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tv   [untitled]    November 24, 2012 8:00am-8:30am EST

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kyra's lawton another day of protest over the president's dictator like grab for power has been described as a coup. spain's got the lumia prepares for a key regional voted to which could potentially force a referendum on the independence from central government. come us as of there's no deal to stop the smuggling of weapons into gaza as a shaky truce with israel holds despite sporadic violence. is five pm here in moscow you live with r.t. and me to one would say good to have you with us egypt's capital is experiencing
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a second straight to jail clashes between opponents and supporters of president mohamed morsi and a regime protesters say they have no intention of leaving to meet a for at least a week having announced a message in at the symbolic squee people flooded to the streets across the country angry at the president's decision to grant him self new policies that put him up above other branches of government the opposition compared the move to a coup while the latest comments came from egypt's top judges who called it and on president an attack on the country's judiciary the demonstrations quickly turned violent as protesters clashed with security forces and pro regime activist journalist ahmed fahour team believes the opposition's concerns over the future of democracy in egypt have solid ground. what have mohamed morsi done mobarak and bihari told his power could not even dream of achieving morsi is part of the muslim brotherhood and islam or fascist group do control not. over their members
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supporters it is very simple in a country with more than forty five percent of its population are illiterate to control them in the name of religion egyptians are now seeing clearly they have replaced the military fascist style origi of the mobarak into the religious fascist regime of mohamed morsi and the muslim brotherhood egyptians have undertaken a revolution back in january twentieth levon calling for three simple things bread freedom and social justice neither of the three. calls demands that they have called for and in the revolution have been achieved this state of the egyptian of qana me is in shambles this state of freedoms it's been marginalized people wanted to establish a democracy they wanted to establish solid to human rights they wanted to
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have social justice applied not to turn it from the military to the religious fascism more pictures of the brawls and skirmishes that have ripped through the streets of egypt's biggest cities as well as expert comment on the crisis all of a lable on our website at r.t. dot com. the people of spain's mice prosperous and most tax region will choose a new parliament on sunday their choice could ultimately decide whether to cut the loan e.-l. will remain a part of spain or go it alone after being stricken by the financial demands of central government. has the story. there's a wind of separatism blowing through europe at the moment and it's reached the northeastern shores of spain catalonia is the latest region to officially our spring independence is something people here have long felt in their hearts but now they're feeling it in their pockets. i think it's
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a good idea to be in the band them from. a country. which is. really really bad situation it's a bargain for. it's a bargain for the group good god cats and i'm flags can be seen hanging from balconies throughout barcelona reflecting a growing desire for home rule under a drive to break away from the central government in madrid this weekend's local election is being fought on that issue alone catalan president for mass has made it the centerpiece of his campaign this convergence union party to hold an independence referendum if they win in say a free catalonia would be a cure all for the region's economic problems that have seen unemployment top twenty five percent since the economic context in europe and in the south of europe has been a catalyzer of the years of the. movement we can see in the sense that people in
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total believe that with our own resources human capital economic resources we could be better off if not being in the spanish estate this is a reality that a lot of economic research has show many catalans find it a persuasive argument it's one of spain's wealthiest regions producing a fifth of the country's economic output but it pays around sixteen billion euros a year more in taxes than it gets back in madrid which has in tune insisted public services into austerity cuts. this is not fair i mean we are the ones who. we're. doing our best in mccormick reasons we cannot have all the weight of this measure and the central government for us is the one who is spending the most and not in the best way last september barcelona witnessed one of the largest separatist rallies here since the nineteen seventies over one and
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a half million cattle and took to the streets to call for independence but the path to becoming a new european state is far from smooth the proposed referendum is against the spanish constitution what's more withdrawing from spain could also force this region to drop out of the european union those against separatism believe it could do more harm than good. symbolism for going alone or would be an economic disaster multi-national companies located in brazil for access to the spanish work it being in the e.u. that would be lost which more even of separatism does not happen just talking about it creates uncertainty and that is the last thing the economy needs during this current crisis. with poll suggesting aftermath will win reelection barcelona and madrid look set free showdown the president this spanish military association can only apologise sanchez has even suggested it might lead to another civil war political parties dismissed that as extreme rhetoric but remain in kathmandu home
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this weekend will mark the first step towards the break up of spain. andrew farmer r.t. catalonia. because an election comes days after leaders failed to agree on the ease future budgets highlighting the fault lies within the block form or the difficult economic situation in europe let's not talk to. the founder of the brussels based a think tank the cia foundation now mr of the decision on the e.u. budget was postponed or what does that say about the political state the block is in at the moment. well behind the numbers on which the governments in the huge summit couldn't agree actually there is a split in three distinct cultures of we strictly been bullied tickle. construction so you have a german orientation which is that so far the constitution that it is
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a share of the european system. the deed to national lowered public will. then you have the french approach which is incompatible in fact with the german one and the axis broken down as we know. which basically intends to see an expansion of the french administered of system within the european management and of european political arena then you have the u.k. that has a completely distinct vision in the constitution of matters that does not fit into the picture at all plus it is now it's trade would be in the leaders of the budgetary matter the rest of the states are sweeping into the. spain and others have been over
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a billion dollars so basically behind the budgetary issue there is the great down of the of these unity actually of the european member states i just want to talk a little bit about that the loonier had they chosen their new parliament tomorrow. what are your predictions for the outcome of the election. most of the people in the large majority of the people in couple of the who'd like to be independent from speed they are never accepted what has been their feet after the eighteenth century look station from spain to get a load. the economic situation is of course very very touchy and difficult because. you had to ask for a bailout of the central government of greece few months ago of one billion viewers but this happened because of the very bad management or mismanagement of the central government to many readers not of the local bands and that triggers this
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deficit situation got a little bigger couldn't is any way the key does through area in spades and it is the only one that can eventually competes solve with the rest of europe of course the constitution as you were mentioning in your reports does not allow for separatism. the outcome is quite unpredictable but i would say that whatever is the outcome again the relationship between salute them and we would be a trade and they risk even to become violent so it's got the you know is the main contributed to spain's economy it's now losing about fifteen billion euros in taxes every year is a way to ease the burden on the region without indenting the central government. well it's a very difficult situation because the it's true that from
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a fiscal point view that the new guy may very calm in good time and be capable to stand up on its own on the other hand it is also true that. a good bunch of its experts also go to the rest of spain so if it gets independent it would be more difficult to have a viable the economic situation i'd say the sentiments and get the lumia respects their their. historical tradition and their wishes that been forced into a common kingdom of speed along to go bad so the other hand it is also the busy lucia and the two words the promise of the european union the european union is no more providing sufficient agreement to the people who try to the states tried and tried to find their identity as the fundament for their future and that's why because you're like the scottish by the way the situation is getting so harsh for
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the respective states. but a phony strategic and political analyst thank you for your time. hamas says a ceasefire with israel does not mean an end to the smuggling of arms into the enclave hamas official denied media claims that egypt and the u.s. had secretly agreed to to stem the flow of weapons coming into gaza through this in the sinai this comes on day three of the shaky truce with television which is largely holding despite several odd breaks of violence one palestinian their civilian was killed and one thousand wounded by israeli gunfire on the border after i guess trast passed on the buffer zone sporadic clashes followed with several incidents also taking place in the west bank meanwhile hamas is hailing the ceasefire as a victory and some analysts say the militants have every right to celebrate. the israeli side i think netanyahu and his government have lost and or i would pretty
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much put them in the category of the short term losers in this. just all we really how israel has no long term strategy in dealing with the power. of the gaza hamas by clinging. hard to the poor to resist and of course the. regime. to be honest with you just before the. attacks were. popular it was pretty much it and now it's coming back again to the scene and. preventing. a ground invasion. pretty much defending at least that's what the public you know those things. early on my colleague kevin irwin interviewed a spokesman from the israeli prime minister's office alex admitted to government
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last popular opinion over the outcome of the conflict which saw so-called surgical israeli bombings killed dozens of guys and civilians. no differently there are many people in israel the thing the prime minister should. get more and more get more of this operation go in ground operation because these people don't believe but hamas will really stop firing rockets and fortunately unfortunately people in israel cannot believe that the international community can . pressure in forest to cease fire and that's why people are so kind of frustrated the prime minister started that peroration and i'd like to ask you about that so while you're on the line an interested party course in all this looking on some officials there said that israel is showing weakness by letting a mass of the hook how concerned are you with terrans reaction well first of all i
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don't think israel was weak israel was poor is needed to stop the rockets we did you know very surgical attacks on terrorists and even now with the very surgical attacks and terrorists we don't want to use force more than we need and that in every every case just let us live in peace we will not use force believe me there were dozens of civilians in garza killed including thirty seven children will anyone in your government or military be held accountable for those deaths you think differently and we really really sorry for these deaths but you should know that hamas terrorists are behind civilians they fire rockets from schools they hide their rockets in hospitals they use apartments of people in order to fire rockets on our civilians you know when we hurt civilians we really regret that but come us target our civilians they see victory in hurting civilians when we
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do that unfortunately we're really sorry and we see failure there and believe me if we do want the civilians will not be heard we call upon civilians and we are. every time before every strike we call upon surveillance so be around the terrorists and lock in not to let the terrorists use the civilians and then nobody will hurt and that's what we want we want to target and hurt only those who fire rockets on. the full story system is undermined by counsel in the u.k. as reports as we report on authorities remove street kids from their family branding the parents politically unfit to look after ethnic children plus the. best day of the year which one thanksgiving or black friday the day after black friday exactly if you love it yeah it's a great time of year to go shopping and trample people. our resident asked the people of new york all they feel about the long awaited start to the holiday season
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this in my small coming your way after this short break. in between the russian mainland japan and the sun coming island is the island of minute on named after french seafarer who discovered it it is described as the pride of the sakhalin region we'll take a look at what's in store for us here. until two thousand and four the island was part of the boarders own and was completely restricted to visit to know the spiritualist place is open to tourists plants and animals are its top attraction. really has been exploring the deaths on the world seas for several decades but it's here at morn your own island where here is finally found what he did looking for.
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the water here is very clear the visibility is very good and the underwater world here is extremely rich i've been to many diving loki. across the planet including the. iran tops my list while some go to the region to enjoy the sights convert the nature's riches into a healthy dollar it is home to the biggest seafood processing factory in russia the tonight show hundreds of thousands of tons of fish get caught in the nets too late to produce delicious caviar and necessary attribute of anything. the owner of the enterprise good fishing season can bring in more than one hundred million dollars net profit. this is. mentally the tonight show operates in only and natural habitats and mild climate unique natural sights and delicious seafood such
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a diverse holiday for those who are not afraid to travel ten thousand kilometers from europe the question is whether this distant land would ever be able to become a major tourist destination. you're watching our ticker to have you with us three children have been removed from the air force to parents in britain because of the political views of the couple leading to public anger the council branded them unfit for fostering because they are supporters of the u.k. independence party and were looking after ethnic children early i spoke to our tea party boyko about the confusion and control of a sea surrounding this case this by all accounts is a family with an exemplary fostering record they've been fostering kids for the
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last twelve years and why is that membership of a political party a very mainstream political party should now a fact that it's unclear but it's the fact that this local council received this tap off as they say that they are members of this party and that's the reason why the children were taken away so a lot of people very angry about that in the u.k. at the moment. if you think about it in one way it's kind of like it defeats the point if a couple wants to a job lost a multicultural children and then you have a government to say well we don't want that but they're trying to foster multiculturalism how is that working i mean if madonna can adopt a kid in i don't know africa if you want to talk about the child. cultural and you know believes in religious believes we could also argue that madonna may not be a fit parent. it's a very very strange shabby as i said a lot of people saying that this is a clear case of political correctness gone very wrong once again in britain with
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kids that need to be cared for taken away from a very good loving home because of these political views that are very mainstream by the latest polls up something like nine percent of the u.k. support you can't yes they you're a skeptic yes. they want immigration to be cub but it's very peculiar indeed what's the rest of the general public saying about this i mean should we now expect all foster families to undergo scrutiny of political views if the thinking of adopting all four string kids. well the short answer is no tabby foster family should not undergo any sort of scrutiny about their political views there's lots of children that need to be fostered and these people do a very brave a very. courageous thing and the fact is that it's just a move has ruffled the feathers not of just are supporters of you can't but of
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people that campaign for fostering because they say that it's a very bad move that's going to put a lot of prospective foster parents that want to do a very good thing or potentially fostering more kids that really need to be re home so it's a very sensitive issue and as i said she's ruffled the feathers of a lot of people. syria has condemned turkey for asking nato to deploy patriot missiles near the border the alliances as it's considering the request from ankara but insists it will be purely defensive if the move is seen by some as a prelude to foreign military intervention to see if. syrian rebels are craving a no fly zone to help them hold territory against government forces that now have overwhelming a power moscow believes nature's missiles build up we could create threats and provocations that would end in an armed conflict the west is backing the syrian
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rebels many of whom i islamic militants and political activists dr years and the belarus's foreign intervention could ignite an all out regional war. the quien such mess is not really going to be for defensive measure what do they need to defend against at least turkey has an army and they can defend against more time for example this is clearly for a larger scale intervention where they want to secure a no fly zone area we've been hearing the country especially britain and france advocating such intervention recently they've been talking about limited intervention however how. comprehensive and how normal out war style this is going to be i think it is not going it's not going to be a war style it will be a war of attrition it's not going to threaten the syrian government of
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a sudden intervention they know very well that this is going to ignite a. response from the syrian side. a lot of chaos and in the region. the turkey did has had barely been digested this week before most americans chanda the attention from thanksgiving to buying black friday has become one of the country's biggest shopping days of the year and now it is new york resident has been to see what people actually think of the retail hysteria. the holidays have arrived in the united states but instead of talking about family and religion americans seem only to be talking about shopping why is that this week let's talk about that do you think that americans are aware of the irony of having a crazy frenzied shopping day the day after we give thanks for what we already have best day of the year which one thanksgiving or black friday the day after black
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friday exactly you love it yeah it's a great time of year to go shopping and trample people well the world's ending anyway twenty two well that calendar is all going to end so we don't have to worry about fixing our consumerism we don't have to worry about shopping nothing do you think it's an american thing or do you think it's a worldwide thing. and they merit cans are probably worse that it do you think americans are a little too obsessed with shopping for the holidays no i think it's great it's wonderful fun scared to get out but it's spending money and stuff you don't necessarily me that's how the holidays are about what's makes the economy go round is that the most important thing you know we're hearing from the screen are people obsessed with shopping where you're from well yes because we know the whole reason why we come here so we can show so we are obsessed and we count wife it's from our what does it say about us as a society as humanity that we're so obsessed with consumerism. i think it's very pretty sad why do you think americans are so crazy about shopping during the
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holidays. no idea media you guys. tell everyone to buy set exactly and so they do with an economy in the tank a climate in shift and a world at war it might behoove us off to focus less on consuming and more on what's really important this holiday season. by shooting on our lower enlisted digs do. been to the world's economic headlines and capital comes.
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you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so silly you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture. download the official application so choose your language stream quality and
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enjoy your favorite. t.v. is not required to watch all its hear all you need is your mobile device to watch our t.v. any time. good afternoon welcome to capital account i'm more in the store here in washington d.c. these are headlines for friday november twenty third two thousand top. edu budget talks have collapsed the wall street journal's matina status reports wealthier countries say there just isn't enough for strain in the plan so is this a sign of disintegration in the beleaguered euro zone for business political theater one o one of the type we see so often in the us surrounding a budget or say raising the debt ceiling well ms devis is here to tell us plus mario draghi rattled off the e.c. vs recent actions concluding this. therefore i can address you today you used the
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back room it relates to reach cancer in the prospects of the us. but is that really the case that we've seen a return to confidence or is the euro crisis. other headline grabbing news such as the u.s. fiscal cliff just making it seem like the worst in europe is behind us we'll try to answer that and it is black friday q craziness at some of the nation's big box retailers inside and out. some crazy images in the last one were actually protesters outside wall.


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