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tv   [untitled]    April 30, 2012 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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more deadly blasts in syria killed at least eight in a city near the turkish border while un observers both sides to lay down their weapons. find out who the world's top whistleblower julian assange just putting through the ringer this week his next explosive interview airs here want to see this choose day also. wage war on you if you don't do our do our bidding that's not how you treat people a few pros voices struggle to be heard above the war chorus in the u.s. congress with a strike on iran still firmly on the agenda. it
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is good to have you with us here on r.t. today i'm real research and life in moscow syria's fragile ceasefire has taken another blow as two blasts rocked the country and the bombs detonated near state intelligence buildings that's in the city of italy at least eight people have been killed almost one hundred injured mostly security forces personnel the government blames terrorists for the attacks the latest in a series of explosions to undermine the u.n. backed peace plan syria's officials claim rebels have stepped up their offensive with assaults on the country's central bank and a police patrol in the capital this as the u.n. observer mission chief now in damascus urged an immediate halt to the violence however one of the country's ethnic groups the kurds who called on assad to go long
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before the unrest they are staying out of the conflict banking on stability and reforms instead with this latest report on a point. a cause pursued for decades now accomplished in just a few months just a year ago even speaking kurdish and public could have got these people in trouble but now they can proudly was side what some hope will become them with their futures they'd. largest ethnic group without a nation kurds have long felt outsiders in their own lands in syria where they make up around ten percent of the population kurds have for decades complained of tacit discrimination by the authorities in fact they called on president bashar al assad to step down years before it became the rallying cry of the syrian opposition despite the long running grievances against the assad family syrian kurds have
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largely stayed out of this conflict in fact if there is any group that benefited from the instability in syria. over the past year a syrian kurds one more concessions from their services than in two decades before that. this kurdish language school is one of about a dozen that have opened their doors in syria over the past few months here a grandmother shared desks with grandchildren and a determined attempt to learn the classic version of their mother tongue. the school's principal sas just a year ago it had to be done in secret. that the state didn't allow any instruction in kurdish we used to be told that since we are living in an arab country we should speak arabic. even songs in kurdish were all forbidden but nowadays it all has changed it's not only syria where kurds felt pressured and turkey iraq and iran where the majority of about fourteen million kurds now leave their thorny
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cheesehead long seen them as a threat to national security especially after they embrace guerrilla warfare to achieve the creation of a sovereign kurdish state and in syria these days it seems this goal has been realized at least for now about a month ago kurds living in aleppo opened their own version of a city hall here in the portraits of july on the face of the kurdish independence struggle hangs where you would usually expect a picture of the president. of the kurds there with the government nor with the opposition we stand alone the syrian state has bigger problems so we're taking charge of our areas and tried to govern ourselves for the time being syrian kurds claim that self governance and equal rights are all they want some say and autonomy within syria similar to the couldst and region of iraq would be a more realistic alternative to full fledged independence. syrian kurds don't want
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to separate state we want to live in syria in peace with the arabs and everybody else but we do want to be treated equally and to be recognised as the kurds on our ideas not syrian arabs. yet dozens of kurdish settlements within syria have already become defacto a new sovereign state they're not only self-governed but self policed as well their well defined borders like these checkpoints separating kurdish an arab part of town and volunteer border guards the regime is now distracted with its own struggle so we seize the opportunity patience is bitter but it bears sweet fruit this old kurdish proverb is frequently cited in syria these days but what's unclear is how long this newfound independence may last. artsy aleppo syria so syrian rebels are still refuse to lay down their arms with growing
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concerns the opposition could be seeking to scupper the un a brokered cease fire and this has lebanon seized a large cache of weapons and ammunition aboard a ship within its waters are allegedly testing for the. fighters activist franklin lamb thinks the latest arms smuggling effort is all about one thing that of regime change. great suspicion is that these are arms that were leftover from libya the craft was loaded there were to be fifteen containers but it turned out there were already in fact three that were filled with one hundred fifty tons of weapons the americas almost surely knew about it nato military did the israelis didn't touch that ship this time not this ship it seems very clear that with all of the differences and we could name twenty or more between the situation in libya and the situation in syria the fundamental pillar i really change is identical to this
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ship clearly headed for the so-called free syrian army as other shipments who have come from lebanon into syria so who's got time answer now is washington and certainly brussels with nato of the what they know about about that ship if we follow where the facts lead in the coming days i think there's going to be a remarkable. result in investigation of exactly what's going on. and watching r.t. now the world's most famous secret spiller is here again to unleash further controversy with his shows next episode airing on r.t. this change of course julian assange she's already spoken to the hezbollah leader in his first international interview and over six years and brought together two political extremes from both sides of the atlantic laura smith now joins us live from london with the details of the next upcoming storm laura good to see you so
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what can we expect this time around who is the guest for songs on cheese today. well this is the third episode of the program and the guest this week is the first president of the new tune is the president. of course is where the arab spring first really kicked off and the jasmine revolution as it's come to be known was one of the most is that the arab spring has caused. course and this is why this is this program is so interesting the revolution was prompted at least in part by revelations from wiki leaks the wiki leaks. at the time. in the she was in government then president ben ali who's been in power since one thousand eight hundred seven and that was the first really hard evidence in documentation that the people of tunisia had seen that their government was so
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corrupt in the government couldn't suppress that information. from in an entirely different law from his predecessor and he's a doctor and he's also a human rights activist and in fact during the reign of the previous president ben ali he was exiled and imprisoned and so he is seen to have some of the greatest moral authority of all the arab leaders at the moment during his imprisonment he was kept in solitary confinement which he considers to be torture he talks quite a lot about that during the program and he's determined that there will be no more torture during the program he reveals that. he recalls rather a time when he was invited to the u.s. to talk about the human rights situation in tunisia and he says that that reveals a complete set of double standards let's hear what he says about. this revolution four years ago or i was a right to. talk about. porton
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. white house dealing with human rights issues they said no i'm not going to meet this person because it would be ridiculous to talk with this guy knowing very well you know that he was probably be implicated. problem you can talk. seriously somebody didn't torture in his own country and this guy is going to give you some lesson about how to promote human rights in tunisia this is why i didn't accept to meet him. as i say president talks a lot about torture during his interview with and he talks about how he now has to deal with the people as part of his every day life really in the country has to deal with the people who imprisoned and oppressed him but he also says he's not going to individuals he's not interested in her values if you like he will. quit
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service but only in the interest of history not in the interest of taking revenge she says it's important to forget and move on and that is just one of the fine lines that he has found he's having to walk as president of tunisia let's have that the people you know talk show. you surprised by the lack of power in becoming president but lack of ability to push the program you want to push the compromises you have to make. yes i think you know i'm discovering the fact to be. doesn't mean that. creation is now probably the most important feeling that i have every day and it's very difficult you know to conciliate human rights activist opinions and the state. that's just a tiny bit of this program you can catch the whole third episode of the well
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tomorrow on choose day at eleven thirty g.m.t. check missed it of course or lauren if if any of our viewers do miss it or on choose so that is inside twenty four hours you can always find it at our two dot com laura smith live in london thank you and i will still ahead for you this hour here on our b.b.c. bias. you know the element of fantastic job if you're in the propaganda business you know not to the my what i thought we had better go to britain's biggest broadcaster is ignoring the stories that matter to its viewers in response to government pressure. tehran has where really you welcomed a recent report that the u.s. could allow iran to continue enriching uranium if the islamic republic agrees to unrestricted inspections this comes after talks resume between tehran and world has . been calling for a directive. that is artie's garniture can reports the cry for conflict remains
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louder your thirty six the number of u.s. lawmakers have proposed a bill to end the no contact policy between the u.s. and iran after three decades of diplomatic silence congressman dennis kucinich is one of them he says the old approach when washington wants to resolve differences with iran through not talking to them is unsustainable we're being tall we should have any contact with them we're being told that we shouldn't be negotiating with them we're being told. to get ready for war all of that is wrong what we need to do is to have direct negotiations. we need to be talking with iran and we need to stop this vainglorious notion that somehow we can settle our differences with iran through war how many people share your views among their colleagues eleven ten eleven that's how many votes. out
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of four hundred thirty five members of the house of representatives has recently voted four hundred eleven to ten in support of the bill which would make it illegal for any american official to make contacts with a new radio official without congress' approval so in light of the numbers dennis kucinich is counter efforts seem more symbolic than real if congress is a message to the world but says look we don't have to talk to you we don't have to negotiate with you wage war on you if you don't do our do our bidding that's not how you treat people imagine for a moment if at the height of the cuban missile crisis if. nikita khrushchev and john f. kennedy were not speaking to each other opponents of direct talks with iran or
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argue why the u.s. should do it before iran lift its own ban on negotiating with us are the iranians ready for direct talks i don't see the iranians lifting their ban before the u.s. does that's because the iranians are in a much weaker position than the united states and so it does take more capital for them to agree to such steps opinion polls show the majority of americans seven out of ten saying yes to diplomacy with iran but is that a message their representatives want to hear the voices of. arms merchants of war contractors. but people who just make money off a war they don't care where the war is or who it hurts i just want to make money and they can push the us spawning another war they'll do it and members of congress have to be wise as to when they're being played by interest groups who may want them to vote in one way but it would be a way that would be adverse to the interests of the american people with
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a decision to outlaw any contact with the government american lawmakers are building brick by brick a legislative wall which makes the prospect of ever having normal relations with iran virtually impossible we also see many you when you see their view that it's not their nuclear program that washington is after the regime change a proposition that could only leads to further escalation i'm kind of reporting from washington our. daughter will get to the outside world update shortly here on the program but for now dramatic austerity cuts all unnecessary savings. bloggers have accused britain's main broadcaster of using misleading language to subtly change viewers perceptions in favor of the government about it investigates why critics believe the b.b.c. is failing the very people who allow it to exist.
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the new the prim and proper speech may be on the way out but the message is still the same impartial reportings the top priority is the b.b.c. television does britain's public broadcaster really represent those who funded. b.b.c. it in my mind has agility to challenge the government in power and they are failing to do that and they are not representing the people they really need to listen to the public because at the end of the day we are paying their wages the b.b.c. gets three and a half billion pounds from the public every year in the form of license fees so if you own a television in britain and you have to pay almost one hundred fifty pounds just to watch it now that's spent on programming as well as news that many don't feel they're getting their money's worth. on twitter for example b.b.c. bias is a hot topic the channels reporting of the government's controversial health and welfare reforms have stoked recent debates. many still fiercely opposed the
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bills passed in parliament and claim they've been ignored not just by the government but by the broadcaster to die i truly believe had our national broadcaster accurately reflected everything that was taking place in terms of the welfare reform bill on the n.h.s. they wouldn't a contrary parliament you will notice that when they talk about austerity measures they don't necessarily refer to cuts they refer to savings and that's a manipulation of words opposition party labor made an official complaint over the wording it's accused the broadcaster buckling under government pressure to get on side when challenged on this the b.b.c. gave us this statement b.b.c. news provides impartial and balanced coverage across all output and we believe we have a food the n.h.s. reform bill the appropriate level of coverage across radio t.v. and online after news programs and bulletins reported extensively on
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a wide range of opposition views from politicians health workers and members of the public coverage on other thorny topics like scottish independence has been heavily criticised too with doubts recently cast over the impartiality of senior correspondents at these b.b.c. training videos posted on you tube show its reporters attacking scotland's pro independent stance the stance distinctly unpopular down south the b.b.c. again it denies bias but some say it will always pander to whoever's in power here the b.b.c. is guilty of gross journalistic irresponsibility m.e.p. batton risk to prosecution for publicly refusing to pay his t.v. license fee his protest against the b.b.c.'s coverage of the two thousand and nine european election. he claims it plugs to prove europe government fed line the b.b.c. does things with propaganda now that dr gerbils would marvel at their subtle use of
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language the way they present stories the way they try to make you think something based on their presentation you know they've done a fantastic job if you're in the propaganda business you know you have to admire what they've done what really makes me angry is they're doing it with our money and this is my reason for being opposed to the license for judging by the growing dissent on twitter others could soon follow suit i have been it r t london well you can always get more from aarti on our website at twenty four r.t. dot com online at the moment are that ever irreconcilable differences find out why a saudi arabian man decided to divorce his wife live on a radio program. google street view cars drive into trouble they're exposed over the collection of private data from wife by networks the search giant's engineer saying snooping was always the tension those details that are to dot com as well. straight to spain that kicks off the r.t.
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world update for now the euro zone's fourth largest economy back in recession but the assessment by spain's top statistics office comes only days after ratings giant standard and poor's cut the country's debt by two notches and the government is imposing more cuts with thousands walking out in protest on sunday against slashes to education and health care the country has the highest unemployment rate in the eurozone with nearly half of all young people out of work. a three week campaign to woo voters has begun in egypt ahead of the presidential election thirteen names will be on the ballot including mubarak era officials and islamists the front runner is going to move mubarak's foreign minister and former secretary general of the arab league it's expected there will be a second and decisive round between him and the candidate from the muslim brotherhood and the run up to the vote has been marred by disqualifications of
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leading candidates and mass rallies against the ruling military. the body of libya's former oil minister has been found floating under a bridge in vienna police reported no signs of violence although an autopsy is planned in the coming days shukri who was also a prime minister under colonel gadhafi defected to the rebels during last year's uprising the sixty nine year old is believed to have lived in europe with his family since june and worked in vienna. so i don't worry it's not far off with the business there but for now a society where robots exist alongside humans is a common theme in the syphon genre but with russian engineers creating androids that can see and remember objects and faces the future is looking less like fiction and the development is not only a huge step for the scientific community it also helps people as artie's put it all of a discover it. all over the world scientists are making leaps and bounds in robotic
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technology in a small lab just outside of moscow a team believe that they are on the cusp of creating a robot body that can be controlled remotely with a human brain. itself i think in the next few months we will make a robot that will be able to move around on wheels the next step is to make a robot that can walk controlled by the movements of a human operator which we hope to do by next year if you want to see what our ultimate goal is you can watch movies like avatar are surrogates robots controlled by human thought. this is the team's current prototype it was designed to test the robot's eyesight each is an individual camera which observes and remembers the surroundings obstacles and faces underneath the latex lines a complex system of motors and electronics the design is hoped that this robotic skeleton could be the first step towards creating the next generation of artificial intelligence perhaps even robots that think for themselves. exciting stuff
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however there are those that are asking the question just because we can does that mean we should make a. scientist are not always able to answer these questions clearly these projects are on the borderline between science and human morals but a scientist is always tempted to play god to create a symbol and serve themselves with an artificial human and as far as i know projects of that sort have all failed questions of morality are of little worry to vladimir and his team their only concern is the advancement of science. i don't think there are any serious issues of morality here we are trying to create life only further our knowledge and understanding of what is capable we're not all the projects being developed to sound like they've come straight out of a movie like this or. arm actually being used to help people that have lost limbs.
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this definitely can be used to help the disabled people will really run some experiments the subject without hand tried this technology he said the hand was working for him all it takes is to teach electrodes to the undamaged part of the arm so they can read the must look to the team. the dream of warm day having a humanoid robot that can be controlled remotely is shared by more than just the scientific community meal but t.v. suffers from cerebral palsy highly educated driven and creative his condition leaves him trapped in his own body. this technology would enable people like me to do the things most people take for granted was called jones doing the laundry moreover if this made it possible for us to go out to live our own this would be astounding progress for people like me. it's hope the first fully automated robot
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bodies will be online by twenty forty five leaving us just over thirty years before we could see science fiction become science fact peter all other party. check in with marina has a study by the art that's got them really good to see you any positive news for us today barbara good to see you as well walter there's a public holiday for some markets around the world saw some of them are closed which of course always has an effect on the one store trader because there isn't that much activity now let's take a look at europe which is trading today now despite the fact that we've seen reported news from spain the negative they are coming out there the first quarter g.d.p. drop point three percent also as you said s. and downgraded sixteen spanish banks which had some effect on european investors but not as much although we can see that that is now minimizing the earlier games on the. a prediction and say that i will answer in negative territory next hour but we'll see about that let's move on to all will and prices there are ahead in south
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and then five april has been the tightest the trading range has been the tightest in seventeen years and analysts say that's due to concerns over disruptions as well as slower economic growth in the u.s. and analysts also say that it will take more significant news to push prices outside of this range of currencies we can see this hour when it comes to the euro it's a nuisance against the dollar and the ruble of course lost against both major currencies if we take a look at the russian markets it is a public holiday here so what you're seeing is the picture from friday from saturday in fact because it was trading there and it was a lackluster performance because this is a really have much to react to because there wasn't much news coming out from the euro or the u.s. now in. the russians made it to the u.k.'s rich list and they're not the only ones who aren't originally from the u.k. and fact what's more the top three make their fortune top emerging economies now
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the list which was published by the sunday times the second richest person on that it was small enough who's a shareholder of facebook and his fortune is worth around twelve billion pounds the man that you see on the screen right now is from and he comes third with his not in the have a billion pounds and he owns russia's largest steelmaker you have asked them topping the list is a locksmith saw that you can see right there and he's an indian born owner of the world's biggest steel producer arsenal or mittal and overall britain's richest people achieve to record levels of wealth last year despite the country slipping back towards recession. all right well this is the business for this hour i've just been checking the facts is going slightly higher so might be wrong but i'll let you know next hour and always a pleasure next hour you can tell us where you place on that list of the wealthiest people ok. all right we'll see her in about forty five minutes time for her no it's either the recap of the headlines and then we'll be discussing
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a washington's policies foreign policies that is what the u.s. war correspondent do stay with us for the. the. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so for lengthly you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't.


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