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tv   Headline News  RT  July 15, 2013 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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breaking news this. hour sources say israel. to launch one of its recent attacks on syria despite the shops. have been experiencing in recent years. meanwhile syria's a military reportedly a rebel used to produce chemical substances the claims coming directly from syrian state television. spread across america with police firing rubber bullets at crowds protesting the. black teenager.
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with me let's get straight to our breaking news for you this hour for the first time since the outbreak of the syrian conflict israel used turkish military bases for one of its recent strikes against syria and this is according to our sources the latest on this now from middle east correspondent for the slip. r.t. sources tell us that israel used turkish military bases to launch attacks inside syria the latest attack was carried out in early july when there was a pre-dawn strike on the syrian city of latakia that allegedly targeted russian made anti ship missiles u.s. officials speaking on condition of anonymity say that this attack on the weapons of this pope was in all likelihood and israeli airstrike it happened not far from a russian base and there is suspicion from many quarters that israeli fighter jets
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were responsible a number of syrian troops were killed and wounded in those explosions no one has officially come forward and came to sponsibility for the attack r.t. requested a reaction from the israeli government but the government declined to comment what is important is that the attack from the reports we have from our sources here in r.t. originated on the turkish side of the border our sources telling us that is late planes lift a military base inside to a key and approach the taqiyya from the sea to make sure that they stayed out of syrian airspace so that they could not become a legitimate target for the syrian air force this if true isn't it a mother brazen israeli attack on a foreign country without any declaration of war as well in turkey have not been the best of friends in recent years we have the flip tell incident back in two thousand and ten in which nine people were killed that was condemned internationally and although there were conflicting reports as to exactly what
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happened israel never stepped forward with an apology and till march and when his role did apologize turkey accepted the apology there was a lot of fanfare and international coverage made over that but it was really surprising because the two countries were really at odds at the time turkey recorded some bassa to it suspended ties with israel and what we see now is a sudden change of. hart in turkey towards israel this is a very unusual regional development because you have both regional powers who looked at odds with each other and then we have this recent information about cooperation of an attack inside syria now what might be a real surprise for many of our viewers how deeply embedded israel and turkey at one stage were the two countries had very close relations in the one nine hundred ninety s. particularly military cooperation all of that deteriorated after the fertility incident they can now be legitimate questions asked about these sincere motivation
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for the apology that israel gave over that fertility incident questions need to be arsed how and why an islamic country like turkey is allowing its arch enemy israel to use turkish bases to bomb a nother muslim nation and no doubt there is going to be massive fallout for turkey because of this cooperation with israel. right now in the mean time turkey and israel have been at loggerheads since the twenty ten commando raid on a turkish humanitarian aid flotilla which sparked fury from ankara at the time the turkish prime minister ship out of the one accused israel of carrying out a massacre saying tell if we would never be able to wash the blood off its hands. it was echoed by a un human rights council report slamming israeli troops for breaching international law and using quote an unacceptable level of brutality it was you know two thousand and twelve that a trial in absentia began oh for former israeli commandos on charges of inciting
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murder through cruelty and torture however on march twenty second of this year all legal action came to an unexpected and abrupt told the binyamin netanyahu and ordered one spoke on the phone with the israeli prime minister expressing his regret for the loss of turkish life earlier in the program i spoke to journalist a medical action writer who's extensively covered the conflict in syria he told me turkey has always remained israel's top ally in the region no matter what has happened between this the critics of prime minister of iran in the in the past years especially in turkey is still a very important ally and maybe maybe the most important in the region what's more important for turkey then getting rid of assad or keeping on good terms with the rest of the regional players turkey is we have to remember a very very important need to remember in turkey knows that it is also for the nato turkey is now right now providing the military bases for the nato patriot
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rocket systems which are directed against syria so turkey knows how to connect its own let me tell it to man dream of being the leader. and with its role playing in the nato and the nato is. syria very aggressive and does it can vary a little syria especially the united states but what do you think of such cooperation between some of the syrian government's toughest rivals in the region mean now for the assad regime well i don't think that this is a huge change for all the general situation because. what's supporting in the past the so-called rebels in this what the media claim it is a civil war but isn't the reality since a long time approx evil order we have right now militants from more than twenty five nations fighting in syria against the syrian government and of course east
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river was supporting the rebels they fall and arms and weaponry from. the revenue side and turkey also is supporting in a strong way the rebels on syrian soil. and interview with turkish media the country's foreign minister denied claims israel used the turkish military base to launch an attack against syria to find out more we're now joined live from istanbul by our correspondent. paula any reaction so far to this breaking news we've been covering for the past several hours here on. not. a single turkish government body rory r.t. have sent requests to the administration of the turkish prime minister of the turkish president the turkish foreign ministry even the turkish embassy in moscow not a single word in response from any of them at this moment in time but we will keep
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you updated if anything does happen can you tell us a bit more though about how turkey has been involved in the civil war. the neighbor of. turkey's present prime minister has been quite a vocal supporter of the syrian rebels and he's called for president bashar al assad to step down on a number of occasions repeatedly in fact but behind the scenes it's been reported that turkey is one of the main corn jewett for rebel weaponry flowing into syria turkey is an open door policy toward syria which means that from two thousand and eleven there's been some four hundred thousand refugees flooding over the turkish syrian border into southern turkey and it's not just refugees actually we've got opposition figures rebels. getting medical treatment in southern turkey planning operations from turkey even fund raising in turkey so that part of turkey is
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somewhat of a safe haven a so-called buffer zone for the syrian opposition now we know that the syrian turkish border as a result of that has had some tensions there's been some exchange of artillery and mortar fire in the past there have also been a number of terrorist explosions in the region which has blamed on damascus and damascus in turn has pointed the finger is a missed militants that have been flooding across the border that turkey is allowed to come in and out of the country freely but the most tense moment in relations between syria. and tacky was when the syrian government shutdown. plane last year and at the time take you requested that nato that its nato allies come up with a collective response but that never happened so publicly at least officials have maintained that they do not want to be in any direct military involvement in syria
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. from all the turkish military officials there and government officials as well. in istanbul thank you. well if indeed a strike the latest israeli strike on a earlier this month if indeed it does prove to be an act of the i.d.f. it could become the country's fourth attack against syria in six months and have a quick look here at some of the previous air raids a military compound just outside damascus bomb from the air on january thirty first a second similar operation reportedly happening though on may third in this vicinity here that's when a rocket struck a warehouse at the damascus international airport allegedly containing surface to surface missiles there also two days later massive blast described as earthquake like they should a military base that was targeted in january and all occasions the attacks were justified as operations to wipe out missiles allegedly bound for hezbollah none of those strikes are being confirmed publicly by senior government officials that's
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only been done through anonymous sources a middle east expert and historian tariq ali he says that israel has been looking to get square with his ball or by simply putting a choke hold on the assad regime. it's rose motivation as always to show the arabs both inside israel an outside look this is how tough we are we can hit any good in the middle east that we want to no one can do anything about it this is a country which is above the law or considers itself above the law and its united states masters and its european friends will do nothing to stop it i have very little doubt these release informed the united states that we they were going to attack attack yet his will is like a red bull to the israelis and the israelis haven't been able to wipe it out though they've tried many a try they're now hoping that they can do it by completely weakening all destroying
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the syrian regime the syrian state could break up all be completely destroyed so they are not unaware of of what is happening in that country in indirectly i would say yes they are providing help to the rebels. and meanwhile syrian state television has announced that the army has discovered a rebel operated chemical laboratory packed with toxic substances and the military claims they were destined to be packed into mortars and used to attack government forces in damascus it comes a week after the army found more than two hundred eighty barrels of hazardous chemicals at a rebel hideout in a different city a syrian u.n. ambassador claimed it was potentially enough to destroy a whole city if not the whole country allegations of chemical weapons being used by both sides have been a crucial issue in the international dispute on how to handle the conflict in syria and both the rebels and the assad regime have repeatedly made claims and
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counterclaims over the use of nerve gas a defense consultant a moment health said it's now vitally important to find out exactly where the rebels are getting the chemicals from. it's a major turning point to the military that syrian military has three people killed . they should know. that then we should know what the region the chemical. or to feed your own iraq eleven needs. and at the beginning of the piece oh well you know like iraq it will be it going up to one man and destroying the nation so i don't feel be a meteor the reaction and security council will not react really to write it that when people if you will on iraq so i'm sure we want to hear. that.
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still to come on the program here on our t.v. they gave it away now they want it back residents in london borrow to fight legal battles with your thora thieves who are trying to take back their social housing because they desperately need the money that's coming up shortly here on the program. but for the meantime several u.s. cities have been gripped by protests against the controversial acquittal of george zimmerman he was cleared of murder charges after a shooting death an unarmed black teenager demonstrations turned violent in los angeles on the west coast where police fired rubber bullets at the crowds of first people on the east coast new york several protesters were arrested as thousands block streets in the city center there were in a portnoy as the latest in los angeles now that the rally has got you know some would say quite violent violent because some of the protesters participating in the in the justice for trayvon rally were shot at by rubber bill bullets those bullets
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were fired by police officers in los angeles from the air again receiving reports that some protesters have been transferred to local hospitals to be treated for their injury. we don't know how like stream the injuries our streets are clearly still full with lots of protesters that are have been walking hour by hour all through the streets of manhattan it started out in union square in the procession of people just grew larger and louder i caught up with the crowd out was probably at thousands on twenty third street and at that point the crowd was so large that cars could not pass through the streets hording to what we know there have been at least five arrests that number though is you know we're being more cautious but that number according to reports that number is quite quite higher now what has brought all these people on to the streets of new york city in los angeles and boston elsewhere is clearly the frustration aggravation that millions of americans
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have with the verdict that came down for george zimmerman george zimmerman as you mentioned was found not guilty in acquitted on the charges of as second degree murder swords imerman a neighborhood watch volunteer shot and killed seventeen year old trayvon martin it was in self-defense now that was his claim and that's what the jury are pals but millions of americans believe that this is not just a matter of stand your ground or or self-defense this is a matter of a man that was a community watch person that was armed with a gun we spoke with some of those participating in the in the rallies here's what they had to say this verdict makes it very clear and gives a green light to anyone that wants to shoot and kill a youth of color you know and you can get off the rock and go on and live your life and it's ok i do have a gun. and it's terrifying that i now have to go and have this conversation with her about being profiled and keeping her sane and helping her understand what she
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has to do to keep herself as sane as against other people and the police department . now overnight protests from saturday to sunday did get. quite heated particularly in oakland california where we saw video of the windows of police cars in the windows of buildings being smashed by some of those that were participating in rallies meantime the u.s. justice department has announced that it will be investigating and looking into whether or not a civil rights prosecution should be raised against george zimmerman. protests in america you can always had a website. on the west coast a do stay with us for more stories coming your way. right. privacy
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has a better now has had for the past decade or so because now we have a lot of people who knows if there's a problem and how big it is. speak your language. programs and documentaries in its. reporting from the world talks about six of the interview intriguing stories. troyer. visit. he.
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but there was a. closer look at what's being revealed today. well not only are civilians from all over the world being monitored but so are governments that are closely allied to the united
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states according to newspaper reports thirty eight separate missions and embassies have been surveilled the countries believed to have been spied on are in green that starts in the asia pacific region south korean authorities to reinforce anti bugging measures after their missions were allegedly spied upon japan also fell foul to u.s. surveillance now moving to the middle east iran's nuclear facilities of course a longtime cause of contention were apparently targeted by a computer virus created by the u.s. and israel in two thousand and nine it's claimed the n.s.a. got their hands on top secret communications between russian president dmitri medvedev and his delegation during the g. twenty in london if we move to europe french president francois hollande said negotiations over a huge pending trade deal between the u.s. and the shouldn't go ahead into washington halted any surveillance activity on a new allies moving to latin america where oil and military purchases were
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monitored in venezuela there were also telephone and e-mail intercepts in colombia a close military ally of washington while brazil has expressed its deep concern about revelations that its citizens were spied on in an industrial scale now these are just some examples of the thirty eight countries missions and embassies the u.s. thought to have spied on a many of these nations remember a friendly to washington one such country is germany which was particularly stung by snowden's revelations europe's strongest economy is it seems being closely watched by the united states with around five hundred million data intercepts each month these include mehta data on emails telephone calls s.m.s. text instant messages meanwhile in china of course the country that allowed snowden to slip through the net when he fled hong kong leaks revealed that of every chinese computer that is hacked thirty three percent of these attacks originate from in america. can i pay addressed and it's not just civilians being monitored hospitals and universities are also being targeted when you look at the scale and the scope
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of america's global surveillance program and the fact that allied governments have also been bugged in recent is it makes it increasingly difficult for washington to get continue using national security as a justification for simply appears to be mass espionage. in germany the words united stasi of america appeared on the walls of the u.s. embassy on sunday comparing washington's spying tactics to east germany's infamous secret police or the stunt masterminded by a german artist that of all of. the notorious online activist kim dotcom who has also claimed what he called eight truth projection on his twitter. for now on the program on r.t. egypt's new government is slowly taking shape amid continuing protests by supporters of the deposed president mohamed morsi and with mass demonstrations on the horizon the u.s. under secretary of state bill burns is expected to talk to the country's new
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leaders later on monday and the come down on islamists for the prosecution freeze assets of fourteen of the brotherhood's leaders and in a pretty clear nod to washington the government picked two of the most western leaning diplomats for the top posts in the interim government a key opposition figure and former chief of the u.n. nuclear watchdog the i.a.e.a. mohamed el baradei he's become a vice president of foreign affairs of the former ambassador right there to america and me he becomes the nation's foreign minister a middle east journalist barry lando says if indeed the islamists are not included egypt will only slide further into chaos. the big question is what what power will they really have these civilians i mean it's really the it's really the military are running. around the country since one thousand nine hundred fifty two and to say that there is no somehow going to lead the muslim brotherhood back in to the
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political game i think that's that's the big question morsi being much more. than he was to the opposition not trying to get a monopoly on power as he did i mean morsi played a very stupid game and in effect shot himself down and shot his own party down at the same time and he's he's as much response was only one crew creating the mess that egypt is in right now if the muslim brotherhood now is frozen out the future political system in egypt there's nothing but trouble ahead. i'm plenty of new study by few right now online including russia staging its largest military drills since the soviet times about one hundred sixty thousand servicemen a thousand times and a hundred and thirty planes all taking part in those war games but we have the full story unimpressive footage on our website right now. plus taking to the skies a canadian engineer has created the world's first human powered helicopter. has the
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video of this new machine fueled only by the pilots pedaling. for now the residents of the district of london could soon be out on the streets authorities say people living in lambeth social housing blocks need to be relocated because the council can't afford to keep them. has been gauging reaction. it is said to be his castle but nowadays living in social housing here in the london borough of lambert a fighting a fierce legal battle to save their homes if you. have a cease fire an old negotiate a treaty which. sort of recognise julian and his neighbors live in what's been dubbed short life housing they used to be thousands of such chains in lamberth now there are just seventy five short life housing came about some thirty years ago when the councils who couldn't afford to maintain these properties gave people the
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needed than the opportunity to live here for little or no rent on the basis that they maintained now though with house prices having skyrocketed the council wants them back he took part in the short life of arrangement invested large amounts of time and often money to bring the properties up to a habitable standard. so central heating. france is. a flooring that needs replacing now or maybe but this one flooring with all. on today's property market in these times you know what is a substantial sum and with council budgets being cut to the land it needs the money in a statement to see they say the coalition government has instigated a wanted program of cuts financial constraints in local government and as
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a result is extremely short of the capital necessary to upgrade its social housing stock needs to raise capital to fund works resolving the short life properties offers a way for generating part of the capital we require i feel very strongly that we need to keep affordable housing in longer than we need to keep houses and that it's wrong to be selling them off for short term profit when actually these people could be given tendencies and pay rent to lambaste but the homes should stay in affordable social housing for people who can't afford to buy. but has offered to be how's the residence but often the opposite the house is far from the community many have spent the past few decades and the homes they've invested in and love the two pound signs in their eyes they're just interested in steam rolling it through they're not looking at the social values of a human costs it's whole by looking at the bottom line and i understand michael forces have to look at the bottom line but you know this is no way to be raising
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funds off the back of people's lives the move by the council is being protested all across the borough of various events including a flash mob at the state agency. but as those who live in short life housing anxiously await the outcome of their legal cases many feel that land labor council that the cooperative council is in fact shut. oh. i see. it's been a pleasure having you with us here on our seats today i'm going researcher at moscow in just a moment here on the program it's a sophie seven and say and surfing.
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or remember those old wacky communist countries who constantly boost their numbers to make themselves feel better or who cares if stories aren't the end this piece of paper a one hundred thousand tons of potatoes that is good enough for me well now we're in a new age of technology but the same lying to make yourself feel good is still going strong it just moved over to the capitals world the u.s. state department's bureau of international information programs has spent six hundred thirty thousand dollars on facebook advertising campaigns to get fans a sense of the government is out there to buy likes oh what a fantastic use of tax dollars but wait maybe i'm being too pessimistic perhaps it worked and really helped spread the message of the us state department effectively wellness victor general's report says that since the advertising campaign started twenty eleven there has been a dramatic increase in users liking state department sites but the problem is that only two percent of them actually use the sites so you get what you pay for a big bag of likes but if you hardcore for.


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