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tv   Headline News  RT  July 10, 2013 8:00am-8:30am EDT

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the. egyptian prosecutors issued an arrest warrant for the muslim brotherhood leader after monday's deadly clashes as rival political factions failed to agree on a transition plan leaving the country in deadlock. russia uncovers evidence that syrian rebels not government troops have used chemical weapons and despite those findings being played down by washington congress puts military aid to opposition fighters on hold. and without a word snowden widely expected to receive political asylum in venezuela so i dare ready for the fugitive whistleblower is growing across latin america speaks to the worst foreign minister about what's behind the support.
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this is our take on the line from the russian capital on marina joshie welcome to the program now the egyptian prosecutor's office has ordered the arrest of the muslim brotherhood's leader mohamed body along with nine other senior officials are accused of inciting violence at a rally on monday in support of the ousted president mohamed morsi well over fifty people were killed in the clashes that followed that rally artist policy or joins us live now for more so apolo what do we know about these arrests warrants and how is this affecting the ongoing protests in egypt. well egypt's prosecutor has issued an arrest warrant for mohammed badia the leader of the muslim brotherhood the charges are on inciting violence for the fifty five people who were killed during those bloody clashes back on monday between the pro morsy supporters
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and the and the military in front of the republican guard headquarters building now a verse of racist war and is likely to provoke more violence we're also hearing that at least nine other warrants have been issued for high ranking members of the muslim brotherhood the question though is where is this muslim brotherhood leader it is widely thought that he could be inside the rubber mosque now this is where hundreds of thousands of pro morsi muslim brotherhood supporters have been holding a vigil calling for morsy to be released from detention and the reinstated so the question needs to be answered as to how the police are actually going to enter this massive crowd and a wrist mohammed badie at the same time he has already been arrested before they were a number of arrest warrants issued earlier in the week we know from some sources that several high profile the muslim brotherhood leaders are currently in detention but all of this is being denied by the brotherhood itself it says that none of its leaders are in detention and it also says that these arrest warrants are merely an
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attempt by the army to try and break up this protest and other demonstrations that are calling for the ousted muslim brotherhood president mohamed morsi to be reinstated the concern however is that this is going to be two more provocation and it will ultimately lead to more violence from both sides away be the announcement has been greeted with great anger by muslim brotherhood supporters what we have seen is both sides both the promo cv anti morsi and also the military itself being extremely hot headed and adamant that they're going to stick to their guns and make sure that this side of this whole uprising and this whole demonstration is made the there are many here in egypt that i speak to who are concerned that the long. this violence drags out the more likely it is if we could see this country on the brink of some kind of civil war. well certainly very complicated situation is just painted a picture of what's happening there in but who is in charge of the country at the moment and who runs the country than if we know that major political forces refuse
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to accept the transitional plans. the question of who runs the country at the moment is the million dollar question you essentially have what the muslim brotherhood keeps repeating is a military coup which means that your army is in charge and you have an interim president and now prime minister that are really trying to gain some kind of the just in the sea there have been talks throughout the day today wednesday with various political factions by the interim prime minister and he really is trying to get him on board but he's facing a lot of opposition he has put forward a five month road map plan and according to this pad the constitution will be amended in the next fifteen days and then within four months they will be some kind of referendum here in which the public will be asked to ratify the constitution the plan man is that by two thousand and fourteen they will be new parliamentary elections followed by a presidential poll but both the muslim brotherhood and various islamic groups as
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well as opposition have rejected this timetable the muslim brotherhood rejects the whole process it says it's legal and until they president morsi is reinstated they can be no political progress thirty five opposition parties who belong to the national salvation front which is headed by mohamed el baradei the former head of the international atomic energy agency they also rejected it they said the timetable was inaccurate today they're saying that they were not consulted on the whole process and that there are articles inside it that they do not agree with the fact that you have such a lack of agreement is only going to be to more destruction on the street and as you have more disruption on the streets you're only going to have the potential for . violence a very very real concern here let me remind you that every day these demonstrations continue it cost the egyptian taxpayers one billion dollars so at the end of the day it's really the ordinary man and woman in the streets who continue to suffer from this political stalemate and so be at the moment with the stalemate see
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showing no signs of actually being results it is going to be these ordinary egyptians who continue to be the brunt of a political process that is showing no solution in sight. thanks very much paula for bringing us this update live from cairo polis lior there and let's get some more insight into what's going on in egypt we now have a chance to talk to a senior advisor to the muslim brotherhood. who joins us live on the phone thank you so much for joining us on the phone lines to discuss this so how will the muslim brotherhood respond to the new wave of arrests. well it's a full police state blocking old within a couple of hours even also the military coup for the lack of me i don't know how many how much misinformation the previous report or the same thing again said but seen as a military coup. the massacre that happened two days ago was no clashes no two
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opponents that it was peaceful protesters preying on the in the police force compliance on the nation fire on them while they were playing this crime from a journalistic integrity point clashes at this. so i need to correct that secondly . the time again think this protect the will of the peoples of the whole thing is going on this is a police state that filed a criminal for the full. evidence and it's a complete judicially. she even as she was justice in itself basically takes on the damages and fabricate the cases needed to put the find difficult because that of opposing the group not just looking but i think it's the missing clue but the main cause of the rest are different that is from around the society that have nothing to try and together except the fact that they oppose him it's because from what i was responding was describing the situation there on the. as we can see the situation is highly volatile there and the tension is growing high between the two sides but what's what needs to be done for them to sit down and talk i mean the
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muslim brotherhood is actually refusing francis no plans but what is the way out of the stalemate. why is talking about. what happens. to sites on the street. roughly around the country with most wild dissensions in this town and over a hundred people killed. if you want to write someone to a negotiation table. you don't get them on the street any leaders in prison because one of those patients come to mind is what we're saying is that the only one exit and we want to exit the democratically elected president and then everything else is negotiated on the table. ok well. yes a fair enough morsi was in a crackly elected but then again i mean those very people who brought him to power protested against him look at how many thousands of egyptians came to protest and
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they were obviously not happy with his leadership so should the priority be now to sit down and talk and get the country out of the situation that it is in now no that's a very naive interpretation of the situation on the street does not represent ninety million egyptians in the country gyptian defend the bosses and put it in the heart of the democracy going on but how your country runs your country against your own. again on the head of the tanks are not the people to come down and protect their right to vote and the right to choose their leaders and it is exactly what we are doing it could be called on the people of egypt to come down. from their home in the street will protect the choice. of the consequences. of their own oil. so how gyptian how already seen and after mom went through a lot since two thousand and ten so how far are you prepared to go then to return
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to power. it's not about returning to power we don't even turn the power it's upright on the responsibility would have to be given to the next guy but the moment people have made a democratically elected choice it has to go through that we've got to have someone else but it has to be the will of the people and the choice. it's a democracy being born here it's. sixty. years i make way you want to turn it down because some people don't like what's going on. at the sound of the protests the ones on the street they could have any parliaments by all means engage in the but don't go rushing to i'm going to because he failed at the election and using the ministry of the us to political parties out of the teens but you know violence perpetuates violence ok so there there's gotta be some common sense here and you know people have to sit down and talk eventually you have to move on but why would we decided to end the violence by becoming the punching bag
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by taking the lives of human flesh fighting quietly so the rest of the world can feel comfortable about this because they keep keeping talking about us or we decided to end up like you know why don't we go out on bobby but with putting out our blood with the conscience of the world that the world leaders are going to be good should people not let go about freedom security go about democratic rights to select all you need is through democratic votes if you can call it because some once thought of it all that of the seizing the balance of the gun it's all right that was john dodd senior adviser at the muslim brotherhood and former advisor to mohamed morsi while political rivals are in a job to resort to force and tough rhetoric the country's economic woes remain unaddressed deadly clashes across the country have wiped out a major source of income tourism and artie's beltre now explains. behind me is the egyptian museum one of the most popular tourist destinations in the whole of the
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country is the first port of call for many tourists coming off the plane here in downtown cairo however it isn't and this is a scene that's been seen across the country in all the most popular tourist destinations putting a week of political turmoil after the ouster of mohamed morsi egypt's tourists and history which makes up eleven percent of the country's economy has taken a massive beating since the time they were defined evolution particularly as terrorists are becoming increasingly scarce in the last week we've seen massive nationwide demonstrations funded by clashes between rival groups on sunday fifty people were killed in clashes between security forces and supporters all through the post president leaving many to face the terrorists won't come to egypt in the future have been trouble mornings are being issued by embassies including the u.s. embassy we've actually sent may spend on a measure to stop crime after a u.s. citizen was stopped last week in these bloody clashes major international tour operators that are becoming can also come so that tourist to my oldest and september during the first bush term i will continue to stoop to this this is
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a free like it but the work place has most kids however local tour operators and souvenir shops and you don't have international backing to be able to plug the gaps the poor woman's. many duties to pull the buggy now list them five percent ron. if you do that somebody place goes and you fees if you choose you know most world if you see the steep people thank you very much sarkozy. so people are fearing ments as those supporters of the previous leader mohamed morsy remain in their city and and refuse to go home in various parts of the country that are going to see further clashes but those like shoki working in the tourist industry and they feed this means tourists are going to continue to be scared from coming to egypt and that actually the future of egypt's tourism is going to. even worse. but somehow put is at hand for egypt several gulf
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states have chipped in to keep the economy afloat saudi arabia is giving five billion dollars in fuel aid and cash and three billion more is being provided by the united arab emirates in loans and bank deposits aren't his contributor i've seen returns he says the timing of the help is significant. the u.a.e. and saudi definitely did not like the muslim brotherhood and so the saudi station al-arabiya but called it in dubai in the u.a.e. backs the rebels and you go. back to qatar which is backing the most the government is against the military coup so you have both sides using media using financing using weapons sales to back them in egypt all the time the united states we must remember that president obama was backing mubarak dictator up until the end seemingly not quite knowing what he's going to do and absolute saudis are threatening him even john mccain the presidential candidate used the word coup for
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obama we get nothing and in the mainstream media all we get is mom and el baradei and other nobel prize winner like obama saying nothing about the house arrest without charge of a democratically elected president let alone the ending of a parliament and the destruction of a free media which continues at the moment in egypt. russia says it has evidence that the syrian rebel forces not government troops have used chemical weapons samples gathered from the city of aleppo apparently show that sarin gas a poisonous nerve agent used in a deadly attack there in march was produced and deployed by the rebels washington however rejects these findings which contradict it's own claims now the regime used chemical weapons a factor behind the u.s. decision to arm the opposition or to say so now reports washington seems very
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convinced that bashar al assad was behind this attack that it was allegedly a chemical attack they say they had evidence no one seen it hasn't been published or given to the press in any way so a lot of people still wondering what exact evidence that is that russia has can. ducted investigation a long flights were actually on the ground and ambassador to the u.n. and the tally turk in now can explain what exactly they found and why they believe that it wasn't assad who was behind that attack the results of the analysis clearly indicate that the ordinance used in qana last cell was not industrially manufactured and was filled with sudden. but the sudden technical specifications proved that it was not invested in manufacturing either the projectile involved is not a standard one for chemical use and therefore there is evident you seem to believe that it was the armed opposition fighters who used the chemical weapons and so now
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we know that they went on to pass these results actual the actual results of this investigation on to bonk a moon and there has been some reaction from the youth from the u.s. and the u.k. they say they highly doubt that in fact these results will prove that it wasn't behind the attack and it goes as far to show that to us in fact the white house spokesperson when asked if he had read the report he replied no but there are already saying that they believe it's highly unlikely that this will really prove anything what you have is you have people in washington who are behind some kind of military involvement in syria and then you have people who are out right against it you have congress blocking this delivery of arms which was made possible it was proposed after this attack and this these alleged reports that assad was behind this so-called chemical attack this was the reason they began laying out this arms shipment shipments it's being blocked by members of congress but then you have
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certain committees in congress so-called war hawks one of them being led by carl levin who writes open letters calling for friends of syria to begin as soon as possible precision airstrikes against assad and then you have more direct representatives of the obama administration vice president joe biden secretary of state john kerry pushing and really lobbying for that lift for that block on this weapons shipments to the syrian opposition to be lifted so it's a very complicated war a civil war but in washington like i said it seems very clear cut you have people either completely against or completely for military action. i'll be back with more news including a look at where and when snowden to be heading next that's half a short break stay with us.
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well. it's technology innovations all the developments around russia we've got the future covered. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realized everything you thought you knew you don't i'm sorry for the big picture. download you. so choose your language stream quality and enjoy your favorite. if you're away from your television or it just doesn't matter how would your mobile device you can watch your t.v. anytime anywhere.
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welcome back this is our t.v. u.s. intelligence leaker edward snowden is weighing up offers for political asylum from three latin american nations with speculation mounting that you'll be heading to venezuela support for the whistleblower on the run is growing on the continent and speaking school civilly to doris foreign minister called on other countries to follow the example set by venezuela believe it and make wrong and offer refuge to victims of u.s. political persecution of work knoppix out the highlights of the interview as the world waits to see which country edward snowden will pick as his new home martine spoke exclusively with ecuador's foreign minister ricardo. it seno about the n.s.a. whistleblower and the fallout following his revelations now ecuador was the first to initiate an emergency summit among south american states after
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a plane carrying bolivian president evo morales was grounded in vienna last week it was grounded according to reports on suspicion that snowden was on board from moscow foreign minister put c.e.o. says the unprecedented violation of international law should prompt more countries to offer their assistance to snowden. after the incident with a bomb around as we have no doubt that snowden is being pursued at an international level i'm more countries to offer him asylum ecuador is also considering this option but it'll be better if it's not just three countries that come forward to offer him protection but ten twenty or one hundred states ecuador's foreign minister told r.t. that he was thoroughly surprised at the scale of the u.s. surveillance system in particular that programs were created to indiscriminately spy on people in latin america and even friendly states in europe now pitino said
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he was also shocked that instead of being persistent in demanding immediate explanations from the u.s. about its pervasive spying some european countries allegedly work together to ground the plane of a world leader and put the life of bolivia's president in danger. it's just outrageous if it had been a european leader or the american president it would have triggered if any latin american country had done this then troops and fighter jets would have been sent in to rescue the leader. just discriminate against countries so that some nations see their international rights observed while others are making. now the foreign minister of ecuador argues that the plane incident indicates that europe he says now functions as america's back yard a position that latin america has rejected to serve. i didn't report there well don't miss the full version of our exclusive interview with dorian foreign
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minister here in r.t. at six pm g.m.t. . and the mosque is gearing up for its first mayoral election in a decade and just two hours remain before the city's election commission closes doors for the registration of candidates the voted talbot's cattle for september the eighth well there's no shortage of hopefuls with forty candidates applications submitted so far on those though only six are expected to meet the registration requirements which include collecting over one hundred signatures from city lawmakers and whoever emerges the eventual winner will have a daunting task ahead of them running one of europe's largest cities and bringing out a severely overloaded transport system on a control he has more. those who last visited school more than two decades ago would hardly recognize it today.
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from a grim open unfriendly city it has turned into a major european capital of the glossy life and vibrant lifestyle. however the facelift came at a cost traffic jams overground human jams on the ground and the never ending din of construction have reached a critical point six generations. believes the time has come for change that's all. got to solve real global sea to from top twenty. first a look at some somebodies. look and see all the good it was ministration much appreciation it not being creative about how to provide the will be to say see so now we have what we have the sludge task the collapse but but it belongs to the state and that change may well be on the way to acting mayor said daniel handed in his resignation letter a snap election was called and the reaction from mayor want to beast has been swift
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the fight that's underway for the mayoral seat is unprecedented model. only due to the number of candidates which exceeds thirty but also because the last time russia's capital elected its boss was a decade ago this position long has been appointed one and this is a huge process i think this is a second major step in reforming the system of the russian federation this position is very important and it's crucial to the future and the current state of the country not just moscow itself in this battle for more school candidates of radically contrasting profiles and backgrounds are coming up with very different ideas from charging car owners for driving into the city center to replacing labor migrants from central asia with robots. who is this time running without the ruling party support to build on his current achievements and is offering to implement more high tech features into everyday life opposition activist and blogger. currently on trial for allegedly prioritizes the fight against corruption and
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introducing younger faces into local authorities this eccentric candidates. better known the spider a former heavy metal front man has promised to hand a new son over the russian capital and build a new imperial moscow each political party has its own contender forward but regardless of who wins everyone agrees that this job will be no walk in the park moscow is often called a country within a country so whoever takes the rain here may have to be more than just a talented manager so after years of practically nonexistent elections the russian capital braces itself for an employee said gently heated political battle and that campaign is gaining intensity with every day. let's see reporting from moscow. and up next i mean martin will be breaking the set.
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i want. to give you've never seen anything like this i'm telling. ramadan. i'm not a martin welcome to break in the set in case you didn't know today is the first day of the muslim holy month of ramadan while to cause for joyous celebration in many parts of the world it marks another chapter in the nightmare that goodman detainees are facing every day is the over half of the prisoners are on a hunger strike but since february prison authorities have been force feeding them twice a day however ramadan calls for fasting from sunup to sundown and many of the prisoners have pleaded with authorities to halt the practice during this time but no such luck the practice which is recognized internationally as a form of torture will continue for they have said that they'll try to administer the themes at night to show some respect to their religion was not so night.


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