of the syrian opposition have been calling for foreign military intervention it's something many people on the ground refuse to accept as artie's oksana boyko reports from damascus. almost everyone in syria these days is in opposition to something ready to lash out at opponents at any moment and seventy six year old my feet mohammad is in opposition to that he's fast syrians out so worked up about paul. it is become difficult to make people smile but he found the
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way. i like dancing in the street and i like the reaction it produces in people i feel free this way yet even he can stay away from politics when i ask him about his biggest concern his sass syria should not dance just somebody else's tune. we don't need any countries meddling in our food. while the prospect of believe be a style intervention seems ever less likely the militarized position and their supporters are still asking for arms. and the. man they are all one from a man and the president of other countries is that they support us and now cause we the rebels want to get armed. while the rebels may have caused all the media attention the syrian opposition speaks with many voices it's often faulted for
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being disorganized and fragmented but there is a surprising unity when it comes to the issue of military intervention. through this apposition activist says he was detained and mistreated by the security services and while he is calling on bashar assad to leave a serious political scene he says the armed groups should do the same. thing like him abdul aziz is not afraid to go public with his use he just returned back from moscow where the opposition delegation tried to persuade the russian authorities to put more pressure on their side regime he says not all powers mediating the syria crisis are really helping you know. we are supporting. what we know for sure that some. well the state's
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not supporting that and some are trying to buy some so with that. if that comes. and that's not succeed. it will be a very dark. the syrian people will suffer too much it might be the country maybe a civil war no one knows what with leiby and iraq just across the border imported democracies are not held in high regard here even among the opposition while syrians remain highly polarized across political lines most of them agree that the solution to their current prices should be worked out within the country it won for the opposition the devil they know is still better than the demons that now hong neighboring countries in the boycott artsy damascus syria to get the
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latest updates on the syrian situation you can log on to our team dot com there's plenty waiting for you are there right now including this america's most advanced fighter jets deployed to the persian gulf you take a look at how many and why. also by the latest episodes of julia saunders controversial interview show next installment airing on tuesday right here on our t.v. . the first round of the presidential election in france this week's on nicolas sarkozy lose the battle to francois hollande the socialist candidate the two candidates now
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face a runoff may sixth party's test takes a look at the issues dividing french society. they say it's better to travel than to arrive but for european unity the ride has been bumpy to say the least and where could it be headed and the eurozone will implode a considerable number of economists admit as well the french of four and that the eurozone is already dead it will collapse. so says the candidate who surprised france by securing almost a fifth of the votes in round one of their presidential race all the other candidates without exception regard the european union as part of the solution or as the main solution as she has identified in her campaign the fact that it's actually the cause of the problems much of the french political thoughts are completely wedded to the euro project they cannot conceive of a foreign policy or domestic policy which is deeply. rooted
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in the whole european project one that finds itself in ever more shaky ground the should get agreement one of european integration sacred cows allowing border free travel across the e.u. is under fire. germany and france want member states to have the option to bring back those internal borders for thirty day period if there's a threat to security and public order there's a danger and more and more people are also going to start attacking all the good aspects of europe and divisions within the union don't and there amnesty international's recent report documents examples of prejudice in the block against muslims in education and employment ideas that were once a very much on the fringe of this to a particular support term on the whole being really mainstream in the right so to me it was sort of sort of saying when the left would come and see that people are
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more racist so to me not to but there has been some sort of. roid there why do what you need to do for people to express to hate and to indulge into violent behavior so where does that leave europe even the people who are against this kind of europe and against the euro in an idea that say they want a different kind of europe the e.u. may be trying to say in the past that set to achieve its vision and version of europe the obstacles are getting bigger from voters rallied behind that to brussels candidates to proposal so putting back border controls some e.u. leaders have dismissed them as populist threats but the question is are they merely still threats or is this growing resistance already the tip of an iceberg. sylvia r.t. brussels eastern ukrainian city of never patrol is slowly getting back to normal after its residents were left in a state of shock by a series of bombings friday thirty people were hurt ten of them children doctors
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continuing to treat the injured while police sift through c.c.t.v. footage of the blast. reports from. for some residents of new bit of skin ukraine their regular tri majority through the city was cut short because of the earth and i just got up from my chair when i heard splosion the doors was smashed the windows shattered all i remember that when i got up there was smoke and dust everywhere and women were crying. i was selling tickets when it came out of nowhere i grabbed my knees trying to hold on there was blood all over i got out sat down on a bench and blacked out it was a powerful blast the trousers i was wearing were all covered in holes i couldn't see if my legs were injured but it's not like it's a horror of previously unseen in ukraine's third largest city for homemade explosive devices hidden in trash cans detonated one after another
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a tram stops even doctors admitted there were startled to see so many severely injured. it's mostly split into injuries to the back chest or face i'd like to show you some of the splinters we extracted from the victims' bodies sadly one man had his arm ripped off in the blast and we failed to save it he had some serious injuries the worst of all the victims we treated. for many hours the city was gripped by panic people stayed in their offices fearing more blasts public transport was suspended cell phone connection was down twitter was flooded with messages of not four but explosions which proved to be mere speculation given the well coordinated nature of the blast authorities had no doubts this was a terrorist attack. it's another challenge for us for zero country so we're going to think of a proper response to it who will find
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a way to tackle it we'll have the best investigators working on this case ukraine is not known to have any terrorist organizations operating on its. soil and all explosions in the past were treated as acts of hooliganism by authorities and the timing of this attack just could not be warse not only the country is going through difficult political times with some already using the bloss to gain points but is also about to welcome many guests from abroad the attacks on people but they are still being investigated but they already have very serious implications we are only forty days away from the start of the euro twenty two well football championship in ukraine and poland and the authorities are now under severe pressure to reconcile the hundreds of thousands of football fans who will be coming here. to let's see reporting from kiev in ukraine on the way why cairo's iconic central square is still in a revolutionary fervor with less than a month to go before egyptians head to the polls to vote for president protests and
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clashes continue with people demand change we have the latest from cairo. and we report our wife fears grow in europe that anti islamic ideology is on the rise especially with the trial now underway in norway of mass killer anders breivik. but first russian m.p. andrey lugovoy who the u.k. considers its main suspect in the killing of former f.s.b. officer alexander litvinenko passed a lie detector test earlier this week lugovoy denies he has anything to do with the murder and turn to british experts to conduct the test laura smith takes a look at how the step might influence the inquiry into the killing of. stephen did you do anything that led to the death of alexander litvinenko. were you involved in alexander litvinenko is death. have you ever had any dealings with borneo no another step towards proving his innocence in
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a test administered by british experts andrey lugovoy passes the lie detector polygraph science says he didn't kill alexander litvinenko in london in two thousand and six when i gave a result. in my mind the right result if or not i don't give a result it's inconclusive i would buy my guns one hundred percent and if it was admissible in court i would be very pleased the good thing called a skeptic might say that as a former security services agent look up voigt might have had training to cheat the test but alexander cut up the core a documentary maker whose idea it was for leucovorin to undergo it thinks that's unlikely even every american police station has a polygraph test and if it was so easy to fall why security services would use it or to date as far as they're concerned the examiner as they say that this is the ultimate way to determine if one is lying or telling the truth it might not sway
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british courts where lie detector tests on tech separated as standalone evidence the u.k. authorities are unlikely to make an exception in this case given the extraordinary lengths they've gone to to get their hands on look up or even asking russia to change its constitution to allow his extradition to we were clear that while it was a reasonably big ask it was not unreasonable to say that they should change the constitution to make possible the sort of judicial corp foreign minister sergei lavrov gave his british counterpart short shrift a new government remains in russia but he knows there's nothing his country can do to persuade the british that they're accusing the wrong man. if i did the scene with the help of russian specialists at the british would have been suspicious about the results so i insist. the test should be administered by british experts people who came to test me are members of the british polygraph association and we
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will invite these experts as witnesses in any court proceedings i don't expect any serious change but for me it was the moment of truth i think this is just the latest step that has taken to attempt to clear his name with the british authorities last november harris simpang chris curran escorts because wife marino won the rights to a new wiser ranging inquest into her husband's death said he well couldn't the news and also to give evidence by video link. realizes this won't close the case but for him it's more evidence to suggest he's as innocent as he's always claimed. the british defense ministry considering placing surface to air missiles on a residential buildings people in east london got leaflets saying their rooftops could be used to deploy the weapons during the olympic games this summer residents say they're concerned about the safety of the system claiming to become a target for attack officials stress the missiles are
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a lot of work which would only be used in cases of an extreme terror threat based investigative journalist paul lash maher says the proposal shows just how uneasy u.k. government is over the game security. i don't think they're trying to be secretive about it i think they're trying to stop it happening in the first the but it's all part of a mountain of hysteria i think sort of so we could live with it but you've got this huge. and there is this salumi nine eleven threats about it i mean it's just because everybody realizes that it's a terrorist sort of ideal situation to have a big of bad they could but i think the love of public. twitchy because it's what it's saying is you're in a lot of your a lot potential danger because actually it's not the people on the links the route it's people within five kilometers of the real date if you know if those rockets are falling it's going to come down somewhere and they explode so you know anybody in the five clubs arrange of us is if it's followed. less than
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a month before the presidential election muslim protesters clashed with security forces in cairo with one person killed and dozens wounded there is a ruling in military he's accused of trying to cling to power while barring several candidates from the presidential poll parliament suspended sessions for a week in protest against the military appointed government r.t. sorry for it has more from cairo. protests nation after the revolution toppled president mubarak egyptians have continued to use people power as a way to full of change the sights and sounds of protesters on cairo's paris have become a familiar one more than a gift of president mubarak was ousted from power with presidential elections just around the corner and the activities here have once again taken center stage but it's the last year's protest anything is that revolution alone does not a democracy make is why the upcoming elections appraising so important.
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to discussing great fake astonished paced arab spring egypt we met a full i'm a member of mubarak's regime now a prominent speak a here in egypt. the revolution was a must and it's a great action but unfortunately after we had a lot of problems and the challenges we have to discuss and do we have to reach a vision for that not everyone will say positive one man asked the panel how they'd feel about the outcome if they'd been one of the young revolutionaries there's no quid pulls but he's not given a clear answer. as armed forces and the. administration say to us after. they get there. in their lives in february twenty seventh. we or protection for volution. we will give the
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people what they want we'll give you. freedom we'll give you a democracy he told us of the frustration of many people he turned out to tahrir but now feel they've been left represented with a new struggle for power creating many of the regimes old guard what is a democracy is the. promise of course is a common complaint with an equally common answer. but the revolutionary me which homes can last indefinitely i can see a second wave lucia but we will expect you know waves of. people protesting against certain actions they should go in a different way more realistic to understand the real interest this region it's from a polish slogans or shoutings it's the economy the culture and the politics a western a single thirty in underestimating people hissing regimes across the arab world
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full now with the announcement of the list of candidates attention turns to the policies as they see might become the next president they'll need to be careful. not to allow power to drown out the voices of days determined that this time they'll be home it's. turning out as some other stories making headlines across the globe at least twenty one people were killed in a church service at a university campus in the northern nigerian city of kaino witnesses say gunmen threw explosives into a lecture hall where the service was being held worshippers were then shot as they tried to flee no group claimed responsibility for the attack but islamic extremist group boko haram is active in the area and recently attacked christian churches. sudanese president omar hassan al bashir declared a state of emergency in three areas bordering south sudan the motion followed a month of border clashes with the south which separated last july after
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a decades long civil war that killed more than one and a half million people all bashir is wanted by the international criminal court for alleged crimes against humanity war crimes and genocide in the darfur region. the body of libya's former oil minister was found floating under a bridge in vienna police say no signs of foul play have been found although the autopsy is yet to be performed once a senior government official under the gadhafi under the khadafi regime he defected to the rebels during last year's civil war. confessed mass murder anders breivik trying to convince judges to this week that he was sane when he killed seventy seven people last july the right wing extremist wants his ideology to be taken seriously as fears grow his anti muslim views may have taken root elsewhere in europe are bennett talked to a far right british movement that some believe inspired breivik campaign of terror . this is looted was considered the breeding ground of far right extremism in the
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u.k. so to a large muslim community and also to the english defense league who are now considered one of the most dangerous groups of the global counter jihad movement it started as a gang of football hooligans and in just three years its ranks have swelled to more than seventy thousand all united against what they call the threat of islam the same ideology inspired norwegian mass murderer anders behring breivik and now it's on the rise according to a report by a u.k. anti fascism group a worldwide counter jihad network has surged since predicts attacks with over one hundred far right groups in europe alone it names e.t.l. leader tommy robinson a key figure in that they just some far left organization again hate say things that when we express how we feel we're called far right extremist so you say you're not far right wonderful right now i'm not for any right none of my views for follow
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islam is for islam these be chris what is responsible for a thousand nine hundred terrorist attacks of september eleventh there were about one in one man breivik praised the deal in his manifesto calling them a blessing campaigners fear these views could inspire a similar attack in britain if the government doesn't crack down soon matthew collins is a former fascist who's now switched sides with being our government for two years for separately on the so you must. you must view the deal as we do the radical islamic groups the problem is that they inspire people they organize people they fill people's head up with nonsense there are people in the deal who actually do think they are some kind of religious crusaders often extremist groups can be the trigger for somebody to do something something quite unpleasant quite nasty britain is considered a hotbed of far right extremism with sixteen anti islamic groups operating here the
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report classes the british freedom party is one of them its chairman paul weston it was another cited by brevik highlighting a blog that claimed the west is fighting a european civil war against islam but i'm not saying go out and commit violence and the most astonishing thing about this for me is it is the whole breivik thing has been picked up picked up on by the media with no documentary evidence of any so-called right wing movements saying go out there and shoot whereas when the islam it was just clear that you'll blog posts as an inspiration to him amongst other several of these are these are simply that they may well be an inspiration to but we cannot do you know we cannot say nothing simply because there might be some lone psychopath somewhere in europe groups like the british freedom party and the e.t.l. still aren't considered far right all extremists by the or thora sees the two
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recently joined forces and planned to run in the next round of local elections the worry for anti fascist campaigners is that they could attract support on the bennetts r.t. luton recap of the week's top stories coming up in a few minutes stay with us here on r.t. . in the little bit over. the.
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most of the. serious technology innovations all the movies developments from around russia we've gone to the future covered. movies.
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just simply. coming. from. more news today violence is once again flared up from these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada from china corporations are old today.


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