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tv   Prime Interest  RT  July 16, 2013 4:30pm-5:01pm EDT

4:30 pm
louie louie. louie. louie louie. get.
4:31 pm
loose. get.
4:32 pm
luke. good.
4:33 pm
you lose. get.
4:34 pm
you a. good .
4:35 pm
thank you. thank you. you eat. good.
4:36 pm
if. you eat.
4:37 pm
thank you if. you're. going to eat. give. you a. good. if . you.
4:38 pm
luke. get.
4:39 pm
loose. get. loose. louie.
4:40 pm
louie. get.
4:41 pm
loose. go.
4:42 pm
luke. get.
4:43 pm
louie. louie. get.
4:44 pm
louie. get.
4:45 pm
loose. get.
4:46 pm
louie louie. louie louie. get.
4:47 pm
loose. get.
4:48 pm
louie louie. go.
4:49 pm
louie louie louie. louie.
4:50 pm
good. to eat.
4:51 pm
good. louie.
4:52 pm
get. a. clue.
4:53 pm
luke. get.
4:54 pm
luke. go.
4:55 pm
luke. go. louis.
4:56 pm
luke. get.
4:57 pm
you a. good .
4:58 pm
luke. get.
4:59 pm
loose. lose. get.
5:00 pm
and. lou. go.


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