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tv   [untitled]    April 30, 2012 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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ceasefire. fresh terror attacks in syria claim. powerless to oversee a peace plan implemented by all sides. here but uses the e.u. harking back to the cold war as brussels moves to boycott the twenty twelve championship in ukraine this over the case of jailed yulia timoshenko. the founder of wiki leaks prepares to take center stage once again as the host of his very interview show right here on our. quiz is the new president. who was swept to power by
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a popular uprising. worldwide news live from the heart of moscow this is are with me rule. in syria a third bomb blast has reportedly rocked the city of live just hours after eight were killed and dozens wounded in twin explosions the government and the opposition both blaming each other for orchestrating the attacks now the united nations warns the ongoing violence threatens the peace plan it helped to broker the head of the expanding u.n. observer mission to syria says the road map is futile unless all sides observe a cease fire meanwhile damascus is preparing to hold nationwide parliamentary elections in just two weeks time but the u.s.
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and its allies are still calling for regime change jordan a base prefer a louche syria fell out of favor. playing by its own will. i think they are trying to destabilize and overthrow and have been done through zeem and have it replaced by a regime that is friendly to the entrance of nato and this has ramifications that extend far beyond the boundaries of syria they have bridge among. them and international empire then the geo strategic struggle with the rising states like russia and china so this is at this throwing and dependent state that has been relatively successful and building has some i end up and then take a moment base that this dependent on the going to culture and us three manufacturing specifically as opposed to being an importing state that is bound
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to that from the i.m.f. and the world bank they are not serious about peace in syria what they really want is to overthrow the regime that's the end game now damascus is preparing to hold nationwide parliamentary elections are now in just a week's time and some syrian groups have chosen to put their faith in birth form instead of violence and salty snacks on a boycott reports. a cause pursued for decades now accomplished in just a few months just a year ago even speaking kurdish and public could have got these people in trouble but now they can proudly was side what some hope will become the out for their future state. the world's largest ethnic group without a nation kurds have long felt outsiders in their own lands in syria where they make up around ten percent of the population kurds have for decades complained of tacit
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discrimination by the authorities in fact they called on president bashar al assad to step down years before it became the rallying cry of the syrian opposition despite the long running grievances against the assad family syrian kurds have largely stayed out of this conflict in fact if there is any group that benefited from the instability in syria. over the past year a syrian kurds one more concessions from their services then in c. it's a case before that. this kurdish language school is one of about a dozen that have opened their doors in syria over the past few months here a grandmother shared desks with grandchildren and a determined attempt to learn the classic version of their mother tongue. the school's principal sas just a year ago it had to be done in secret. the state didn't allow any instruction in
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kurdish we used to be told that since we were living in an arab country we should speak arabic. even songs in kurdish. but nowadays it all has changed it's not only syria where kurds felt pressured in turkey iraq and iran where the majority of about two million kurds now leave their stories he's had long seen them as a threat to national security especially after they embrace guerrilla warfare to achieve the creation of a. sovereign kurdish state and in syria these days it seems these goal has been realized at least for now about a month ago kurds living in aleppo opened their own version of a city hall here in the portraits of july on the face of the kurdish independence struggle hangs where you would usually expect a picture of the president. of the kurds there with the government nor with the opposition we stand alone the syrian state has bigger problems so we're taking
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charge of our areas and tried to govern ourselves. for the time being syrian kurds claim that self governance and equal rights are all they want some say and autonomy within syria similar to the quickest and region of iraq would be a more realistic alternative to full fledged independence. syrian kurds don't want to separate state we want to live in syria in peace with the arabs and everybody else but we do want to be treated equally and to be recognized as the kurds on our ideas not syrian arabs yet dozens of kurdish settlements within syria have already become defacto mini sovereign states they're not only self-governed but self published as well that well defined borders like these checkpoints separating kurdish and era parts of town and volunteer border guards that the regime is now distracted with its own struggle so we seize the opportunity the
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patience is bitter but it bears sweet fruit this old kurdish proverb is frequently cited in syria these days but what's unclear is how long this newfound independence may last. artsy aleppo syria. r.t. is coming to you live from moscow still ahead for you in this program called a dialogue with iran struggling to be heard amidst the chorus on capitol hill with the military strike still firmly on the agenda. a new war of words battle has flared up between the e.u. and ukraine over the case of yulia tymoshenko the former ukrainian prime minister now serving a prison term for abusing power brussels claims the case was though politically motivated let's get the latest now from our correspondent. good to see you now we understand ukraine's are flung some strong words of the e.u. what sparked this latest round. well certainly this what seems to be
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a purely domestic case has received very serious international reactions with presidents of germany the czech republic the head of the euro commission as well as german chancellor angela merkel all saying they will boy called their trips to ukraine in particular for the football period as if to protest against the treatment. or ukraine's former prime minister now even called on the german national football team to boy call it their participation in this tournament the idea which was even supported by the president of the champions league final this club byron munich now also reactions came from mosco with president medvedev raising his eyebrows over the treatment of saying that this these actions throw serious shade on ukraine's reputation and are unacceptable for a democratic country now all these reactions come after you had so much anger reported to have been abused by prison guards and photos of her bruises were made published were made public on the internet as well as when to stand that team of
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medical experts was dispatched by ukraine's own woman to the prison and they confirmed the fact of the physical attack from the prison guards on. this raise the tension dramatically and key of also already reacted with indignation to all the statements coming from europe saying that such rhetoric puts the countries back into the times of the cold war well the war of words continues certainly but everyone all experts now understand that he is under severe pressure especially with less than forty days before the start of the you were twenty twelve football championship last friday's terrorist attacks individuals with serious concerns about the security during the tournament now definitely the developments in the situation are creating serious political implications alexia tell us a bit more about how it is all playing out for yulia timoshenko people increasingly for or against what is what is considered by some to be a highly divisive figure. it is certainly one of very controversial case and
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hundreds of supporters and those who are against so much anger as well there have been beseeching the prison where she is being spending her time now and the court building in the city of krakow she is now spending seven years in prison for the abuse of power when she was convicted to that last year but we understand that a new case was launched against her in connection with her economic activities of the ninety one thousand she could land additional twelve years in prison this case in many ways divides ukraine and certainly creates a very uncomfortable political environment for the ruling government so we are expecting some something to happen in the u.s. weeks especially after this new case against restarts in the court on may the twenty first we are following all the developments on that very interesting story all right our ukraine correspondent. thank you. the world's number one a whistleblower turns to our screens on tuesday with the latest episode of his controversial show a lot of course we're talking about julian assange he has already interviewed the
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head of hezbollah and then brought together two political extremes from both sides of the atlantic season laura smith previews the next installment. well this is the third episode of the program and the guest this week is the first president of the new president. of course is where the arab spring first really kicks off and the jasmine revolution as it's come to be known was ok but one of the most successful revelations that the arab spring has caused it was prompted of course and this is why this is this program is so interesting the revolution was prompted at least in part by revelations from wiki leaks the wiki leaks released some cables at the time about corruption in the chain is in government holds then president ben ali who's been in power since one thousand eight hundred seven and that was the first really hard evidence in documentation that the people of tunisia had seen that their government was so corrupt the government couldn't suppress that
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information months of months yuki is cut from an entirely different cloth from his predecessor he's a doctor and he's also a human rights activist and in fact during the reign of the previous president ben ali he was exiled and imprisoned and so he is seen to have some of the greatest moral authority of all the arab leaders at the moment during his imprisonment he was kept in solitary confinement which he considers to be taught ceri talks quite a lot about that during the program and he's determined that there will be no more torture during the program he recalls a time when he was invited to the u.s. to talk about the human rights situation in tunisia and he says that that reveals a complete set of double standards four years ago i was a writer. to talk about human rights in tunisia. i was invited to some. dealing with.
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issues no i'm not going to meet this person because it would be ridiculous to talk with this guy knowing very. well you know that was probably it did want to know more problem you can talk you can. get it in torture in his own country and this guy is going to give you some lesson about how to promote human rights in tunisia this is why i didn't accept to meet him that's just a tiny bit of this program you can catch the whole third episode of the world tomorrow on choose day at eleven thirty g.m.t. .
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live from moscow this is r.t. now spain has plunged into a second recession amid government measures to rein in the country's debt ratings agency standard and poor's has downgraded nine of spain's banks many of which are bogged down in bad loans it also comes as spain's unemployment rate has soared almost twenty five percent that's the highest in europe and sweeping cuts to health care and education have seen thousands taking to the streets by the government's austerity measures to get some more analysis on this and i'll speak with professor wilhelm hung called the economist a currency expert thank you for coming on r t today are spain's officially back in recession the second time in just three years on friday unemployment hit almost twenty five percent that is higher than even that of nigeria is spain the new basket case of europe. well as the next case of greece and
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portugal and says mean a problem not only for spain but also for all your water especially for those who will be incurring she was you will because you will remain are the currency of more and more companies are becoming. so as you as you say certain countries in the eurozone there are suffering with the weaker and weaker economies experts say it's only a matter of time before spain needs a bailout the prime minister has said deep structural changes are needed so austerity measures actually work isn't it a case of too little too late. may be but a problem is in the now isn't can a country was in a monetary union. it's. the form it serves so according our experience and even our history it.
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needs its own currency and not from currency memories are you always a problem currency it would be same case if you were in the russia. you know it's your currencies and you would have similar problems as spain has it. so as you as you're suggesting spain should go back to its software and currency but what about the issue of spain's staggering unemployment rate it might appear to some that it's just going to end up with a future of a younger generation with no work experience whatsoever. oh it's vital for spain to fight against this crisis and against an employment and give people an especially young people a new perspective but it's a real problem for as a spin government as good as was a good lease or. government can be done visit our currency because you need your own interest rates and you need flexibility from the exchange it's sometimes
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a currency has to devalue in order to push z. internal economy and give a better performance in the exports and all this is seeing. is elevated. economy cannot be done in a case of a monetary union a monetary union. is making any national economy to the slave of a common of common diseases and desertions from you or. and from other countries and so this is the real problem that's very interesting how you do drop this issue despite the fact of spain italy greece and portugal all suffering under the umbrella of the e.u. you mention in brussels the euro kratz they're the ones who are ultimately to blame for making these countries live off a single currency do you ever really truly for see the euro crowd so alarming their
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pockets in brussels ever allowing e.u. countries to go back to their own sovereign currency. now it's a question of national. sovereignty a country school sponsored by own citizens for. employment. security and for social stability and from the very beginning it was a case can be guaranteed by. a european currency don't you need own national currencies this is a real problem and forms a very beginning. for instance i myself and other prophesies in germany warmed common currency would be against c not only the market and the. national interest but. block economic policy and now cicadas of
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spain is the third case in europe after greece and portugal said the country is blocked by the currency and see is not very helpful in order to overcome all sorts of problems now spain has to solve professor william hung call the economist and currency expert thank you very much for coming on are today. also pleasure thank you. well the mind to access all of our stories and much more at any time just log on to our website on. some of the items standing by for you there right now including replicating history let's hope there's a happier ending to this one titanic the second set sail by two thousand and sixteen no joke on this one get all the details at all to dot com. also on line a drive by. google street view cars were intentionally collecting private data from
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wife i use is something the giant had until now always denied. it's twenty minutes past the hour here in moscow the six world powers prepare for a new round of nuclear talks with iran and next month the hawks song capitol hill don't seem to be quite ready for change the u.s. congress has voted down a bill which was aiming at direct diplomacy with iran. explains why the motion didn't stick your thirty six and number of u.s. lawmakers have proposed a bill to end the no contact policy between the u.s. and iran after three decades of diplomatic silence congressman dennis kucinich is one of them which he says the old approach when washington wants to resolve
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differences with a rant through not talking to them is unsustainable we're being told we should have any contact with them we're being told that we shouldn't be negotiating with them we're being told. to get ready for war all of that is wrong what we need to do is to have direct negotiations. we need to be talking with iran and we need to stop this vainglorious notion that somehow we can settle our differences with iran through war how many people share your view among their colleagues eleven ten eleven that's how many votes. out of four hundred thirty five members the house of representatives has recently voted four hundred eleven to ten in support of the bill which would make it illegal for any american
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official to make contacts with a new reading in a third hole without congress' approval so in light of the numbers dennis kucinich is counter efforts seem more symbolic than real if congress is a message to the world but says look we don't have to talk to you we don't have to negotiate with you wage war on you if you don't do our do our bidding that's not how you treat people imagine for a moment if at the height of the cuban missile crisis if. nikita khrushchev and john f. kennedy. we're not speaking to each other opponents of direct talks with iran or argue why the u.s. should do it before iran lift its own ban on negotiating with the us are the rainiest ready for direct talks i don't see the iranians lifting their ban before the us that's because the iranians are in
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a much weaker position than the united states and so it does take more capital for them to agree to such steps opinion polls show the majority of americans seven out of ten say yes to diplomacy with iran but is that a message their representatives want to hear the voices of. arms merchants. of war contractors. but people who just make money off a war they don't care where the war is or who are rich i just want to make money even if they can push the us into spawning another war they'll do it in members of congress have to be wise as to when they're being played by interest groups who may want them to vote in one way but it would be a way that would be adverse to the interests of the american people with a decision to outlaw any contact with government american lawmakers are building brick by brick a legislative wall which makes the prospect of ever having normal relations with iran virtually impossible we also see many ukrainians there in the u.
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that it's not their nuclear program that was after the regime change the proposition that would only lead to further escalation i'm kind of stuck now reporting from washington are. starting with nigeria that's got into the all too well to update now an explosion that rocked an area near government buildings in nigeria's state killing ten injuring twelve it comes just less than a day off the coordinator of attacks on christian worshipers on a university campus signed in a chapel in the country's north killed at least twenty one but no one has claimed responsibility at this point but the islamist group boko haram is active in the area having killed one hundred fifty people in a blast in january. a leading grainy anti government activist will be retried along with twenty other opposition members a military court sentenced. to life in prison in june for plotting to overthrow the state's rulers he began
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a hunger strike three months ago reportedly bringing him self close to death the anti-government protests first began in february last year up to sixty are said to have died in clashes since. that three weeks of campaigning have kicked off in egypt ahead of the presidential election thirteen candidates are on the ballot including islamist sunday officials who worked under. ousted leader hosni mubarak the frontrunner is mubarak's former foreign minister protests against the ruling military have erupted in the run up to the vote several candidates have been barred from the poll. after dmitri there you are standing by so attentive of the r.t. business i do understand the u.s. markets are lower but there's one company seeing some startling growth absolutely and we're talking about barnes and noble its stock is up sixty five percent that's on news that microsoft will be investing one third of
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a billion dollars into its e-book business and therefore that's very impressive to shareholders but overall we are seeing the market is declining that's on the back of slowing growth of consumer spending in the united states in europe there's also a batch of negative data which has come out that spain's g.d.p. moving into recession down point three percent in the previous quarter in the first quarter and also downgrading sixteen banks among them santa and the v.a. now the market in general is down around the sense you can see there and investors are also hard to impress on the oil markets we're seeing a decline of around one dollar but in april the margin of trading for oil has been more narrow than it's been in the past seventeen years and this is because of a stabilization of supply is on the other hand a slowing down of economic recovery worldwide those. on the currencies
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markets we are seeing the euro also pretty stable versus the dollar down by just a notch whereas the ruble was also losing against currencies but this is saturday's trading figures for there's no trading today neither on the currency nor in the stock markets in russia as it's a national holdings of the markets are closed but let's take a look at the closing picture for saturday indeed. it was a working day coming two saturdays will also be working days very complicated too long to explain but that's the way it is in russia with the may holidays with m i six up just a quarter of a percent investors trying to stay on the sidelines ahead of the long haul and. also two of russia's businessmen have ended up on the list of the richest people in fact the three top notch is from other countries not from the u.k. actually from from emerging markets really the shareholder of of metal invest in
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facebook is the second richest person in the country more than twelve billion pounds a month about mortgage there is nine and a half billion pounds comes in. russia's largest steelmaker year as an also with. the indian born owner of the world's biggest steel producer little is the richest person. overall britain's richest people achieved a record levels of wealth last year despite the country moving back towards recession i that's the way the markets look this was far from that list but so you know who knows what will happen in a year and you're a man with much luck i'll see what happens in a couple of years to me too thanks very much for that. stick around here and in just a moment we'll be back with the headlines and the sports shortly after that. coming
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to. the. culture is that so much going to get each musician on the mark when the over a year in the bigger of awakening started in quickly inspired millions in north africa and the middle east what is the current state of business. the be. the be. the big.


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