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tv   Headline News  RT  July 4, 2013 7:00am-7:30am EDT

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diplomacy and business. flogs but after the believe in preserves gertie's diverted in rounded on such an american leaders kidnapping and humiliation for the entire continent. revolution a redox for egypt as the only other throws the countries from those democratically elected leader mohamed morsi exploded in celebration but elsewhere want to conscious lead to more. times have signed a currency bitcoin is major financial figures from the world of big business looking for an alternative to traditional catch.
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this is all see coming here live from moscow house and walked into the program latin america denouncing as outrageous the use decision to ground a jet carrying the believe in president if you're a cedars are equating back to kidnapping almost the entire continent rallying to believe is cause the president's plane was reportedly even searched over rumors that whistleblower edward snowden was aboard. reports now on the. things are looking grim for european diplomats working in latin america some of them could be expelled following this incident with the bolivian president steps like these will be more or less clear after the countries the organization which unites most of latin american states will gather for an emergency summit on thursday and probably they will unlikeness on their next steps but clearly after ever more honest
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suffered this nightmare like through europe the reaction coming from latin american countries has been more or less. there's been so much solidarity in their criticism about this whole situation let me quote several of the latin american leaders to you would understand the magnitude of their anger now the president of argentina cristina kirchner said that this was the humiliation of the entire south american continent president of venezuela nicolas maduro described as dangerous disproportionate and unacceptable aggression a joint statement coming from the colombian government said that this airspace denial was an act of aggression and last but not least the u.s. airspace denial was deemed as fascist by the vanessa well and foreign minister clearly the most offended side here the bolivians and their reaction was that they compared the foreign minister of the country compared this incident to a kidnapping attempt of the bolivian president let's listen to what some of the bolivian diplomats had to say on this matter. is an unprecedented situation this
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goes against international conventions and treaties this goes against international law and groups that have been established over a long period of time shows disrespect for other countries independence by. the countries involved in hijacking president morales is clean and making a mistake they think that others steal attack in the territories wage wars impose embargoed and go back on their room would just like they do that the current policy of the usa and their allies in nato. who aims it ensuring the rule security at the expense of somebody else's so a lion's share of criticism coming from latin america is directed towards the united states reportedly have had a hand in this incident in fact the united states never made secret they contacted the european countries on snowden's possible passing through their territory the u.s. spokes person of the us state department said that these contacts were in fact made
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so this is the one of the reasons why the latin americans have been angry towards the united states but also europe has received its portion of the stick as well in particular some calls coming from latin american officials as well that despite that europe has been criticizing what edward snowden revealed still that acted as a colony of washington so definitely this story is not over we are anticipating this summit on thursday with probably more strong rhetoric coming from here and until snowden reportedly stays at moscow's sheremetyevo airport we will definitely be seeing more crazy twists and turns to this hollywood style saga the united states has admitted has contacted a range of nations in passing on the dangers of allowing edward snowden to pounds three and other colander attorney and author says they use actions show clearly why its priorities lay. despite the fact that the united states basically is
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demeaning those european nations and violating their own rights and treating them as second class citizens at the same time they do share these collective military and economic interests and so i think that a lot of the response mainly from some of these european countries heads of states condemning these actions of the united states and calling for further investigation was mainly merely to satisfy their their constituents and their people and it's not something that they're really going to follow up and we see that played out in a case of a more dollars airplane i mean these same european countries that were just criticizing the united states for this espionage program they were willing to act on u.s. instructions to violate the rights of this latin american leader so i think we see clearly there the double standard and hypocrisy and what is being said virtually out of the governments of the european union and what actually they're doing in reality and in reality they are just going along with the u.s. agenda dr james boys professor at king's college london says they are planting
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trades on talks between the us sun do you spell doom for edward snowden's quest for asylum. as nation after nation denies him the right to a safer boat is national interest committed before these countries that he's applied to and being rejected from in terms of safe passage are recognizing that whilst they may sympathize with him this degree of naivety to his perspective and position none of them none of these notions can afford to fall out with the united states least of all europe who of course are very interested in pursuing a transatlantic free trade zone for example and that's something of course which is being held over the head of british prime minister david cameron who desperately wants the european trade negotiations but it comes at the exact moment of course whereby here in london is all talk about getting out of the e.u. so there's no doubt that transatlantic trade is a very hot topic at this moment and he's being continued into the area of edge and
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how how national leaders must wish this individual just disappear and allow transatlantic trade to get on and unimpeded. the building projects planned for its stumbles get this square have been cancelled by a court in turkey that brings an end to be sure that spark weeks of violent protests as it is across the country get the details online. the russian city of jaroslav has been dragged from his car searched and detained on suspicion of attempted bribery find out what on. its back to the revolution drawing board for egypt they are to moved in and toppled the country isn't this president after just again off its one hundred morsi is under arrest along with other members of the muslim brotherhood while the head of egypt's constitutional court has been sworn in as interim leader there has been hailed by crowds of and to islamist protesters in cairo's tahrir square but
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divisions were then the society are resuming in something deadly and some deadly standoff the details now from our show is about. the situation rapidly developed overnight off to the announcement from the military of the ouster of mr brotherhood president mohamed morsi just one year into his term we had reports of hundreds of arrests of muslim brotherhood officials this was quickly condemned by rights groups here in egypt who said they didn't want to see egypt to send back into the dark days of the mubarak and former presidents where the missing brotherhood was witchhunt if in addition the president the former president himself morsy was put under house arrest the video came out overnight showing how this actually happened officials on their twitter accounts were tweeting as it went on saying we keep been separated from his president to say in addition the muslim brotherhood's own television channel mr twenty five was shut down and the people the president percentages were arrested also on top of that al jazeera arabic local channel here
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in egypt their offices were run sacked and members of the organization were reportedly also arrested meanwhile we've seen an army deployment in the streets particularly focused around rallies in support of the former president i was there last night there's a lot of military a lot of armored vehicles and what they put forward is they're brought him up to egypt and they are saying that now egypt will have a new president the current constitution which was suspended there will be a committee set up to look into changing some of those articles and the technocratic interim council will be formed to really manage this moment of transition kind of one sign the anti-government protesters who've been calling for this ouster celebrating in the early hours of the morning people with dancing and singing and banging drums setting off fireworks. holding off balance showing the faces of major military figures here in the military with the heroes of the hours
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to do a lot of chance of the people in the army of one hand they were ecstatic they said to me they finally their voices being heard however on the other side the support. the president remain in the sit ins calling for him to be reinstated they say he is a legitimate president the missing brotherhood organization is one of the largest organizations here in egypt they have a significant support base i was in those states in late last night speaking to those people they said to me they felt isolated and attacked the military had surrounded their encampment they feel they would be cleared targeted particularly as the officials were being targeted so what you're seeing is a country divided and particularly as we've already seen during the lead up to these demonstrations mass movements of violence across the country this happened again last night we had clashes between supporters and opponents of the. next president so really we have to see you know how the situation develops. so the army has taken for the second time in two years in egypt and the question is way trip is
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heading actually and we want to ask you what's next for the country and if you go to archie dot com you can find out our online poll there and you can participate in that sign vote as well and let's not have a look at how. how actually you have been voting so far about sixty fifty six percent of you the majority of those who voted believe that the army will do its best to administer the country until fresh elections can be held around a quarter of a less optimistic saying that coming to an agreement is unlikely and the country will only descend into further term all around twenty seven percent of you some of you saying that beyond we will now keep hold of power and the rest round three percent of the claim that morsi and the muslim brotherhood are battered but not broken and could still return so share your views and our common section as well if you don't agree with any of these options and go to our home and cast your vote and
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while need for rats who is an advisor to the house of representatives says he isn't surprised by the way your bones have played out in egypt. you know i published a book the coming revolution and twenty ten in which we've projected that first of all civil societies as a whole will rise against the papers that was what happened in january when people have been in egypt then they're going to depart the seculars on the one hand and the more organized islam is on the other hand the islamist won the day in that election then the seculars are going to realize that the islamic are not blind egypt into what they wanted initially counter revolution this is what happened now and i do anticipate that the islamic and i go back to the opposition organize themselves all of this will be ok short of having violence if you harness are going to take advantage of what's happening to these divisions and conduct violence then we may have a scenario closer either to algeria in the ninety's or unfortunately it will be to syria today. and if you've missed anything don't hesitate to check live updates on
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the egyptian crew how it started and proceed at home some more analysis and images from the iconic template square all lined up for you of. all. this is on c.n.n. stay with us for more news after the break. this is not a surprise to me that we've got problems in guantanamo during a time of budget cuts we spend one hundred and fifty million dollars each year to imprison one hundred sixty six people dead more as become a symbol around the world for america that the evil. nation and free credit take should free in-store charges free arrangement
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free. three stooges free. old free blogs just plug in video for your media projects a free media don carty dot com. you're watching ansi live from moscow welcome back alternative cyber currency because it is inspiring the sort of serious financial players to open it up to the
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world of big investment the think of also twins known for suing facebook's founder mark zuckerberg for allegedly stealing their social network idea applying to float a bit coin trust on his k. to peel away in hospital. big coin the peer to peer electronic cash just a man and an alternative to traditional currencies has had its fair share of controversies as his introduction four years ago and it's now being backed by the infamous facebook suing twins tyler and cameron winklevoss if the proposal for a big coin trust fund is given the go ahead by the securities and exchange commission the twins will contribute their own ten million dollars worth of big coins into the trust in each age as shares in a virtual currency because it was created in two thousand and nine by an anonymous web developer and can be exchanged for other currencies and used to pay for goods and services but it doesn't exist in physical form now the big coin is seen by its
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users as an alternative to traditional currencies especially during the euro zone sovereign debt crisis as more people began distrusting the central banks but leverage a coin has been linked to money laundering and accusations of drug smuggling which has made the value of the bitcoin extremely volatile since the start of the year rising from thirteen dollars in january to a peak of two hundred sixty six dollars in april and right now it sits at around ninety dollars now their release is also tightly controlled mimicking a central banking systems control over the minting of money which means they can only ever be twenty one million create it all right now there's around eleven million is circulation this factor has led to some to speculate that there may rise . the facebook feud between the wing cost twins and mars like a virus protected in the twenty to movie the social network and eventually resulted in a sixty five billion dollars settlement so i wonder if they'll be updating their facebook
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status with their new venture i think not. a multi million u.s. dollars cash injection to make placing money into big point even easier opening up to more mainstream investors possibly but as artie's maria port meyer found in new york the rebel currency still has a strong grasp over those drawn to its anti establishment charm. it's happy hour in midtown manhattan dozens of bars are filled with after work crowds but here at ever. is where you'll find the big apple's expanding community of because investors think if you think it's the first new york city establishment to accept the digital currency a monetary system free from government and bank control as well as credit card processing fees i would rather everyone pay with the coin than i would with
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a credit card twenty three year old charlie shrem is co owner of ever and founder of bit instant one of the first big quinn payment processing companies when i first came into the space. i was the only person new york city had heard even heard of the coin i was left out of every v.c. firm in the city and now fast forward to two years there are so many startups that i started meet ups we're all friends of the each other there's kind of like a culture as i'm referring to your own good are you built a culture of young financially savvy new yorkers determined to build an unregulated financial system i'll buy a bit coin or hold a moment a big josh rossi hosts a weekly between meeting in union square where people can buy and sell the digital coins a gathering data tracks even hedge fund and high frequency traders you can finally opt out of a system that you don't agree with like bernanke you can keep printing as much money as he wants to corner users are in effect we're holding declines it only
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makes our big points worth more dollars it's a natural hedge against inflation in a city that serves as the global headquarters for most of the world's largest banks the big white economy is slowly being embraced by respectable businesses domino's pizza the howard johnson hotel chain and a new york based limo service now accept the digital currency fair to say that new yorkers are able to eat sleep and commute. without spending a dollar online popular sites like reddit and ok cupid accept to be queen cars furniture and tech gadgets have been put up for sale on the trading website craigslist with dollars or digital coins equally accepted and for the anti prism privacy defenders the big b. will soon have purchased power with these burner phones which feature disposable numbers many economists remain skeptical of the long term stability of a currency that lacks backing from a single government but not a problem for big queen believers if they were complete with the monetary system if
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they felt it was there then they wouldn't be looking for an option like the point so you see already the loss of confidence the loss of commitment it's a sign of where this society is going the u.s. government though isn't too happy with the coins popularity it recently shut down our virtual exchange system for the currency claiming it was a money laundering platform i think we've had one hundred years now of what the u.s. government can do when it gets to manipulate a currency and a lot of people are kind of tired of that and they want to it's experiment in a space where you can't manipulate a currency just what would that even mean for money and i think that's why a lot of people are really interested in the space growing enthusiasm for an invisible currency presented to rival the printed greenback marina port i.r.t. new york to russia now where rescuers have found a site where a passenger helicopter crashed in siberia on chairs day four survivors have been flown to hospital from the remote eastern region but at least twenty four people
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are confirmed to have died many of whom were children it took well over a day to get to the downed chopper with low cloud unfold hampering rescue efforts it was only found because the pilot has managed to send his coordinates to emergency services the cause of the crash is still on. american drone strikes could be responsible for ten times more civilian deaths than conventional weapons according to a new report but president barack obama has taken the deadly technology under his wing still maintains that more accurate than fighter jets on his own. but it's no secret that drones are becoming the military's aircraft of choice we've been told they're more efficient and precise than fighter jets but a recent study says otherwise the study was conducted by larry lewis a research scientist for the center of naval analysis lewis took
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a close look at the number of air strikes in afghanistan during mid two thousand and ten and two thousand and eleven he got the figures using classified military information and what he found was that drone strikes were ten times more deadly to civilians than traditional manned aircraft now these findings seem to be at odds with what we've heard from government leaders back in may president obama touted the benefits of drone warfare as i've already said even small special operations. enormous risks. conventional or poem missiles are for less precise than brooch. and there are likely to cause more civilian casualties and more local outrage. other high level government leaders have claimed the benefits of drones long before president obama addressed the issue of civilian casualties in drone warfare here's john brennan back in april of two thousand and twelve at the time he was an assistant to the president for national security and
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counterterrorism we conduct targeted strikes because they are necessary to mitigate actual ongoing threat to stop plots prevent future attacks and to see american lives but quantifiable data are proving this has been scarce due to the secrecy of the drone program exact figures of drone strikes were not disclosed in the latest study because that information is classified but it calls into question just how much more precise drones really are compared to man their planes the researchers that conducted this study have an idea they told the guardian quote these findings show us that it's not about the technology it's about how the technology is used drone darn magically better at avoiding civilians than fighter jets when pilots flying jets were given clear directives and training on civilian protection they were able to lower civilian casualty rates also important to note the latest study
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only takes into account civilian deaths in afghanistan and places like yemen and pakistan it's harder to obtain figures on the number of deaths because the only way to get data is from the drones themselves so as the drone debate comes into that the national spotlight this study points out that the benefits of drone technology and training of drone pilots should be included in that debate in washington lives of all our. let's now go to one of our top stories right now in egypt mohamed morsi has been the rest of the told john sworn in as interim president they gyptian prosecutor's office has reportedly ordered the rest of the muslim brotherhood's leader and his deputy in a major climbdown on won't until yesterday was egypt's leading policy and for more on the changes the country has woken up to i'm joined live by jordan based political analyst dr ibrahim. dr thank you very much indeed for joining us here so what we're seeing now mohamed morsi and his political team going now the current
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constitution is suspended all this next for egypt. well let's just say that what happened over the last couple days in egypt represents a historic change of. huge proportions not only for egypt but for the whole of the whole of the arab region the fact that the muslim brothers have lost their grip and egypt signifies something especially when you see over twenty million people go down to the streets in opposition to the rule of the muslim brothers that's a historic u. turn that has taken place after decades of heads of money that the islamists have exercised over the pulse of the arab street so as far as that goes i think we have we have a huge momentous change that will reflect itself over
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a decade still come as for what's in store for egypt while we cannot say that egypt will suddenly take an anti imperialist or anti zinah stance the people who are most likely to succeed one hundred morsi such as al but are they or are almost essentially follow the same line on foreign policy economic policy of the i am on syria on peace with israel as mohamed morsi does basically so as far as that goes i don't think there will be a huge change in the near future however. i think what has just happened will open the door for the front trends to appear that are not visible right now on the egyptian political landscape and maybe in the next few months or year or two
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we will do fortunately i'm sorry to interrupt you we're running out of time sorry for that dr abraham children based political analyst thank you very much for sharing abuser that's thank you. so you. point them to me promoted myths and fables with breaking the said after the break. as a person who lives in russia i get asked very often why automatic console fat well are americans actually fat or is this just a myth from some hater countries the centers for disease control have declared obesity to be a disease as if twenty point nine percent of adult americans are obese and that is an all time high people blame the sedentary lifestyle as the cause yes if you were out all day at work and then all evening after driving home sure doesn't help your
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waistline but problems can have multiple causes and the authors of the book rich food poor food believe it could be tied to eight foods that are allowed in america but are banned in many other countries across the globe some of these chemicals and techniques and foods that are banned by some other countries are a less strong which is in many snack products which lower scale worries but kills your body's ability to absorb minerals brought me to flour which saves tons of time for the baker but beats up your internal organs and of course our good old friend synthetic growth hormones which are in livestock which have been linked to cancer big problems rarely have simple solutions you can run around and exercise as much as you like but if you're being pumped full of these chemicals that are illegal in much of the world well your chances of fitting into that bathing suit are ironically slim but that's just my opinion.
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to live on one hundred thirty three bucks a month before i should try it because you know how fabulous. i mean. as i was really. really so closely. worse you're going to go lie down to the. radio guy for a minute. i want. to give you never seen anything like this i'm telling. you guys i'm having martin and this break in this set well bolivian president evo morales isn't quite the trip the last twenty four hours the president left for russia murders home country but he never made it after rumblings that.


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