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tv   [untitled]    November 17, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EST

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mistaken as zionist agent so this mean that the friendship. and special relations between between hamas and tehran there over and iran no longer supports hamas is a true. thank you very much. for the very interesting question no it's not like that not at all what we have done is the problem is to society there are many you know opinion and views and expressed in different newspapers and media but our policy is very clear of course we. we support hamas because we think they are fighting for a just cause. and. there has been a good relations between the two sides. but it doesn't mean that we don't have any differences in on any issue you know like any other two friends and the other two partners we share many things but at the same time we have perhaps different points
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of view on some of the topics but it doesn't mean that our policy has changed only then can you please in a couple of words explain the official position of tehran towards the escalation in gaza which we are witnessing these days well this is another sign of israeli regime's. you know crimes and you know. policy of you know i'm on to the vision now we think that. it cannot continue like that. the international community should think and take action against to cities of this criminal regime. every day they are doing a crime against palestinians and the international community should. do its best to to
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a stop to this crimes and to support the cause of the palestinians who are fighting for a just cause as i said for their homes for doing you know. senator mission and i think palestinians have every right to defend themselves themselves against you know all kinds of attacks done by israel. your position is very clear but whenever i talk to people they have such a distinctive position in the middle east i always get an impression that there is a deadlock there there's no answer. no compromise possible because you say you say the criminal regime of israel the people from the other side says the criminals i under palestinian science this leaves people no no way to compromise don't you think that we should try to find find some good and bad things in both sides and look for. communication no. well. if if
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a group of. people come and occupy your land. let's say i could play a part of russia do you think there is any place for compromise no there should be a solution which respect the rights of the people who owns that land. well we believe that the occupation of palestinians land has been. illegal under us defied act by a group of asean ists. we think that there should be. the land belongs to those who live in that so there should be a solution we think that. that is a one a state solution and i think it is quite logic it's for a long time that some countries are trying to impose a kind of to
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a state solution it hasn't worked what is the the main obstacle under the the israelis so we believe that there should be a one a state solution in which all. original you know owners of the land or. jews or christians or muslims should live together and should be studied for the for the destiny and i think that is a very democratic solution for ok thank you let's move on to another problem in the same region i mean the regime of bashar assad you said in one of your interviews that the i quote collapse of the bashar assad regime may be disastrous for turkey and the neighboring country why why turkey ham in turkey turkey is in the nearest neighbor of syria why are you so concerned about the outcome for turkey our problems in syria well as you know syria is located in
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a very. sensitive complicated the region that it's neighborhood is completely different from other countries in the region that it's going it cannot become per libya for example. so if we. see the collapse of the system. and syria turns into a heaven for terrorist groups and extremist elements that would be certainly a disaster if we face a failed state in syria who would be benefited out of that. i think it is torquey as a neighbor it is also iraq it is lebanon it is jordan it's everybody in the region even not immediate neighbors are the close neighbors as well we shouldn't go for a situation in which we face a failed state in syria that would be
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a disaster for the whole for the region and for the international community what we support is a democratic rational kind of reform in syria nobody denied the necessity of reform in syria but it should be done on a democratic way undergraduate peaceful way we should go for a peaceful settlement of the situation otherwise. if the military option which it has proved that it doesn't work and it would. destroy the whole country. we go to nowhere but chaos and a failed situation in which everybody would suffer but true keep being a nato member it seems to very much be in favor of the fall of the bashar assad regime do you think this is a mistake made by this the turkish government this is something you have told very friendly and frankly to our that they're mistaken that they are the years they they
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have it mistaken. they have a mistake policy in syria we have a furry friends relation to torquey we share many things of authority we have good relations but in some cases including syria we have a different point of view we both agree that there should be. there should be reform in syria but how we have different point of view do you think intervention in syria is possible is it probable would you say any foreign intervention would be a mistake and is it possible. i don't if that if you'd have been possible it has worked so far it had it hasn't worked for a. interference in syria has made the situation more complicated and has led to bloodshed to be continued the syrian government is doing is doing what any other government would have done in the same situation if you faced with an opposition
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beaches of them from outside which is you know helped by terrorist elements from outside which is given money from outside what you want to do what you do just to just you confront them with the same way that they are confronting you so we think that the solution for the syrian crisis is to stop any foreign interference and to let the syrian people decide for themselves on a kind of democratic process it is up to the syrians to decide whether or not mr bashar assad should remain in power so we should all of all countries in the region and. beyond the region should help the people of syria to decide by themselves on a peaceful. you know way. to find a peaceful settlement a you have a very outspoken person in iran well what does it say if there is a foreign intervention into syria what will the reaction of iran. well you have an
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official position which you have said very clearly you know i danced. for interfere . in syria this is the position by i what it does what happens is iraq go. well let's hope not nothing would happen like that but as i said he's already got us in syria but that money weapon and elements of sense to syria from outside it's all that. says sayed our boss chee iranian deputy foreign minister spotlighted will be back shortly after a break so stay with us we'll continue this interview in less than a minute. mission
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colors of the sluices also argues in the home or right enough just like many at that age it wasn't. the smadi when i was fifteen yes you can live there when they certainly can't do it through the barrel of a gun only effective social changes can be the afghans themselves ask again men and women we believe i'm going to spawn and not truly cross paths. but. it's up to the shop and better construction to stop people in the obama administration talking about how much they care about the women of afghanistan it's one of true they don't care about the women of afghanistan.
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used to be used to be used. to. be used. for you to lead to. believe. walkin back to the spotlight i am older now than just a reminder that my guest on the show today is a year our boss she rainey and deputy foreign minister mr say well i've been asking you about the possibility of foreign intervention in syria and joe during that break my producer told me listen everybody is everybody is worried about a possible foreign intervention in iran you're now asking about possible foreign
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intervention in syria and that is true i've been asking the questions to many specialists about that is it possible what we what may happen if there is an intervention into your own country while you here recently urge the arab and the persian gulf countries to set up so that a collective security right is because is it because terror and is really afraid of a possibility of intervention you know what we have told our neighbors in the persian gulf is to find kind of collective security arrangements for the region and this is not a new position we have following this position since at least. twenty years ago we think that the security of the region persian gulf region is a very very important region you know most of the gas resources of the border maybe
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sixty to seventy percent is the and the rest is in russia. and because of that perhaps the region has been always a target for intervention from outside forces we believe that the security of this region is very important but it is up to. you know countries after region to take care of the security so what we have proposed since long time ago is a kind of collective security arrangement in the region with the participation of all countries of the region so that is absolutely inclusive. but about intervention in iran well if by intervention you mean military intervention. i don't think. that would happen because i believe there are enough wise people in washington hopefully. it would be it is obvious that. americans can start another war in our region but they cannot finish it up this is
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not up to them. they know they've our capabilities are you know capacities they know that what we can how we can confront and defend ourselves but as a diplomat let me not talked about war. let's talk about peace i believe that every possibility for a peaceful solution is is there. what iran wants in the nuclear issue is just its rights according to n.p.t. we are a member of n.p.t. we have been committed to our obligations since decades ago and we've done nothing more than our right v would remain committed to our obligations according to n.p.t. but we want to enjoy our right according to the same n.p.t. and that's all iran's nuclear program is absolutely peaceful is only for peaceful
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purposes and would remain peaceful we are confident about the peaceful nature of our program and we don't have any problem to share this confidence with anybody else so if there is good we saw it i think there is every possibility for a negotiator solution. it is proved that military solution is after table if they say it's on the table they know themselves that it is after that they know that there is no possibility for that it would be another disaster for the whole region nobody no wise people would go for that. and if they think military. sanctions economic sanctions can be also a solution again another mistake it is proved that it can not work and it hasn't worked and use it won't work in the future more sanctions would only make the situation more complicated. as so. the only option
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is negotiate a solution and i think that is a possibility of human chinned saudi arabia should be involved in their collective security it if it is to be but saudi arabia has always been a close ally of the united states so isn't it a contradiction i mean they are a show it may take part in this in this treaty if it's seven negotiated well as i said we believe that security of the region. belongs to all countries of this important region and we we need the best option is a collective security arrangements in which so the i would be assured. of course of course. is in the region of the any talks i'm sorry are there any talks already are there any document or is a just good intention i mean this collective security well there has been some consultations in the past and we continue to talk about this idea with our.
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neighbors in the southern part of persian gulf but of course it's a very complicated situation there are foreign forces in the region there are foreign intervention by americans and by some others so it is still is still we need to talk more about but what we are seeing says we see some meat on the bones already yes. ok well let's talk about again a stand against that has always been a very very problem country in the region a very important country in the middle east if there are controlled by the nato coalition there is the presence of nato in afghanistan hampered taro's relations with cuba. no relation with afghanistan has been always very good and very crucial afghanistan is our neighbor we have something about thousand kilometer of the border with afghanistan and we see peace and stability of afghanistan as are all.
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and we want to establish and to maintain good friends relations with afghanistan and we have been able to do that despite presence of nato forces in afghanistan well nato forces are supposed to leave that country to withdraw from afghanistan by the end of two thousand and fourteen we believe that. it is an. act that in fact should have been done even earlier. read trust afghans afghanistan's government and we think that they are capable. to maintain security in afghanistan to manage their own effort and we will support well this is crucial so you believe that when foreign troops leave afghanistan there will be peace in the country it can move this is pretty capable of maintaining peace in the country without for an air of course it's a matter of consent and we should we believe that we should help afghan government
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to be able to maintain security after the withdrawal of foreign forces we believe that no foreign forces should remain in afghanistan under any excuse or justification and the responsibility should be transferred to the government and we think the government has the capability but of course we have to strengthen that capability we have to help them we have to a system and this is what we are going to do and this is what we're asking other countries to do as well to you know. enable afghan konstanz people and government to. take care of. affairs and take their destiny in their own hand and maintain their own security we do it on force. there's also considered to be one of the major. problem regions in the world no only because of the military can't also because of
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drug producing drug trafficking and one of the main reasons is that cultivating poppy it is is more profitable for am going to farmers than anything else they can possibly do have an ounce or two they had well as a diplomat what what do you tell them when they say well how you got to stay alive . but this is something that you have always told you no other countries including europeans and even the us. that. we should provide the people of afghanistan a minimum standard of life and then asked them not to go for anything illegal. and we sorry we is who is including iran including iran including all countries in the region and the international community. of afghanistan is as important as the question of security in afghanistan. if we cannot provide people of afghanistan
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youngest those in afghanistan job opportunities good income what is left to them is to go either to drug gangs or to join terrorist groups and money or to escape from that country go to the neighboring alias of seeking for jobs so it is very important that we create jobs for afghan people v create a good life for the people i wish at least one tenth of the military expenditure. done by u.s. forces and others would have used for for the construction of that country and that would be a huge money so if we expect. people or farmers in afghanistan not to cultivate drug we should show them a tentative base alternative cultivations and provide them with good profit good
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possibilities and then of course. government should also do its responsibility to prevent any more poppy cultivation and since we have been about a minute left in that interview i also want to hear your opinion on the change of leadership in china i'm sure you've been watching closely what's been going on in that country do you are you expecting any real change any change of policy connected with this change of leadership role china is a big and great country in asia which already you know play its role at the global level. we know that they have they are a big political and economic power a member of. a permanent member of the security council. we are confident that they will. play
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a constructive role for the sake of peace and stability in the world and in asia and. i don't think that the change of government would do any change in this policy and there is a very good. bilateral relations between iran and china same as to russia thank you thank you very much for being with us and just a reminder that my guest on the show today was sayed our boss chief iranian deputy foreign minister and that's it for now from all of us if you want to have your assailant's prada live or have someone in mind who you think i should interview tomorrow drop me a line of our bring our pad r.t. t.v. diet our year let's keep the spotlight interactive will be back with more first found common found what's going on next door until then stay on r.t. take. thank you thank you very.
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