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tv   [untitled]    November 14, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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free. food free volunteers to video for your media projects a free video dog r.t. dot com. breaking news this hour r t hamas says the gates of hell of being opened after its top military leader is assassinated by an airstrike. is the start of a major offensive against girls are. rising up against the sturdy millions of europeans signed up for what action against cults and mass protests on the way in almost every nation on the continent. triggered by revelations a former cia chief smashes american push in afghanistan told the reputation of the cult of celebrity. and the foreign syrian rebel coalition secure as overwhelming recognition from france and other european states
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and the u.s. holds back. live from the new center here in moscow this is r.t. with international news and comment we're with you twenty four hours a day says the killing of its military leader has opened the gates of hell for all out war with israel he was assassinated by an israeli air strike which promises to mark the beginning of an israeli led offensive against gaza for more let's cross now live to our. he's in tel aviv tom tell us exactly what's happening. hi there bill a rapidly developing situation here the latest developments that we've got for you in just the last few minutes egypt has said it may remove. to israel over these over these strikes it all goes back earlier just a few hours to the killing of jabiri that is hamas is military head
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by a targeted asked israeli airstrike and then that develops into critic quite intense bombing that's been going on over gaza in the past few hours reports at the moment from palestinian officials say that nine have been killed and dozens wounded including among those dead a seven year old girl we've also got reports that raid al at another high profile hamas military figure was killed in a separate targeted bombing attack that the israelis have also hit an ammunition warehouse will what they call an ammunition warehouse inside gaza where a lot of rockets were stored and indeed hamas is not just taking this lying down as well as some strong words they've also been firing rockets into the south of israel that that bombardment of rockets continuing as well so really nothing less than a war situation down there operation pillar of defense it's been called announced
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by the israeli defense forces they say that they're targeting not just how mass but other militant groups in gaza are including islamic jihad it really went back to the weekend when an israeli airstrike killed four including three children sources inside gaza said there's also been a rocket attacks since the weekend as well it now seems that reservists have been called up inside the israeli army and a press release said that they are ready for ground operations if need be this goes back to. so the cost led operation two thousand and eight to nine nothing of that intensity seen since then until now and at the very least israeli spokesmen say days of operations are very likely ahead for their part how mass absolutely infuriated by these attacks some of the statements released by them there will be
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repercussions from these attacks the gates of hell have been opened and israeli prime minister netanyahu will regret this operation it seems that certainly if cast lead back in two thousand and eight to knowing could have been called war this can and all of the all of the associated miseries and all of the violence and say sated that is with that is already unfolding tom thanks very much indeed for that live update no doubt more from you throughout the day in the meantime artie's tom botton there keeping us up to date with those developments concerning israel and gaza well a little earlier i spoke to a guest and let's hear what he has to say about those developing situations there in gaza. but i'm sorry about that we were hoping to hear from a guest i spoke to in the last hour let's hear what he has to say. supporters of
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palestine are very diminished situation the latest developments point to a major attempt to overthrow the government in syria through a combined goals in western european. and turkish friends of iran as a fact of. a neutral east and the israelis been gobbling up territory in the west bank. and now you have. the missile attacks on. israel's feels it has a free hand to do. when i was talking to james petras there a little earlier he's a professor of sociology at binghamton university in new york i'm not going to join dr sublease he's deputy secretary general of the fatah revolutionary council and political advisor to president abbas in ramallah. thank you very much indeed for
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joining us well israel is being pounded by hundreds of mortar shells coming from gaza was there any other option than military intervention was this justified self-defense. i don't think this is do justify that this is an all out that is that it is exercise you know there were efforts on the part of the true leadership to bring this hostility to a whole when it is a surprise the world with a model job this is totally unjustified things were calming down and they were moving about for storing produce and they're included in the gaza strip all of a sudden there's a very loose sized always yet another electioneering war no through using bullets and guns against the premises so it's all about internal politics in israel is it is that the reason why they've done this now. well because nothing explains this there was as i said a sort of stew on things down the egyptians were expecting an answer but there was
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a proposal put on the table by the egyptian leadership to bring this madness to a hold and seemed to be inclined to look favorably at story peace in gaza instead decided to wage war so i cannot explain this. below or beyond electioneering campaign that israel wants to run in restoring a better view in the hands and eyes of israelis with regards to this coalition between netanyahu and liberal but israel is displaying some provocation yesterday where you are in the west bank you are the political advisor to president a bass what about the fact that they will say they were saying they would talk to him if he was to go ahead with the bid for the recognition at the un is that perhaps an indication that the west bank could be drawn into this is well. just could have to i'm not the political advisor his advisor in telecom the deputy secretary of i counsel that's right ok sorry as i said the very lives now engaged
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in the it brought it is that it is now engaged in yet another. all out war against the palestinians on one hand the liberal mind says that the best is not the man of peace and we should get rid of him. is that i let x. be as a so this is an attack against the palestinians and they do it on the issue and the palestinians who have in the coming hours or so is to store unity because this is a war against them this is indeed the order decided. to hold the dignity of the palestinian leadership and its intention to go to the general assembly that's right of course resort offensive against gaza four years ago operation cast lead it was called by the israelis didn't exactly achieve much apart from the deaths of many civilians a lot of destruction what do you think israel is going to chief this time round. i honestly don't know as you indeed said last time there was one thousand five
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hundred palestinians killed there were about the destruction of twenty percent of the gaza strip and nothing was achieved how was looked at favorably by the arab world and by its supporters have came out stronger israel became a. formula of peace and we have lost as palestinians collectively any international effort to bring peace to this part of the world if anything this is madness that's going to continue and in the. gates have broken loose and we don't know what to expect in the coming few hours i would say in my opinion nothing but hostility ok that's just the next few hours but what about the long term you say madness this is by all accounts war occurring now what are the implications not just between israel and the palestinians but for the region itself which is already under intense stress. absolutely that's the
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reason is under the stress you out of countries or new governments in the arab countries are in the whole region that is sort of the lack of stability in several countries that have witnessed the arab spring and indeed now the palestinians are being and it's all this getting. to go to the general assembly is that he wants to derail the process israel wants to achieve two things one is through the process as i said. attract attention towards this coalition of not only our little men so to appear to be the heroes of that and i don't think this will get us anywhere and will definitely not serve peace if anything it will accumulate more and more hatred in this part of the world and the international community causes focus on what's going on syria is a perfect time while the international community is facing the other way that israel could strike at this moment. well maybe that's one of the tensions is that has all the attention of the world who plays the role
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of the victim when the palestinians are to put the proposal on the table before the general assembly. will come in the open and see who you know would have been subjected to attacks and we should not be rewarding palestinians while giving them a state if anything we should attack those perpetrators and kill the terrorists which is to call us and as i said this will serve to entrenched the hatred in the middle east and will not bring about peace sadly this government of israel is not about peace if anything it's about war just briefly i want to ask you about a bomb and now this is the last thing he wants to see happening at the moment after just getting reelected isn't it. that's right and i think the situation can't be any messier now with the arab spring. and with internal affairs with his dislike of netanyahu as interference in his own electioneering affair i mean obama's affair and now that. i think things could not be any messier that's
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right what you think will be doing how late be responding to this obviously fighting words from us what about it will it be trying to perhaps ease the tensions the stress. well i think it served to use the country in between hamas and fatah i've heard reflections from my peers and my colleagues who have condemned the strongest terms the attacks on gaza and have called for a sort of unity so i hope whatever we have seen over the to do in gaza will serve to restore palestinian unity indeed and bring the palestinians to their senses that this is nothing but an israeli attempt to take the lights off our thumbs to go to the general or some doctors have decided on thank you very much and the deputy secretary general of the fatah revolutionary council thank you for your comments there live from ramallah thank you. because we'll be keeping up to date with those developments in gaza throughout the day now it's
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a day of unity like europe hasn't seen in years though for all the wrong reasons of course a series of mega protests are on the way across the block with million signing up to join in on the resoundingly chorus saying no to austerity let's now speak to r.t. sarah ferguson following the demonstrations joining me live in madrid sarah can see continuing to see today hoping to keep the pictures some fairly tough stuff happening there in madrid from the authorities what is the situation at the moment . a very tense and very angry day safe in the general strike in spain we've already thing clashes breaking out between the riot police and protest is as he said it's a tense atmosphere now we're here at the name and in the center of it at the very start of the march that see to kick off fairly shortly you can see the numbers thousands and thousands of people gathered here and just more people pouring onto the street all the time of course it's not just spain those protesting today that
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joined by portugal they're joined by grief they're joined by it's late this is a euro wide. this is the first time we've seen this type of protests really crossing borders in all rallying around that thing called messy. no to austerity now it's quite hard to say exactly how it's going to turn outs night these things certainly can change pretty quickly as we said we've already seen days run ins happening the marston to get underway that going to be marching through the central streets in stay a lot of anger here a lot of tension and a most tone just to what we saw in just the year a guy we were in political just a few days ago in a very similar thing happening that years since recessions continue and as the government has continued alone it's a stereotype polythene the mood among people become increasingly desperate certainly here in spain they've had a very very rough ride of it killed and twenty five percent unemployment that's the
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figure that's made all across europe right now record levels of unemployment in all of these that late in country he said he can feel the desperation he can feel the anger when you come out into the streets at gatherings like this. as we were talking we were showing live pictures of what's happening in lisbon portugal at the moment and of course you've been mentioning the rest of europe i mean today's protests really are president to dominate. absolutely it's the european eyes ation of this protest movement it's a european i say should of the astaire it's a debate that we see facing european leaders and governments against their own people we see in these individual strike actions happening we've seen the individual clashes happening in countries like greece in spain before this is the first time that is crossed borders and everyone's really come together to drive that message time to the european leaders know it will start to you can see the ban
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is around you can hear some of the noise in the background some of the protests the setting off there is a flash bang noises as she's gathering here and this is that mirrored across europe today the u.k. has been joining in and we've had cypress we've had. brussels this is really going to be shaking up your opinion even if they're going to be watching this very very closely the big question of course is it going to make a difference is this going to be a game changer we see these protests mean even already starting to slow down this deal timetables the european leaders having to concede that they can't squeeze quite say tightly and the countries have to be meeting they target the billion year right balance but of course they have maintained that part that all started right and that's what people here gathered today so angry about is not the kind of unity i think the european founders would have had in mind but it is you are coming together now and as he said with that thing go message that they're not going to
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tolerate any more austerity we're here at the start of the markets get underway very shortly we'll be bringing you all the updates life imitates throughout the evening he served in madrid thanks very much indeed for that well one of the most pressing issues facing brussels is the deteriorating economic and social mood in spain as. well as talk to some of familiar with the hardships facing madrid felix of the according to trader and portfolio manager if trading felix well as an investor watching what's happening there in spain would you be putting your money there at the moment i mean some say if an economy is on its knees now's the time diverse. i don't think spain has sort of reached a bottom yet or speed are always exceptions but the only thing that would make me go to spain again would be a crew but the spanish government actually byron's the budget. how would they do that. well despite all the talk about stereotypes what we've seen in the latest
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budget is actually mainly tax increases if we want to sixty billion euro. in quotes and they have forward is how a bit of tax increases if they really want to balance the budget they have to return spending to levels below two thousand and seven we're still spending government is still spending more than they did at the peak of the bubble it didn't sound when extraordinary income from passes from huge revenue increases we're still out obviously those revenues have gone down. what i'd like to ask is about implications for the eurozone as a whole spain's economy is in shreds is getting worse and they along with other southern european countries they're buying less of course from northern european countries how long before perhaps prosperous and all that she really feels feels the pain from the self. we could to really feeling it germans can already see that they're either going to have to bail out spain which is not insignificant this
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knowledge not wanting significant but it's not a smaller greece which is about one percent of the europe's de spain is around thirteen to fifteen percent of europe's of the use g.d.p. that's too big to bail out if the bailout spain completely not just a tiny bailout and they propose now i mean a complete bailout of spain would be too much legitimacy to handle for italy of course if that needed the bailout so you're saying it isn't going to be feasible all right just briefly will spain recover in the short term if that's a possibility is a very briefly yes or no could it recover after all of these cuts only even do the right things which they're not doing all right thank you very much felix hernandez on the cover thank you very much indeed for joining us this is actually live here in moscow i'll be back with you after the break stay with us for that plenty more from europe and of course for the events in gaza.
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gracefully. it is a way of life traditionally the people. are also highly skilled and organized. depending. on the day we found this particular camp they were settled near the coast of the sea here for families work together to manage nearly a thousand reindeer herding reindeer. people and. they can use almost every single part of the reindeer to help them survive. the
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deer is a means of transportation. for the. life in the tundra is harsh and so before winter hits many of the children are helicoptered to the center of the. boarding school. students learn different languages utilize modern technology specialized grant programs and even learn arts skills all within a protected the school was founded. a scientist who wanted a better way of life for his people but even with the most progressive ideas and education many say they don't want to trade the modern life. i have returned to the time and i actually like it here if you're outside there's fresh air fresh water looks at the site you can see deer it's a joyful sight. a sentiment that hopefully ensures that russia's northern reindeer
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will have caretakers for generations to come. to live here moscow news continues now the u.s. campaign in afghanistan to suffer the military grade blow with at least two celebrity generals and veterans of the intervention falling from grace sex scandal that started with revelations of the ex cia chief having an affair as now claim the reputation of the current afghan campaign commander on the cover of explains. in the papers here in afghanistan petraeus star and battlefield felled at cia by an affair the situation the reaction on the ground has been one of outrage people are really quite confused by this whole scandal one of the comments that i heard from a person who wish to be anonymous in the foreign ministry is office was they
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founded really indicative of how well the afghan war effort is going in terms of u.s. policy if the top general in charge of it had time to send twenty to thirty thousand pages worth of inappropriate e-mails people here have also expressed some confusion as to why these kinds of scandals would force these top men to resign and not for example the scandals that have really resonated among the people here on the ground for example the tragic massacre by a u.s. soldier of sixteen civilians here in afghanistan the burnings of the koran by officials here as well as regular policies like for example night raids which are so controversial here that often result in the deaths of civilians so people are quite confused by this scandal they're not quite sure what implications will have on the u.s. war effort here in afghanistan and of course it's coming on the heels of very important talks between the u.s. and afghanistan the two countries have been in negotiations over what the u.s. will do with the remainder of its sixty eight thousand troops that are here that are due to withdraw by the twenty fourteen deadline some analysts i've spoken to on
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the ground here in kabul think that this embarrassing scandal will really be sort of a pardoning chip for some factions in afghanistan to be able to effectively get more of what they want to say well look you know you guys here in the u.s. military top brass don't necessarily have the credibility to pull off certain policy options and that's really been the concern as one of the fallouts of the scandal but of course if we look at the big picture in terms of u.s. policy in afghanistan it really has been crisis after crisis it's not just these resignations betray us and the implication of general allen we've seen in the u.s. spend nearly six hundred billion dollars and it's eleven year effort in afghanistan the insurgency the taliban insurgency has low. remained unbowed by that we've also see in the u.s. actively shifting towards other policies for example trying to train afghan soldiers or to take over after twenty fourteen and that too has been marred by scandal with nearly fifty four americans being killed in the so-called green on blue attacks showing that the u.s.
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influence is really waning here in this country another concern is of course the implication on the morale of the troops here the american troops who are not necessarily welcomed in this country they're not the scandal is not going to help them continue to operate on the ground and there's also the concern that the u.s. is really shifting from person based policy to a robotic policy what i'm referring to is the drone strikes and has seen three hundred and thirty three drone strikes in the past year alone that's more than pakistan somalia and yemen combined. breaking news story here in israel has launched strikes and assassinations in gaza killing the military leader of hamas police stations across the strip there's now talk among israeli military leaders protected fighting in gaza warnings of an imminent ground invasion a mass says israel has opened the gates of homes saying it's no war with the jewish state all of this occurring in the last few hours this is all breaking news. story
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. with more on the know the stories in thirty five minutes from now brings us the latest edition of capital account from washington. it's perched atop a jaw and the view from the prevalence stretches this fall as the eye can see. for a city to. area for centuries. it lost its economic importance even before it was bypassed by the chance i bear in railway but the ball's cremains a spiritual center. things like these are
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a yearly occurrence thousands of all the docks worshippers themselves in blessid water to commemorate the baptism of jesus. in the fifteen eighties the russians had only just conquered siberia taking it from the muslims. surrounded by enemies the balls to be their stronghold constructed on top of the city but soon enough it became an economic hub siberian fire was the oil of its time bringing in a third of all russia's state revenue but the balls location head of the says for the russians are the russian crowd who had a revolt against the czar and eight hundred twenty five known as the decembrists will stand here and drove. there they created a replica high society adopting the latest fashions as soon as they came out or at least once they made it from paris to siberia. but the city also served up some
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bitter irony for the russian royal family after the bolshevik revolution. this is the office was the second spend most of the last year of his life his whole family had been exiled here they were the fairly comfortable existence this was a big house but they weren't allowed to see businesses or go outside them so most leading the ordinary normal countryside life style that you would have thought of a skate but within the design of his family would be dead. good afternoon welcome to capital account i'm more in the store here in washington d.c. these are your headlines for tuesday november thirteenth two thousand and twelve the new york stock exchange suspended trading and more than two hundred companies
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for most of the trading day yesterday according to the f.t. guess why a technical glitch so added to the list last crash facebook knight capital high frequency trading a component involves the f.t.c. commissioner bart chilton is on the show to talk about what should be done and why it's taken so long to be frank and wall street journal reports a federal jury cleared two former money market mutual fund managers out fraud charges this report only gets to the issue we've seen so often of how difficult it is to prove intent in these financial fraud or manipulation cases so does the law need to change when it comes to intent or the burden of proof of it all our children think so so we'll talk to him and speaking of intent also find out about the c.f.o. season ten with regard to m.f. global and the ongoing silver market manipulation probe plus congress or turn to work today they have seven weeks to avert the fiscal cliff or to go off of it so to speak we're sick of the term we ask you to rename it the response was.


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