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the russian musical army has been fighting each five years now with steam t.v. with the times and we don't know the younger audience is up to date or has the time come to give up the fight. and we. find out on r t. welcome to. the report. as are you know before the two thousand and four indian ocean tsunami all creatures of the basic instinct or a sixth sense able to read the environment in which they lived had long fled elephants screamed and ran for high ground monkeys hollered and climbed the trees dogs refused to join their owners for the morning swim humans on the other hand
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ran out into the receding sea to take photographs of the unusual event having no fricken common sense whatsoever about what was about to happen to them today we have the same sorry tale to tell the interest rate time is receding and the tsunami of bad debt is about to fall upon us and yet most market creatures appear to have no instinct for survival only a few will survive the debt tsunami we need stacy herbert to break this down explain it more to us stacy herbert yes max the equivalent of a nine point one magnitude earthquake has struck in the debt markets somewhere and we see the signs of the receding tide. is the tsunami about to hit yes i think so
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the debt reckoning has arrived total debt owed now approaches sixty trillion dollars while fed wrestles with interest rate confidence game so you know the fed claimed it's going to taper market interest rates went soaring and now the fed is backing backtracking of course or saying we're not going to taper we're actually going to print to do whatever you want markets but first i want to look at this chart here the total debt owed in the blue is the rising debt load and the red sea is constantly just rising a little bit in line with inflation every year year after year is g.d.p. now the interesting thing max about looking at that chart is of course the debt started to depart from g.d.p. once we went off the gold standard and one of the arguments that the likes of paul krugman and joe is that they all make against the gold standard is that well we can't expand the economy but that chart clearly showed that we have been expanding
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the economy it's all been fraud and now that the reckoning is coming yeah well a lot of great points there the economy has been growing a little bit since the one nine hundred seventy s. but when you look at how much debt has been accumulated it looks quite small the rate of growth as compared with the rate of debt growth the rate of debt growth is unsustainable that's the tsunami metaphor that you've got now a crash coming in the bond market interest rates by going forward and all the cost of that interest on the debt explodes in a way that causes enormous economic hardship now then another way to look at this can just put this in terms would be to point out that for every unit of g.d.p. growth we've had over the past few years five years in the units of debt required to create that unit of g.d.p. growth has gone up sharply so back thirty years ago took one or two units or die. alors of debt to create a dollar of g.d.p.
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growth then it got up to six or seven dollars of debt required for just one dollar of g.d.p. growth so it's like a heroin addict. constantly needs more heroin or more smack more coke more drugs more oxy cotton like you know to get the same effect the same thing with this economy it's addicted to debt and now the results are predictable results are with us it's into the gutter it goes now this other chart shows fed total assets eliminations from consolidation and you see that's accelerating this is the sign of quantitative easing and there's no sign of tapering however because there's been such a violent reaction in the markets for them possibly stopping it or there are allegations in the propaganda that they were stopping it and i believe that was all about gold but we'll get to that in a moment the quick reversal in interest rate signifies a strong reaction by the market it is fascinating to see how much outside money is now flowing back into the u.s. to purchase stocks real estate and other real tangible goods in other words global
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investors are now demanding payment for all that cheap credit lined out the era of cheap debt is now we versing and the piper is demanding to be paid right reading into that a little bit in other words the americas shooters creditors like china are now demanding assets in exchange for their debt remember five or six years ago to try to buy conoco phillips the oil company but there's a new no that's a strategic asset we don't want china to own that now recently they've been able to buy huge number of assets and those assets purchases are growing because they realise that the debt that they hold in their books because of the secular generational rise in interest rates is now going to become worth less and less and less and the way to keep the peace america is selling to china their income producing assets the same way the greens for ireland have sold to the troika or the private equity groups their income producing assets to. same mentality it's a financial muckraking marauding that goes on well also this whole fiasco empire
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run by the us has always been the argument always is that we can run this forever because china has nowhere else to spend all the treasury bonds they buy and that inflation we can print as much as we want because that inflation will never come back here well this is exactly the scenario where people were projecting where when the inflation will happen as once they start bringing that all those trillions of dollars printed back into the us economy to buy those assets and it could be one reason why you are seeing booms across america in various mortgage markets housing markets and things like that so in california for example seventy percent of chinese buyers of property there are paying all cash so here is that cash from from china coming back into the us and will it cause inflation will see above the us worker gets hit two ways first their jobs are outsourced to china over the past twenty years and now they've built up all this cash and the bond markets reversing
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and they're going to bring that cash back to the us and they're pricing people out of being able to afford the homes so you end up with people homeless and jobless as they intended so that's the debt and market and we showed you all the signs there that a tsunami in the debt markets is about to hit us that asian giant stampeding into gold while mining production is around one thousand one hundred thirty four tons so far this year gold delivery on the shanghai gold exchange is nine hundred eighteen tons this is strikingly in contrast to the gold delivery on the comix which then said only one hundred three tons year to date as the at the end of may so china is consuming every single ounce every single tonne basically produced so far this year and yet also the fear. dominated markets and commentators in the west focus only on what's happening in the comix and what western investors are doing with their piddling little one. one hundred three. it's a curious thing as
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a daring the recent sell off in gold the demand for gold in asia and around the world has skyrocketed to all time highs and so when the gold bull market resumes and you see two thousand three thousand five thousand dollars an ounce for gold most of the gold will be held by middle east and other entities and you know following on this jesse is cafe american rights that c.m.e. reports that brinks has a seventy percent decline in registered gold bullion supply and brinks is now being depleted they have gone from four hundred forty seven thousand one hundred ninety nine ounces on july third to one hundred thirty four thousand five hundred twenty five until line nine was just a drop of three hundred twelve six hundred seventy four ounces so jesse of course asked where's the gold going and he thinks well as it's not being reported in other comix warehouses and must be asia all that shanghai gold exchange right now not only the question is where is the gold going but where is the gold coming from so
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many see the price of gold dropped by ten or fifteen percent on a volume that would indicate tons more tons then is mind during the course of five or ten years then the only conclusion you can come up with is that the central banks are lending the gold out to a billion banks or then dumping it on the open market which means that the central banks are short gold which means that as the prize the spikes higher they have to go into the open market to buy gold back that's the first option or b they've got to get together and completely recalibrate the global currency market which would only mean doing it against gold which would make the price of gold go higher also well in the tsunami where did all the bodies come from where did the tens of thousands of people who died in the tsunami come from it came from the people who we're now looking at this curious event the same thing here is you've got where is the gold coming from it's coming from the we can't in the west who have all sorts of propagandized to to store. price signals they don't know how to read the tide
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going out they don't know how to read this sudden while the violent swing in interest rates and they think you know it's all going to get better somehow the quantitative easing is going to continue and they're all going to be fine while the real gold is shifting east you know what's happening now yeah well during the seventy's when the price of gold went up seven and a percent it was against a background of rising interest rates so a lot of people say well interest rates are going up as a negative for gold of course history doesn't bear that out and i was speaking of price signals however we have talked over the years and this is i think at the end if this debt tsunami is coming this is also the end of these sort of people and this is share trading volume drops after reuters changes release schedule trading volumes in exchange traded funds that track the s. and p. five hundred collapsed in the two second interval before the release of the thomson reuters university of michigan survey of consumers after thomson reuters this week suspended its practice of releasing the data early to clients that paid out several
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thousand dollars a month extra so if they can't cheat these high frequency trading firms are not participating only two thousand less than two thousand contracts traded in that two second gap which which they used to get previous information early during that time used to be tens of thousands of contracts traded this time the first time in years that they haven't received the data early they didn't participate they didn't want to there was nobody in front run they didn't have the privileged information the insider information so that there was no liquidity no volume goldman shrugged. no inside information i'm not going to participate remember the movie the sting was all based on getting they race results they had of the actual race results and making bets that were guaranteed to win or lose here thomson reuters is telegraphing the results of their market moving news ahead of the when the news is reported so that firms like allman sachs damn cheap can they make money lying
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cheating stealing the same thing that j.p. morgan and others and so when they close that window then they simply walked away from the table and said well for not going to be able to make money cheating and we don't know how to compete anymore because we've become fat twinky over fed idiots on wall street like lloyd blankfein or jamie diamond that was going to walk away from the table never atlas atlas shrugged that's the basis of the book i can't cheat to make money i don't want to participate i don't want to compete because essentially part of a social system in america called the federal reserve bank all right well stacy over to thank you for explaining that all and the kaiser report thank you max states you have a second half whole lot more. right . and i think.
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we're going to. be in the. mission. cretaceous three. four judges three. arrangement three. three. three.
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three broadcast live video for your media project free media. dot com. welcome back to the kaiser report imax guys are time now to turn to jeff spoils of the real asset company jan welcome back to the guys are going to fire me. hi jan let's take a look at the white hot chinese gold market tell us about your latest report we have been doing a series of reports on various exchanges around the world and we couldn't ignore what was happening in china you know i think i've been on i think three or four times now and every time we go back to china in his demand we're saying in that country so we decided we'd look at the shanghai gold exchange and we took the three most liquid contracts to which are available for next day delivery and in terms of the size of the contracts actually lot more accessible to the average joe as it
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were wiser well there's a much smaller sized one k.g. or three k.g. contracts and what we found was which you know has been reported in the last few weeks but what we found was that just a huge amount of delivery is being taken off of these exchange this exchange far more than we found our previous research such as on k.-max and so i think the delivery ratio is folk a mix a was five percent of contracts we take into livery of compared to an average of between twenty five and forty percent has been taken on the shanghai go to exchange and shanghai people are buying gold and they are taking delivery of gold and they're doing so in big numbers huge numbers and you know when it's compared to mine production or even the imports that we're saying going from hong kong to china it's overtaking or at least reaching those levels on a weekly basis is what we're saying say all that physical is being pumped out of the us is just making its way to china how much. is flowing it
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is a crime to say it's flowing from west to east gold market well i would certainly say you know if you're looking at the federal global production that it's nothing's meeting anywhere at any other demand anywhere else in the world so it's going to china but we've been saying they rise in imports a long time from hong kong to china say all of that gold is going into hong kong it's being shipped instantly china people are taking to delivery of it i think in the last quarter. imports from china from hong kong is up sixty eight percent you know and last time i was on the day after we chatted the gold price fell quite significantly and has fallen again since then and yet the chinese just can't get enough of it and of course anecdotally we you know we're hearing stories of these four hundred ounce bars are going from the west being melted down into one k.g. bars in china and that is something we're going to look into and we haven't looked at it yet but i don't see how you can deny that there isn't a significant movement from west to east of gold during the second look at the numbers or took four months for western investors to sell two hundred seventy one
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tons of paper gold vehicles like. that are but only two weeks for the chinese i was five to buy three hundred tons of physical so this is why she's being called to see the new mrs watson rb of the post world in other words during the last twenty years you heard mrs watson r b she's the prototypical japanese housewife who is swinging the global forex markets and the yen carry trade all these things happening is there a new asian housewife driving global forex and gold mrs was it would seem to me what's happening well yeah i think you treated a really interesting article a couple weeks ago it's a radio show that had been going on and they had been talking about this kind of the powerful chinese house for for chinese grandmas here where basically playing wall street game you know they were they were forced to be reckoned with when it came to the gold price now whilst we are seeing premiums being reported these are heavily localized and in our research the shanghai gold exchange which is what i'm
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most. proud moment is what it has got he's run a delivery the volumes that go three are nowhere near as high as we see on paper gold on k.-max or the a.t.c. market in london so in terms of the gold price and he's influencing at the moment we're not able to say there china or the shanghai gold exchange are influencing events. seeing a huge disparity between paper gold and physical gold and i think that if anyone's going to be that wedge is going to be driven between those two market it's going to be the chinese housewives or mrs warns you want to color that's going to be that the driving force between the say so and disparities in these markets are characterized in two ways what is the demand in asia versus selling in the western world and the other disparity is that you've got these huge premiums in gold in other words people are paying more than what's called the spot price for gold and we're seeing those premiums escalate twenty twenty five dollars an ounce and not
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just in china you know we're also hearing about vietnam and india and of course they're interesting because there are two countries that are featured heavily in the last year or say in terms of governments trying to clamp down on gold no i mean letter of june for second ok argentina has been reported i just saw something across the tape that people are paying one thousand two hundred dollars an ounce for gold almost two thousand dollars an ounce for gold all time high price for gold that he's saying that well am i i've said it and i have these things and thankfully i haven't looked at it but what we've got between the common themes are team argentina vietnam and india just to pull three pull three examples is it that currencies are not exactly in the strongest position at the moment and whilst vietnam and india are coming down on the gold trade and imports they're saying it's because you know this isn't an empty investment it's not doing anything they don't see this is actually this is a currency that they're wanting to hold this is gold and if this is what they want spend their money and say in argentina where you got inflation if she's in jail
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where the repeat significantly week vietnam where there's also been huge inflation and she's people want to own gold and it's not because it's just jewelry and it looks pretty it's because it's an alternative form of money but i think it's important to keep in mind that over the past couple hundred years there's been over seven hundred currencies that have been created the average lifespan. it is about twenty seven years is when the average life span of paper money gold however is still been money for five thousand years let's talk about silver jazz coils any sign that asian indian investors are moving into this over bullion market there's been quite an interesting report over the weekend particularly mainstream media about silver demand in india which hasn't been as clamp down on gold imports have been and it seems that the government is sort of trying to appease a jewelry supply as with silver and they are saying something significant on an higher premiums on silver than they were previously i'm sorry again you know we
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talk about currencies lasting you know twenty seven years i say when it has an effect currencies it's also been so very it's not just about gold so again we're saying this push three four so with demand so it was also a particular interesting and something you know a lot about and talking about in terms of cooling to month. the american men might have seen that declining point i'm on the last couple of months it was phenomenal back in april when we last and also when we last had a conversation about paying the eighty and since then we've seen a significant rise in demand for so. this is from the real asset company so again it's something that people want to hold it's not just about gold it's not always just an alternative to gold with a new name some positive change where there's issues with gold it is but people want to hold the seats together and i think this isn't something that should be ignored just because it's volatile people are still wanting to hold on to and grabbing it off and one of the talks about something i read in eric sprott research a canadian investor in research from eric sprott it's brought money he talks about
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the supply of gold and silver but in particular gold there seems to be some anomalies in that you see the futures exchange and these various other exchanges sells of gold's on many hundreds of tons of gold but it's hard to reconcile where the supplies coming from and he reckons that the central banks themselves are lending the go. to the bullion banks like j.p. morgan h.s.b.c. who in turn are dumping it into the physical market and then it's being snatched up by eastern investors but it leaves these central banks short gold and the bullion banks like j.p. morgan sure gold and silver. so that means at some point during a price rise you have to cover correct well this is this is where everyone is saying is when is that when does this breaking point occur you know because this this discussion of central banks having a bit of gold t.v.'s larger banks and then it's you know has been going on for a while and a lot of ways and i got
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a particular time he's come in it's sort of is there a breaking point other words can they simply continue to dump paper contracts on to the market ad nauseum without any reconciliation coming or is it a foregone conclusion that at some point the goal vigilantes will come in and they'll force some short covering and then you're going to see some explosive price appreciation my question is can they just sell paper gold forever and quarter the correlation to this question would be in a rising interest rate environment doesn't that become next to impossible well exactly i think i think there has to be a breaking point that can't be because this this demand that same to clean the east is increasing we're going to start seeing more people particularly in europe with the year is a moment demanding more growth so there's demand to be taking physical is going to be there now in terms of k.-max breaking points and gold being dumped on paper being dumped when we were looking k.-max we couldn't find at the moment that there is this breaking point going on you know because there isn't this there isn't
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a significant amount of delivery being taken from comics at the moment no one's particularly worried about where that boy is backing that gold or you know if they're going to get their money back from this paper gold but in time. people are going to have to be asking questions you marion this issue about interest rates which are not particular person to be talking about this because there are people who are better qualified to talk about it but there is this. evill of anxiety you can feel rising about what is what is the price of gold is the price of gold is the gold price because now people differentiate between the two and i think the common man who is suffering is soon going to be poking together and they can be looking for moral tenants if they're going to be going i don't want to be doing any more i'm not my same zone going to be making any more money you know there is this the most populous country in the world seem to know what they're doing with their money i should be doing that and i think there is going to become a point where they can see us in question the central banks that we see in germany getting rego back why can't i get that go back and i just think this all these tiny little pockets of information we're getting are going to put
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a lot of pressure on this market you mentioned germany i was going to bring that up they demanded their gold back from where it's still being stored in the u.s. and in other places and they were told well i guess over the next seven years or something like that they will try to get their gold back to germany and meanwhile there are economists is for the first time in a while reporting some contraction yeah as well as the entire euro zone there's a lot of anxiety now in germany there's a growing movement in germany that they want their gold back because they see what's coming well the german government be forced to demand their gold in a more obstreperous manner from the americans in light of what is also developing on the macro political scene a growing scandal with america spying directly on germany now germany claims that this is not a new stasi cuz angela merkel says well back in the stasis we had these huge file cabinets with everyone's files but we i don't think america has those of you know i don't think she understands the internet but once she somebody explains or the internet and she realizes the germans are being spied on twenty four seven every
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single german citizen is that going to put pressure on this idea you know what we need are gold and you see that when i do it because that you say this is this growing level of mistrust you know not just from our own governments but now from other governments you know the most powerful government in the world the moment the u.s. and i think the german people have been incredibly influential in getting this go. back and this is all come from a campaign and from other political parties have been pushing to retrieve this gold and already fisi to save. from various members of the german government and from the bundesbank they've all said there isn't a reason to be holding that gold abroad unless they don't have it then the kids are older because they don't have it they sold it and that's part of the reason why goldman because they don't bring it now to get it back they got to go into the open market and cause huge problems out germany may not be able to get their gold back i think venezuela got their gold they demanded the gold right yeah they did a pretty good job i think you may pay and was interested in going to next time they
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should bend over they can stick to snowden and the gold my guess could i mean he's going to get in that head or they've got all the gold already they could be he could put them in a gold crate and send him to venezuela and nobody would notice because nobody cares about gold apparently not but the venezuelan people were cheering when chavez put it back you know they were pretty chuffed and they think it was very interesting the breach of the guys they were going to tap they were like oh i don't hear either of each other but we're out of time so i just going out of the realize the company thanks so much again for being on the kaiser report thank you for having me. all right that's going to do it for this edition of the kaiser report with me max kaiser and stacy herbert i like to thank our guests jan scales of the real asset company if you like to get in touch tweet us to tweet at kaiser report until next time ask a thing by. one of the greats a spade blind to what is happening in their country. the american dream is
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disappearing. the houses with gardens are laid out the poor are left hopeless the streets are full of angry crowns fighting against. heist who stole the american dream. is actually what happened there i don't know but a woman got killed. years later is when i got arrested for. for a crime i did not do. we have numerous cases where police officers lie about polygraph results. and people to trust the police officers don't beat people anymore i mean it just doesn't happen really. in the course of a target should why because there's been this is like meant no because the psychological techniques are more effective in obtaining confessions than physical abuse they were off taking they could do what they wanted they could say what they
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wanted and there was no evidence of what they did or what they said. some of these traditional chili lines they've been bred and developed and passed down from generation to. this is a total destruction of the culture of mexico i tell you what i mean this is not going to impact asylum in mexico. whatever happened here. we're eating at about six in the in the metro a spin all organisms that work for. the engineer crops why do you think this country is full of obese and sick people because we have a crappy food system. well over music is our job the army our destiny
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and these soldiers don't know what real arms look like but it didn't take them a single shots to conquer the world. china and korea try to imitate them america and europe cry bravo absolutely amazing amazing. meanwhile back in russia military artists are losing their grip on the audiences. the young people especially soldiers they seem to me to differently from. the russian musical army has been fighting for eighty five years now stay tuned with the times and win over the younger audience is up to date or has the time come to give up the fight and defeat. find out on our team.
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we didn't invite edward snowden and russia wasn't his final destination anyway. glad you have heard him absolves russia of any blame over the snowden saga saying that huge whistleblower has been left to my ringtone mosco all because of washington's. outrage in america. after the killer of a blank teenager walks free would raise such truths hazing up and made continuing protests nationwide. last tag kaizen denial over the highly sensitive also you were appalled that israel used a turkish military base during a recent as strike on neighboring syria.


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