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many in latin america are furious with the forced grounding of bolivia's president evo morales is playing in austria and even twelve nations in latin america are coming together to discuss the consequences of the event the plane was forced to the ground while flying over the e.u. because it was believed that that sneaky snowden was hiding on board trying to get to asylum in bolivia and beyond some might say that this is no big deal some present of some contra since he had a delayed flight for a few hours things happen man but you've got to get that still guy at all costs right well one is delayed flight is another man's imperial skyjacking you see the countries of latin america have a common history as being on the bad end of brutal western european imperialism and when the president of a former colony could just be abducted at the will of the you would have his plane search it sure makes you feel like you're still under the lash of foreign control
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doesn't it to any of you think for a moment that any e.u. officials who are so willing to groan morality would dare to do the same thing air force one i don't think so morose clearly was treated like some sort of second class president and despite this insult they didn't even catch oden this is what i call a double fail but that's just my opinion. everything
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was fine until the moment i came to sim for opal. local journalists wrote that a tramp artist had painted the minister of culture from. which the media reacted immediately. saying that ukrainian papers had dared to call a famous painter from vanya is a tramp. the main idea of the project as of the artist paints people's portraits in return for some goods things like. supplies or things that might be useful for traveling he doesn't use any money at all today is the twentieth day of my journey around the world for all those twenty days i haven't spent any money at all.
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that much so that every person can evaluate my art the way they want or i do not set any price some will give a roll of toilet paper for it to another will present a laptop. i like it a lot. now i don't think about money. the picture shifted well this journey is like you know what about seeing the world if the kind of a business trip. it's a mission that i put to myself but i act. the project won't succeed if i stay in
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the same place all the time it will fail. the only way to chicago on ham is through the intent that i read his blogs all of us hope it will result in something serious at the end of the day. but at the moment you could say they were just watching. i am a little worried about the fact that he has stopped painting. he probably thinks he doesn't have the talent for it along the beach though maybe he has decided to choose some other direction. we still are now. i couldn't make it to pure water and give gainey as wedding but i still managed to
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congratulate them i made it to the wedding photo shoot painted their portraits and headed to the city of study our school dimitri offered to give me a ride we've known each other for about seven years already. you have one hundred in but from the cross the globe right yes. from here mostly right now russians most of the info is being spread in russian my blog is in russian. where do you get your house from. but it was also an exchange a gift from st petersburg for everything is traded trousers to the scarf. you know. all those portraits is it actually art. what kind of game in some sense. if it's all very subjective someone considers it art and. because that nonsense. you know i don't care what it's called. i just like
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living this way. a superstar how are you are you alone let's go together ok let's go. if i did it well if the girls were more attentive they would have probably noticed that this portrait is nothing like the way paintings are meant to be done so that's probably why they brought me gem. my.
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work ok how long does a painting take about six minutes and do the subjects recognize themselves afterwards i still don't think i am skilled enough to speak about the sketching technique sometimes it looks similar sometimes it doesn't that's why i do two paintings usually the person chooses the one they like the most and i keep the other one it goes into my own collection of portraits. then you've got to know me about a year and a half ago. she phoned my blog and began reading at both but when i wrote there above my plans to travel she wrote back to me. in her message she invited me to
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visit simferopol it was fun to chatter. and then one day i don't remember when exactly or if she was joking. she said she could actually go with me to dinner. and then i said ok let's go together then i feel close to him which we have the same ideas i feel good around him it was the main reason for me to go to cuba with him which i believe that you should take any chances your life gives you i would feel bad if i didn't say i strongly believe it's better to do something and probably regret it later than not to do it at all and feel sorry about that afterwards. while traveling in china i went to shanghai i felt i could live there it was the moment the project actually started a russian girl living on the floor below me was going to leave. us one day i came
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to see her and noticed an easel there i was looking for one of the time. so i asked her to sell it to me but she didn't want to do that but it was a friend's gift apparently. that is why i offered to swap for it instead i gave her a painting in exchange for the ease of it was my first barter are so good but i got the idea to organize it as an art project which is what i. said i started to get letters for each. one of them was from a couple that was going to get married and want to back kind of portrayed as a wedding present for themselves. but i had already left odessa so they're asked if i could do it over skype the story is just they told me they could give me all i need for my travel in return. so i asked if they could pay for the tickets from a deficit istanbul they agreed and as a result we have
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a skype portrait session now and waiting on the tickets. if i decided to take annie as a hostage and go together to some other place but here i feel she can bring me luck. she's studying to be an art critic and it might be good practice for she can learn how to organize these kinds of projects but i hope she won't regret spending her time with such a con man as me. after our talk yesterday we feel that you are more interested in taking part in the documentary down in an exchange with us we are sorry to turn down your request but with i'm with you i got that message from person who invited me to kiev i received this morning just as i was about to leave.
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alone marina this is sergei bahl over the painter. well here's the problem we don't have a place to stay and i have no idea what to do you hope it works out. ok we can walk there from the beatles here by. ha ha it's us. if this is and yemen and nice to me. i'm married now. it's what i live so this is what we traded for sex do you like fruit the fruits. sure i did well and i am as oranges some sort of tea ok let's have some tea bowls all healthy. or near that there when i am really interested in his
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story i miss a salad just i study those living on the margins sometimes i think that only superhumans a crazy people can live like this some breakfast people you know but he's ok a guy who stands firmly on his feet and who is certain in his actions. i was kind of amazed the project was a lot of interest not only from regular guys and girls who wanted to get their part trades but also from the mass media. how do you done for yourself and society. who are you you don't make any money this sort of philosophy seems dangerous to me there's. quite a few people think i am a parasite like i don't do anything but i have it all for free maybe it's a way to become a famous artist. well yeah to be a successful artist you have to be famous but i'm not interested in all that so
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much i don't care about what is going to happen to my paintings after i die i live for today that's all i care about i want to enjoy it now. here is it take it to him off super thank you so much. ok see you. going to live women have always played an important role in my life and i appreciate all they do with the good news and i have talked about it and we've decided to leave things the way they are. i don't want to quit studying because me . she trusts her mind more than her feelings.
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to feel if it's going to get a travel passport just in case maybe i'll join me someday if i'm we'll continue the projects that i'm in now i don't think self that means i've got to stop. unfortunately all of it well we'll think of something. ok it all depends on you. ok so you. eat. the.
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yeah there was the book i want my child to be happy. she has a great mom after the divorce i felt i had nothing to lose so i left. it was pointless to stay there only to be able to see my child once a week it was wrong. so i left. i try not to hold on to the past and get lost in nostalgia feel bad about it i also try not to dream about the future too much. but i try to live in that exact day and create a present to you that went through. the
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thirty's incidentally in a desk i might have the chance to meet my grandfather i've never met him in my life we'll see my dad's father is a songwriter he writes patriotic lyrics he's. told hello how are you so i'm here finally. i'm trying to find the exact street. name of pulo i was a bit worried about him when. he is quite old has some health problems and had a stroke recently. we met and i even painted several portraits of the audience i kept one for myself. just up on the tenth of march so i have to be in istanbul i
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have an appointment there i meeting up. very special person the famous traveler roussillon my bottled up with he's a cyclist we are going to rome by bike from there. still with another chance meeting in the airport. i'm going that way ok. we're at the airport right now just arrived going through passport control. it with checking out the new camera. and we are going to combine our two projects across country cycling and the bartering what you do i'm going to get the food and he is responsible for logistics and where we sleep at night. he is also going to find a bike for me right now i'm bringing what i've managed to get through it'll be enough for a week i think it's going to be difficult physically but kind of fun at the same time .
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but like if i let seat of the queen's visit ukrainian stuff yes. but by the way this kind of present is the most useful to us dried fruits nuts raisins they're all full of energy so i had to do the pot well done. that it was a good idea to bring you here it could be you can be my supervisor. or. i'll be your spiritual leader and you will. will be in charge of food actually are already right kind of. push right down hill now the most difficult part is going up. but. we're going down
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so you have to adjust the gear it's to live shifted by gear and don't rush it depends on the hill but here it's better to use first to last first or second let's try once again wes trying. what you describe something to eat i'm starving i've got no energy. i have an m.b.a. from america will be what i used to be a white collar worker and a top manager in some of the big companies. now this is another stage of my life. i ride a bicycle down my main goal is to make other people see that there is an alternative way of life. but i don't consider a beautiful here not at all or farm it's bad for your health because of the exhaust fumes and kind of dangerous because of the traffic.
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let's find a hotel. only if you find a place to stay for free you. know it was your task. i can do that only if we go less than fifty kilometers a day when you see such a long journey takes all your energy and there is no way to do something else after to be sure but we have to write the blogs and paint. write all about it. and then upload it that's right and i just don't want to move. today there was no trading so we have to use our reserves. it will be used to being a leader he's used to controlling and planning his dreams and making them come true now we're looking for compromise i mean trying to feel each other because it's kind
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of a leader follow a situation you know he doesn't want to be a slave here. and there just sit yourself down to some tea and start to paint. a start i have to paint you first we had a deal to remember to find someone. to find someone you have to do something first i mention i'm not here what would you do them the same thing i've done the last month and a half. it's good. you blame me now i'm not blaming you. it's just the second day already we have to find an optimal solution we will sun is shining the weather is beautiful we arrived early right we should be having fun not fighting do you think i know
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what to do now you know what checks are wife. and you have to do anything for me but when he doesn't want anything from me i was the one to decide about going with him and it was my decision to pay for that. ok jay. no money jay. jay. ok. ok jay.
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but tenable here's a gift for you that would help yourself. but it's useless to paid for food if you're going to buy it where. most and just plain without the food or water the. it's neither that's not food it's chips. the money we have normal food your friendship my oh i want chips or you're going to do if i want chips but substance one thing. i can control my wishes and desires you know. i think desiring and it will go away the feel hungry my stomach told me about that. me sit down. sit up straight.
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sure i just don't fidget it's just we have to get used to each other and war i think he's a little disappointed about the thing because we're still spending a lot of money and he doesn't like it i can get you i mean i spend it but it is mine so he shouldn't worry about that right. ok let's spend it all quickly. and then start a life without a penny. much so. you had your own experience with all that didn't you didn't you spend all your money in shanghai more or less. that's why i'm going to spend it now. to give us book the most expensive hotels. but the most expensive restaurants. are terrible picture i just like a joke. i don't think so goes
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a great artist. but i don't think it's a con man. if you don't like the painting just trying to give anything to the person. i asked him to buy for the painting he seemed to understand but then he went away. well. it's a tough job you have to take a risk just to get some food it's not difficult it's just not the way usually do things so how do you do. it together. you have to plan it all and advance friends so you ask me may the board to ask me to make a port that i made that i ask t. for this where is my duty. for ports it was this i made it. it's for gift not for free.
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sure you get used to people's attention very quickly the people around me usually help organize it all but nobody knows me so things are a bit different. i don't know what it means to escape from yourself quite the opposite i am trying to find myself and i am happy to feel all the changes because they are positive. i still have a lot to work on there are lot of changes to come this is my way and when i feel it is ok i will share that feeling of happiness with other people.
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what is the future of democracy in the arab middle east in the wake of the coup d'etat in egypt because this region condemned to a vicious cycle of uprisings and brutal suppression what about the claim islam and democracy are incompatible and does the west really have an interest in seeing the people of the middle east free to decide their own destinies. on. more news today violence is once again fled up the phone these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. giant corporations are the day. we speak your language or not a day of. school music programs and documentaries and spanish more matters to you
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if you're away from. your mobile device you can watch on t.v. anytime anywhere. edward snowden wants to remain in russia he told human rights activists during a meeting in a moscow airport transit. the former n.s.a. contractor to stop leaking documents that the u.s. which is the president's condition for giving snowden refuge plus. could be subjected to ill treatment in yes. we talked to the activists who met snowden about his current predicament and whether they think russia will offer him a way out of his transit limbo.


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