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tv   Headline News  RT  July 18, 2013 7:00am-7:30am EDT

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breaking news here on our to russian anti-corruption campaign are all excited of all me is sentenced to five years in jail for embezzlement after court found him guilty of a scheme to defraud a state company out of half a million dollars. exploiting the chaos of conflict is said to be drawing up plans for its own isn't the state carved out of the ruins of war in torn serious north over the control over oil revenue and on drugs. and the competition is launched in britain for the best roadmap to leave the european union following the government's promise to hold a referendum on whether the u.k. should remain a member. thanks
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for joining me this hour we've got live news and analysis for you i'm lucy catherine of and you're watching our team moving on to our breaking news story this hour i'll explain i've only best known for his campaign against official corruption has been given a five year prison term for embezzlement earlier i spoke to our teaser who's been following the proceedings at the courthouse and cure of and. who is in central moscow where protests are expected later today. viney as well as a man who has been deemed his accomplice but that said it has been found guilty. of the investment of timber in the amount of roughly half a million dollars now and finally is looking at five years in prison whereas if instead of his looking at a four year prison term their lawyers in advance before the verdict said that they're going to appeal it so they have ten days to do that but of course it comes as a sort of a crash for inviting me through what is considered to be poster boy for the russian opposition his supporters were here in the number of roughly one hundred fifty
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people they have followed his death they have told the vehicle that has left the courtroom with the who was handcuffed in the courtroom they have told the vehicle to the place of preliminary confinement but that doesn't seem like they have actually found. they are so worked closely following the developments here and of course we'll bring you the latest as we get it and igor to you now of course i really had mentioned supporters of not only. to remind our viewers he did rise to prominence when he became the de facto leader of the anti-government protests that have swept across the russian capital back in late two thousand and eleven what we're spawns to the verdict are we expecting on the streets of moscow now well even one the before the verdict was announced late on wins the activists began organizing groups in the various social networks calling for nobody's no one his supporters to gather not only in moscow but it all over twenty others large cities
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across russia you know the verdict itself was instantly spread by most online media and as soon as that happened the numbers of those who confirmed that there are planning to take to the streets of their cities in his support began and rapidly growing even though none of these around these were authorized know no one it's one of the most well known and controversial opposition figures in the country he gained supporters even before this amount. wave of protests two years ago through his online corruption projects in other aspects of the controversy around him is open sympathy to the russian nationalists but even though there is still no unified opposition force in the country he's for sure considered to be one of the leaders of the movement and if we look on a nationwide scale well and the roughly one hundred forty million people citizens of the country then not only is popularity among that amount of people is definitely less compared to his supporters throughout the alling community in fact
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a recent poll conducted by the center showed that only around ten percent of russian citizens even followed this criminal case around him but nevertheless the online community still consists of large amounts of people not not millions but tens of thousands perhaps hundreds of thousands and we should still expect rallies to be held both in moscow and in over twenty of the other cities across the country so we'll be following the events and we'll be bringing you the latest news. meanwhile a senior researcher at moscow state university marks the bodo says that alex and of all these political views aren't widely shared in russia and that his sentence is unlikely to trigger mass outrage. i don't think the russian public will be much concerned at all i'm sure we will see some relatively small protest a couple thousand people tonight in moscow but we have to keep in mind that this is an extremely small percentage of the population. five percent with that are
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liberal and would be supporters of the volley against the verdict in this particular instance so i don't think you'll see any big reaction from russian society at all however we can expect the western mainstream media. and several western governments to keep opprobrium on the verdict. and to. basically claim that in the fall he has been on fairly sentences i think that russia are actually paying attention to some of the particulars of the case and they are a familiar with the ball me as a political figure in quite a different way than he has conceived of in the west and the west the baldly is is presented as a poster boy for a liberal opposition and he's a commonly referred to as the most popular leader of the liberal opposition and a potential threat to president putin the facts on the ground really don't lay this
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out even after the trial and the may or all race which of all me has been running in who's. not only is known by still only thirty two percent of russians and that's after a lot of heavy t.v. and newspaper coverage of. russians really aren't that interested in the brand of politics that he's selling them and that's because what is often on presented in the west is in the holy holds what could be considered in the west as quite extreme ethnic nationalist racist zina phobic views of what is could be considered an extreme right including gun rights advocacy and the like. of course we'll be bringing you more opinion and analysis on the number on the case throughout the day and we've also got live updates for you on the story on our website r.t. dot com of course don't forget to check out our twitter feed for all the latest on this story. seems.
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we're struck. and i would think that you're. on the record. and. i. syria faces the prospect of terrorist forces gaining overwhelming control of the country's north now sources in the free syrian army rebel group claim that the international terrorist network al qaeda plans to create its own state near the border with turkey now the movement was until recently believed to be cooperating closely with extremist groups including al qaida but that relationship had been deteriorating argy is going to educate and has more. you imagine okai hiding in some caves in the remote mountains not anymore they want their own country they found the land it's the part of syria which is under the rebels control we're
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talking about the northern part of the country that borders turkey according to an influential arabic newspaper off charcol outside which cite the source of the free syrian army a card affiliated militants intent to accidently assert their control over the territory immediately after ramadan ramadan and around the ninth of august according to the source of pride is about to announce an islamic state in theory they were in full control over the weapons coming from turkey and the money coming from oil smuggling in syria's eastern province of their own store for example a network of tribes and smugglers has exploited the chaos of war to create an illicit oil trade with the reports that the al qaeda linked threat has reached an understanding with the tribes over the division of spoils the all new sort of crime has of course used those profits to buy more weapons and pates fighters now apparently they want more they feel powerful enough to want more it makes some of the rebels nervous of course many rebels ordinated their efforts with the all move
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threat but those who are fused to do that risk their lives recently the all new threat have killed several members of the free syrian army including all member of the western backed supreme military council the territories controlled by the rebels now all the signs of becoming the old the land and in this new all the land you have things like checkpoints where the militants check whether people are fasting more or not locals from near aleppo say they check their songs to keep their fasting and if they are not the militants beat them many syrians are of course deeply saddened by what's becoming of their country. don't go away lots more stories still ahead for you including you the parades in northern ireland they're opening up old wounds as belfast braces for more violent clashes between catholics and protestants more on that story after the break.
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i would rather as questions for people in positions of power instead of speaking on their behalf and that's why you can find my show larry king now right here on r.t. question more. well. it's technology innovation all the least developed minutes from around russia we've got this huge area covered.
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welcome back a british thing tank the institute of economic affairs has promised a large cash prize for whoever comes up with the best roadmap for leaving the european union prime minister david cameron has pledged to hold a referendum on britain's future in europe this is if his party is re-elected which is playboy takes up the story. picture of the scene is the year twenty seventeen and britons have just very to in favor of exiting the beleaguered european union said the government now needs to implement a road map for how to leave that's what the u.k.'s institute for economic affairs think tank is all skin economists who imagine in order to come up with the best blueprint for britain's potential exit from the european union it's a competition and the winner who comes up with the best proposal will be awarded
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one hundred thousand euros want to talk about the challenge i'm joined by dr richard wellings from the institute for economic affairs dr weddings why i don't want to the competition now it's four years until the referendum and even so britain's might vote to stay in the european union at that point that's true better i mean it is such an important issue that is important that economists start thinking about the consequences of britain potentially leaving the given that there's such a large amount of your skepticism of most british public it is quite plausible that in a few years time britain will be leaving so i mean is absolutely essential that we have some idea of where britain is going to go next with a winning strategy be put forward to the government to use in case of a euro exit yes i mean where we're going to publish the winning strategy along with some of the other better entries as well said to be plenty of ideas there for the government's low cards and hopefully come out with a very very sound plan now the prize is aimed at looking at the least disruptive way to leave the euro but there are those that say that leaving the euro zone will
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be detrimental to the case economy no matter how you do it obviously i mean there were major upside potentially because the u.k. can then get rid of all this very burdensome e.u. regulation on jobs and climate change and so on all the red tape is suffocating business but obviously the key to this is whether we retain very strong free trade links with the rest of europe that's absolutely essential they have great free trade links with europe and the rest of the world will be the key to success in the future dr welling's thank you. very much for telling us about the competition now the prize is going to be judged by a panel that includes former chancellor nigel lawson who recently claimed that the british economy would be better off if britain were outside the european union. london and while britain and the rest of the e.u. feel the grip of austerity tightening some well connected individuals could be making more money than ever will artie's kinds or believes that it's a sign of a looming financial crisis you can watch the full show later on today but here is
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a quick preview. so basically the bank of england is loaning itself money that actually is called the asset purchase facility lending it money at point five percent interest and then lending it to the government at a higher interest with their guilt but then capturing that spread and giving it to the government to reduce their deficit so the budget. you know if you borrow money from longer which is a payday lender shop here in the u.k. they charge annual analyze rates of interest of five thousand percent if you're one of these bankers dealing with the bank of england mark carney's new shop then the rate of interest is negative in other words they pay you to take out a loan at one go they charge me five thousand percent at the bank of england they pay me two percent they pay me to borrow money that's the difference those any assets of wires or those huge wealth and income gap in the u.k.
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and around the world well because if you're on the inside you get paid to borrow money if you're on the outside of the interest rate apartheid wall then you get charged five thousand percent to borrow money and then you go on the b.b.c. and say we are going to think well nothing but look at them but they're going by what the got the do the do the do it just means efficient markets theory you know i'm not backed by a poster i mean those things i did i would. it's fraud. in northern ireland unionists are planning yet another parade in belfast this despite a recent series of street clashes with nationalists the orange order has apply for permission to hold a march this weekend sparking accusations that it is deliberately stirring up confrontation archie sara furthur reports on the international efforts to ease the standoff. well the full no u.s. government peace envoy to northern ireland richard haas bank installment yesterday
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policy move in ireland tools now first minister peter robinson has said that all party group has been set up with the purpose of seeking an alternative to the parades commission the other groups rules they going to be looking to bring food a set of recommendations by the end of the year on parades and protests flags and symbols a hugely important issue to new zealand blackall within will be seen by many as the only result parts of the peace process now all too often we see days cultural elements really a motivator for the sectarian flare up over the sort that we've seen following on from last friday's july twelfth parade now after that we saw the parade commission's controversial ruling in force by police that then led to very serious rioting by the loyalist marches in moved belfast and there's been really
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a period of sustained well i think i know the orange order had yesterday applied to the parades commission to have another parade on saturday this coming saturday very near to that contested area now that's been seen by many to be quite a provocative move move some people speaking out saying that the orange order hasn't learned any lessons from the violence we see of recent days already moving seventy police officers injured more than sixty people arrested more than one hundred homes traded everyone paying that which it has being here that these party talks now getting underway can bring an end to the violence christian science monitor correspondent jason walsh says the extent of the violence has come as a surprise to local authorities. they were clearly prepared for them because they thought that initially six hundred extra police officers from britain they're going
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under but i think no one was expecting four or five days of riots i think one or two days were expected but at this point it seems the one on a lot longer than people of the mission and it's a bit of a lot of people are quite annoyed with the orange order in of so you know for all the feedings and good for the with the look i'm going to them so i think the orange order. bearing the brunt of the slices there is a question of rice time anyone with a little slice would say that's the orange order surely have a rice or freedom assemblage march somewhere even if i don't want to do this is this is a snowfall and this is their own small and every year is a sign where you have a conflict of rights with wonder if you want to march in another that people want to leave. the or go to marseilles. and time for a brief world update we begin in greece where the greek parliament has narrowly for the public sector reform bill to secure nine billion euros in financial aid from international lenders the ruling which will see thousands lose their jobs comes despite
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a large scale and protests throughout the country the german finance minister is scheduled to visit greece on thursday to discuss a one hundred million euro lonna. in egypt thousands of supporters of the ousted president mohamed morsi have taken to the streets of cairo the demonstrators denounced the newly formed cabinet branding it as illegitimate as it emerged in the wake of the military coup now the new government has entirely excluded members of morsi is muslim brotherhood movement the rally follows the visit of the european union's top foreign policy official who had urged both sides to cooperate in the political process. and moving on now we're back to our top story discussing the novel in the case and his sentencing is as well as the international occasions with william engdahl he's a jew political analyst as well as the author of full spectrum dominance of talent here and democracy in the new world order and joins us live from frankfurt sir thank you for taking the time to speak with us do you believe that this case will have political consequences for russia and its relations with western countries or
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there's no question in my mind that the case will have political consequences but that's because anything that happens to looks you know ball in russia today is going to have political consequences because it's he's been to meddle lies by the west especially by you by washington to maximize political pressure. on the putin government and why do you think that he's gotten so much attention in the foreign press despite being relatively unknown by the majority of russians perhaps not within the city capitals but in the country as a whole. well i think go back to the presidential elections. where putin was elected president and the massive wave of protests that was unleashed on the streets of the major cities moscow and elsewhere and the volley was then profiled is that as a key figure in the in those protest marches. so that he's become kind of
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a martyr symbol of the opposition to to putin in particular and therefore the western media is drawn to that like like a magnet because they are they have an interest let's be frank c.n.n. and such media b.b.c. in trying to maximize pressure on russia especially after what russia has done over the syrian situation in recent months so this is being used there are two issues here one is the issue of embezzlement when when he was an aide to the governor of of cure all for. this lumber deal that was what he has been sentenced for today but the other question is who is in a volley and how has he been instrumental ised by select western media and n.g.o.s like the national endowment for democracy or the hundred jackson society who loudly praise the virtues of an evolving well you had mentioned the b.b.c. which had described him as a quote mandela of the west or the mandela moment for for russia do you think that
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that is a fair description. well i certainly wouldn't call this a monday l.-a moment for russia i think that's a little bit obscene but and certainly a dishonor to nelson mandela. i think the b.b.c. is waxing poetic to try to dramatize this thing as much as possible b.b.c. is an arm of the british government and british intelligence as is c.n.n. for the us in terms of. embedded journalism in the mainstream media in the u.s. is very much keyed into a state department agenda defense department agenda on most major foreign policy issues unfortunately and sir i'm curious i mean we've talked about the implication of all the outside of russia but do you think that his jailing could somehow further escalate to the protest movements here maybe bridge the divide within the fractured opposition in your view i was in moscow a little more than a week ago for a series of meetings and presentations and the the sense i have is that it's
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not going to be like it was immediately after the elections when you had this wave of protests and so forth volley is not that lightning rod that's going to mobilize tens of millions of russians to the streets people are more concerned about bread and butter issues they're more concerned about getting the infrastructure rebuilt getting pensions paid to. defend the in the academy of sciences against the loss of the loss of its revenue stream by by the duma issues like that so i frankly don't see i'm sure there will be some protest but i don't see anything comparable to one and a half two years ago and very briefly i mean do you think that cases like this for example mcculloch that are called now we have outside of all me they detract from valid debate about serious issues that russia perhaps does need to address. well the holocaust case was was
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a absolutely crucial case for defending the energy sovereignty of russia because he was he was in cahoots with certain western oil companies and london and washington . financial interests to grab the crown jewels of russia's state state oil and also buy off according to various russian reports by off a century by the duma and. his arrest certainly preempted that but. i think there is no question about it the west in particular the washington and the national endowment for democracy whether it's hillary clinton's reset obama's. posture or whatever or george w. bush the agenda of washington is to weaken russia as a player in international global politics in one way or another and whether they use holocaust use case or whether they use no volley or whether they use pussy riot excuse expressions i think it's
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a. it's all part of the propaganda offensive to try to isolate russia because russia is not playing to the music that washington wants to hear right now all right william and all weighing in with his opinion there thank you so much for that interview thank you well coming up the future of the u.s. homeland security and surveillance drones and breaking the set to stay with us. if you want to hear something truly baffling the u.s. supreme court has ruled that generic drug makers cannot be sued for bad reactions to their products only the original branded creators of the drugs can the court's decision was five to four overturning a multimillion dollar award for a woman who was horribly wounded by taking a medication which gave her toxic epidermal necrosis which is basically the
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equivalent of getting third degree burns all over her body and of course after winning the case mutual pharmaceutical company is demanding their millions of dollars back from the woman who they naturally blame for having side effects from the medicine they made themselves remember this is not just a ruling about one drug but ruling about all generic drugs which are eighty percent of the u.s. market all of them will not have any accountability i cannot wrap my head around the logic of only punishing the creator of a product and granting immunity to anyone that later reproduces said product i mean would any sane person say that if you shoot a person with a colt forty five pistol that is a crime but if you use a copycat call made in mexico to blow your neighbors off well that's ok because it's a generic copy no no sane person would allow generic drug producers to have no liability for their product but that's just my opinion.
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to live on one hundred thirty three bucks a month for food i sent her i had because you know how fabulous. i mean. as i. really miss. her so. she. was sick of it. well there's you never seen anything like. what's good looking to break in the set and all ruffle oh you know between all that coverage of shark nato and the news that nasty heat wave crawling up the east coast i'm glad the mainstream media did take some time to talk about this important news
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story. as american as baseball apple pie and celebrity gossip twinkies are returning new owners are heralding the sweetest comeback in the history of. a major day in american history one of the great tragedies a very good streak average several months ago would break the one out of business but they're back parity they've got leaner operating costs so twinkies may also be a little you know the new box is hitting sales lists that takes it as having two hundred seventy calories and a weight of seventy seven grams of c that's right folks everyone's favorite preservative filled piece of americana is back some beef with the sugary piece of the stone and you see while the hostess company has returned they'll have as much smaller payroll having downsized from twenty five hundred to just eight hundred workers the fewer employees are the result of the company choosing to outsource delivery and the automation of many of the old jobs the company also used to have about six hundred outlet stores that served hostess products directly to consumers
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with those stores will be won't be reopened either so it's not really great news for hundreds of former hostess employees that might have been hopeful now if that was in bad enough hostess union workers are also officially a thing of the past since the company basically declared bankruptcy last year in the midst of an ongoing conflict between unions and c.e.o.'s that the company plans on having zero unions this time around and as you can imagine that affects salaries . pensions and overall working conditions to me it sounds like hostess is following the typical footsteps of american corporations outsource jobs replace employees with machines and kill worker unions but that's a side of the story you're not likely to hear in the corporate media which is exactly why we're breaking the set. i. so guys i'm sure you've heard by now that secretary of homeland security janet napolitano has decided to resign to that end now that would be appropriate.


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