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tv   [untitled]    April 30, 2012 2:00pm-2:30pm EDT

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thank. you. fresh terror attacks in syria claimed more lives as the un powerless to oversee a peace plan unless it is implemented by its. key if accuses the european union of harking back to the cold war as brussels moves to boycott the you're twenty championship in ukraine and poland over the case of jailed ukraine's former prime minister yulia timoshenko more details to follow in a few minutes. the founder of wiki leaks prepares to take center stage once again as the host to be very good to be a show right here on our team. quizzes the new president. he was swept to power by a popular uprising just ahead. international
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news and comment live from the russian capital this is r.t. with twenty four hours a day in syria a bomb blast has rocked the city just hours after nine people were killed and around one hundred wounded in twin explosions that the government down the opposition of blaming each other for orchestrating the attacks the united nations warns the ongoing violence threatens the peace plan it helped broker the head of the expanding u.n. observer mission to syria says the road map is futile and that's all sides observe the cease fire damascus maintains its fighting a foreign funded insurgency just days ago lebanon intercepted a lot shipment of smuggled weapons for the syrian rebels they replaced political analyst couple wasn't he has told me that he thinks for meddling is destabilizing the entire region. the flow of weapon hasn't stopped from the day one and it's all
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we know that's how these have been funded by by syria and live in saudi arabia and we know the money is coming from saudi arabia and from the. and from other entities and they're coming through lebanon one of their route is through lebanon and this is this one ship. actually but there are a lot of ben that have been used and smuggle into syria and that tell you the real story when the foreign minister was to the area say we have to arm the opposition that he's saying let's keep killing continue and terrorism taking place hold on syria even though america and the western eyes the western world know that there is a lot of terrorism taking place in syria al qaeda been moved into syria from out of country funded by some government in the arab countries this is going to be devastating not only for syria this is going to bring
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a regional war that nobody won now or in the future. will still have he this calls for dialogue with iran the struggling to be heard amidst the capitol hill the military strike still firmly on the agenda. and a new war of words is flared up between the e.u. and ukraine of the case if you need to show. the former ukrainian prime minister is serving a prison term for abusing brussels claims the case was politically motivated to show because currently on hunger strike here's the latest from our kids correspondent. it seems to be a purely domestic case has received very serious international reactions with presidents of germany the czech republic the head of the euro commission as well as german chancellor angela merkel all saying they will boy called their plans trips to ukraine in particular for the euro twenty twelve football period as easily as if
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to protest against the treatment. former prime minister now even called on the german national football team to boy call it their participation in this tournament the idea which was even supported by the president of the champions league final this club bar in munich now also reactions came from moscow with president medvedev raising his eyebrows over the treatment of saying that this these actions to throw serious shade on ukraine's reputation and are unacceptable for a democratic country now all these reactions come after you it's emotional reported to have been abused by prison guards and photos of her bruises were made public on the internet as well as understand that a team of medical experts was dispatched by ukraine's own woman to the prison and they confirmed the fact of the physical attack from the prison guards on. this raise the tension dramatically and key is also already reacted with indignation to all the statements coming from europe saying that such rhetoric puts the countries
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back into the times of the cold war while the war of words continue certainly but everyone all experts now understand that he was under severe pressure especially with less than forty days before the start of the you were twenty twelve football championship last friday's terrorist attacks individuals with serious concerns about the security during the tournament now definitely the developments in the situation are creating serious political implications. the world's. returns to a green zone choose to he was the latest and his controversial series has already interviewed the head of hezbollah and then brought together political extremes from both sides of the. smith previews the next program. well this is the third episode of the program and the guest this week is the first president of the new president. of course is where the arab spring first really kicked off and the jasmine revolution as it's come to be known was ok but one of the most successful
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revelations that the arab spring has caused it was prompted of course and this is why this is this program is so interesting the revolution was prompted at least in part by revelations from wiki leaks wiki leaks released some cables at the time about corruption in the shamisen government told them. it's been in power since one thousand eight hundred seven and that was the first really hard evidence for meditation that the people of tunisia had seen that their government was so corrupt the government couldn't suppress that information months of months uki is cut from an entirely different cloth from his predecessor he's a doctor and he's also a human rights activist and in fact during the reign of the previous president ben ali he was exiled and imprisoned and so he is seen to have some of the greatest moral authority of all the arab leaders at the moment during his imprisonment he was kept in solitary confinement which he considers to be torture he talks quite
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a lot about that during the program and he's determined there will be no more talk during the program he recalls a time when he was invited to the u.s. to talk about the human rights situation in tunisia and he says that that reveals a complete set of double standards four years ago i was a writer. to talk about human rights and the news you know. i was a very. important. dealing with. issues no i'm not going to meet this person because it would be ridiculous to talk with this guy knowing very. well you know that was probably be implicated in the want to know more problem you can to talk. seriously somebody did in torture in his own country and this guy is going to give you some lesson about how to promote human rights in tunisia this is why i didn't accept to meet him that's just
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a tiny bit of this program you can catch the whole third episode of the well tomorrow on choose day at eleven thirty g.m.t. . live here in moscow with the twenty four hours a day still ahead this hour the british corporation. for one of the b.b.c. is got viewers angry over its failure to challenge the government with a partial approving a thing of the. changing face of technology russian engineers a breathing life into cold. to try to help improve people's lives.
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all that still to come first is the six world powers prepare for a new round of nuclear talks with iran next month the hawks on capitol hill don't seem to be quite ready for change the u.s. congress has voted down a bill which was aiming at direct diplomacy with iran is going to explain why the motion didn't stick. juror thirty six a number of u.s. lawmakers have proposed a bill to end the no contact policy between the u.s. and iran after three decades of diplomatic silence congressman dennis kucinich is one of them he says the old approach when washington wants to resolve differences with iran not talking to them is unsustainable we're being told we should have any contact with them we're being told that we shouldn't be negotiating with them we're being told. to get ready for war all of that is wrong what we need to do is to have direct negotiations we need to be talking with iran
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and we need to stop this vainglorious notion that somehow we can settle our differences with iran through war how many people share your view among colleagues eleven ten eleven that's how many votes. out of four hundred thirty five members of the house of representatives has recently voted four hundred eleven to ten in support of the bill which would make it illegal for any american official to make contacts with the new really an official without congress' approval so in light of the numbers then a screw signature is counter efforts seem more symbolic than real if we congress is ending a message to the world that says look we don't have to talk to you we don't have to negotiate with you wage war on you if you don't do our do our bidding that's not
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how you treat people imagine for a moment if at the height of the cuban missile crisis if. nikita khrushchev and john f. kennedy. we're not speaking to each other opponents of direct talks with iran argue why the u.s. should do it before iran lift its own ban on negotiating with the u.s. are the iranians ready for direct talks i don't see the iranians lifting their ban before the u.s. does that's because the iranians are in a much weaker position than the united states and so it does take more capital for them to agree to such steps opinion polls show the majority of americans seven out of ten say yes to diplomacy with iran but is that a message their representatives want to hear the voices of. arms merchants. of war contractors. but people who just make money off
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a war they don't care where the war is or who are rich i just want to make money and if they can push the us and spawning another war they'll do it and members of congress have to be wise as to when they're being played by interest groups who may want them to vote in one way but it would be a way that would be adverse to the interests of the american people with a decision to outlaw any contact with the government american lawmakers are building break by break a legislative wall which makes the prospect of ever having more malaysians with iran virtually impossible they also cement the reigning in their view that it's not their nuclear program that was something that occurred but. a proposition that could only leads to further escalation i'm going to check out reporting from washington r.p. . spain is plunged into a second recession amid government measures to rein in the country's debt ratings agency standard the polls was downgraded nine of spades banks many of which
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a ball down in bad loans it also comes as spain's unemployment rate has soared to almost twenty five percent the highest in europe and sweeping cuts to health care and education of seeing thousands taking to the streets and get the government a sturdy vicious professor of economics to bagus has told me that the situation in spain make it even worse the younger generation has big choice but to leave the country. but of course especially and very near very bad position and if they fail this little course directly effect other european banks but it is the most effective spanish government tried to pay the spanish banks out and the spanish government is not the new president is the position either so that in the spanish government my might not be able to beno the banks it might default in this devoid he directed the effect of course the european banking system and the e.c.b. this government is suffering because there's some some small reforms. but it actually is not doing enough last year was. the first year that there was
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a net outflow. of spend yes for a long time many of them it infects in writing like german courses in school overbooked so that people will grow to find countless young people because they see their perspectives because the spanish labor market is still too inflexible. an al qaeda linked group has offered to free a british hostage in return for a muslim cleric abu qatada reserve radical preacher who was detained in britain in two thousand and one and was held in jail for six years without being charged the militant group was also said on its website that it wants abu qatada to be released anywhere except his home country of jordan he's been convicted there in absentia for involvement in militant plots or british hostage being offered in return is stephen malkmus who was kidnapped in mali this november i should say last november british m.p. and conservative politician patrick mercer says it's wrong to hold terrorist
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suspects in a foreign country without charge. one of the greatest opponents of mowbray i think it is wrong i think that if you try if you're trying to fight terrorism then you must try and fight terrorism with within the law of the land and that's why exactly why we mustn't keep terrorist suspects inside the united kingdom either without deporting them or without charging them and then trying them so there are things that we can do under british law which would actually make it easier to get these people and into court the first thing is to make the evidence that is gained by eavesdropping actually make that admissible in court currently it's not the second thing is to enable terrorist suspects to be questioned after they've been charged and the third thing is to allow terrorist suspects indeed to encourage terrorist suspects to get involved in plea bargaining now that last one
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is not necessarily palatable to many people but it's next trimboli powerful extremely powerful tool to use against putative terrorists. it presents itself as a bastion of free speech to the world but the b.b.c. is increasingly finding itself on the wrong side of online mudslinging britain's main broadcaster is being accused by his views of being too pro-government and it's reports that his other bennett investigates why critics believe the b.b.c. is failing the very people who fund is existence. new prim and proper speech may be on the way out but the message is still the same impartial reportings the top priority is the b.b.c. television does britain's public broadcaster really represent those who run the. b.b.c. and in my mind has a duty to challenge the government in power and they are failing to do that and they are not representing the people they really need to listen to the public
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because at the end of the day we are paying their wages the b.b.c. gets three billion pounds from the public every year in the form of license fees so if you own a television in britain then you have to pay almost one hundred fifty pounds just to watch it that's spent on programming as well as news but many don't feel they're getting their money's worth. on twitter for example b.b.c. bias is a hot topic the channels reporting of the government's controversial health and welfare reforms have stoked recent debates there are. many still fiercely opposed the bills passed in parliament and claiming they've been ignored not just by the government but by the broadcaster to die i truly believe had our national broadcaster accurately reflected everything that was taking place in terms of the welfare reform bill on the n.h.s. they wouldn't a comm through parliament you will notice that when they talk about austerity measures they don't necessarily refer to cuts they refer to savings and that's
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a manipulation of words opposition party labor made an official complaint over the wording it's accused the broadcaster of buckling under government pressure to get on side when challenged on this the b.b.c. gave us this statement b.b.c. news provides impartial and balanced coverage across all output and we believe we have a food in the n.h.s. reform bill the appropriate level of coverage across radio to. in online after programs and bulletins reported extensively on a wide range of opposition views from politicians health workers and members of the public with coverage on other thorny topics like scottish independence has been heavily criticised too with doubts recently cast over the impartiality of senior correspondents at these b.b.c. training videos posted on you tube show its reporters attacking scotland's pro independence stance stance distinctly unpopular down south of the b.b.c.
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again it denies bias but some say it will always pander to whoever's in power here the b.b.c. is guilty of gross journalistic irresponsibility m.e.p. gerard batten risk to prosecution for publicly refusing to pay his t.v. license fee his protest against the b.b.c.'s coverage of the two thousand and nine european elections he claims it plucked a pro europe government fed line the b.b.c. does things with propaganda now that. marvel at their subtle use of language the way they present stories the way they try to make you think something based on their presentation you know and i've done a fantastic job if you're in the propaganda business you know you have to admire what they've done what really makes me angry is that doing it with our money and this is my reason for being opposed to the license for judging by the growing dissent on twitter others could soon follow suit bennett r.t. london. now let's have
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a quick look at some other world news this hour in our world update an explosion rocked an area near government buildings in nigeria's to rubber state killing eleven people and injuring twelve it comes less than a day after coordinated attacks on christian worshipers on a university campus in a chapel in the country's north left at least twenty one dead no one has claimed responsibility but the islamist group boko haram is active in the area having killed one hundred fifty people in the blast in january. a packed ferry is capsized in north eastern india leaving thirty five people dead and more than one hundred sixty five missing two hundred passengers were on board when the boat got into difficulties in the west do believe district of the country strong winds and rain of thought of course the accident police and soldiers have been sent to help with the rescue effort. leading bahraini anti-government activists will be retried along with twenty other opposition members a military court sentenced. to life in prison in june for plotting to overthrow the
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state really began to wonder strike three months ago reportedly bringing himself close to death government protests first began in bahrain in febrile last year to sixty people are said to have died in clashes since. russian engineers seem to find a way of making science fiction science fact they creating androids that can not only imitate real people but also see and respond to objects and faces and as peter all of a find out the development can also help those with limited abilities. all over the world scientists are making leaps and bounds in robotic technology in a small lab just outside of moscow a team believe that they are on the cusp of creating a robot body that can be controlled remotely with a human brain. itself i think in the next few months we will make a robot that will be able to move around on wheels the next step is to make a robot that can walk controlled by the movements of
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a human operator which we hope to do by next year if you want to see what our ultimate goal is you can watch movies like avatar are surrogates robots controlled by human thought. this is the team's current prototype it was designed to test the robot's eyesight each is an individual camera which observes and remembers the surroundings obstacles and faces underneath the latex lines a complex system of motors and electronics the design is hoped that this robotic skeleton could be the first step towards creating the next generation of artificial intelligence perhaps even robots that think for themselves. exciting stuff however they all those that are asking the question just because we can does that mean we should. scientists are not always able to answer these questions clearly that in the way these projects are on the borderline between science and human morals but
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a scientist is always tempted to play god really create a symbol inside themselves for the an artificial human and as far as i know projects of that sort of all veiled questions of morality are of. meat and his team their only concern is the advancement of science. i don't think there are any serious issues of morality here we are trying to create life only further our knowledge and understanding of what is capable we're not all the projects being developed to sound like they've come straight out of a movie like this right. arm actually being used to help people that have lost limbs. this definitely can be used to help the disabled people will read or in some experiments a subject without hands tried this technology he said the hand was working for him all it takes is to teach electrodes to the undamaged part of the arm so they can read the must look to the team. the dream of one day having
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a humanoid robot that can be controlled remotely is shared by more than just the scientific community meal but t.v. suffers from cerebral palsy highly educated driven and creative his condition leaves him trapped in his own body for all. this technology would enable people like me to do the things most people take for granted because called joe was doing the laundry moreover this made it possible for us to go out to live our own this would be astounding progress for people like me. it's hope the first fully automated robot bodies will be online by twenty forty five leaving us just over thirty years before we could see science fiction become science fact peter all of our party. probably but when the summer make new stories for you in about six minutes from now in the meantime let's cross the street there is a business desk for the latest from the world of finance now monday sessions
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drawing to an end has it all looking this well it's been a pretty quiet session especially here in russia where it's a day off in the us it's looking pretty negative this hour although moderately they're good if you can see that the nasdaq down around half a percent this is on the back of slowing down consumer spending growth although we have seen incomes grow by point four percent in the previous month also investors are worried about what's going on in spain where g.d.p. has declined by point three percent so basically the country is moving. over into a recession and therefore the european markets at the close are also showing negative dynamics stan armed forces also downgraded sixteen spanish banks among their main giants like suntanned there and this is the picture we're seeing on the commodities markets it seems investors are hard to impress lately in april we have seen the narrowest margin trading in the world over the past seventeen years and right now investors are pretty much come to terms with the year's state of supply
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and demand to this moment and also the fact that economic recovery has been pretty slow on the currencies market the euro is barely changed versus the dollar but if you just look at the fact it's slightly whereas the ruble was falling against currencies in the previous session and that session was saturday because of the may whole days we have a shift in the inner working and days off and therefore russia's markets were not trading on monday they will start trading on wednesday after the first of may festivities and this is the closing picture saturday where you see. two of russia's businessmen have ended up among the top three richest people in the u.k. in fact the top three and neither of them come from the u.k. and made their fortunes elsewhere. number two on the list with twelve point three dollars he's
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a shareholder in facebook and. on about knowledge of chelsea club comes in third with nine billion topping the list as an indian born out of the world's biggest producer also they're all in the. this is where the money overall britain's richest people achieved record levels of wealth last year that's why the country slipping back towards recession. and that's the way the business news look at this hour back to you bill thanks very much indeed for the. business. well this is r.t. with you twenty four hours a day coming to you live from the russian capital in just a few moments we'll bring you an interview with a veteran u.s. war correspondent that will be after a recap of our top stories this hour here on r.t. stay with.
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us are stand shoulder green and one form or another socialism has spread the shadow of human regimentation over most of the nations of europe. and the shadow is approaching a whole different. leave early twenty first century military bases a network of military bases all around the world for misleading empire that the united states is trying to build it's astonishing most americans have no idea there
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are more than a quarter of a million a more than two hundred fifty thousand u.s. troops stationed on these bases all around the world. we don't have foreign bases in america we don't have any british base we don't have any korean base we don't have any french bases or you know we just all american bases in our bases are fine the noise is our noise it doesn't bother us at all because they're all bases but for other people it's almost like a cancer here for these people. since the end of world war two the spaces i've been . working here to provide a safe and secure environment for everybody. the questions you know thing else you get everything you needed.


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