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tv   [untitled]    November 14, 2012 3:30pm-4:00pm EST

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the u.s. actively shifting towards other policies for example trying to train afghan soldiers to to take over after twenty fourteen and that too has been marred by scandal with nearly fifty four americans being killed in the so-called green on blue attacks showing that the u.s. influence is really waning here in this country another concern is of course the implication on the morale of the troops here the american troops who are not necessarily welcomed in this country they're not the scandal is not going to help them continue to operate on the ground and there's also the concern that the u.s. is really shifting from person based policy to a robotic policy what i'm referring to is the drone strikes afghanistan has seen three hundred and thirty three drone strikes in the past year alone that's more than pakistan somalia and yemen combined. and this assistant editor. says this room to focus on scandals as generals are responsible for much worse military crimes. patrol yes you know led the surge in iraq and you know was
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the brainchild of the surge in afghanistan these are two policies which required retirement arming and training radical islamic fighters the afghan local police which betray us described as the lynch pin of the afghan strategy these are a group of people that have been accused of murder rape they what is it you know the last year they were accused of kidnapping a boy in nailing the hammering nails into the bottom of his feet they're accused of torture in fact and the same type of thing that happened in iraq when you know to try and organize a shiite sunni civil war that ended in hundreds of thousands of lives lost and no reaction to all of that bloodshed he was described as a war hero he was trading a positive light all it takes to be portrayed in a negative light in the american mind is a sex scandal if this if the cia director's emails private e-mails aren't safe from
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you know government spying then what does that say about our e-mails the government spying that has been going on in electronic communications has surged in recent years and under the obama administration. the life here must go back to our breaking news story now israel has launched air strikes on assassinations in gaza killing the military leader of hamas and bombing at least twenty sites in the occupied territory the operation began with israeli warplanes killing the military leader of hamas c.c.t.v. footage of the attack has been released by the israeli military has been a powerful explosion outside the house of the palestinian groups foreign affairs chief the followup strikes killed at least nine people including children there's now talk in israel of protected fighting in gaza with warnings of an imminent ground invasion as naval vessels bombard targets from the sea and i says israel has opened the gates of hell and is now war with israel well keeping you updated on
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that breaking news as the story unfolds and we go live to gaza for a witness account of what's happening there right now about sort of this short break. the stairs. i miss it's in. my daddy. a lot of. does a famous reuse benson play was oh my saban's does my mommy ransom business.
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world with. its technology innovation all the developments around russia we've got the future covered. more news today violence has once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. trying operations to rule the day.
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listen. i've. lived. lives . lived.
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mission. critical free transfer charges free. arrangement free. free. free. world free broadcast in video for your media project a free media oh god r.t. dot com. the news continues now back to our breaking news story israel has launched a deadly military offensive against gaza with the air force and the navy hitting more than twenty targets in the occupied territory the operation began with the air strike assassination of the military leader of hamas the palestinian group pledged to open the gates of hell in retaliation for more of what's happening on the ground in gaza i'm joined now by harry is
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a documentary maker and activist harry there are reports of airstrikes truth civilians dying including children what have you seen so far. also so far we've seen absolutely over bud's and hospital system health system here in gaza an emergency crisis status was launched by them within an hour. operation pillar of cloud being launched as you said we've seen at least three dead children at least one woman we've seen at least nineteen injured in just one hospital we've seen victims many people giving the next article reports that white phosphorus may be being used again here on the gaza strip we've seen naval attacks attacks i have to be honest with you the situation is very very grave and the palestinian gazan population are frankly being terrorized as we speak and presumably they're expecting more casualties because as i'm speaking to you can you still hear bombing
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taking place. only ten minutes ago we were hearing. bombing yes indeed we believe as israel listening to israeli statements that tomorrow they expect to have launched the ground incursion of the gaza strip including central parts of gaza city so we internationals in the gaza strip are called to an activist and the gazan people believe that this is a beginning of another full scale war i came to that winter two thousand and eight winter two thousand and nine named operation cast lead so i have to tell you the situation is expected to get greater and greater i spoke to a spokesperson from the israeli military saying that these are limited targets that they're attacking would you say that this is totally different from what you will see if that was the case we would be seeing so many civilians caught up in this well israel has its counterterrorism policy and is rather sponsible for how it uses its military which is one of the largest minute trees and most powerful militaries in the world and the way that is exacting its military force on the largely
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defenses the population of the gaza strip here in the middle east is illegal in terms of international law according to the on the on the ground on the face of it facts it's killing children and women it's injuring scores of people if it assassinates this one resistance member or this one resistance member maybe that would be morally justifiable go i'm not going to talk about but the way that it tries to kill and assassinate these people is illegal because it's using indiscriminate and reckless amounts of force where you at the moment. i'm in central gaza city in what's really if you like a crazy green zone i have to be honest with you that it's a crazy green zone in the normal context but tonight it's not a green zone because only ten minutes ago this building was feeling the facts of nearby strikes so nowhere is safe in gaza tonight you say there's a feeling of panic and terror among scholars will presumably be ignoble to speak to people in this idea of an impending ground invasion what are all of the feelings
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about that what are they expecting all through. all four years ago there was a similar sort as it were on the gazans i'll be absolutely honest with you one of my friends her name is ron or she witnessed the airstrike that started this conflict she can't even talk now she's in her late teens she can't talk about the violence that is being inflicted on the gaza strip people are literally terrorized and traumatized by where it's going just briefly how are your documentary makers are you presumably filming this and if so what do you hope to do with your footage well at the moment i'm providing a live stream you stream dot t.v. called operation pillar of cloud i'm also producing documentary footage and if things escalate into a ground incursion damn right i'm going to stay in the gaza strip and make the world see what israel has done to the gazan population very fear stay safe thank you very much indeed for joining us live there in gaza. this is r.t. coming to live from moscow with you twenty four hours a day time for some business now well of course europe is also very much in the
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news and of course markets there been rattled with the wave of protests throughout europe yes they have been and it has been one of the most coordinated waves of protests all across europe but at the same time people in different countries are focusing on different aspects of different economic aspects and have more details on that in my program just a second which you talked about. and indeed and welcome to business anti austerity protest rolled across europe indeed on wednesday with spain and portugal leading the way now well social unrest in these austerity stricken countries is nothing new this time this is synchronized force with workers going on strikes in several countries similar taney asleep now let's get more details from our reporter that are. now what is actually happening what do people want what do they claim in the streets of europe today
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well wednesday's protests have a pretty sound. will aim to stop what many people in these countries consider suicide policies let's take a look at some of the most popular demand in greece which is the scene of some of the most violent protests many of the people are basically calling for what they see as to austerity here's the story greece asked for a total of two hundred forty billion euro that's about three hundred billion dollars to support. it's a cost to me and it's now chasing the latest latest tranche of a three thirty billion a euro to pay off its current debt and to support its banking system but in order to get that of course it had to agree to normally sharply cut its wages and pensions but to also hike its taxes and doesn't it does indeed seem like no matter what they do no matter how much they tighten their belts it only seems to be
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getting worse in fact the countries that will rise to a whopping one hundred eighty nine percent of g.d.p. next year and some economists say that greece at the moment is facing one of the worst recession's of any european nation in recent history while in spain we've seen the thousands of people in the streets means feeling the squeeze just as much one of the mines that. well spain is a similar story but with the national flavor of the situation there is is pain convince the international creditors to give it about one hundred twenty billion dollar bailout but it's spending most of the money it gets on its banking system so it's no surprise that one of the most popular demands in spain is of course focusing on banks one of the slogans reads bankia has robbed us give us some money back bank key is one of the large banks that was bailed out and then nationalized earlier this year and became the symbol for everything that's gone wrong with the
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system and now of course with the banks really tightening up their policies and really getting tough on their borrowers there's been a wave of suicides in spain as well as people try to keep their homes and as they face eviction zen of course it really does become a very personal story so what world in spain people are shouting give us our money back portugal which has a very very high unemployment rate is apparently shouting give us our jobs but as i write absolutely you're absolutely right in portugal one of the main demands is focused on jobs and salaries the unemployment rate in portugal is about sixteen percent which is a record high and it is actually going to get even higher next year but even if you manage to keep your job there's a risk of not getting paid because the draft budget for twenty thirteen actually
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takes away the equivalent of a month's wage for many workers so last year portugal asked for about ten billion u.s. dollars in aid which is modest by some countries standards but to get even that it had to agree to pretty strict austerity measures in the really killing the economy so all this. it is really now spilling onto the streets now all these countries in peripheral europe have been running budget deficits for for years now they've been seeing expenditures growing all the time isn't it about time to tighten the belt already while that's from an economist standpoint you are right of course but actually leave for the average for the way they see it is that it's the government's not themselves that were responsible for all these years of overspending so now they feel like they have to pay for something that they didn't do and these austerity measures are really killing their family budgets and is
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really putting them in a tough spot so it's a personal tragedy all right thank you very much for that right well indeed the european markets were trampled by that stampede of protests across much of spain and portugal coupled with strikes all across europe so as you can see the london dipped one percent with actually oil and gas suffering the most despite a recovery in oil prices u.s. markets are still trading there continuing the rather long decline already down one point three percent for the dow this is as retail sales dropped point three percent looked over that was the impact of the harken and also as deadlines had headline story all over the place are shouting that the economy is heading towards the fiscal cliff in the beginning of the year investors are choosing to play it safe so for now however the dollar is seeing a losses to the euro this hour despite all that turmoil going on in europe the
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russian rubles also mixed against the currency the close of the session in moscow where the russian markets are also finding it very hard to get back on the feet in the seas are still below the opening values for this year wednesday's session ended flat mix as you can see there after a big drop on tuesday of around three percent. now thousands of years after paving this. silk road both europe and asia want to revive the familiar train length but this time on rail tracks now it seemed to become an alternative currency trade routes between the continents explains. we are in kazakhstan two thousand years ago the great silk road that ran through here connecting europe and china in those days goods were transported by camel in a journey that took about a year today with the rail infrastructure in place the congo takes just over two weeks to get from china to germany for example but it's still not seen as
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a real alternative to the sea route via the suez canal the e.u. land route is more expensive less transparent and just not in the first more but experts say this is about to change trade between neighboring countries in europe asia will reach eight trillion dollars by turns its way into much of it will be high value products that need to be transported quickly rather than cheaply the main export to china is investing billions and developing in central and western provinces and real transportation will suit them best as a whole china is still growing in terms. of what we do see is there's a lot more given the a lot more infrastructure. now chinese factories. actually put a plant in china so they can actually ship it using truck. now a lot of people are saying that hey if you. really think you can use railway right
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now the capacity. and truths are the main concern of the chinese exporter is the same as two thousand years ago cargo will have to pass through dozens of hands on its way to its final destination in order to change this the railway companies of the united customs you. russia kazakhstan and belarus are now creating a united logistical operator with unified terrorist and rules perhaps with that in mind russian railways is buying a major lead just tickle our three french jeffco in order to enter the european markets and western transportation technologists and that's all the news we have for you this hour business news at least more news from around the world coming up after the break stay with us.
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trimmings in this tree even for specialists of voice can produce several sounds it warms the to do the means the art of throat singing comes naturally picked up like a language. a language of communicating with nature it said that's where throat singing originates from the unions believe not only animals but also all surrounding objects like reverse forests and even stones of souls imitating the sounds they believe can capture the power of nature. was. there are special instruments that accompany the singing give gainey says there is
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even a legend about his instrument a gill it says once there lived a poor shefford who had the best horse but who won every competition but jealous people killed it on the course was revived as an instrument that those that have suffered a fall is because of the spirit of the horse came to his dream and said make an instrument from the tree the sounding board from the leather of my face the strings . and to remember me make an engraving of my head part of the instrument he did so i called the instrument again which means come back and this melody only instrument is called. to fly as one of the most famous groups in the republic there. next goal is to tour broad they say for you are p. and since difficult to pick up and sing so i ask them to teach me and see if i can
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do it little you cheer it up. chen oh you. did that was sure to say can ya who was you think oh. but now it is a moody part of the song and not the actual throat singing which i wouldn't even try to repeat. so maybe you have to be born here to be able to sing like this i thought so until i met small she looks like a deveny and i don't even speak their language but she is from japan. most of us to modern minds from two hundred years ago until sappy here she's not planning a professional singing career she keeps practicing just because it's become part of her nature.
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live from moscow this is r.t. chinese leader huge in town has stepped down as head of the communist party clearing away from his six successor in a once in a decade transition vice president xi jinping is expected to be announced as the new party leader on thursday and become the next president in march the transfer of power took place at the party congress which is drawing to a close in the country's capital the question of analysts lips is helping new leadership will affect china's relations with its top political and economic rival the us donald low a suspect came out of that he had artie's a research fellow at stanford law school says the next decade will see him eastward shift in economic power. what is currently occurring between the united states to china and indeed to the european union is
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a process of rebalancing in which the chinese economy is readjusted away from very strong export orientation over the last two decades or so towards one that is more focused on growing domestic consumption and indeed moving somewhat away from manufacturing towards more of a service sector emphasis. and indeed what we see here alternately really is a continued rise of china but very much part of an interdependent global economy with three pillars really. the u.s. europe and asia including both china and japan. google says the number of government requests to access and remove online data has risen to twenty
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two of the us once again top the list asking for the private information of almost eight thousand users in the first six months of the year. later the u.k. pirate party he told me that he believes the government uses national security as a pretext to get its hands on personal data thing a very worrying trend each time that these reports are being have been republished by google we've seen an increase of prayer requests from a whole range of things there's been a lot of copyright requests but also i think most alarmingly is this trend towards requesting personal date we hear this mantra of national security all the time there are a perfectly legitimate way to get and to gain or to gain information which in that is under through the rule of law and through getting a warrant in a court. what is particularly alarming it's that actually this is part of
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a general trend towards governments wanting to gain more and more personal information about citizens within twenty four hours a day this is r.t. live in moscow stay with us for more news from around the world after this short break. culture is that so much of a given to a huge percentage of the power of mind that the mark of the syrian opposition says it has reinvented itself and asked to be recognized as a legitimate representative of the syrian people at home and on the global stage. download the official ati applications to cell phones choose your language stream quality and enjoy your favorites from alzheimer's t.v. is not required to watch on t.v. all you need is your mobile device to watch on t.v.
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you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture. the for. the. resistance is not of politics but a culture. this could. on its own.
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