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tv   [untitled]    November 24, 2012 9:30pm-10:00pm EST

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it's so. little thanks. and closely as shallow that i get that you know i should look up and involve p. and joe actually in michigan that i mean me about to call my little boy yes i read the other version we get in the game so i. just started saying he does that out of. her years on enjoyment.
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they have two schools they have that i too would works with let's men's and the ministry is one that woman is asian enjoys i'm sure i'm supposed to say they will but effectiveness if you will and felt they were still the work to elect and the universities did with this is freedoms. that no one respects the loews here at all when they should. be opponents for their own good
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for their protection either through the wood a bunch of. if women don't wear their headscarf they will be harassed raped injured and humiliated. told there is no longer move the gun is the low we have the woman in front of it we have the woman the media we have the woman in the universe there is we have the woman in the government we have minister. can you imagine that this that that suspect that they have. but that what they exchange that doc just put out of their plan to have a funny duck and play with that right now. nine percent of. females is good to the first woman out of working buy into it by go out a man. and really they do this is so every two women.
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they are independent economy independent they have something this is maybe one or less no more most of them when we say that the situation of women in afghanistan has improved you can only take into consideration places such as herro to missouri sharif and kabul. in the provinces in the villages the situation hasn't changed. women are still victims of violence and rape.
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good morning i'm laura bush and this week's radio address to kick off a worldwide effort on the brutality against women. in afghanistan the taliban. soldiers. across much of the country and the people of afghanistan especially women are rejoicing and. the bush administration latched on to the issue of the oppression of women now women were oppressed a long time and you never heard anybody talk about it but when the u.s. wanted to invade all the.
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military. and women are no longer imprisoned in their home they can listen to music and teach their daughters without fear of punishment. for the rights and dignity of women the media talking to the whole country we are going to liberate the women of afghanistan. can liberate their people. and you certainly can't do it through the barrel of a gun. and then unfortunately now the recent permanent civil war and we were once again imprisoned by the fear. and things are going backwards someone. was mad when i was fifteen years old now i have six children. are stuff that
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is twenty four my marriage was like like many at that marriage it wasn't forced marriages but it was arranged marriages i used to say that accidentally one has that this. is so supportive and really he believes what mr right by itself. this is a german lesson hit out that has been has been stopped the stopped by by by knife because she has a right you and i democrats young generation want to play her all and today these commands us off a smile haunt. wanted criminal minds and dozed off. and his puppet of you know as well and then they beat a knife to a stop not cool though him in the thread due to the shaky situation within the country many of them a journalist etc and many of them have been assassinated and therefore have paid
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for too high a price to act the us woman who has been. in kandahar john and kandahar. and not beyond jim and hid out. much twenty five fearful journalists and couple. there are some end to violence something that didn't exist before unfortunate few when the beating the daily and the public mosque a number of digits needa come together. that decided me. because. i went to that province and created the show and so now woman. that i know way and have a protection because something. she could provide. a woman so become a controller or a woman and i would probably say if you follow. you know what you have been a good place to ask if you code that means that. you will do
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a good job with the god. and right now one of the things we can do is pressure. our government for afghan women to be at the table with any discussions about reconciliation any discussions around re incorporating the taliban back into the government because we believe. cannot truly prosper without the participation its operation and construction.
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only effective social change. can be the afghans themselves afghan men and women and now you have working for me and i try to for. college i mean leadership and afghanistan to teach women be the leaders of the future. we should be going in and provide economic opportunities educational opportunities but it's all too early for the afghan people to determine how their social progress is going to proceed. have rights aren't given they have
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to be taken have. you have asked me if men give women the right to drive a car to join the army to fight with these other rights that must be taken by a woman who has to drive or get a degree. women can do the same as men. because women are capable but the took the these are not rights that men give us but rights that we have to take. the horses begin so we need to work with the main to teach him that that is their right. because men are the decision making. men are the. man who can make change make conductance so you don't have to work with me so we don't have . this is if you go what woman stood on for me tonight because you just know what i
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mean specific reason for. afghanistan is not like another. country to have discord takes it encourage a woman. about what rights and tell her that you have that's your right to have access to education to go to school and it's going to look at it just in front of her door the husband doesn't allow to buy that i've been allowed to she could enjoy freedom it gives me his benefit to. them to don't go to school or university it's kind of the women on the coast could produce good. it's a little bit like going out into the villages to convince people with regard to birth control what you've really got to do is you've got to get local people local religious leaders and local social workers etc who are going to go out you can have
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westerners going now and you can have westerners who are have a high profile. in that country because they deal with when the local people go out the local people say you are not here as asked or as pakistanis are in the knees and you are here because these american christian groups you see are trying to impose on us a social policy that we don't believe in in order to make us weaker you know so we'll have smaller families you know so we won't be as strong as we can be.
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choice of c arabic to find out more visit arabic don't own a t.v. don't call. it was not the military i'm sorry to there you have signed a new contract with a unit of the huge contracting. it was not the operation to secure and rebuild the devastated country color for company taxpayers for its contract work in iraq. it was the campaign for making billions of dollars. on recyclable and or to build. one billion dollars iraq first sale. or profiteers. she's almost there are many more hospitals where you can get education about sexual health family planning things that you couldn't do in the time of the taliban. in the time of the taliban you couldn't even leave your house . after
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a meeting to this. is seven years and descended from the beginning. of these adult does that ruin. and all men. in the biz and talk about the family for the names of the mist. to me to. tell you it is not the probe rooms look. silly.
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the films that i produce some mainly about women's rights. should i tell stories about the problems that afghan women face in their lives i make different types of films artistic educative documentaries also some adverts. in reality what i would like to do is work as much as possible for my country for my people because my people have many needs for this reason i also make educated films films that can give them positive messages. as a big i was only new royal because she was famous.
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you know i had seen her work i knew who she was but i didn't know one person when i met her i was immediately taken by her character her work her personality. and so we decided to get married. also this film was the first fell head out. but i cannot looking at that time. in two thousand and two when. i decided. i must make that a. school it was difficult for me because nor didn't know you know no family. who. had
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a wife. myself because they like. to be. in a movie in the moment one year i'll search for. the author but now. i have the rights to produce walk bike films strike the ball to the present to talk to another. one to take the exhibition that you see here has fifty exhibits joined by seven different artists six of these artists a man and one is a woman. and i've been drawing carey catchier support ten years i'm not an artist i have a degree in political sciences but i draw in relation to political topics these particular drawings refer to the current political situations.
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it's nothing. more than almost any of them even in afghanistan that you do not want yes. it's true or it's. been that the second time it was afghanistan has never had a caricature exit bishan before. it's the first time because obviously it is about works of critical said tired. and unfortunately the ability to accept criticism here in afghanistan most of all in the political field has notably decreased. computer to. eight years and right now we have
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a lot of women and girls and favorite students which is true but noticed that we have. family of actor and activist and for me we have farewell musician. farewell scripture. that's. moving ahead. my name is maria bashir and i'm the chief prosecutor of the herat province. i've had the position for about four years. and it's the first time in the history of ghana system that irresponsibility like this. has been given to him on this or that or. if you ask me if i'm happy to be born
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a woman then i'll say yes even if i have to face many problems even if the situation is difficult and it takes a lot of effort in such a traditional society above all be no woman is being conscious of your own rights. my job is to follow criminals in the province and in fifteen districts of. the departments that i manage has one hundred employees. of these one hundred employees down there are women and the rest are all men i'm legally responsible i'm the one that coordinates and checks the work so they have to answer to me be capable of following through with their responsibilities and taking orders from. so it's not easy to really understand the courage of these women who put themselves out there and do their best every day.
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if i want to work hard. yeah i want to head. my. i like it. i live in the given my role in the responsibility that i have in my jump my life is in danger because i have to deal with criminals day off to date. and tour and to government groups it is unacceptable that a woman has such a responsible position. for this reason i'm in danger and i have to always with an ass court and an arm a scar. unfortunately things have not changed very much for afghan women when you think of all the blood that has been spilled from two thousand i don't want to now
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but a bit and a view of our work but we achieved. insecurity. but to be achieved. poverty. one of the ways you can judge how the status of women is looking at the issue of maternal mortality how many women die in childbirth. one out of five afghan women die in childbirth american think it's one of the highest rates in the entire world it was under the taliban and it continues now. this is a picture off for the woman and nineteen young girls nineteen sixty so one went. to school. and see how they are. but even with hope it's called they wish to be
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close and go going to school when to turn it on if they condition the women has been one of the reasons. for military intervention in the country which you so much there are many women but the majority are women who have a political role many of them are linked to fundamentalist groups so. there is a high number of women in the afghan parliament. twenty eight percent are women but many of these twenty eight percent belong to the norm. so about their woman of important delegates or appointed by the warlords. to send some of their women into government. and today's women's point of view i work in the news editing office of radio much day and i present a show for women transmitted by the radio station our program talks about different subjects mostly accounts on the condition of women in herat and their activities.
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are i started thinking when i was nine years old or fifty years my work has been to weave carpets oh no hope i have lived alone for six years i have three children two girls and one boy this is a particularly difficult period for us but that let's talk about the development of women in society i have complete is a number of cinema to graphic projects. because we have money t.v. station money regular. t.v. station and argue a station and also a newspaper or magazine. monthly. we have money and also a programme about women growth of oklahoma growth ok and that's why women and people know about their rights that we act and we had more been in nine
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hundred which came on the commission in really just put it all the way you like and woman there are problems that women face not only in hair out but in all of afghanistan. other problems are many for example in families they are victims of violence perpetrated by their fathers husbands and brothers rape cases is historic i'm afghanistan is dharma stick while it is four years old maybe three and a half years old babies five year old babies twelve years old girls fourteen are sold go take a break. normally if. injured the wife's the husband don't accompany them to hospitals their companies by the member of their families you know and afghanistan beating your wife beating your family beating your children isn't considered a crime. the police reports mainly regard physical violence. however
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i believe the majority of women i can say ninety nine percent saw first psychological violence but it isn't trip or to. the other day for example i saw a fifteen year old girl who was the second wife of a fifty five year old man. because here ninety nine point nine percent of all marriages are arranged. cheater she told us that from the day she her husband he has never taken care of her that he has only beaten her and that she can't make any decisions at all she was sick and she told us my husband doesn't want me to get better more. woman in afghanistan would go. they go. get my. husband. this. has been right.
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