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tv   The Big Picture With Thom Hartmann  RT  July 10, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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well and some are going to washington d.c. here's what's coming up tonight on the big picture wal-mart makes nearly thirty five thousand dollars a minute in profits its c.e.o. made twenty million dollars last year in the walton family controls more wealth than forty two percent of americans combined so why is a giant corporations raking in billions of dollars refusing to pay fair wages to the very employees responsible for its profitability also while george is getting ready to execute a mentally challenged convicted criminal is talking missouri about bringing the gas chamber back to execute criminals on that state's death row isn't it time we did away with the death penalty altogether enjoying much of the rest of the civilized
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world and while edward snowden's n.s.a. spying revelations may have caught some off guard it really shouldn't come as a surprise because america is an empire and keeping tabs on the little people is what empires do best how can the u.s. move away from being an empire before a lapsus like the rest of history's greatest works. you need to know this the washington d.c. city council has figured out the scam that wal-mart is running on america and they don't want that same scam to be run on d.c. citizens as we all know wal-mart is the largest retailer in the world employed over two million workers giant transnational corporation makes nearly thirty five thousand dollars in profit every minute and as of two thousand and twelve its average annual sales stood at four hundred five billion dollars. in two thousand
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and eleven wal-mart c.e.o. michael duke received a pay package worth eighteen point one million dollars which believe it or not was a three percent decrease in two thousand and ten and in two thousand and twelve he made twenty point seven million the waltons the six heirs to the vast wal-mart fortune on more wealth than a staggering forty two percent of americans come binded according to forbes as of september twelfth two thousand and twelve the walton family controlled an estimated one hundred fifteen billion dollar fortune more than the g.d.p.'s of one hundred seven countries as ranked by the world bank and that one hundred fifteen billion dollars the walton family has is more than the entire two thousand and twelve operating budget for the state of california more than the federal government spent on food stamps in two thousand and eleven and more than the combined two thousand and twelve budget shortfalls of all fifty states simply put wal-mart is rolling in money on the outside it seems like the giant corporation is the perfect business
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model executives are making millions shareholders are raking in massive dividends and the company is expanding its reach more and more every year unfortunately while while mark executives are making millions and the walton family's fortune is ballooning wal-mart employees the ones who actually do the work that makes wal-mart profitable are reaping the same rewards the average wal-mart employee makes about nine dollars an hour would have to work over eight hundred years at that wage there in the same amount the c.e.o. michael duke made in two thousand and twelve while wal-mart reveal their employees the people who make them rich is bad enough wal-mart also offers a terrible health insurance plan that only some of its employees qualify for as a result you and me and the rest of american taxpayers are subsidizing this company by paying for the health care costs of many of wal-mart's employees who have turned a state funded programs like medicaid and food stamps to keep their families intact for exam. report released earlier this year by congressional democrats look their
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workers at just one wal-mart store in wisconsin just that one store was costing american taxpayers over nine hundred thousand dollars in subsidies for food stamps and other social welfare programs that the insert that the stores employees needed in order to survive and in addition to our picking up many of wal-mart's costs for their employees american taxpayers have given over one point two billion dollars to the corporation wal-mart get this money from us by pain politicians and bullying communities to give them tax breaks to give them free land to give them infrastructure assistance low cost financing and even outright cash grants from state and local governments thankfully some state and local governments around the country are beginning to catch on the wal-mart scam which is where the washington d.c. city council comes in council was considering earlier today and voted tonight on a bill that would require retailers with corporate sales of a billion dollars or more and operate in spaces seventy five thousand square feet
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or larger to pay their employees no less than twelve dollars and fifty cents an hour this will not be a problem for companies like cosco which pays their employees an average wage of seventeen dollars an hour and offer strong employee benefits to wal-mart whose business model depends on making stockholders and executives rich by screwing its employees and said that it will cancel those store openings and d.c.'s living wage law becomes or bill becomes law bottom line here is the wal-mart is ripping us all off your feet off its employees but it's more importantly it's ripping off the american taxpayers and it's using that money to pay for corporate jets millions to its executives and billions to its stockholders this type of business model isn't even genuine capitalism it's parasitic capitalism and wal-mart has become like a giant tick on the back of america sucking the blood out of all of us and our communities of the walton family and wal-mart executives get richer and richer richer and. if
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a company's business model depends on screwed it's employees so the executives and stockholders can get rich and that's not a business model that should be happening here in the united states of america it's that simple let's rubble. it's time for the liberal rabble join me but i've been on a senior online editor with a daily caller and horoscope are conservative commentator and senior fellow of the national center for public policy research journal and great to see you know like wal-mart i like their business advice or something you know it's what they're doing is totally legal so i have a no you know i have no complaint with that what i have a complaint with is the rules of the game you know we are politicians people that we put office right define the rules of the game cap if the rules of the game we're supposed to be an equal playing field the d.c. city council is obviously doing the opposite of that because i'm going to say that they should be an equal playing field to say the rules of the game should be that if you're going to have if you're going to do business in
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a community should do it in a way that serves the community rather than harm so the city council's point is that we're trying to come up with a living wage we want to pull a living wage out of wal-mart the problem though is that all the other businesses in the district are still two dollars behind based on this law they're basically they shouldn't read they wrote it out to be like oh they need to make over a billion dollars in profit etc as they should is wrote our walmart stores only are going to have to pay this amount because that's what they're doing and every other store by the way in the district that fits wal-mart's description is getting grandfathered in because they have been here for a while wal-mart has because the city council is trying to make this hard only on wal-mart that's why that's that's fine with me every time wal-mart goes into a community what do you see a lot of local and and small and locally owned businesses go out of business or it's i'm sure you want to jump in on this yes absolutely do i will love these conversations because the greed and envy that that little rant demonstrated shows the problem that you progressives have. with the whole concept
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of capitalism you want to redefine the yukon probably as even your this is not capitalism even your man if if you and your persuasion were correct about the details do you see it shouldn't just write some rule that catches wal-mart they should flatly ban wal-mart from coming into town no then say we're just doing what they're saying is very it what they're saying is very simple if you're going to do business in our town do business in a way that it's a bit and by the way this is just a ploy to wal-mart and applies to all along the big boss nine hundred thousand dollars to the community for a company to come in that community ought to be saying heck no we don't want you but the truth of the matter is it's just the opposite but for the presence of wal-mart these two million people wouldn't have any of the jobs even at the seven dollars an hour and now what you're saying is if you don't these houses are wrong you don't deserve absolutely wrong absolutely wrong watching what wal-mart goes
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into communities on average over one hundred small businesses go out of business as a consequence of that wal-mart so you can say oh yeah wal-mart's responsible for those jobs but all the local small businesses are gone the decent jobs of the jobs are people work for the new their employers they were do well pay they had to submit those or those studies knows that it was going on for studies mates and it's only about eighty over and that is not true or a that is not true you can't go to livingston texas right now and say that the wal-mart that is expanded has comment the consequence of one hundred different businesses having to close it is led to just the opposite they're going to be opening up a community college in that community there are a lot of news of elements that come about when these places locate and they are giving wal-mart they're given wal-mart is business model and wal-mart is wal-mart employees are the single largest group of consumers of food stamps and medicaid like the use of don't give them a job there they won't use food stamps and they won't use. get rid of all want to
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know go back to work for the small local businesses where they want to go back to work they won't have these offer to well no because when i was drove those companies out of business with a parasitic this is the twenty first century or is coming here a rational conservative are you trying to tell me that if your business model is to suck money out of big government that really good business down me that is not a chapel is of you progressive you are only adding to the hate and i want to focus on our fans are you really out of here you want to join horace in advocating a business model that is based on sucking money out of what i'm not going to advocate is a government dictated economy i don't think that that makes any sense whatsoever that if the government says you are a conceptual business you're not an acceptable business how does wealth grow in a country where the government constantly is picking particular winners and losers i think that in the case of wal-mart money has been doing that since the founding of the republican it's not meant to be a bad doing business every government does every what you like to go to a football game where there's no rules and over a few reasons none at all ok but who wants to do business in and they're absolutely
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as a business person look i want to be better if i know what the rules are i know that there are reveries but you're going to have been established so what you're talking about is totally this whole wal-mart thing coming into d.c. it's counterintuitive to that doctrine this is not an even playing field these are not synonyms at the game no it's not this is a game all of their activities are paid there was always well this is a game where the referees are being paid all this every right where you have an on the wal-mart thing is old is passing the buck say look see ok let's let you were to go out on the street right now on campus people who want wal-mart in this community there are tons of constituents inside of d.c. who want these wal marts here because they want to use them so maybe maybe that will shy i remember they opened they will shop ok funny story for what it's worth you know wal-mart employees make an average of nine dollars an hour when i was living in portland there was a big debate over whether wal-mart should come into a neighborhood called selwood which is you know part of and i do it which i walk through and i'm walking down the street in selwood there's a guy standing on the street he's got the sciences. wants wal-mart so i walked up
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to him and i said how much is wal-mart paying you to hold that science is fifteen bucks an hour yeah so i'm going to make a marketing sometimes comes at a little bit of a cost i love it when my bills hysterical i said you out wal-mart in this town he said hell no but i mean if anybody for hours but every union protests for exactly i mean i don't know every day but this is the state it doesn't actually work for a union they're just like scabs that got hired by the union to protest these building as it was show up you know that it's a pretty common practice when the wal-mart opens and it's standing room only and people are rushing me and that's the evidence of the supply and demand that's the evidence of a parasitic business model requires big business making them profitable more of the nice long liberal rubble coming up after the break.
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i would rather as questions for people in positions of power instead of speaking on their behalf and that's why you can find my show larry king now right here on our t.v. question more. you know how sometimes you see a story and it seems so for lengthly you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harkin welcome to the big picture.
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here is mitt romney trying to figure out the name of that thing that we americans call a dollar. i'm sorry i'm just a guy who cares an awful lot about my country you sir are a fool you know what kind of mind a terrorist cells in your neighborhood all want to see us say to feature a sufi on the lip all the christian public use. to secure beliefs about it because it's going to support you to distract us from what you and i should care about because they're profit driven industry that sells a sensationalistic garbage he calls it breaking news i'm happy martin and we're going to break that.
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disk. there's a rumble joining me tonight are vince colonies and horace cooper we even argue during the break. this is a good conversation it was ok monday july first that's you know a week and a half ago. interest rates for newly issued federally subsidized stafford loans double going to sixty two point eight percent from three point four percent although congress never came to an agreement over a plan to keep interest rates stable all the republicans proposed payments to the ten year treasury note along with two point five percent. percentage tacked on they advertised this plan as potentially bringing in three point seven billion in revenue for the federal government so apparently the republicans are fine with sucking money out of students and poor people i mean the republicans actually advertise this as our government will make
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a profit off these students shouldn't we be looking at students as the as the intellectual infrastructure of the future of our nation and instead of saying let's figure out a way to make a profit off students instead let's figure out a way to educate them and i think i think that student debt is actually creating a lost generation of workers because i agree because what you've got right now is an economy where everyone feels compelled they have to go to college or college is made easy certainly by virtue of the government terms of getting access to loans as types of things and we are in a situation where college graduates are coming out with like an average of what like thirty thousand dollars apiece and they're delaying all sorts of consequential life decisions are delaying their ability into the job market to lend their vote to buy a car buy a home start a family and all of those things are really important for the economy to be moving so student loan debt as an issue ease a huge problem to buy a home is one of the most important parts because home ownership is the principal source of equity of wealth for the middle class and united states and now we're waiting now people are waiting till their mid thirty's to really get started with
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their life and that's a problem a reason i disagree we go hold your mom. then you're really the reason i'm just a group the whole premise is because sucking money out of the poor and the student population is because you believe if i earn something and i get to keep more of it because of tax policy but that's a gift from you it didn't come from you and i are getting to do with student loans come from me to you poverty programs come from me to you there is a things if there's a difference between a loan and a poverty program first of all let us say i was just said students and poor so i want to make sure we get this you just said then you're going to read it. but i am not suggesting that what i'm saying is that a new computer that was then linear government would not you know because of the side making up profit the government isn't making a profit the government may speculate in a dollars later i have student loans clear let's be clear it is mr obama's education policy to push the department of education and government more into the
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student loan with direct lending authority it was primarily a private sector economy diamon can borrow money or his bank can borrow money at less than one percent why as somebody who wants to be there you give your child will start again have to borrow that same i want to say i'm sorries at six point eight that isn't guaranteed money the student loan money is guaranteed by the federal government if you do not is back the federal no i'm sorry bust but it is the exact opposite of what you just said when jamie diamond bought borrows that money he can he can declare bankruptcy he can a long way away from it and you've got to be held out like a student cannot discharge a student loan through bankruptcy. to get right here at the start of the bankruptcy but in the case of a federal loan if you're incapable of paying it which a lot of people are ultimately that bill falls to the taxpayer the exact i don't tell you when you die i mean if you don't die and there's plenty of people great is good they are going to follow you for the rest of your life. and the way they're
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not going to follow jamie diamond you know disobeying god you know on the bible who had to say lie to their. see there are no words people is going to add to tarps in a row you know but i find it hard to believe that a reasonable argument is that the government is too good at making a profit that has never been a problem and never really be who i'm saying the role of government is because that's the role of liberalism it is not true that if you increase the fee to enter the park the government is profiting off of your entry into the park even if you make more money from that than you did before that's all that they did with these student loans but again the point here is these are subsidies and so they can blame it on obama in this case politically the republicans are way out of democrats in terms of getting the rates back down the house has already moved on it the senate democrats are holding off and the president is actually i think as far as i can tell supportive of the republican plan this at this point it's in the democrats' far as i can tell nobody's doing anything rational. but i don't see why they should just to do loans in the first place abraham lincoln granted you know do it with the
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land grant colleges gave away hundreds of thousands maybe millions of acres of land to colleges all across the united states so they could provide free education to go to those rich colleges with those billion dollar trust funds and tell some of them to use those dollars it's always why don't we to the land grant colleges why don't you know why don't we go back on what we have where i already agreed college was for what you can wear those rich college presidents that are being paid four hundred times the amount by their students wait and again you change a trend if you try to see it as so it is always about billionaires it's always about tax payers talking about or about talking about personal residence of the last kids should not really but they should get a free ride that no one should get a free college should be inexpensive enough that you can work a part time job or a full time job through the summer of part time jobs throughout the year and go to college junior college presidents and what is in a way that inexpensive until the reagan presidency about what they are doing that creates this problem it is our nothing but at the end but a common part of the economy a common part of the economy is definitely making is to drawing
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a loan to make an investment and for college students it should. being investment to go to school at this point though it's becoming increasingly a a cost for them that doesn't get paid off in the end and that's why my chief contention is that it's a problem that this much student debt is coming up i think i think our intellectual infrastructure to parents more than our roads and our parents by wal-mart stock they get dividends and they want to use that to buy the mission for their kids used to say to them no that's preferential subsidy going to you what you're talking about the problem is you wish to define who gets what fons you where almost nobody and i don't i would say is the college and the education a lot of the lou should be if you free and not come right out of a sick college we should do what every other developed country in the wings does is a concept we're going to invest in our young people that's as a call in for college and investing in our roads our bridges in our water systems in our power systems investing in our young players in the sense that the roads
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aren't free the bridges aren't free nothing in this life is free somebody has to pay for here's the idea you need to be responsive to those you're putting if you're putting every student in college or you're creating a no barrier generation if you carry no barrier although we do need to bring back then you hear that sort of the issues that i'm getting at is that you're going to get to a point where you continually delay you keep on pushing students four years later into who are also really going to work at jobs that don't require a college degrees to go to college and delay their entry and i remember in the back row about a decade ago i think it was advertising the fact bragging about the fact that a large percentage twenty five thirty percent of their bellboys had college degrees and i'm thinking you know this might be cool for marriott or whatever the company was where the hotel chain was but this is not a good commentary on america's a bad trend for the country is it absolutely is ok death penalty next week georget plans to execute a mentally challenged man despite the supreme court ruling more than a decade ago that quote death is not a suitable punishment for the mentally retarded criminal and quote the word mentally retarded that phrase offend some people but this is the actual legal term
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that the supreme court has used and. and that is used in this case seven mental health professionals evaluated warmly hilton georgia inmate who scheduled to be executed next monday and all seven have said that he is intellectually disabled meanwhile in missouri a missouri state attorney general chris koster suggested last week that missouri should consider bringing back the gas chamber yeah let's do i can't do it isn't that cool gas chamber one of the most horrific ways of dying is that time to scrap the death penalty altogether what was his crime. does a batter yeah i think that to some extent i mean the more horrific it is the last care about so you're about punishment which is the worst punishment turning off the lights or having you sit when i sell for thirty five years i again depending on the her how her affect the crime is again my capacity for caring about how horrific the getting a murder his girlfriend does for us the crime but with that with that said i think just in general that the death penalty is kind of at this point in america it's
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probably good in terms of existing for preventive purposes but in terms of there's no evidence the people who might send the death penalty there's no way to get a case study i mean to figure out whether or not that would that would you compare it with that have it versus states that don't you compare states the drop after and before i mean there's there's no shortage of the comparisons that the death penalty is not prophylactic it does not also just very very basic of an economic standpoint obviously it's a lot more expensive to kill someone it is and it's because of the grassroots and god now i'm going to do all the right quick because i don't drink with the roberts court you're going to see those costs shift instead of it taking an average twenty two years it's going to get down to about five to seven years which will dramatically reduce so large right it will no longer have this argument that it cost too much or you try and discover that twenty percent of the people on death row are there for crimes that they didn't commit when they when the when the what is it about the clemency project or whatever it's called you know you know they
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they they have three exoneration what they found hundreds literally hundreds of people on death row. who did not commit the crimes and they were tired of it you have rick perry put a guy to death you know you had a half ago clearly didn't commit the crime george w. bush at least one person that he executed this is permanent ok first of all you're not really concerned about the criminal justice system you're about climate figure out how to attack the criminal justice you know i'm concerned about our society or fix if it's imperfect taking innocent people and letting them get a life sentence without possibility of review isn't justice that's a horrific nightmare i'm not suggesting no possibility of review the whole point of the problem the reason that they have the death penalty many of these jurisdictions is because we will live again and litigate and litigate even after people have been given a twenty five or thirty year sentence so just kill him even though we've just invented d.n.a. tests you bachelor sat on the ground you. my brother works at the death row place
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and livingston texas works on death row and owner of the of all of the prisoners that he's encountered no one at mid that they've done any crime our system in your view of them is so wrong that the only people we've put on the deficits by the end of that is that is i believe this outcome obviously that was not are not repent what i'm saying not is already a dad said i needed them to go a little wiser make all of us so we need to brutalize them for what they do to us so if you want to brutal nation you got well i don't want to be going to do that i ended up and you know i feel that i feel the same way about meat frankly i mean you know it's for some i want to go out and hunt and kill their own meat i've got no problem with that but i'm you know me going i think anybody i don't know any weight that exit bad i think that's terrible but i think you know what i want to hear on what you should do i don't want to blow my own position in terms of like the death just in terms of how i've always viewed it i've kind of viewed it from my religious perspective i'm not really a big fan of it but that said i haven't really had enough experience personally to
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understand whether or not i would want that of somebody who harms. somebody in my family has friends you'd be willing to say it was so i wouldn't begrudge someone who saw their family member murdered maybe violently who ultimately said you know what that's the right thing that he's a doctor you could pull the switch absolutely some people have i could make there's a saying no matter how terrible it is crime is i saying that we had in texas didn't need. some people absolutely need to leave this world and try to get it right in the next and that may well be true but i don't want to be the guy who is paying for them leaving this world and i don't want to be the guy who's pulling the switch on a love that i entered this left things i don't want to pay for but i have to go on that's you know what i'm talking there we're talking about killing the ennio vince horse thank you for being here thanks. thanks for coming up a new study out says that a majority of americans prefer fox so-called news over other major t.v. news outlets why are more and more americans tuning in to the not so fair and very unbalanced network.
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has a new alert animation scripts scare me a little. there is breaking news tonight and we are continuing to follow the breaking news. alexander's family cry tears and so will i and in great things out there that there has to be adequate brander and a court of law on the ground. there's a story made sort of movies playing out in real life.
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a little worse for the little things. like how superman a radio guy for a minute. what we're about to do because you never seen anything like this i'm told. is it possible to navigate the economy with all the details of his diction misinformation and media hype will keep you up to date by decoding the mainstream status if in your mind.
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right about the big picture i'm tom hartman coming up in this half hour americans love their t.v. and more specifically they love their fox news why is right wing propaganda a soap opera among american audiences also marco rubio is the face of republican support for immigration reform but who is he really working for the american people or the private prison industry. with the nation's least fog later on in the show and the united states is the most powerful country in the world but like all empires we're paying a steep price for that role i'll tell you why and how in tonight's to take.
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in screw news t.v. continues to be the main source of news for. most americans and unfortunately when it comes to cable news more americans want to watch fox so-called news than any other cable channel according to a new gallup poll fifty five percent of americans get their news from t.v. and the news corp corp owned channel is the most popular news network in the country slightly ahead of their cable news competitor c.n.n. and far ahead of them this and b c ox is also far ahead of every single one of the traditional letter networks for the top spot in the american media market for anyone who thinks journalism should be to borrow a phrase fair and balanced this is a startling fact fox has a well known conservative bias and served as a mouthpiece for a number of g.o.p. heavyweights between sarah palin newt gingrich and now the former massachusetts senator scott brown. and was not for karl rove the idea for the network first came about during the nixon years when the now fox chairman roger ailes tried to get
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richard nixon to create a right wing leaning news channel to be called g.o.p. t.v. things didn't work out in the one nine hundred seventy s. nixon didn't have the money but they did in the one nine hundred ninety s. when australian billionaire rupert murdoch gave ailes his chance to create a conservative news network the rest as they say is history box now holds its own at the top of the american cable media chain so why do americans find a propaganda network so appealing and what can fox's rivals do to keep up let's ask jeff cohen journalism professor to figure college and co-founder of roots action or jeff welcome to the program welcome back to the show great to be with you it's great to see you again i think the last time i saw you in person we were watching my kids jump out of an airplane. or are you going far away so what what is it about fox news what's the deal here. well you know i was on the air there every week for the first five years of fox fox news channel and when it became number one i think people are blowing this out of proportion. i think what roger ailes was smart to
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see understood that in the world where there's hundreds of channels you have to engage in narrow casting no one study better than fox you know when talk radio started in the sixty's it was largely a backlash media against civil rights activist against the anti-war activists against hippies and feminists well roger ailes understood that in a universe where there's so many different competitors for your attention if you narrow cast if you go after people with the conservative ideology play to their prejudices be engaging the fast paced don't worry so much of facts get in the way of your narrative you don't let the facts get in the way of your narrative and i think by narrow casting he found his audience they found it early and they just keep programming to their audience the reality is that fox has the oldest viewership of any of the news channels and that's saying something their average
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age of the viewer is sixty five that's higher than hallmark channel that's higher than the golf channel the good news in this gallup poll is you know people under forty are turning to the internet and i think that's a trend that will continue and that's a good trend you know i you know i was in michigan over the weekend for a wedding and you know we stayed in a hotel and m.s.m. is c. not on the list it's a premium channel a lot of hotels don't put prima channels on they have to pay extra for them i've been in a lot of places where i couldn't see us embassy and similarly while louise and i have emma somebody see on our boat i mean at home we can get it. there are a lot of times during the day particular on the weekends but a lot of times during the day or evening where i would just want to catch up on the news i'm flipping through the channels c.n.n. is doing a documentary about. than m.s.m. b.c. is doing something about people in prison and the only place i can get news is fox there are twenty four seven news does that is that a big part of why they're so successful i probably you know on an average week will
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watch a couple in maybe an hour hour and a half in fact it just goes that ceiling there there's no doubt they understand that people you know especially people that get all their news from television they want to see the news they don't want to see documentaries about people in prison they don't want to see you know if they would they want to find out what's happening in the laziest way possible which is sitting on the couch and picking up the remote and fox has been very good at providing that kind of programming they have even on the weekends and i used to be on the air at fox news channel on the weekends you know they always had their half hour every every half hour hour bill they just news even if the programming was taped you don't see that on m.s.n. b c so again roger ailes is smart but i wouldn't overplay it i mean they they went after a sliver of the audience they've got their sliver of the audience jon stewart in the daily show has a bigger audience is audiences young you know everyone goes for that demographic
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the demo of people under fifty five and fox news doesn't do too well with that demo i think fox news is is going to be on the decline year by year and hopefully the internet independent media will keep growing as they have been growing in the last few years you know when you started with fox news they were losing money they they lost one hundred million dollars their first year and a little less than that but they lost money for their first five years sean hannity lost hundreds of millions of dollars for free made his first penny you know from air america gets pilloried by the right for having lost fifteen million dollars in seven years fox news lost that in a couple of weeks when they want to or. could it be that nobody else has got come along with such deep pockets to to to good do good counter programming or equivalent programming on the. oh i think that is the. case i mean the reality is there isn't counter programming on the other side there isn't hard news investigative news independent news you know to an audience that just wants to see
7:37 pm
its prejudices reinforced no one does it better than fox news that appeal to your conservative prejudices your bigotry they do it great they do it all the time roger ailes knows how to do it liberals and progressives don't want that liberals and progressives want to know what's really happening in the world and i don't think that's going to happen at m.s.n. b.c. that's own fifty one percent by comcast and forty nine percent by general electric it certainly didn't happen when i was at m s n b c in two thousand and two when we all got terminated for doing journalism in the run up to the invasion of iraq there really isn't a place that's ready to have the deep pockets that rupert murdoch and news corp has to put on actual journalism the closest thing we have is a smash success and that sixty minutes mean sixty minutes has shown over the years you could bring in big ratings by doing actual journalism in any gauging way sixty minutes doesn't go after the you know the war machine the surveillance state but
7:38 pm
imagine if there was a network that was doing hard hitting investigative reporting and real new doing it with the engaging high production values as something like sixty minutes you'd have a huge audience it would be far vaster than the sliver that fox news has by narrow i as i agree with you so i think that there are some real opportunities out there. we just ninety seconds here jeff i know the organization rights action dot org is involved or has has a position so i say on the snowden situation what's your take on media coverage of snowden i know is that the financial times consular refers to him as a whistleblower here in america he's always called the leaker. yeah oh look the coverage of snowden except for the first few days in the mainstream where they actually focusing on the disclosures has been more about how do we bring this guy to justice what can be done you have people calling for his arrest on c.n.n. and c.n.n.
7:39 pm
b c m m s n b c calling for his arrest and some of them are implying that grand glenn greenwald for practicing journalism maybe he should be arrested too so in a in a society you know quinnipiac had a poll and they showed that there's millions of people in our society that think snowden's a hero up and that what he did was good and more people see him as a whistleblower by far than a traitor which is how he's been portrayed in some circles and some media so the reality is when there's so many people pulling for this guy you know you can't pretend that these t.v. networks that are so identifying with the state and i include m s n b c in particular that they're somehow objective or neutral or you know it's their mask has been torn off and you've got so many people calling now for glenn greenwald to possibly be the protests that be prosecuted it just shows a decline in the last forty years from you know pentagon papers in watergate where mainstream media valued whistleblowers who are giving
7:40 pm
a secrets about how the warfare or surveillance state operates to today where mainstream media they turn up their nose against the bradley manning you know it turns out i got a sick and i got a job of the the media complex the energy it's all here jeff cohen thanks so much for being with us tonight thank you. it's the good the bad of the very very cruel fellow slee ugly the good south collins and south brother aaron passed away last year he had only one request that his that is brother stuff leave an awesome tip around five hundred dollars to a waiter or waitress souths taken his brother up on his request and then some he's now going on a road trip through all fifty states surprising servers all over with random acts
7:41 pm
of generosity here's a clip of giving a gift to one lucky pizza parlor waitress. at . really. good work set your brother brother would be proud of the bad the obama administration according to a new report from a quiet she the obama administration has started a new policy in the wake of bradley manning's leak of thousands of documents to wiki leaks to weed out other potential leakers the program code named insider threats encourages federal employees to report suspicious actions of their colleagues based on behavioral profiling those who don't report their coworkers can face punishment sounds bad right here's the worst part for you mcclatchy there's no
7:42 pm
proof such profiling techniques actually work so there you have it the most transparent administration in history is going joe mccarthy on its employees even though there's no reason to believe the doing so will keep any of our secrets and he say it's not just me and the very very ugly the five on yesterday's episode of the five. claimed that he didn't want any more mosques built in america without a thorough investigation before hand to make sure potential mosque goers are not terrorists this fellow hosts water his remarks check it out. if it were up to me i would not have another country until we got it worked out he was not a terror and by the way if somebody out there is any muslim out there any muslim cleric any muslim leader says anything about this you know you're cowardly because you're afraid to go to put up what i call the that want. this but are there. i don't know what's worse the bob beckel actually believes it's a good idea for the rest of us fox so-called news buddies islamophobia it's just
7:43 pm
very very. the same story doesn't make it news. he says. thank you. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something
7:44 pm
else. other part of it and realize that everything you. are welcome is a big. i would rather as questions for people in positions of power instead of speaking on their behalf and that's why you can find my show larry king now right here on r.t. question more.
7:45 pm
everyday gossip in the field the block find it here if you're looking for relevant stories unique perspectives from tough questions in antarctica. in the us the rest of the news when the senate passed the gang of eight immigration bill at the end of june it was able to do so only after the law's authors tacked onto it these so-called border search a massive ten year forty six billion dollars program aimed at revamping security along the border with mexico a law makers are celebrating the surge is necessary to keep america safe it's starting to look like a massive giveaway to private contractors especially prison contractors to the wall street journal legislation approved by the senate would increase the federal prison
7:46 pm
population further by fourteen thousand inmates annually and private contractors could snag eighty percent of those additional inmates over the past decade or so big private prison companies like the corrections corporation of america and geo group have made big bucks building and man. the g. in the detention centers used to hold undocumented immigrants increased funding for border security measures will mean more immigration arrests more detentions and of us more profits for geo group c.c.a. correction corp america and their and geo group's shareholders while this may be good for investors and for lobbyists is it really what's best for america or for even immigration reform joining me now for more on this is leaf investigative reporter reporting fellow with the investigative fund at the nation institute contributing writer with the nation magazine and author of the book the machine a
7:47 pm
field guide to the resurgent right must read reading lead welcome back to you nice to see you tom great to have you with us lee you recently wrote an article describing the private prison industries role in lobbying for this immigration bill and one of the most startling things that i saw on that was the connection between one of the bills major proponents florida senator marco rubio that some people are talking about as the next republican presidential nominee and the geo group who is the geo group what's their connection to rubio and why should we care. the geo group is the second largest private prison company in the world and like some of its competitors they managed private prisons that hold undocumented immigrants what's interesting here is that it's your group is not only donating to a lot of the politicians that are involved in the immigration debate they've also hired lobbying firms one of these lobbying firms navigators global was founded by
7:48 pm
a guy who's now the chief of staff for marco rubio who's helping lead these discussions not only that disclosure show that marco rubio's chief of staff is still receiving payments for around us lobbying for him so there's a a little bit of a conflict of interest yeah when i you know when i saw this border surge in these you know tens of billions of dollars attached to it the first thing that came to my mind was this is a welfare program or just a giant payoff to the basically of texas in arizona jan brewer and rick perry and and their compatriots and their errors. but it looks like it's more than just that . well when some of these conservative politicians and you know these are democrats and republicans call for more in forstmann enforcement. what they really mean when you look at the actual provisions that are being inserted into the bill that lots of cash to federal contractors whether it's for i.t.
7:49 pm
in managing inmates new prisons double fence border wall drones a lot of different contractors are seeing these conservative demands for more unfortunate as an opportunity to make a lot of money how do these private or present companies for profit private prison companies get injected into our body politic shouldn't imprisoning people be a function of government. was an interesting question do a longer investigation of this earlier this year because it's actually the thirty year anniversary of corrections corporation of america the largest private prison operator in the united states and you know the private prison companies have been very good at playing the political game and the early eighty's they gave a lot of money to politicians supporting privatization schemes and then throughout the ninety's and over the last decade dave co-opted politicians to assert themselves whether it's the war on drugs or the war on terrorism as the solution to
7:50 pm
the problem so as there's more folks are detained there diverted to private prisons the big biggest program in immigration reform and back going back to the bush administration years of his immigration policy it's operation streamline which takes pretty much anyone picked up various parts of the southern border and inserts them into the federal justice system taking them out of ice and placing them in federal prisons that are pretty much one hundred percent operated by private prisons amazing i understand lee that kentucky recently said no to private prisons are it we have just a few seconds left are we starting to see the beginnings of a nationwide backlash against this. we are seeing a backlash if you just look at our google search your see a lot of scrutiny into the private prison companies that being said as you mention of the immigration bill you'll see the role of private prisons only grown coming years yeah they've got a lot of money in the supreme court has now said that speech and they are
7:51 pm
corporations and the supreme court is their big bowls that's going to be a tough one leaf on thanks so much for the great reporting you're doing it's always great to have got a program thanks for having me tom. crazy alert everyone me. flowers the pig whose forehead looks like the great jet i'm master yoda the internet first discovered ramona when her owners cousin posted a photo of her magical forehead on the internet and as you can see the likeness is pretty good from all as wrinkly head looks on annaly like everyone's favorite backwards talking star wars character but all that skin folds you can appear to be shaped like yoda is most smile and according to our honors relatives ramona has by
7:52 pm
stephen funk nature just like the seven hundred year old jet i mastered i don't think ramona is going to be using the force anytime soon so she's brave enough to take on the closest thing the animal world has to with darth vader the moth but would like to draw good luck ramona a report with. our american empire is unraveling before our very eyes on tuesday the brazilian newspaper old global revealed that our national security agency spying program extends all the way to latin america basing its reporting on a set of documents provided by whistleblower edward snowden
7:53 pm
a newspaper showed that the n.s.a. has recorded the telephone calls communications and electronic data of the citizen of and officials of ago. group of countries including venezuela brazil colombia and mexico even more concerning the n.s.a. has focused its latin american spying operations on those countries natural gas and energy industries the program that they run to do this is code named boundless informant for venezuelans mexicans and brazilians these revelations are pretty shocking and angry but they shouldn't be surprising that's because the united states of america is an empire and like all empires from the roman to the spanish to the british it needs to maintain control over other countries especially countries that can provide us with essential natural resources like oil sometimes the empire keeps control over countries by invading them sometimes by economic bribery and other times by supporting covert action against foreign governments the
7:54 pm
way reagan did with the contras in the one nine hundred eighty s. other times like the old global report shows our empire preserves its power by winning the information game by spying snooping on mexican gas executives and brazilian bureaucrats then it's just another way for our empire to keep itself on top of the global throne constant warfare and foreign adventures like spy games with latin america are for the while least the way empires work by directly and indirectly controlling much of the world empires can ensure a steady supply of all those natural resources and strategic alliances that keep them on the top empires in a sense or predators or parasites they suck the marrow out of the bones of everyone else in order to grow and thrive but in the end as historic global powers like the british romans and spanish eventually found out empires fall and they fall because their empires those very things that make
7:55 pm
a country an empire have their own built in limitations that end up bringing that empire down for example it's pretty damn expensive. to keep building military bases all over the world it's very expensive to go to war every decade or so and it's expensive to fund the institutions that direct and manage that imperial war machine . eventually those costs become too much to bear or the resources become depleted and the empire falls but empires aren't fragile just because they cost a lot or their other weaknesses is that the very tactics they use to keep themselves in power end up inciting other countries to rebel against them the british learned this in their experience with us and their experience with gandhi in india the desire for self-determination is a fact of human nature and because empires denied this basic right they invite backlash but for americans the worst part of our imperial power posture is that of
7:56 pm
funnels resources away from our problems here at home look around you our roads bridges water and water treatment systems are crumbling our cell phone service is spotty our broadband is some of the slowest and most expensive in the developed world even our trains are state of the art for the nineteenth century and a joke compared to those of europe japan south korea and china and increasingly as we've had to divert more and more of our national resources to our empire our social safety net and our education systems have disintegrated our country faces a number of pressing problems and none of them will be solved by building more military bases in japan or snooping on mexican oil executives these problems will only be solved by taking the money and talent that we are now using to prop up our declining empire and putting that money to work rebuilding america revitalizing our
7:57 pm
economy and rejuvenating our middle class histories approving this over and over again the roman the spanish the british. why on the as every empire you can think of group powerful by military conquest and foreign adventurism but eventually they all over extended themselves weakening the very foundations of their nations and in the end they all felt some collapse so completely that there's barely a remnant left others like the british empire that ended in the early twentieth century made a reasonable and rational transition from empire to nationhood united states should learn from these examples and draw down our empire before it's too late before we've collapsed into a pit so deep will never be able to get out let's end the empire and put america and americans first and that's the way it is tonight wednesday july tenth two thousand and thirteen and don't forget democracy begins when you get out there and occupy so tag you're it.
7:58 pm
wealthy british style. is not tied to the tireless money. markets why not come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with max concert for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kinds
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a report on r g you know how sometimes you see a story and it seems so for lengthly you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture.
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change. coming up on r t in a surprise move the defense in the bradley manning trial rested late this afternoon archie has been covering this trial from the beginning and we were out for me today for the courtroom drama. egypt remains in a state of chaos while pro morsi protesters fill the streets arrest warrants were issued for muslim brotherhood leaders more on these developments and what's next for the country in turmoil up ahead and some prison inmates in california are on a hunger strike we'll look at how many inmates are taking part and what their demands are internet show.


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