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the old be. legally there is to this guy had a narrow one nil win over a cross on the r. at the luzhniki stereo russian midfielder allen's i worry of getting the only goal of the game up to seventeen minutes which was the twenty second year old for for the season and says to stay with the back increasing their cushion at the top of the table to seven points from underneath the b. whose heating side lost in the last seconds of their europa league tie with newcastle on thursday but it looked as they would get back to winning ways in the first game in their new stadium against real estate there though however said a good man could gave the team from some are a shock to leave just after they are one more but they expand so is sam bolt on green managed to restore parity ten minutes from time let's see what our restoring from close range. the beach is in its europa league commissions also came to an abrupt told last week however they
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kept their hopes of gaining a champions league place a life with a one nil victory against the old resilin called get the winner it's already scored somebody the b. spartak moscow dominated then counter with city rivals will come on t.v. however the read on words failed to convert their numerous chances as they had to settle for a goal is drawn slavin really still can't take the best out of his team but look at what he has goalkeeper brazilian gilliatt american made sure the deadlock wasn't broken with a number of fine saves the old b. . deny must dump it brasco visited the store because the one in the moscow side to believe you are excited about according to one you will soon level it again while they're getting big well isaac is deny my six game winning streak on stand by the be up to. eating spanish leave warmth in extra time rubina
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remained russia's last representatives in the last eight of the europa league the exhausted was on site managed holding out for a goal is brought to you. thanks be. restored and waldo while looking to ease their religion war is how it was decided from nizhni novgorod who got all three points with a two one win the visitors taking the lead as our two sided piece of scored his first ever goal in the top flight thirty minutes later and starkey is a god he is involved a second after a confident finish better on strike at me to get a chance to hold one back scoring his one hundred thirty goal in the league but there was no way back for a stall. thanks. a line yeah i really really geisha in trouble after being thrashed when i won it on court the home side had already opened up with three goals commission going into the half time break alexander call me and
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a brace from martin you could go between your current form or in control of the side from batik of course were given a glimmer of hope as old one brian used the deficit to three one but i'm cora completed the road lead on constantin my c.v. is boring from this board while maxine can only go from eighty five in stoppage to . constantine but the r t. and i we can have a look at the best of the rest from the past week from around the globe and most and bolts has been taking up yet more accolades to add to his ever growing trophy cabinets. thank you. thank you all monday hollywood actor morgan freeman host of a ceremony in rio spring on bolt on his first lawrence award in five years six time and then pick champion couldn't attend the gala britain's taplin champion of the long time games jessica ennis was on hand to pick up her prize while the most decorated olympian ever michael phelps was handed. one off award for his
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exceptional achievements in the swimming pool the american boasts eighteen goals. on tuesday n.b.a. star dwight howard worked his magic with his new club the los angeles lakers becoming a star well come on how it's returned to face former team orlando the center top scoring with a season high thirty nine points models are chalking up sixteen rebounds repeating his own league record of thirty nine free to. the lakers one hundred six to ninety seven to cling on to be a final playoff spot in the western conference. on wednesday a month after turning forty one surfing great kelly slater proved he still the crest of a wave but it's time for the world champion michael cole parkinson in all of the season opening event in australia american veteran securing his fifty second
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believe win and he did so on his opponent's home parent slater last competed at her beach seventeen years ago. the munched united defender rio ferdinand was recalled to be england's world cup the world cup qualifiers against san marino and group leaders wanted a grown later this month thirty four year old last played for the three lions almost two years ago when his eighty first and has been so far overlooked by new manager roy hodgson all former england coach fabio capello in northern ireland this friday is brushed aside look to cement their group f. lead. on friday a rare hole in one of wow the fans of the american goal for a welsh easter party fourteen pole in the second round but still missed out on the charts of a fire in the scalp and are a zoner countrywoman lexie thompson. i'll buy it for the weekend after
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a spectacular bump a shoulder or a needle of eleven. or germany's sundra goal is a great approach shots to the green on seven l. the local star stacy lewis was eventually crowned champion to unseat janet sam at the top of the women's rankings another look at birdie. on saturday it was waits windswept in melbourne is aiming to come fast for qualifying as the lead. in the australian drawn free running formula one champions boston witold to hold the session was completed on the morning of the race for the red bulls the german eventually had to settle first as can be right can and battle the seven spot on the grid to beat fellow former champion fernando alonso second on the podium. and
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on the sunday russia's top tennis player maria sharapova dominated for want. of former world number one caroline wozniacki in the final of the indian wells open six two six two shoppers first title of the season propelling the four time grand slam winner to second in the w.t. rankings of fellow russians the name of this being on my card over on the doubles event in the bell the day on the men's side he's come back from a seven month injury dale. over to our flat six now and after handing rush over third limpid gold from the last four olympic games high jump event to curve his hungry for more success especially ahead of this year's world championships in moscow. as a story. to do the jump. or even floyd you tell me in one thousand nine hundred three the break
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cuban five years that the my your star on the planet with his leap of faith in made it to two mirrors why. the world i jump record that is still on the beaten rushes of on the he's one of those who might have what it takes to fly hire the london twenty a limp the gold winner and the man with the two champions mentality. i don't know why but the head of the high jump finals i was extremely confident i did not care at all if it was rainy windy or anything else i could smell big terrible. somewhere in the drive that's what composed every athlete's performance even is really special in this respect the competition brings out his in a nature and he shares his energy with spectators sygate kalugin has trained since
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two thousand and eight the thirty eight year old was the first man to bring russia the high jump olympic gold in two thousand and nine to bring out the best of easy on combat trip on the battlefield. he's got rid of many bad things that disturb him while he's become a real professional growing up as an athlete and as a person he loves being a sportsman and he enjoys showing people how good this sport really is. this is an individuals for our arch rival is the hide itself in the end you're the only one who is in charge not your opponent. the was a late comer to the sport not raising the bar until the age of seventeen following seven years of playing basketball and even taking out this kid for a short while the evolution finally paid off but if twenty six year olds he's interesting because lowell's. there are always new goals and new heights of the london olympics are done and dusted the world that lennox championships in moscow
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on the horizon and plenty of records to be in this respect it would take a brave man to bat against his personal best two point forty set in divorce but according to his coach kalugin one could expect him to break it anytime you're present for their issues sometimes i simply get amaze with what he can do though i don't even know what his real full potential ace no idea what he can do wonders for them believe me he's able to jump much much higher than now. can we think improve little by little methods of training and all the aspects of preparation records are there to be two point four six two point four seven. even two point five zero i don't think there's any limit. robert but in the arctic. was a basketball and says edge closer to qualifying for your early play offs following
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a home cold seventy to sixty one points victory against shall greece and the top sixteen but fellow russian side him key fell victim to a last minute baskets by my carby a lecture in israel like a project has more. this guy must go went into game eleven against all rivals l.d.s. knowing a victory would put them one step closer to making the early quarter finals whereas the list wayne is new a defeat at all but in the chance of qualifying the side from calmness had beaten says caught twice in the d.t.b. league this season and started brightly the army men were determined not only to qualify but to also gain home court advantage in the playoffs and they were helped by big performances from sonny raines and victor the free app on jol get his came back strong in the third quarter and managed to tie up the game at forty eight all i know ever the russians were stronger down the stretch i was head coach the tour the messina making the right calls as they would eventually run out seventy to
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sixty one when is to take their record to eighty three i tell you is just it's always big games and there's a man who is in there for the younger generation new generation all generation and it's always a fun game good game tough game even even today and knowledge i guess in a difficult situation but remember also wasn't twice immutability so so as it was in the same situations they play pretty strong because they have lot of experience no matter what other teams do you know we still got a we know we have to go to uni next week where we have to get there we're going to know no matter what any other teams do we've got to worry about cesc and us moving forward as a team and if we want to move forward as a team you know when a year later we have to win it doesn't these next to your league the army men's north moscow neighbors didn't fare as well when. they visited mcabee electra until of eve the wind would have pulled them away from a pack of three teams vying for the force and final pull of the case and spot ricky shipman not stop again quite so he points for the home side and they all became a late rally by st pete down the stretch to hold on for
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a narrow age to seventy nine victory and extending their winning streak to four one of the upsets of week eleven came from only cuyamaca down the group lead israel madrid seventy seven to seventy four in the spanish capital after coming from behind a victory for al would have seen then join boss alone in the playoffs the catalans dispatching bottom side basic to us eighty six to sixty one and us so far the only team to have qualified much of a change of party. but solve a problem. in just a couple of minutes. a clear image of iraq after a facial play twenty day taxi trip through the country. the road full of dangerous. clear evidence from north to south. the rich map of iraqi tragedy. after the war waiting for peace.
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baghdad taxi on r.t.e. .
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welcome back to the small show an intelligence and mental strength that so aspects when russian find six cell lines according to one of the greatest mixed martial arts artists of all time field a million inca who held a master class in the russian capital. went along. this man was considered the baddest man of the planet for a decade emissions been the throne but will remain
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a mixed martial arts i can well life so that humiliating that doesn't fly anymore he is on another mission killing across russia given the massive classes sharing his knowledge. breaking down all the aspects of an m.m.a. fight with those who hang on his words and moves for the relief some of his most memorable battles because. look this is something like what i did against randall
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man that. he would. take but. this is how it worked against sylvia and fujita you have to slide your hand in like this and lock it how about impressing the last emperor of may with your skills well some of these guys did pretty well in this respect. i enjoyed this master class very much i could see that many of them were skilled enough they asked a lot of really interesting questions some of them compete themselves because of that it's been even more interest taining for me maybe other books to should know what is great youngsters and kates were also allowed at this master class and i took some of my students with me to learning from their idol is just priceless experience for them. it is still far. unclear if and when russia will see if either able to follow in father's footsteps nevertheless every muster class like this
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these old bulls towards making it happen most of the race or russia has a lot of intelligent fighters who are very strong mentally that's how their special yes knowledge was up to show all of that it takes some preparation i know way came here in what i would ask so i got what i was interested in i respect fitter very much he's a role model for myself and many of my friends you know. it was on the twenty first of june two thousand and twelve that for a million and go us to get to the ring and up to nothing out there he's still in the first round obviously the greatest mix martial or east of all time announced his retirement there is hardly been an interview seems them you wish it hasn't been asked about possible return. i don't think so only of god tells me to come back no other way.
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and the ways of god are inscrutable. number one in the on r.t.e. scale. from brave deeds to notable words and interim wales rugby head coach rob howley was over the moon to his charge as c.e.o. of a six nations crime hall for a crushing thirty at a free win against england of a millennium stadium in cardiff. i'm just really proud to be here. think to be part of a side that has sort of gained momentum back in the championship is so difficult particularly . hope people sort of looked into that landscape of thirty minutes of the irish game for all those enough's shown into a quality in the second half and as coaches and players we were very consistent with our messages in the big legend michael phelps has young children happy is
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better than winning medals in fact better than anything else he's beating time champ in the swimming u.s. and all the cities in rio the city will host the next summer games two thousand and sixteen. and you know you can see the kids rather excited and then they're jumping up and down and smiling and that's something that. i mean for me it's tough when that feeling because that's how much it means not being able to put a smile on someone's face it's the greatest feeling in the world. and a feat in boxing champion timothy bradley said he'd been prepared why never before but the american was marked down in the final round and needed a controversial unanimous points dishes cision to retain is w b o welterweight belts of his russian contender. i train like no other this is been one of my best camps as camp is actually better than a pack out camp. i feel strong i feel as i feel like i'm ready to
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take on anybody. president vladimir putin wishes foreign wrestlers all the best as the russian leader was drawn by film star steven seagal the grand opening of a new sports center in moscow putting himself as an avid student of judo on a soviet martial art of somebody. who. is your sample school is a prominent print in russia it is a school with great history and traditions that have nurtured many outstanding martial artists it goes without saying that all of you can become champion wrestlers in the future but all of you will get the perfect training here which will make you strong and will help you achieve a lot in life. so we're in sports now where russia's dakar rally champion had wapnick alive and swedish know by all raiders daniel bowden want to start trying out a stunt parts of snowboarding competition just sounds odd some petersburg considering the type of brave the cold for us one of the most in dissipated extreme events in
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russia has become synonymous as an immense walling action packed festival of winter sports then your condition was held for the third time and its status on the snowboard world tour you're in t. the least of the borders competing there was also a massive man made you for the event to showcase the most complicated tricks this time it all kicked off with three skiers warming up the spectators. spring come late enough for this winter sport where their flock to see this competition and for at least some of the best russian informing athletes taking part they should be in for a great afternoon watching this high class field while the snowboarders said is why the expectant crowd forming jaw dropping stance awaits when immune response. eventually down to business and twenty one year old alex esau will have defended
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his title in style edging twenty one beginner world champion their champion in all fien want to park at the two and a half thousand dollar prize catalyst chair opposite. our snowboard and he of for the past few days was preparing for the contest and i really enjoyed the jump i was eager to try some new tricks it's my third win here and second in the row so i'm used to winning here. meanwhile sweden's the new audience and then what we call life on the commerce team and it's some high octane action to the show the twenty twelve x. games best tweek prize holder showing off a breathtaking back seat on a two hundred kilogram snowmobile making it look easy to defy gravity even flew over when one ton truck with twenty thirteen dakar rally winner in ca live behind the wheel. also two years ago and last year was hurt and back in two years ago it
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was not that many people you know but now it's amazing about great crowd great fun glam there's this sort of you driving on snow is very similar to driving deserts and you need the same skills to control it on the track i tried snowboarding once and was really amazed by the tricks these guys pulled off i don't think i'll be trying anything like that anytime soon i think i'll stick to driving my truck in. the russian snowboarding you words declared the unique winter sports show the year's top of banned for two seasons in a row and it's amending its place as a must see event and with its continued growth it will certainly be worth keeping an eye out for next year's show on sunday r t. finally the countdown to solve she two thousand and fourteen continues with only three hundred twenty six days until the opening ceremony and with the applications for volunteering now closed those chosen are intense training in the build up to
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russia's first ever winter olympics michael crabtree has more. volunteering has always been a part of the olympic games and the winter olympics in sochi is no exception over two hundred thousand applicants applied to be a volunteer as much as twenty four team which shows that the spirit of helping is alive and well only one in eight applications was successful however a volunteer for twenty five thousand is still a mightily impressive number of boards and russia has been placed in the top ten olympics countries with the most advanced volunteer programs so i have to agree that that's not bad progress of course we organizers hope this is because of the interesting and unique selection process whereby volunteers will not only be representing russia but also their hometowns and regions. it's also spawned twenty six volunteer centers across russia where those chosen can specifically train for the specific roles at the games and five thousand of them will also attend various
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test events throughout twenty thirteen meanwhile the ninth and penultimate meeting of the co-ordination commission was held in fourteen the commission's role is to monitor and assist organizing committees of olympic games and its head john clarke to lead praised the work done joining the forty two test events already held in ten olympic venues but was quick to say there was still plenty to do with regards to transportation accommodation and logistics. when we began working together six years ago there were thousands maybe even two thousand problems that needed to be addressed but today there may be only thirty or so that i can safely say that the speed with which local authorities and the russian olympic committee are working to find solutions is satisfactory especially considering the dossier of requirements is quite strict to more so the international olympic committee seems to be satisfied with the work that's been done so far but there is still
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a lot of work to be done with just under eleven months to go until the games get underway like a potential r.t. moscow. or so from me. they've been living this way since the seventeenth century. their rituals are strict. their communities are the selective. they clearly distinguish between their own and the alien. and guard their family and things as a treasure. when their own country can't offer them a living even loving mothers sometimes have to leave their children behind. i don't
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like to add just a bit longer. it's a dream of millions of migrants that their children might choose their own motherland. i want my children to win over moscow. russia has become this step motherland. migrants working hard to find a way home. wealthy british science. sometimes. markets why not come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with max cons or for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kinds
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