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tv   [untitled]    November 22, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EST

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they felt like she brought shame upon had they got the support of parliament they got support of the minister of interior it's an indication of quite how conservative those views are even in the house of government and in the end disco faced the president's office the minister of interior parliamentarians and they said to you must go home you for shame on it's and she said no if you send me back to that village there is not one that will hear my death christ kill me kill me now i'd rather that than go back to this village so defiance was extraordinary this courage and a girl so young i'll eventually the government backed down and they let her stay in the safe house she's getting an education she's much happier now she may someday soon get a divorce she's been trying for several years to get a separation. and so although i can't claim that she's yet happy she's still having to be very much protected because our husbands family friend take still want to kill her or at least take her back and there she might get real risk but she is trying to forge a life. poor
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families can't afford to have. girl children who can't work in the fields so there is. a tremendous economic push to marry your daughter off at a very very young age sometimes as young as ten or eleven that america's armed forces. are using drugs need be grabbed as material. they have so that through. this i was ten years old to believe parents made larry and afghan men knowing twenty two this man and his family were all libras he promised my father. to be
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money one of my children's father is my brother and my husband doesn't know it. about. former she her car children. her brother who are her. commodity me marry me to marty more christine barker marry my one year four but otherwise we will kill you. how can she. get murder you work or why you hold with a kid there's a practice called bad which is the use of women and girls as compensation for crimes so what you sometimes see happening if has been for instance of rape or murder. they'll be a traditional council gathering of elders and one of the ways that they can try to resolve this is rather than. punishing the perpetrator of the rape or the murder they'll take a girl from one family the perpetrators family and they'll give that girl usually
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in marriage to the victim's family. and kind of to hold until the well you see how difficult it is to obtain justice because you are a woman it hurts you because you know that you can't do anything to change the situation and this is because society is in the hands of men and mad the house. at this point the concept of justice is still nonexistent in court. it's very hard for women particularly conservative areas of the country to seek help and sadly if a young girl or a woman goes to the police complaining about something like to master violence or rape or a forced marriage option should be met with a lot of hostility sometimes she can be ostracized by society that basically thinks that problem should be kept in the home and we. you sometimes see women. until
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recently a woman could be knocked out for having been raped even the woman when they get raped they go to the gym and it's good to listen to a wife but there are two digit. numbers in afghanistan or math really where the rights of women are attracted to six and what i stand were managed to run away because of the mistake while they were not about to continue with that . in a terrible life they both spend their way home and then be there as men dresses that had been trusted and then in the way they helped but the. police generalize that both of them are women and that he told them back to their village before they disowned him and he's been an organization before they returned them to the proximate help from enough says but his response about the get up to the issue that he turned their back to their religion and their religion with the
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warlock was a powerful. monday. before give them the hundred bucks that had been the flag them on the public place. and each of them subject to the five collection in a public place in front of all relatives. and he kept them were flying. a quest the six thousand dollars that family to pay put there had been probably because. death point of view was up them put shame on the religion and on the family name so they have to an a.b.c. lose their ballots and pay the fine of study the punished by death was botched. going to go when that's much easier for the war lost like killing a bird. we are at a point where the concept of justice is still nonexistent. today
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we have jungle law if this close to. benefit photo was lost they put that practice otherwise they look like a west for same we have our constitutional. freedom of speech event and initial house we didn't have and we don't have freedom of speech element to part of democracy we have and of our constitution our freedom for press more than four times they beat your analysis inside of the parliament. in itself proves their lies. which is sort of medical errors that were in the beginning of parliament most of these parliamentarians making criminal forgive themselves not because he had to look up once there was a discussion about the sentence of a woman who was to be stoned to death. being the shari'a judge he didn't want to contemplate but the woman could be at least symbolically stoned in the square not being hit but still insulted but he was told that it was still a crime in any case and at
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a certain point was the response was well should be had with pebbles than biota so i don't. think it will be. charitable. for example if women do not obey islamic law and where strange clothes go out seducing per young people. especially those who don't have the possibility of getting married. you know that in our opinion this is not the right behavior and no more new theme now we have to follow laws which apparently are up to protect women's rights so. they're there and push up those laws are in the hands of the word. think that there was a shot of the power so we need to change our mentality we need to change their point of us who are on strike but still. this to the. list of rights was the constitution of our group has done is given for
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them because so we do not will all fly in afghanistan has been that laws but are meant to properly we have a lot of warlords walk in else we have organized criminals we have a lot of illegal groups they are the main causes of souless all five using the woman right in africa just.
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we have. part of our status quo on which all of them are protecting women strike. from islam as point of view in islamic law it isn't a privilege for women to work to study or to go into offices. yet here's what islam does prevent some things for women only women cannot. said to in the middle of an assembly of men. furthermore women are obliged to
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wear the huge job. if they cover themselves there aren't any problems. lastly women are not allowed to become judges. much of. their religion of islam doesn't allow women to undertake a role in which you have to give our judgments. these laws are respected so there aren't any problems.
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straight to their competitors launch i'm doing here on r.g.p. we've dumped a few jerks covered. we
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need to teach the community that the rights that we are struggling with that today is not anything to copy that's not practice that's all. i gave to have well in afghanistan the majority of women married below the legal age of sixteen
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and if they don't have a right to a divorce they have the right to what's called a separation it's really hard for them to get or is a man just needs to say divorce three times and that's it he says he said divorce from his wife to become only of one before now an afghan woman asking for divorce was never even heard of be on one of a long long want to be i was through our days the women come to us to ask us to resolve marital issues. sometimes we succeed sometimes we do not. point a couple gets divorced but we don't want anything to do with those women for women it's a long hard struggle to get a separation and one of the major obstacles this fund says that she doesn't necessarily get access to her children this is to become and up to police. they ask some information about new patients that arroyo to these people. around forty percent which burnt area and two to five years but you have suspected for
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self-immolation and just the right. percentage or the name or. three. cents in malaysia. i mean. boucher who warned her. unfortunately. this. ninety million. young woman.
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what happened what has happened to you my husband often beats me when we argue he who was that my husband. my husband what did he do did he beat you yes means to be chewed yes. every time that we argue every day yes it's unclear how many of these cases might actually have been killings are attacks by men that are dressed up as it were suicide it's this very rarely investigations certainly rarely criminal investigations after these cases take place the men problem in afghanistan. because of the economy condition of some people. not good. to hold to the. economy can be. conflict. between the husband and wife and sometimes the other is not
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a thief to solve their problems then their women who are on the body and groups of self immolation you will hear people in the obama administration talking about how much they care about the women of afghanistan it's not true they don't care about the women of afghanistan and that a they open office is going to have gang citizen spend lots of money to learn the media and they think of the literally billions of dollars that have been spent by the us in that country to my lap and more a fifty billion dollars in economic aid has been spent on the. reconstruction of the economic infrastructure and social fabric in afghanistan. there are sixty countries from the international community who manage them. last june is where is all this money go and where has all of the help that was supposed to be going to women go in but the real problem is that no one invests in their gang
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provinces in order to improve women situation there very often money returns to external advice or any. external phrase. that's always coming from abroad that are very very small percentage of the total u.s. money for afghanistan is going to the women not just these you have to add also the role of international cooperation there was a study by oxfam from about two years ago that said that all of the money meant for reconstruction forty percent of it returns to sender through the expenses for personality. and most of the money ends up in the pockets of those who sent the money in the first place. this is upsetting for us because this money comes from people who live in foreign countries money that these people who worked hard to earn and they have given money to their governments with a move helping poor countries. capacity building group ability for the local
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population like the one the pangea foundation built for its women who then ran the project rather than forgot about it i think i'm sure it's shows that that many spent shark camps project many of them were designed out of the country copy and paste it into country with no sustainability no impact as much as we weren't expected they have to be careful about the afghans that they support you know are they. afghans that really have the ability to be social changes or are they highly westernized. who merely wrote in geo welcome to other thank you for example there was a basher doest who was the minister of planning during the first karzai administration that really got a guy. and then she became a member of parliament didn't talk about it i mean that it down and
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a man who was much loved by the afghan population. as planning minister he conducted resends us of the local nongovernmental organizations that had risen up in afghanistan since two thousand and one and appeared in a lot of the twenty two hundred nongovernmental organizations including the census . commanders the removal of one thousand nine hundred of them to president karzai so there must be of cooperation is a tangible problem in afghanistan and you know and i think there aren't any control mechanisms for how money is invested inside the country. by release i want them to understand how the money that they give to their governments is used. while money that they expect to be used in the right way without which it was a cavalier early money that arrives and then passes through the government manages the reconstruction work. and the work of the local nongovernmental organizations
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so it is clear that if the majority of the government is made up of the corrupted wool or it's where the money will end up in their pockets or about the international community has encouraged their corruption that effect our country today. hard to believe. that after spending you know. hundred billion dollars in afghanistan is still going to stand as the warst and the award for the rights of the children afghanistan is. the second country from the down put there for the power to afghanistan is the highest and the war of maternal mortality that each fifteen minutes one woman dies from in my turn maternity because of lack of access to the clinic what
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a lot of money has arrived in afghanistan to improve the situation of women but i don't think it has brought many improvements. expectation that to be the suspect it has at them it has a human i'm not cussing that has its half step classes or. so that's all right but we need and what we fight for the. welfare of those of us.
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