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tv   [untitled]    November 10, 2012 7:00am-7:30am EST

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dozens of syrian security offices portably killed in the latest attack in the conflict torn country hours after a key split among the opposition ranks. inglorious infidelity veteran general david petraeus his career as the cia's boss is over with rumors that there's much more behind his resignation and then an affair with his biographer. and prayers prevented i mean fresh violence and bob greene's just sent a clamp down and outs of us to explains why she and more than two dozen others have their citizenship withdrawn.
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world news live from our moscow headquarters are watching r t with me. well dozens of syrian security officers have reportedly been killed in twin bombings in the country's south this is the latest spate of violence in the escalating conflict which has already claimed the lives of tens of thousands of people are she's middle east correspondent paula slayer has the latest. now what we understand is that there was an apparent double suicide attack according to activists on the ground the blast went off near a branch of the country's military intelligence in daraa that the explosions were followed by clashes between regime forces and rebels now targets un security institutions have become quite commonplace recently in syria earlier this week there was an attack in the province of how many now kind of a claimed response ability for that attack dozens of a set were killed while this violence is happening in syria the syrian opposition
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is meeting quite far away in the qatari capital of doha now there are deciding their fate this essentially is a meeting that has been called because many of the international backers of the syrian opposition particularly the united states are unhappy with the deep divisions within the syrian opposition and at this stage it seems as if those divisions are going to prevent the syrian opposition from coming forward with any kind of a viable new opposition body the whole idea of these this meeting in doha was essentially to establish some kind of group within the syrian opposition in exile that would have more direct links with the opposition with inside the country that would be able to do to distribute aid and funding but the group is being accused of not being representative enough this despite the fact that the main opposition by the the syrian national council just yesterday friday did elect a new head and they are also critics who complain that the new legislative body being put forward is not representative enough or does not have enough women in it so he does not have enough minorities the free syrian army which is the main armed
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opposition group in the country meanwhile has threatened the syrian president bashar assad that he'll follow the fate of the former libyan leader moammar gadhafi versus as assad said in an exclusive interview to our t.v. that he has no plans to leave office the state media department head said that assad is doomed to take a listen. no he said he would not leave syria we know this very well because he will not be able to leave syria he and his people not managed to leave the country the free syrian army will not let to do this he will not get out of syria line you'll be lucky if you reach the same fate as. so what we're witnessing is an increase on the ground in terms of the violence inside syria while the syrian opposition really struggling she trying for united group to try and deal with the situation. or at all the group that has positioned itself as the rebellious
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political leadership has again failed to unite the opposition the syrian national council which of course operates in exile has been disavowed by the local syria based local coordination committees reaction now from dar he's the president of the arab lawyers association sir thank you so much for joining us given these developments how much credibility do you feel the s. and c. house at this moment. well there since he has the only credibility it had was with the western powers we all remember when the us forced many countries to attend a meeting in turkey to recognize this as the legitimate representative of syria which was part of the political gimmick that the us and the western powers nato france britain were following because what they wanted is the change of rigi but this is a unique case where there is a true revolution within syria but those who are recognized by the us and others
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have absolutely nothing to do with most of them have never been there and most of them have been out of the country for tens of years and the us knew that and the west knew that but they were still nevertheless recognized as the representative of the people now they have come to realize that actually the revolution is going on in syria there is the free army there is the people who are revolting in syria and they have no links with the external. people who are claiming to represent them so i don't think they credibility before i don't think they would have credibility at the present moment because this is an attempt to create a revolution or over the missionary body most of we look at all the circumstances where there was an uprising in these countries it all was there must it be it was all internal they were all inside and you have the same thing in tunis in egypt and in yemen and in syria to go like that but then the west created this something outside and they called it
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a present that now they have come to realize that they have to change the picture so i think they are trying to produce a difference in our view on that well certainly it seems like the voices on the ground are the ones being excluded here but you know if you look at the situation i mean i one hand you have assad again saying that he refuses to go on the other hand very few voices from the opposition are willing to sort of see a future with assad in place how how in your view are international meeting. terrorists or syrians themselves are supposed to broker a peace deal given this that the two sides are so deeply entrenched and at odds well i'm not so sure this is correct this is the view that is being perpetrated by the media and most of the spokes person you talk to are people who are outside syria the syrian certainly don't want population of syria no longer want about no longer want us and there is no doubt about that one but how do you go about this the idea that somehow an airplane come down whereby i said get on that one and takes off another airplane comes brings in the new rulers this is
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a nonsensical exercise it's not true what is going to have it happen and will have to happen is that an exit policy whereby you transfer authority from the bathurst and from russia to the people who are going to be there the problem we have at the present moment there are quite a lot of divisions and these divisions in fact being fed by others most of the countries are backing one group or another so you have the u.s. and the western powers assisting some of them and not assisting the others on the bases even down islamist or their whatever other names they have for them you know you have turkey supporting others and not the third one you have the situation of iraq next door after them the government in iraq maliki is supporting bashar assad and his regime while the people in iraq in the western side of iraq are supporting the revolution so everybody is interfering you know that's why the picture is such a mutilated one and i think that the external powers would have to follow the
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general line that has been promoted by russia china and the other countries that there must be a political solution and the present moment the west continues to pour arms and now they want to create the vehicle that they can give them provided that this vehicle is not going to use the arms against the west just like what they have done without a bun just like they've done with. with many other instances they create these institutions on the basis that they would be our friends they would be the people who are presenting our interests i eat western countries and then once this picture chains they become against us we have the same situation in many countries and i think this is what the risk that we have at their moment in syria well if you say that the only way for peace then is for these external powers to stop their interference so how realistic is that quite briefly but i think it is it is probably realistic i think of the present moment if the country's. very sufficient
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pressure is being placed on these countries like but in particular the u.s. and european countries and exposed what is being exported that i think would would more of pressure on them and i think the western powers have come to the conclusion now probably that we need to somehow find a solution and this illusion can only come from a political one without using the force i don't think they will give up as easy as that but i think this is where we are at all sliver of optimism i met a lot of unfortunately tragic news coming out of syria thank you so much that was sabol mocked are the president of the arab lawyers association. well our team is full exclusive interview with the syrian president airs later this hour it's also available on online anytime at our website r.t. dot com here's a little taste of what's ahead for you. only. thing over leaving supposed to come to be unsafe or not so that's the behavior that we've been fighting us here i think
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for the president to stay or to leave. he spoke to senator and the only way to define deef. through the butt of books so you thought about what we hear about what we can get through that books and books with any president. bush did in our two exclusive friday through sunday on r t r t dot com well for the head of intelligence it was really poor judgment what's unavoidable consequences david petraeus has quit as the cia chief after admitting to an extramarital affair with his biographer it is a rapid fall from grace for the man who was the u.s. army standard bearer in afghanistan and iraq has only been in charge of the cia for over a year just over a year but the f.b.i. found that he was cheating on his wife of forty seven here is what it was right or wrong which raise suspicions of a legal attempts to dig into the tray of sister classified or intelligence experts
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lieutenant colonel tony shaffer told r.t. that there's definitely more behind this resignation than meets the eye on the porch it's one of the lessons of washington is whatever they're talking about publicly publicly the issue is something else entirely and i think that's what's here let's be very blunt here general eisenhower the commander of our forces of world war two related d.-day invasion one hundred forty four had an affair with this driver after your president. roosevelt knew about it but they didn't believe it so there's something else deeper here something else that i don't think anybody fully understands this general general petraeus had his critics over c.i. a lot of folks have problems at cia i'm a trained case officer trained by cia and not cia but i know a lot of friends over there and you know they have. very unique structure a very unique culture and anytime an outsider comes in such as petraeus and others as well there's
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a great deal of resistance because obviously he's not an insider is not a trained intelligence officer so used techniques his leadership was different than what a lot of folks were used to and let's face it the military techniques is a general he's used to doing things a military way cia and a civilian organization i think from day one they were clashes it will betray us went through very. investigations over and over again both to become a four star general and become the director of cia so somehow during that entire time i cannot fathom the investigation not coming up with this and more importantly the white house not knowing about it well from stopping muslim prayers on their holiest day to stripping people of their citizenship bahrain's efforts to destroy dissent are widening in the capital security forces tear gas thousands of shiite worshippers trying to reach a mosque for friday prayers a sixteen year old boy was killed after reportedly being chased by police on to a busy highway public gatherings were banned last week to quell almost two years of
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anti-government action it's a crackdown that's also seen the citizenship provoked of thirty after this one of them explained why it's hard to meet. we had very strong position against corruption against. the budget of the country how it's being manipulated with in the favor of the family and do we put them in a standing question that's fair is that in the history of bahrain a position wanted to question the ruling family mr it was when the uprising started in fourteen february we founded that more killing is started by the government. our position was to be with the people when they demanded peacefully the c.d.'s to be full and nor was it if it came from the government we reason. and they found it all that stiff opposition from the opposition against the ruling family merely so
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they want to give. this we have to solve it with the ruling family and the rest of the content of the people of bahrain beyond that all of us will knows the governor will lose the people of bahrain will lose a position or lose and even the super bowl is i mean because and britain's and this is the support for the lose because it is very strategic location of the world here in the. gulf well iraq has canceled a major arms deal with moscow over concerns about corruption in a rush out and says that it will investigate the contract and a deal announced only a month ago moscow was to sell a rock more than four billion dollars worth of air defense systems and helicopters we have more details now from our team thomas. but the timing of this certainly is curious considering the announcement of this deal was made just to back in early october and in fact this deal would have made russia the number two arms dealer for iraq behind the united states and that leads to speculation that this cancellation
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may have been caused by pressure from the united states in fact when this deal was announced it raised some eyebrows for people wondering what this meant for the u.s. was the u.s. losing a foothold in iraq meaning that they didn't have as much influence there now if you look at the iraq's foreign policy they're a little bit in a vulnerable position they have iran on one side they're in a hostile region basically and so their foreign policy has been all over the map so to speak they've been looking to iran for support looking to the united states for support as well also looking to russia so after this deal was announced they said that they were going to cancel this deal under concerns of corruption and that investigation is now under way now let's talk a little bit about the deal more than four billion dollars in air defenses specifically attack helicopters and missiles a spokesperson said that an investigation into this is underway again because of
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corruption now if you look at corruption in russia this is a concern here as well there where well aware of it if you look at the events of last week surrounding the scandal at the defense ministry anatoly said to call that was asked to resign because of this candle and also the chief of staff who was a replaced this week as well so russia working very hard to fight corruption within the defense ministry within the country and it looks right now that there is no comment from russia on the cancellation of this deal will stay on top of it as more information becomes available. well salary problems up ahead for british citizens even among those who are the lowest paid. that's because too many citizens face becoming poverty pensioners as we'll report later on.
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recently protests and demonstrations of any kind were banned until further notice and buck rein a curfew as if you can't go out of your home when the government doesn't want you to has already been in effect in the country since two thousand and eleven many of the protests which are now totally forbidden were related to members of the public demanding the release of political prisoners four people were also recently arrested for insulting the king over twitter wow a middle eastern country that has totally shut down any form of protest and holds you down if you tweet about the leadership sounds pretty undemocratic to me i bet nato is already fueling up ready to take action some freedom in two or more eight well not really if nato really cared about spreading democracy you'd think they'd be more consistent with their targets but that's just my opinion. wealthy british science on. time to.
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market. kendall find out what's really happening to the global economy with max concert for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into khan's report on r g. i'm serious. maybe a few after even going student but. i did in our two exclusive friday through sunday on r t r t dot com.
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you're watching on t.v. with me lucy cough and of well with people living longer but not necessarily thinking about how they're going to pay for it britain's decided to dip into workers' wages and to force them to try to save even if they're barely out of school when there's artie's sour firth on why the seemingly good intentions could leave people out of pocket. pensions and retirement already things that you think about when you're young now if you're twenty two or you might have to the government's new or so romans it's being billed as the biggest take up of the pension system for over a generation that is how much of a burden is this going to place on people who are just starting out as you race through life it can be hard to keep the piggy bank replenished say many other
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things to fork out for pensioners seem like just another financial hurdle but not to worry the government's got a plan to get people saving and their little piggy is called auto enrollment so always something that can be left and tomorrow you always got something else to spend your money on it always seems a long way away and then when it gets closer you think was too late and so what automatic enrollment is to help you buy basically saying look you're going to be put in your own decision to take is whether actually you think that that's the right thing and their families go with the flow and stay in or whether you actually you think no unusual opt out brits have been spending like there's no tomorrow with around half the case workers paying nothing towards their future but with an aging population automatic enrollment will force companies to sign up every employee even those earning far below the average salary will be eligible a wage of just over eight thousand pounds
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a year is enough to make it apply but the first some will know about it is when they see less money in their already modest paycheck. there is going to cause going to be a cost to it so he's going to cost people some of the hard earned income every month but having said that it's money is for the pensions campaign is warm that is an open door to mis selling and the money will be creamed by schemes in huge management fees the government is trying to sell this is a winner with tax relief and making employees pay up as well but not everyone's. out of out of ogun of my own finances rather than being forced to by a government even though right now according to ronnie the safer tomorrow know your future i'm just one twenty two to keeping about what i say and i'm thinking about how i'm going to make rent next month or gauge what i'm up to my pension right now for the moment. i would be out. with many feeling we sing governments have made
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a pig's ear of the country's finances the unconvinced it should be sticking its snout into the savings column consider much at all because i mean is this something you can just playful these days taxes of so many things or whatever is just ridiculous i don't think you should have to pay for two now i want to finish with nothing in the pension pot and whilst the government's need does encourage saving in the current economic circumstances it seems that many people will simply be saying out. well washington has set up its first permanent military base in poland so soldiers stationed on the soil of the nato ally will help maintain aircraft and pair joint drills with american warplanes now plans for that base were announced by barack obama during his visit to warsaw last year and poland has long craved for american fighter jets on its soil and has also backed the controversial european missile defense system the preparations for which are
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progressing in the country's north now russia has been staunchly against these plans saying they pose a threat to its national security author and historian gerald horne suggests that warsaw should rethink its foreign partner preferences. are were more saudi very much concerned right now russia is a very powerful neighbor it has many was across the globe it's a military power as well as an economic power in that part of the world and quite frankly doesn't make them much soon. too. it's a powerful neighbor and i would hope and imagine that there would be a reconsideration of their foreign policy sooner rather than later this is all very ominous and very dangerous particularly in light of the moves in poland which obviously brings into question the reset with moscow which had been tell it so heavily by administration spokesperson's but if i were in berlin i would also be concerned because there is rising competition particularly in europe between berlin
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and washington. when other world news a military jet has crashed in southeast turkey killing all seventeen military personnel who were aboard bad weather was blamed for the occident the military helicopter was being deployed into the country's search province which has also seen recently a surge of kurdish rebel attacks now more than forty thousand people have died in that conflict between turkey and kurdish insurgents who have long been demanding for autonomy. meanwhile you budget talks have collapsed after member states failed to agree on extra funds demanded for the rest of the year and there's a huge gap in what's known as the quote emergency funding system aimed at covering education infrastructure as well as research projects one point five billion euros were to be paid to italy poland and spain in order to help victims of flooding as well as job cuts the row casts a shadow over the long term budget plans for next decade which is up for discussion
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later this month. meanwhile a train has been due to rail dinner on killing a passenger and three crew members also injuring dozens more it was heading for the capital for the from the country's south with about three hundred twenty four people on board it's not yet clear why it came off the tracks the last railway tragedy in iran was eight years ago when a freight train carrying fuel and fertilizer terrible combination exploded after the really and killing over two hundred eighty people. well norway has long had on how to help out a warm welcoming hands to immigrants trying to help them feel at home and to assimilate into society where the policy has been a clouded not only by the brave massacres but even from within ethnic groups with radical slogans and even death threats from the gromit rowing islamic community of art is maria for notional looks at why it is splitting the nation. tolerance is no
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one is well known trademark maybe even to well known thirteen percent of the country's five million population a remembrance but it seems it may be suffering from its own hospitality rylan district you don't feel like every day we think it's ok to call the city it started as if it's immigrant i mean its population for years has been home to a large number of outsiders who believe in peace and many locals treat it like this so that it's not enough a while ago the radical islamic group demanded to make its independence from the city and the sharia law territory to feel literally. in a letter sent to some of the country's politicians and journalists unknown extremists have threatened to carry out and nine eleven in no way if their demands are not met. something. i think it's. really to be taken seriously but this is not the first death threat coming from
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noways muslim community in this we do know a pakistani born in mom preaches those not praying should be brought to prison for those not fasting during ramadan decapitated it isn't possible to kill he revealed yeah no problem all weapon is made to kill we hear concerns over how some immigrants bring part of their cultures to no way from the head of the country's one thousand union one hour or something course in this there were pending for muslims. matron helping attending courses is one of the two legal ways in no way to get a personal weapons license if you don't respect your rules and you want to do. then you can go back to your. opposition party member. himself came to no way as a political refugee in the late eighty's he says the ruling labor party is
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importing voters immigrants are indeed him on the party's strongest supporters but the prize is high how can you integrate minority when the minority is actually the majority in a society who is going to learn from who you are. such rhetoric is too familiar to every norwegian a homegrown terrorist killed seventy seven here last summer protesting against the takeover of muslim immigrants also one towards one of those on that island last july his comrades and friends were killed right in front of his very eyes he says he survived to fight for what brave it tried to destroy the most important is that we've never been paid. grounded values for a ground. it's a fight the fight for democracy or. justice it's something that we need to focus on despite concern for the threat to kill made by some immigrants may be
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a real noways unlikely to give up its dollar and small toe in fact it's quite the opposite for many the only response to brave immigrants motivated massacre is seen immigrants embraced more than ever before. r t no way. well it's honda versus hollywood as his tax attack on the wealthiest french citizens take a stars takes a star trek legendary film a firebrand gerard depardieu is rumored to be making a dash with his cash and he's not the only one fleeing friends as we move on line. plus two found to be killed an american death row inmate tries to avoid lethal injection on account of his weight that story and more for you at our t.v. dot com. well on the way as promised syria's president speaks exclusively to our team weighing in with his own perspective on the bloody conflict gripping his country.


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