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tv   Headline News  RT  July 18, 2013 12:00am-12:30am EDT

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exploiting the chaos of the morrow is reportedly drawing up plans for a new hardline islamic state in northern syria controlling oil revenue and arms routes. i've seen a volley leading russian opposition figure in and take a russian campaigner awaits the verdict and he's trial on beslan charges that could see him jailed for up to six years. and the competition is launched in britain for the best plan to leave the european union following the government's promise to hold a referendum on whether the u.k. should remain a member. of
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the russian capital watching r.t. on marina joshie welcome to the program syria faces the prospect of terrorist forces gaining overwhelming control over the country's north sources in the free syrian army claim the terrorist group al qaida plans to take control over transit routes on the border with turkey ousting other rebel troops from the area well the relationship between radical groups and the f.s.a. has been rapidly deteriorating with a senior army commander recently killed by the islamists are just going to count investigates. you imagine okai hiding in some remote mountains not anymore they want their own country they found the land for that it's the part of syria which is under the rebels control we're talking about the northern part of the country that borders turkey according to an influential arabic newspaper off charcol outside which cites a source in the free syrian army a kind of feel liberated militancy intend to accidently assert their control over
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the territory immediately after ramadan ramadan ends around the ninth of august according to the source of al qaeda is about to announce an islamic state in syria they want full control over the weapons coming from turkey and the money coming from oil smuggling in syria's eastern province of their olives or for example a network of tribes and smugglers has exploited the chaos of war to create an illicit oil trade with the reports that the al qaeda linked threat has reached an understanding with the tribes over the division of spoils the all nusra front has of course used this process to buy more weapons and pates fighters now apparently they want more they feel powerful enough to want more it takes some of the rebels nervous of course many rebels ordinator their efforts with the all new threat but those who refuse to do that risk their lives recently the all new threat have killed several members of the free syrian army including one member of the western backed supreme military council the territories controlled by the rebels now have all the signs of becoming the old the land and in this new all the land you have
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things like checkpoints where the militants check whether people are fasting more are not locals from near aleppo say they check their songs to see if they're fasting and if they are not the militants beat them many syrians are of course deeply saddened by what's becoming of their country. meanwhile some analysts warn the emerging turkish israeli military alliance of gann syrian president bashar asad could turn into a major little call headache for the arab world so you can log on to our website r.t. dot com to find out how the situation could impact. the entire middle east. now a russian court is set to deliver a verdict in the next few hours in the high profile trial of aleksey and vali a leading opposition figure and blogger the man best known for his crusade against corruption is himself accused of embezzling meant and spaces up to six years behind bars well arty's. joins us now more outside the courthouse irina hi there so tell
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us a bit more about the atmosphere outside the courthouse right now. well a lot of the obviously this case is getting a lot of attention from not just russian media but foreign media as well and journalists have actually been camping out in front of the courthouse for the last twenty four hours there's even a waiting list running we stopped by here at night when we just arrived through the town and other worry about ten people camped out on the on the bird right in the can from the courthouse than just literally sleeping there at the courthouse has itself hasn't opened yet we are expecting that vitaliy to arrive any moment now and of course all eyes are on what's going to happen inside the courthouse there's not enough space for all journalists and there are so most of the people that you may be seeing behind me are not going to fit inside inside the courthouse and will not be actually present at the reading of the verdict the verdict itself istead to be
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more than one hundred pages long so it could take up to a several hours for the judge to read it what we think it is assume that whether or whether or not to buy these guilty it will be announced at the very beginning donovan is being tried along with an accomplice allegedly for embezzling embezzling roughly half a million dollars worth of timber. but there was another person who was also said to be his accomplice he chose to cooperate with the investigation has admitted his guilt and has been given a suspended or conditional sentance. now divina himself has already said that he believes the verdict will be guilty and he may be looking at sixty years in prison as well as a fine of one million rubles that's roughly three hundred thousand dollars. but of course we cannot be absolutely certain of what the verdict will be until the judge starts reading it. and while we are waiting for this you already mentioned that
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there are a lot of media out there so tell us a bit more about why this case has attracted so much attention. well know viney as you have said he's a very prominent blogger as well as an opposition figure he has actually made a name for himself us through exposing several corruption schemes through his blogging effectivity is of course to sell the irony is that he is being now tried for corruption and the running himself insists that insist that this is a political case but if you look at some details for example the fact that his those who are working with him in his antiproton anti-corruption program are saying that they will not seize their their excessive ities that no matter what the verdict and divide this case will be as well as the fact that not finding himself is also running out for of moscow's mayor elections which are to take place in september these these things these signs actually point to the fact that this could be just a criminal case also to stuff a little more with the issue of the divine is that possibility to run for mayor
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a lot of people are saying died today if he is found guilty she will not be able to do so however according to according to according to law she will not be considered guilty until all appeals have been exhausted and it is highly unlikely that the entire process of appeals and possibly the judge throwing out the judges throwing out the peels will be completed before september so no binding stands a really good chance of actually participating in these elections there's another thing worth noting and that is the fact that nobody who is seen by a lot of foreigners as a sort of a poster boy for russian for action opposition has actually kind of failed to deliver as a plate when it comes to when it comes to the opposition movement the protest movement itself has shrunk down to being almost nonexistent and now finally as a matter of fact this studies show is very popular in the large cities like moscow and st petersburg and online but in regions such as secure if itself where we are
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dividing is virtually unknown and in fact harold of the people of the local residents who have walked by have asked this what this is all about enough to hearing that it's about now by. they have said we can't wait for it to be over it's just too many people are coming here we have no one of no idea who the person is and why there's such a big deal me being made out of the whole case so this is the situation as it stands but of course we're here in front of the courthouse expecting the verdict to be read in the news in the vileness trial all right arena while we are awaiting the verdict as he said thank you so much for the us updates we'll be crossing back to you for more updates throughout the day thank you so much for now now stephen cohen professor of russian and slavic studies at new york university explained why the mali case was always bound to be perceived as political use popular because he has been presented in russia and in the american media as perhaps the major leader. of the greek and political opposition to president bush and because the united
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states or the americans stablished he's showing up he. has show demonized. that anyone in europe even if americans don't know anything about it would be popular in the past for politicizing the is trial. it was we don't know the answer we don't actually know if moved on the was guilty of a kong if he wasn't it was the prosecutors who politicize the case by putting him on trial but he's a highly visible political figure and any trial in the town in russia is going to be perceived in the west as a political trial that's a reality. and we'll be bringing you more opinion and analysis on of on the case throughout the day as well as live updates from the courthouse well we'll also have a live friends mission of a high profile hearing available for you on our web site r.t.
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dot com. still have free in the program today civil rights activists are up in arms over the quit all of a man accused of murdering an on armed black teenager in florida. and later this hour we'll take a look at whether the rolling indicates a rise in racial profiling. and the union is for raids in the northern ireland open up old wounds of nationally jim struggle as a belfast braces for more violent marches in the latest street that shortly after the break. exactly what happened that day i don't know but a woman killed. fears later is when i got arrested. for a crime i did not do. we have numerous cases where police officers lie about polygraph results. innocent people to confess to the police officers don't beat
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people anymore i mean it just doesn't happen really. in the course of interrogation why because there's been this is like men know because the psychological techniques are more effective in obtaining confessions than physical abuse and they were off taking they could do what they wanted they can say what they wanted and there was no evidence of what they did or what they said.
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i. i. welcome back this is our day coming to you live from moscow a british saying tank the institute of economic affairs has promised a large cash prize for whoever comes up with the best roadmap for leaving european union prime minister david cameron has pledged to hold a referendum on britain's future in europe if his party is re-elected or disbelieve
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boyko has more. picture the scene is the year twenty seventeen and britons have just voted in favor of exiting the beleaguered european union so the government now needs to implement a road map for how to lean that's what the u.k.'s institute for economic affairs think tank is all skin economists who imagine in order to come up with the best blueprint for britain's potential exit from the european union it's a competition and the winner who comes up with the best proposal will be awarded one hundred thousand year as well to talk about the challenge i'm joined by dr richard wellings from the institute for economic affairs dr welling's why do you want to the competition now it's four years until the referendum and even so britain's might vote to stay in the european union at that point that's true better i mean it is such an important issue that is important that economists start thinking about the consequences of britain potentially leaving the given that
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there's such a large amount of your sketch sitting on most british public it is quite plausible that in a few years time britain will be leaving so i mean is absolutely essential that we have some idea of where britain is going to go next with the winning strategy be put forward to the government to use in case of a euro exit yes i mean where we're going to publish the winning strategy along with some of the other better entries as well said to be plenty of ideas there for the government to look at and hopefully come out with a very very sound plan now the prize is aimed at looking at the least disruptive way to leave the euro but there are those that say that leaving the euro zone will be detrimental to the case economy no matter how you do it was difficult so obviously i mean there were major upside potentially because the u.k. can then get rid of all this very burdensome e.u. regulation on jobs and climate change and so on all the red tape is suffocating business but obviously key to this is whether we retain very strong free trade links with the rest of europe that's absolutely essential they have great free trade links with europe and the rest of the world will be the key to the u.k.
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success in the future dr welling. thank you very much for telling us about the competition now the prize is going to be judged by a panel that includes former chancellor nigel lawson who recently claimed that the british economy would be better off if britain were outside the european union. london and sturdy measures are taking as having toll all over the e.u. but not everyone is feeling the economic strain artie's financial guru max kaiser has been finding out who's reaping the profits and watch the full show here at seven thirty pm g.m.t. basically the bank of england is loaning itself money that actually is called the asset purchase facility lending it money at point five percent interest and then lending it to the government at a higher interest with their guilt but then capturing that spread and giving it to the government to reduce their deficit so that the budget. you know if you borrow
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money from wanda which is a payday lender shop here in the u.k. they charge annual analyze rates of interest of five thousand percent if you're one of these bankers dealing with the bank of england marconi's new shop then the rate of interest is negative another word they pay you to take out a loan at one go they charge me five thousand percent at the bank of england they pay me two percent they pay me to borrow money that's the difference though the only assets of wires are the huge wealth and income gap in the u.k. and around the world well because if you're on the inside you get paid to borrow money if you're on the outside of the interest rate apartheid wall then you get charged five thousand percent to borrow money and then you go on the b.b.c. and say well we are going to think well nothing but look at the bottom of the got bit make that the value of the back to the dictates of my vision my dear you know i didn't actually buy a post i mean i think that if i can i would. it's broad. and
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it's a whistleblower edward snowden could be looking to settle in russia at least in the medium term the man who exposed america's global surveillance network said he does not rule out applying for a citizenship shortly after filing an official request for temporary asylum president vladimir putin has said he considers russia's relations with the u.s. to be far more important than snowden's case but also stressed that moscow won't cave in to any pressure meanwhile back in the united states over a dozen organizations have filed a lawsuit against the embassy over its sweeping surveillance practices r.t. talked to seem to cause the goal the director of for the electronic frontier foundation one of the groups that initiated the complaint who told us what's standing in the way of justice being served. what they've been able to slow us down
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with is the argument that it's just all too secret and can't be decided by the courts because of national security and state secrets well not only did they lose in the courts with that argument but now they've admitted the central facts of the program we're talking about so we're hopeful that that will help us move forward with the cases a little more quickly i would point out that trying to change things through the u.s. congress is also a slow process so you know while it's frustrating for those of us who want change neither the courts nor the congress move to take your lovely quickly i think there are many members of congress who are in a situation in which they they basically signed off on this and now maybe perhaps feel that they need to defend it rather than taking the steps that i think the american people want which is to stop it. and oh we're on our website now water canada cannon and tear gas to the point of blindness. human rights watch slams thirty four on lawful use of force against protesters
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while dispersing mass rallies of gezi park in a sample more details are available at r.t. dot com. blog president obama reinstates the right for police to detain citizens without trial over terrorism charges amid harsh criticism online would tell you what's next for those trying to block the ruling. civil rights leaders have called the quit oh george zimmerman a florida neighborhood watch volunteer who killed black teenager trayvon martin last year a setback for the whole movement his actions were ruled to be self-defense even though martin was unarmed never swe director of the world. can't wait movements as people are disillusioned with the u.s.
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justice system which is shadowed by racial profiling. people losing hope in the justice and people are having their aleutians first that the government cares anything especially for young black and latino people everything in this country can is about racism a country built on slavery a country where a little more than one hundred fifty years ago the slave patrols did exactly what george zimmerman did with impunity they had the right to kill on sight and for all intents and purposes now this jury and this decision has given people like george zimmerman the ability to kill on sight you are racial profiling so every twenty eight hours a young black person is killed by the police in this country or someone who wants to be a cop like george zimmerman who by the way now has his gun back so he could do this
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again. and in our website right now or to dot com we're asking whether you think is there a man's acquittal was justified well let's take a look at how some of you already. expressed their views so as you see the majority of our viewers approve of the court's decision scenes there are man's actions as legitimate self-defense a slightly smaller number say the remand racially profiled the victim and instigated the violence at this point fifteen percent. are concerned by this particular case and the remainder which is eleven percent are undecided and say not enough evidence was provided so you can get a bold and let us know what you think of this issue by logging on to our website r t v dot com.
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in northern ireland humanists are planning yet another parade in belfast despite street riots that have been raging over the past few days the orange order has applied for permission to hold a march this weekend but as are two sara first explains their decision comes when the nationalist community is most sensitive. well the full moon u.s. government peace envoy to northern ireland richard haas back installment yesterday party move in ireland tools now first minister peter robinson has said that all party group has been set up with the purpose of seeking an alternative to the parades commission the other group will say going to be looking to bring forward a set of recommendations by the end of the year on parades and protests flags and
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symbols a hugely important issue to move an island blackall with and really seen by many as the only result parts of the peace process now all too often we see days cultural elements really a motivator for the sectarian flare up over the sort that we've seen following on from last friday's july twelfth parade now after that we saw the parade commission's controversial ruling in force by police that then led to very serious rioting by the loyalist marches in moved belfast and there's been really a period a sustained what i think i know the orange order had yesterday applied to the parades commission to have another parade on saturday this coming saturday very near to that contested area now that's been seen by many to be quite a provocative me move some people speaking out saying that the orange order hasn't
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learned any lessons from the violence we see of recent days already more than seventy police officers in just more than sixty people arrested more than one hundred homes traded everyone paying that which it has being here that these party talks now getting underway can bring an end to the violence christian science monitor correspondent jason walz believes the authorities did not expect such an escalation. well i think the woman to. the point of going on. with the mission is a bit of. the orange order of the approval. for the. local but with them so i think you are. in the wrong there is a question of rights anyone with the. rights to your order surely have
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a right to freedom of assembly mark some of them not want to see the. story. broke you want to march about it with people wanting to know the order of more or. less now take a look at some other stories from around the world and greece parliament has narrowly approved a public sector reform bill in order to secure a nine billion euros and financial aid from international lenders the ruling which will see thousands lose their jobs comes amid full scale and osteria protests throughout the country the german finance minister is scheduled to visit to greece on thursday to discuss a hundred million a year alone. ejects thousands of supporters of the ousted president mohamed morsi have taken to the streets in cairo the demonstrators denounce the newly formed cabinet saying it's illegitimate as it emerged in the wake of a military coup the new government has entirely excluded members of morsi is muslim
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brotherhood movement and a rally follows the visit of the european union's top foreign policy official who urged both sides to cooperate and a political process now i don't creasing number of palestinian children are being dragged into the conflict with israel several youngsters who have been protesting against israeli settlement expansion added up on the i.d.f. swannack list artist policy or has a story. armed to the teeth that's one of the most sophisticated armies in the world state of the art weapons high tech defense and world class combat training but when it comes to dealing with an unconventional enemy children it resorts to those posters threatening to find them wherever they are like a sheriff in a small town with a bounty on outlaws hid every night nearly victim and drop bombs and sound bombs the words the houses before i've been with the children live in very bad so
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critical situation and it's working as sufis one of the children whose faces was plastered around village in the northern west bank the warning reads we are the army be careful we will catch you if we see you. we were very afraid when they put our pictures up there threatening us that they will arrest us and they will come and take us from our home the posters went up one afternoon after another demonstration ended in tear gas and rubber coated bullets every friday villages take to the streets to protest against the wall israel is building between them and a nearby city home and on the frontline and in the line of fire children the idea to publish these posters was probably the initiative of a local army commander they were placed on the walls of a mosque and nearby houses a sub says he wasn't throwing stones but the army and settlers have a different version but so is the head of a nearby city home and each day he drives on this road which connects his
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settlement in the thirty five thousand jews who live in the area with the rest of his role. of this what would usually happen is they would come and stand on the road to pick up a brick or a large stone and throw it directly and from a short range because many of our residents were hurt three months ago a baby got hit and she's now in a vegetative state stones kill and that's why we expect the military to do what it takes in order for it to stop. but the military is helpless and doesn't know what to do once soldiers are clearly prohibited from targeting noncombatants it becomes murky when they feel threatened sure that there is a chain which begins with soldiers being afraid to act because they're not backed up by us it continues with the palestinians understanding that the soldiers will not act these really deterrence is weakening the terrorists growing israelis get heard in israel is not protecting its citizens it's really figures say rock
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throwing incidents are up by a hundred and ten percent in the last few months but the army's track record for dealing with palestinian children is dismal at best a recent un report found that the i.d.f. would timi abuses and tortures youngsters in the occupied west bank the community has hit back by putting up posters of its own the message that the. art of it is that your army. as far south he has exams but can't concentrate way we have soldiers that are on the prowl looking for him and his classmates policy r.t. could do him spend that one morning is about half an hour to stay with us for that but first though it's prime interest. choose your language.


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