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tv   Headline News  RT  July 14, 2013 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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today's news on the week's top stories right here on. edward snowden human rights activists. are still. reveals evidence that syrian rebels were responsible for the deadly use of chemical weapons inside the conflict zone as. egypt president and ruining the economy as we report on what impact the political crisis on the country's.
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top stories of the week this is the weekly with me welcome to the program. this week saw a little change to the plight of edward snowden there was a blow of remains in the transit. port but he did managed to talk to representatives of human rights organizations. for refuge in russia more on this now to correspondent. until now it was all it was all guesswork where is he what is he doing and what is his next step well the meeting took place during which edward snowden has pretty much described his situation how he was living and what drove him to where he is right now a little over one month to go. home in paradise and i lived in great comfort. i also had the capability without any warrant of law to search or see these and read your communications anyone's communications at any time there is the power
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to change people's speeds it is also a serious violation of the wall of the former and this a cia contractor it has been on the run essentially from u.s. authorities for three weeks following his interview with the guardian's glenn greenwald in the first part of the interview was published in may and the second part just came out in which edward snowden has explained his motivation for actually breaking his silence and leaking the information that he was prepared to increasingly was exposed to true information that had not been propagandized in the media. that we were actually involved in misleading the public and misleading all the publics not just the american public in order to create a certain mindset in the global consciousness and i was actually a victim of that i grew up with the understanding that the world i lived in was one where people that you would sort of freedom to communicate with each other and the
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privacy without it being monitored without being measured or analyzed or or sort of judged by these shadowy figures or systems i think a lot of people of my generation anybody who grew up with the internet that was their understanding well of course now the united states has unleashed a full out manhunt for edward snowden which is peculiar considering that everybody seems to know where he is but still the u.s. cannot get their hands on it on him even though not for the lack of trying definitely have. understand that snowden's passport has been altered by u.s. authorities saugus lee he can't really get anywhere without having proper documents on him so this application for asylum in russia which by the way russian authorities say they haven't received he has seems to be the only real way out at least to have some sort of documents on him which could either help him either stay in moscow oh or which seems to be the plan to head on over to one of the three latin american countries be that in israel and of course al gore will believe what whichever country else he may think off which will be willing to take him in. all
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these are going to go right now by requesting asylum from moscow has also agreed to comply with the conditions laid out by president putin that he stops harming the u.s. or russian m.p. going off who was at the meeting believes this now qualify snowden as a political refugee. human rights activists of lawyers who were there. at the end were agreeing he was prosecuted for political reasons rather than on legal grounds taking into account that he came out with. snowden though came out with recognition of those conditions that he is not going to hurt the united states probably he is realistically to use you we can realistically snowden can get political asylum. whether he's prepared to comply. and he said yes it's easy because one. you've.
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heard the united states' interest that was in the best. and if there is a scandal now it's something which has to do with journalists rather than with snowden. and second if he is not prepared to hurt the united states as a country. and in the meantime washington slammed russia for providing a propaganda platform for the fugitive whistleblower although its failed to explain exactly what moscow has done wrong in the first place. we are disappointed that russian officials and agencies facilitated this meeting today by allowing these activists and representatives into the moscow airports transit zone to meet with mr snowden despite the government's declarations of russian's neutrality with respect to mr snowden sorry you're disappointed that they let someone into their own
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airport i don't know that well that they facilitated this event of course why because this gave a forum you don't think that you should have before as he flees forfeited his right to freedom of speech is well met miss mr snowden as we've talked about let me just say this because i think it's important he's not a whistleblower he's not human rights activists he's wanted on a series of serious criminal charges brought in these certain eastern district of virginia in the united states i'm sorry but i didn't realize people wanted on charges forfeited their right to speak to free speech. edward snowden's prolonged asylum controversy has become a test for both washington and moscow that is also according to a professor of russian and slavic studies of new york university stephen cohen. this is a classic case of the testing of leadership both in moscow and washington neither leader neither obama nor putin can be happy about mr snowden sitting in the moscow
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airport who didn't invite him to show but he can't toss him for very political reasons obama needs to show he's tough on snowden. i can't believe that the united states actually wants to put snowden on trial because it was a fair trial a legal trial all snowden would have the right to subpoena american officials who have knowledge of all this intelligence he's exposed that would not be so i think there's a vested interest with obama and putin did find a way to solve this problem so that neither is damage politically so will now study what kind of leaders they are. now russia did the u.s. and its allies earlier this week for what moscow called quote producing maximum obligations with a minimum credibility this regarding the use of chemical weapons in syria and western powers that clain bashar assad's regime used the gas on civilians in march but russia revealed it had conducted its own investigation into the incident and
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discovered the syrian opposition was in fact responsible for the atrocities that killed twenty six russians a u.n. envoy added the western claims of a contrary appeared to be aimed at hampering an independent investigation into the chemical attack fears of a tally churkin substantiate of russia's findings. the results of the analysis clearly indicate that the ordinance used in common assault was not industrially manufactured and was filled with saddam. the sudden technical specification is proof that it was not industrially manufactured either the project allen volt is not is standard one for chemical use therefore there is evident you want to believe that it was the armed opposition fighters who used the chemical weapons in. israel was a behind the recent explosions at the key syrian port of the takia this according to statements made by three anonymous u.s. officials in the pre-dawn blasts allegedly targeted
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a russian made antiship missile battery which syria received two years ago and the latest on this middle east correspondent paula slayer. american officials speaking anonymously have revealed that explosions reported at a key syrian port some nine days ago would likely the result of an israeli air strike now the allegations refer to dawn explosions in the city of latakia and they allegedly targeted russian made and he ship missiles not only a quantum assault betty was supplied by russia to the syrian armed forces back in two thousand and eleven a permanent russian naval base in the city of type two us which is about eighty kilometers from the turkey or what we're hearing from the syrian observatory for human rights is that fighter jets were seen in the skies around the city of haifa which lies east of latakia now several troops were reportedly killed and wounded in the explosions the syrian rebels do acknowledge to quote them that foreign forces
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destroyed the advance antiship missiles and they hinted that israel might have been behind the attack the spokesperson for the free syrian army said that the attack was either by an air raid or long range missiles fired from boats in the mediterranean what we're hearing now according to iranian media however is that syrian officials have denied reports that israel was behind this attack so far the israeli government has declined to comment all confirm over future allegations that it is responsible for these attacks but however if these reports are true this attack would mark the fourth israeli strike on syria within the past six months in may israel launched two air strikes on the syrian territory one of the strikes was thought to be on the country's scientific studies and research center which was previously attacked by the israeli air force back in january the other attack which took place on may the third targeted surface to surface missiles provided by iran
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and was targeted to damascus international airport israel has not gone on record to claim responsibility for any of these attacks at. same time tel aviv has made it clear that the country is prepared to go into syria if it means preventing hizbollah or other militant groups from obtaining additional what it calls sophisticated weaponry is were referring here to a red line israel does consider advanced missile systems such as these systems at your current to be a great to vital infrastructure on the country's coast including its gas reserves and its power stations so the facts seem to point towards an israeli airstrike but as i say no confirmation from the israeli side not that we're expecting to get it anyway or less to discuss a bit further now here at sea with amir oren a senior correspondent and columnist at the haaretz newspaper thank you for joining us this sunday here on our see the anonymous us sources are saying this is definitely an israeli attack where do you stand on these allegations. well
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there is no formal israeli comment but we can safely use this assessment as the point of departure for our discussion and why don't we try to isolate the three players. that he's firstly russia the supplier of the missiles then syria the recipient and perhaps the transit point and the end user to you final destination. in lebanon now russia of course israel has no quote israel doesn't. clash with russia and in directly it may even help russian industry if it destroys these missiles and russian industry can resell such items but this is of course. the currency of this moment most are at this moment though we have no we have no current confirmation of direct hezbollah
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involvement we also know that these russian weapons were actually sold to syria more than two years ago now if indeed israel is involved in these airstrikes what's tell of eve's motivation here. right because because israel does not go out and preempt syrian missiles be they surface to surface surface to air or. close to shore to see it does so only when syria seems to be on the verge of transporting transferring those missiles to hezbollah. hence in the south and central levanon they may indeed as you heard in the previous report they may threaten the northern part of israel merry time activity. gaz installations refineries and population centers so rather than wait until these missiles reach beirut or side of israel
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probably decided to preempt and. as you say as you say mr are you calling it a preemptive strike here by israel discussing the fact that these missiles given to syria more than two years ago you allege may have been going to hezbollah if indeed there is any truth to that is it then israel's policy to bomb a sovereign state with no declaration of war well there is a state of war existing between israel and syria and has existed for many years at least seems nineteen seventy three the young people war there's i mean there's no international mandate can you can you can you bring that into a context of an international mandate you're you're bringing a bit of a very good time time period here what gives tel aviv the right to intervene militarily without an international mandate. well obviously you asked me to comment i'm not defending or attacking policy here but what i'm trying to portray
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is israel's defensive agenda of not clashing with syria but when a terrorist organization such as. tries to get its hands on such a sophisticated missiles rather than wait until they are in the midst of populated beirut where noncombatant innocent civilians might be hurt if the next round between israel and hezbollah takes place israel probably takes such a measure admitted lee. under the raider both israel and syria would rather keep silent about it even deny it outright even though they may know it's the truth but this is how it goes in war and diplomacy try fair enough i suppose that is a valid point that mr or and that we have been seeing reports here as of late that assad's forces have been getting gaining ground in recent weeks how do you think
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you think israel strike perhaps if it is proven by israel indeed do you think there's a connection there that assad's forces are gaining ground so perhaps israel has intervened in that regard. israel has not made up its mind and may never do so whether it will be better off under syria under assad or under the rebels of course the rebels may take syria out of its relationship with iran israel is bitter enemy but at the same time they may be connected with al qaeda was well the global jihad which is another a sworn enemy of israel so israel does not take sides in the syrian civil war what israel is afraid of is that on the golan heights the very front where it confronts both the rebels and the syrian army units both of these forces may independently attack israel and therefore israel would love to keep
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out of the war in syria and would like the various forces there to keep fighting each other rather than attacking israel all right i mean oren a senior correspondent and columnist at the ha'aretz newspaper from all of us here at r.t. thank you for joining us on this sunday. well additional police are to be deployed to belfast shortly in the program to run out to bring you the latest from northern ireland's capital which has been engulfed in sectarian violence for the second night in a row if you can do please stay with us here on out. i'm not used to the tundra to freedom i am my dear.
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in second grade i ran away from the boarding school with to my friends will be around to the tundra. to the tundra is just miskito that practically i don't know how people can live there to get in there no t.v.'s in the tenth how caisson my child to boarding school i won't be able to sleep at night after that. they enter a life without knowledge of how to do basic things they don't get that in school. oh oh oh. could you take three. three. three. three. three. three brown video for your media project a free video don carty dot com. we're
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featuring other top headlines of the week here on this is the weekly with me wrong . egypt's interim government has begun investigating the ousted president mohamed morsi for spying ruining the economy and inciting violence at the military's clampdown on the muslim brotherhood started soon after morsi was toppled with its top members of arrested and is the most television networks being shut down as well a huge crowds have been out in cairo all week and some demanding morsi is reinstatement of the celebrating the fact that he's gone it was on monday you know that fifty seven people were killed in clashes between the army and the deposed president supporters and what they called a massacre by the old stories the brotherhood continues to bring coach loads of people from the provinces to rally some senior figures of call for more demonstrations in the next twenty four hours my colleague kevin owen told earlier to the spokesman of egypt's freedom and justice party and exactly what the
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islamists goals really are. complete minute to cool that in the first place and in the first day heads vested. about four hundred persons from many parties i didn't listen brotherhood. or even was not even. figures. figures we have forty eight forty more years in the public in the guard headquarters so i don't know where the hell small when you have to protest when you. are you happy to see bloodshed more bloodshed in your country as your protest against this coup whatever you want to call it continues. yeah of course not of course not blood is something that we hate all you both i think all human beings hate to to see the blood in their country but if you call it a revolt you will. we are calling for people to
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defend their right to have a democratic country we have about thirty five million people protesting for pro morsi and this is not the problem morsi is not the real problem because understand this the problem is egypt to be back to the big city to ship i would leave of the twenty fifth of january is stolen from us today so people who does not like something they have all the right to do dejected at the protest in peace with the most station this is their rights and this is the right of all egyptians and all human beings to do that about their opinion and in the meantime egypt's interim government has vowed to get the country back on track is planning a new constitution and the parliamentary vote in about six months time for the backbone of the country's economy of course that of tourism shows little prospect of recovery the deadly street battles across the nation doing little for its image auntie's cairo correspondent bill true reports. behind me is the egyptian museum
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one of the most popular tourist destinations in the whole of the country is the first port of call for many tourists coming off the plane here in downtown cairo however it isn't empty this is a scene that's been seen across the country in all the most popular tourist destinations following a week of political turmoil after the ouster of mohamed morsi egypt's tourists and history which makes up eleven percent of the country's economy has taken a massive beating since the only way to define revolution particularly as tourists are becoming increasingly scarce in the last week we've seen massive nationwide demonstrations funded by clashes between rival groups and on sunday fifty people were killed in clashes between security forces and supporters of the deposed president early even many defeating the terrorists won't come to egypt in the future that bin travel warnings have been issued by embassies including the u.s. embassy. she said may spend on emergency stop crime after a u.s. citizen was stopped last week in these bloody clashes made to international tour operators that are becoming can also come so that tourist two my oldest on
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september fearing that this push i will continue to do to this is a free like but the work place has most kids however no cool tour operators on souvenir shops and we don't have international backing to fail to plug the gaps the poor woman moans. we need to be supermom the blood be no list them five percent john believes even if he did that somebody close close and you feel as if it should lose you no more war if you see the steve thank you very much sir. so people are fearing meant as those supporters of the previous leader mohamed morsy remain in the city and and refuse to go home in various parts of the country and we're going to see further clashes with those like shoki working in the tourist industry and they feed this means tourists are going to continue to be scared from coming to egypt and actually the future of egypt's tourism is going. maybe even
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what. i mean this is the weekly on r.t. loyalist riots in north belfast of continued for the second night in a row that's prompting the deployment of hundreds of additional police on the march by the program to orange order spiraled into one rest after the traditional route was shortened to keep it from passing through a sectarian flashpoint. three points. so you still go somewhere i think all the second even a bit on a much much smaller scale than we saw last night though the situation moves bad but the numbers a significantly smaller and the laws police operation trying to quell the tensions of the starting of pools will be full of the police forcing that controversial decision by the phrase mission days of the week for the twelfth of july parade but not for large scale anger on the streets of belfast now here again tonight as you can see we've had a full full thing right they had some petrol bombs the last number of police
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offices dealing with this operation and of course we've seen this extra numbers of mutual aid offices. in scotland it is well we're being here as this thing northern ireland police force but i think that's the problem the last couple of nights really highlighted some of the big concerns that still needs to be addressed and it's going to make it even more important in the coming weeks with the plans for the ballpark talks to take place in this situation the questions still remain the cultural expressions that our people most of these questions believe to be had at how you calm the situation and alone get. to really addressing some of the issues surface. and into beyond that we go starting with the angry protesters who have taken to the streets of cities all across america this after a neighborhood watchman george zimmerman was found not guilty of murdering an
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unarmed black teenager as a woman faces life behind bars of conflicted but a jury ruled he had acted in self-defense when he shot trayvon martin last year in florida the cases of a virtual across america and reignited a shopping racial debate. as police abuse tear gas and water cannons to disperse. and the government demonstrations in istanbul hundreds of protesters have taken to streets against a new parliamentary bill stripping off the texan engineers association of the rights to approve but in planning projects the demonstrators claim it's a government vendetta because the association was involved in the protests over the controversial redevelopment of gezi park of course that sparked nationwide undressed the end of may. or about with more help an hour's time but next though it's the extraordinary life of children adapting to survive although russia's arctic tundra this is a lie from. many
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in latin america are furious with the force grounding of bolivia's president evo morales is playing in austria and even twelve nations in latin america are coming together to discuss the consequences of the event the plane was forced to the ground while flying over the e.u. because it was believed that that sneaky snowden was hiding on board trying to get to asylum in bolivia and beyond some might say that this is no big deal so president of some contras since he had a delayed flight for a few hours things happen man plus you've got to get that student guy at all costs right well one is delayed flight is another man's imperial skyjacking you see the countries of latin america have a common history as being on the bad end of brutal western european imperialism and when the president of a former colony could just be abducted at the will of the you would have his plane
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searched it sure makes you feel like you're still under the lash of foreign control doesn't it do any of you think for a moment that any e.u. officials who are so willing to ground morality would dare to do the same thing air force one i don't think so morose clearly was treated like some sort of second class president and despite this insult they didn't even catch oden this is what i call a double fail but that's just my opinion. a child born in the tundra is always nomadic by nature as an early age she knows that life is perpetual motion. for nine months every year and its children are taken from their homes in the tundra to special boarding schools and each time they want
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is to go home again as soon as they can. some can't wait for the holidays and head for the tundra. represents the third generation of a new net deliberating family he too went to a boarding school before graduating as a vet. back home in the tundra he found a wife and now has three children he's taking his eldest son daniel and his nephew from the boarding school to visit their grandfather for a short summer break before reindeer as day the main annual festival.


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