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why after the b.p. spill dr ron came to the museum and were in bury teria which is forty miles from the gulf and about one hundred fifty miles from the wellhead the oil and dispersants have come into here yesterday the wind blew really hard these tables got this cloudy gritty glaze on look at that that's just what's on the table before we even start the interview. was b.p. about to repeat the same strategy that exxon used with the valve these oil spill this pack of confidential documents were uncovered as part of the toxic lawsuits that followed with some of the workers who realized that their sicknesses lingered lingered lingered these documents are very incriminating and they show that thousands of workers actually did in fact get sick from exposure to
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a number of chemicals including to be a toxic often axons chief medical adviser dr kind of cool it's a memo to x. on and at the very end here you see the intent we do not need a health hazard evaluation and should try and avoid it if possible. the health hazard evaluation is osha and nyasha coming in and saying sorry there's too many sick people here and you spiller are now labile for doing long term medical surveillance how exxon avoided it was by misrepresenting the information as colds and flu. acts on managed to successfully hide these documents from the media from the people from the sick workers from the court from the federal health care officials b.p. is following pretty closely. everything that axon do.
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we were actually flying over the disaster site on sunday april twenty fifth and what we saw when you're out there were two airplanes were flying over and already carpet bombing this bill with this person and i started to notice that the planes and helicopters were flying over they were dropping this stuff the spray they were really secretive about where those planes were coming from and when they were going out they didn't really want to choose to make an abuse of planes coming down because it looked like spraying in vietnam it was it was not a picture that either the government or b.p. really wanted to have out there correct so it is toxic it's toxic to people it's toxic to the environment what it does is it breaks apart the oil into something called a myself a little oil bubble that's wrapped in this solving the in the hydrophilic you know lipophilic into them and they form little packages around their oil which
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says spins the oil in the water column they're called myself these my cells go around and they absorb onto biological tissue they're absorbing on to sand grains they're absorbing onto raindrop particles they're absorbing up into the clouds and they're raining down as stinging rain on people who then get rashes just like this person's urge to sign to go through limpets in the oriel they go through the lip in the sound they break down the sound wall which is a liquid membrane they take that whale into the sound into the organs were rattling so there are delivery systems for that well why don't itself is toxic to every organ system in the body and the mixture of dispersant and whale is much more toxic then either oil alone or dispersant fisherman here. i've been exposed to this
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mixture they hear literally got ulcerated skin it's not hard to find these people we have between four to five million people in this directly affected area of the coast and it's pretty clear why it's not being reported because b.p. can't afford to have it reported and by default u.s. government can't afford to have it reported the ones who can afford to move have moved and the ones that can't are just begging for help. this is hugh councilman he has worked for the p.a. for four decades is the lead researcher on toxics blew the whistle on high levels of toxics at the now famous love canal he also blew the whistle on the need to protect nine eleven cleanup workers from exposure to toxic dust and now he's trying to blow the whistle on the toxic dispersants used by b.p. dispersions. and they are used to.
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so that it's not as visible to the public and other words are used for a cover up i will alone in a body of water will rise to the surface there it's collectable it's containable but instead of actually containing it there dispersant was used of the eighteen dispersants on the e.p.a. authorized list twelve are more effective on the easy and a sweet crude than correct that b.p. chose to use the only dispersant so toxic that it's banned its own country of england the pale ever has been reluctant to stop using core which we're told has been banned in great britain for the last ten years why it's toxic to human beings. on may fifteenth two thousand and ten the e.p.a. approved b.p. to use corrects it under the surface of the. water b.p.
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and its contractors started injecting thousands of gallons of corrects of a day into the coal when they decided to do the subsurface injection that you serve a robot or to shoot the dispersants down at the blowout site five thousand feet below the surface of the gulf that had never been done before. four days later the e.p.a. issued an order giving b.p. twenty four hours to find a less toxic dispersant b.p. chief operating officer doug suttles responded by saying that b.p. would continue to use carex it. will be shared was a set up to protect e.p.a. . and and sort of do a dance for a few days b.p. use a tremendous amount of dispersants and the e.p.a. says you got to cut it back seventy five percent. and so b.p. cut it back seventy five percent but they increased it so much they kept using the
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same. in january of two thousand and nine president obama appointed lisa jackson to head the e.p.a. jackson a louisiana native hold to a graduate degree in chemical engineering from princeton and is very familiar with the a facts of chemicals because there are scientific unknown's we had to make the decisions that a series of trade offs and basically in common language it was either nothing or in moderation. b.p.'s penalties. are tied to how much oil. has been released who are the head of the fisa if you say i would to either ban or limit the use of dispersants could you have the power to act unilaterally i believe i did chairman but i do want my lawyers to get you a response i know going in but but that's a question you needed to know from. day one is to forget about cleave forget about
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the natural resource the average just for releasing the oil just for releasing oil . tens of billions of dollars of farm well if you can see. how much oil is released. those penalties down from twenty five billion to maybe one or two billion billion dollars here a billion dollars are you talking real moving. the company that makes correction now come is a joint venture with exxon mobil that's received over twenty four million dollars in u.s. government contracts over the past decade. now co-chairs directors with b.p. and exxon mobil. according to its own website now co has some pretty influential fans so from here to here this is the scope the distance about five hundred miles. west detroit problems central nervous system problems the
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headaches the dizziness. and the skin problems the intense rashes there are hundreds of thousands of people who are dosed with high amounts of toxic material the more risk of having severe health effects often we're told don't worry honey we'll take care of you and it won't hurt we'll we didn't find out that a very good product what we thought was a good product turns out to have vial consequences i don't want dispersants to be the agent on. this will still. be calling for an exit because chemical dispersant is the best option to come in to try to modify. it is hard for. brown.
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to. dump. the beach he had known as a species. that always had some corruption. but thought it was this has been thinking inside because of this incident moves closer to the feed just big to fit through enough. to get hold of. the flag a successful. moving closer to people that you can get a little i think this is a. system. after even more scrutiny surrounding b.p.'s continued use of correct b.p.
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quietly announced in july they had stopped spraying dispersant oil was gone and so were the dead animals. to verify this we interviewed keith seal and b.p.'s incident commander but b.p. denied permission to use the center video. three months later in september we snuck onto beaches where b.p. was working to find the truth or selves. at night the oil was clearly visible beaches or some young fish as you can see there climbed up into a clump of well dead wildlife was also prevalent now risking ourselves by turning these only the lights on. to tell that something is america they should be put respirators on the. movie station is just right across this cut.
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despite the piece claims they had stopped spraying our cameras caught the still transporting and spraying dispersants. should already become cashier made. sure of it right now i. can't think of a place like louisiana as the state it is an oil it is only controlled by the oil industry. i ran one of the regulatory agencies and louisiana has environmental quality issues that the oil and gas industry lobbyist run our halls every day i mean they're talking to people in the. agency that might have some say over how they would regulate or linda's same time they're making campaign contributions in every election that comes along when the time comes for
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a vote i've seen the oil and gas industry for example kill environmental bills just by putting the thumb down. wealthy british style. by the money. markets why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's cause or for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to conjure reports . if it possible to navigate the economy with all the details of his text and
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misinformation and media hype you up to date by decoding the mainstream by stating if in your bank cool cool cool .
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just. the same corruption that effects the louisiana happens on a larger scale in washington. comes from texas oklahoma louisiana the political structure is the economic structure of those states or so the oil traders where the number was issues. one thing that is unique about louisiana's were tiny state politically we have single digits in terms of electoral votes but we have an incredible influence on on the national political scene the senate is the most now apportioned body in the world you have to sitters from each state you have two senators from louisiana and two senators from california the california if
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it was a nation would be the seventh largest nation in the world and louisiana is not close to that. the senate say only legislative assembly in the world that has a super majority to get things done they need sixty votes to get things done so it only takes a few senators to stop the initiative of the house of representatives. the senate has the power to veto any bill created in the house up to one hundred eleven energy related bills proposed in the last decade every bill that contain provisions for alternative energy was blocked. the only bills that became law with the five that subsidized fossil fuels and nuclear. another factor that contributes to the lack of regulation by congress is the proverbial revolving door. always and a congressional delegation is known as the all delegation are senators when they retire and go to work as a lobbyist for walling gas there's
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a two year cooling off period before you could become a lobbyist out of the senate senator lott resigned from the senate one month before the end of the session so he didn't have to wait two years he only had to wait one year and then he had a party with john breaux invited all kinds of people to celebrate when the one year was over and now the breaux watch a lobbying firm is very successful they have lots of energy clients lots of oil and violence little plants gas clients and them a lot of power. to see. your of the oil industry which is enormously powerful which provides huge amounts of money in campaign contributions but this is a very very short law if you present oh here it washington d.c. and they've got a number of people on their leash. with only five hundred thirty congress
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members the ratio of lobbyists to congress in d.c. is almost one hundred to one there's probably one hundred thousand people in the lobbying business in washington d.c. so it's a big business after the federal government lobbying is the next biggest business in washington d.c. . lobbyists function as the razor to guard dogs from a chemistry making sure congress does their bit but big loyal uses a far more aggressive means of tightening its leash around congress' neck here's the reality you're sitting there is a billionaire you make money a wall street making money maybe your exxon mobil you should know contribute to self only front organization which can then millions and millions of millions of dollars on television ads into campaigns holding this country what it really is saying is that we are good. unbelievable power to him full of people who control the politics and the nature of our democracy.
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on a national scale fuel companies have huge power over our government. but didn't we throw those oil guys out in the last election. didn't we elect the guy who is going to change things. i believe that americans of every political stripe are desperate they are hungry for a new kind of hope that. most people go into go to go in because they care about what happens there to change something. i will never forget this victory truly belongs to us. it belongs to you. it belongs to you. brought obama over in the most successful campaign ever it was very smart it was very well done it was articulately laid out
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and it capitalized on the desperation in this country and it was so prevalent i don't want the folks who will be to bring about a sensible energy policy in this coverage. of the billion dollars this past quarter . the fall that's easily. you know a lot of people on the left demonized president bush thought it was all about evil president bush and if you could just get rid of bush and lighten it would take over interviewed all be driving around in solar powered cars and life would be beautiful within three or four weeks. old chris hedges it's a form of your correspondent author of nine books and a member of the new york times pulitzer prize winning team a democracy gives expression. to the desires and concerns of ordinary citizens whether that's through the press or the labor unions whether the culture. an
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oligarchy exists and co-ops all those institutions if you're a billionaire you can sit down and say ok i'm going to put three hundred thousand dollars into the race in colorado four hundred thousand dollars into mexico half a million dollars into vermont and yours put them on it and nobody has to know who i am i can do that with no disclosure of what's the what this is a huge step backwards for democracy it's a step forward for oligarchy or a handful of extraordinarily wealthy individuals and large corporations have a major major major influence over all political life after the obama administration came in with his big hopes of changing everything getting serious about energy getting serious about global warming in certain ways has been as disappointing as president bush was. there's a great deal of in tipis the distrust even anger toward liberals and i don't think
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it's misplaced it was the democratic party under bill clinton that deregulated the banking system allowed our commercial banks to become hedge funds and precipitated the meltdown that we are now undergoing. this was done consciously bill clinton understood that if he did corporate bidding he would get over money can buy the one nine hundred ninety s. the democratic party late ninety's and fund raising parity with the republican party and by the time barack obama ran for president they got more. when have the american people been as betrayed investing so much hope energy money and barack obama's campaign. today we're announcing the expansion of offshore oil and gas exploration. meddling take responsibility for solving this crisis and the president and the buck stops with me. obama flies down to florida jumps in the water briefly with his daughter
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for the photo op and from that point on most of the media has left beaches all along the gulf coast are clean they are safe and they're open for business that's one of the reasons michelle sasha and i are here. in reality neither he nor his daughter touched the water of the gulf they swam at st andrews bay a protected area. what happened with safety regulations in the gulf of mexico in the wake of the b.p. disaster rename a couple of agencies change a couple of faces business as usual full steam ahead what does that tell you. the administration that it promised us change made no alteration to be antiquated spill response plan that still cites wall versus the most threatened species in the gulf of mexico and it still lists deceased people as the contacts and policemen emergency. obama might have had
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a good reason to tread carefully when he dealt the spill the largest oil consumer in the world as the u.s. department of defense and gas which company is the pentagon's single largest supplier of fuel to b.p. is the single largest oil contributor to the pentagon the u.s. war machine is heavily reliant upon b.p. and their oil. during the last ten years b.p. has been the single largest. energy contractors to the various branches of the us military receiving over seventeen billion dollars in direct contracts for jet and diesel fuel oil is true and b.p. in particular is crucial to the military intelligence and diplomatic complex. on june sixteenth two thousand and ten obama called the meeting at the white house with b.p.'s c.e.o. tony hayward it's managing director bob dudley and its chairman of the board carl
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hendricks bamberg the u.s. government took no action against b.p. or its executives instead it agreed that b.p. would simply create the claims fine for victims of the oil spill the people of the goals have my commitment that b.p. will meet its obligations to them. as publicly pledged to make good on the claims that opposed to the people in the gulf. large oil thumping his greedy companies or don't. think lazy we care about the small to the. last. laugh. for days after his meeting with president obama tony hayward was enjoying a yacht race in england. instead of being fired in the wake of the gulf oil spill hayward was sent to run b.p.'s operations in russia and it was back to business as
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usual. tony hayward just another one out of their frankenstein machine with a different hairdo and a different name they all operate they say you've got to get the oil out the cheapest way is the filthiest most dangerous way and the most corrupt way. that's what makes these guys rich. by january of two thousand and eleven the obama administration announced it would start issuing permits for new drilling operations in the gulf of mexico why you may wonder big oil is paying the federal government or percentage of walty that comes out of each barrel that comes out of the ground it's an enormous amount of money. behind the i.r.s. the collection of offshore oil field revenues and royalties is the second largest generator of money for the united states government. the first new permit issued by
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the obama administration was for a while in the gulf of mexico operated in partnership with b.p. . just as plain as you can a less simple model in charge of being responsible for the. assumed was searching for the. best me valve the impossible i'll tell you there are seeing is a plateau for masses of pursuit. of this stuff. we can get to feel. free om we are.
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the worst. white house today radio guy for the tale minutes from a kick off and i want you to watch what we're about to do because you've never seen anything like this i'm cold. download the official ati application to yourselves choose your language stream quality and enjoy your favorites from alzheimer's if you're away from your television well it just doesn't matter about what your mobile device says you can watch on t.v. any time anyway. the
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country's first democratically elected leader mohamed morsi. exploded in. the bolivian president's jet. nothing less than kidnapping. major financial figures from the world of big business looking for alternative to traditional cash.


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