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the crime is that of viola manville a seventy four year old woman found dead on the twenty ninth of november one thousand nine hundred eighty eight along this dirt track. dozens of suspects will be questioned and all will be released including frank stirling seen in this photograph. two years later detectives trained by reed reopen the case and are convinced frank is guilty. a few years earlier his brother had been sentenced to prison for raping viola manning and frank stirling is thought to have wanted revenge. the police are relentless and pressed sterling until he cracks on the eleventh of july one thousand nine hundred ninety one and exhausted frank sterling admits to the mudda his confession is recorded.
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many years later the murder of a four year old girl is arrested he also confesses to the murder of viola manning and traces of his d.n.a. confirm the fact. frank sterling is released on the twenty eighth of april two thousand and ten after serving nineteen years. now age fifty four frank has become frail and anxious and finds it hard to talk about his feelings. april twenty eighth two thousand and ten the day i get released. oh yeah and whether to remember freedom. for frank sterling obtained his freedom largely due to the vigorous efforts of his lawyer. under the war with the question remains why did he ever come face to a crime he never committed. and police officers don't beat people anymore i mean it
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just doesn't happen really in a court of interrogation because there's been a sad light moment no because the psychological techniques are more effective in obtaining confessions than physical abuse. yet in the case of frank stirling only his confession was filmed but the video speaks for itself the two policemen had applied to read method as well as some of their own making. they often coffee and donuts to prepare frank sterling for his final declaration of guilt but what had gone on before. i remember the. shoulders. trying to be all buddy buddy. or here for.
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a. legend all that. i didn't do it you're not listen to me. over and over and it's like ok i'll give you what you want well they had this weird interrogation technique in your case that i've never seen before since where there robin is feeding rubbing his back and having him lie on the floor put his feet up on the chair and whispering it is a year you know picture yourself out of the crime scene now picture the victim here she comes what do you do you know all this kind of really hypnotic kind of suggestion. the video the confession is just the acceptable face of what happened during the interrogation. to help frank admit to the crime he didn't commit one of the offices is rubbing his shoulders the other is holding his hand. as if you.
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were you can't. here to speak. sort of like you're floating he said on the chair which are you know as if you feel like you're sitting at a chair in the way of any shoulders. so far as a. tool like an out of body. why does someone go through this crime that he didn't do. you know because we had so tired. for our sleep. you know for three days and like.
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i just want to go. you know. yes i was very. prejudices your finals are difficult for you ok. if something happened with them. yesterday. one of. the ratio yes even when you're learning. something. anything religion is difficult for. regime leaders and from.
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eric. yes. this form of questioning shows how an innocent man can be made to confess with no recourse whatsoever to violence psychology has thus become a powerful weapon in the hands of the police and frank was one of its deliberate victims. to prevent any possible excesses has given rise to a new kind of specialist the lawyer expert. it's even inspired hollywood and its popular series lie to me. and certainly the small the psychologist helps result crimes by observing body language and facial expressions it may be human nature for the truth is written for all of us. stand walters has been a lie expert for the past twenty five years. like to say i'm taking
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a little trip inside the swamp of their brain. in a morning around a swamp and i'm fighting the rotten stuff and trying to drag it out for four of the people. who will to crisscrosses the united states to spread the basics of good interrogation techniques to the police. his unique methods upset many of the theories online including those of his pee is . here in texas they did a study on interrogation training and they tested years officers ability to spot deception he says to training courses and they brought him back and test him again what he found one hundred ninety officers now got better and improved after two courses he looked at the content the courses and found those courses were perpetuating the myths stem malta's campaigns against preconceptions and received
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ideas. very little body language has anything to with the steps in crossing arms what else could get one of those a hand up building hazing the other causing legs sitting on hands wrapping feet around a chair holding on cause of the angles of the chair no correlation deception none . possibly stress but there is no difference whatsoever and when i contact lars make it a truth tellers and no connection. and now the myth of the myth of i move a little left leg and right and i'm swimming against the tide and i get academies and hate me for this then kiss my. because you're doing a disservice teaching again and again and again trained officers who thought they were great at spotting a lie before and worse in civilian population and had no training in deception
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which tells you what about training. to general. when a bag of his method is together a bundle of clues based on behavior and language which could indicate a suspect may be lying beyond any stress he may be feeling. as well known people such as bill clinton he is seen lying to the entire nation when he claims he never had sexual relations with white house intern monica lewinsky. i never told anybody to live there wasn't so much is deception here with president clinton other then there were some symptoms that told us he would be told to open one he refers to monica lewinsky is that one that's a very typical depersonalization its way of separating oneself and being above or outside the realm or better than that the other one is his emotion and using his appearance payslips person is the hostility of anger then
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a split second when he turns to walk away watch for the smile the single. these allegations are false and i need to go back to work. switch from anger to smile another is courtney love suspected of being a drug addict now ron nothing to do and that i'll know her by god i'm going to ask a lot of questions the people think now my parent that out and out with courtney love you see shock when she's asked about their own question was a good stress marker to see her version of body away get multiple answers if she has a good strong cause to be avers was consistent was only being deceptive that you and later we know that she has had a long history of drug abuse for. you on nothing now so the first question is very general you know nothing today no
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and in barbara they ask. a more pointed question now you see you react no more heroin and so you are about to jump wrong nothing today no. zeta face expression the large eyes from a shock response of the question this when stones are so it's as if i were the interviewer that means i would follow up on here on questions as a single me of of incriminating potential my god i'm going to ask you all the questions that people think now my hair and that i watch your body back. and away from barbara and multiple no answers. or. a notice we haven't really answered their own question you're back to project and should ask you very pointedly have you ever done drugs in front of your children and watch the huge reaction again on a parent cluster behaviors of deception ever give guidance in front of a child like god out of class how to make sure that i'm not looking for meth again
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body language is got a large margin of error so i'm looking at groupings and looking for it to be consistent so if found there an issue comes up to keep getting these powerful responses and i keep getting similar cluster behaviors of that damage stress or cause to behavior that we think are and put some point consistent deception. on stem alters criticizes the most is the obsession the police have with obtaining a confession at the cost of the investigation this is what happened in the little town of camden in arkansas in early august two thousand and six when the body of eleven year old katie was found in the small dose. she had been suffocated using a plastic bag. after a botched investigation detectives determined the murder had to have been inside the house. in fact only katie's mother melody and twelve year old brother thomas
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were inside. when the police arrived the military was hysterical while thomas seemed quite calm. cool been thomas' moya believes the police became fixated with his behavior which they judged as to come and convince them that thomas had killed his sister. apple for example much of a plan of catching him down on the out. same so i don't see why the american sanitarium would be so concerned about it paying or not paying taxes because ultimately it's not going to get any share of that and that's happening already and of course we're talking here about how do you share the taxes provided there are taxes the problem today there's no big their share because we approve of these rigi where these companies don't break tax.
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i've seen the perception of the cross many times it doesn't matter if there's snow a heat wave or hail stones for people keep on going i don't expect anything just one i told myself i keep on going as long as my heart told me to that's all i want to at the moment micki i have sense so much you see i'm carrying these sayings on my shoulder. do you want me to put a bandage here no that's fine a lot of people were so exhausted they could barely walk their feet hurt and some of them fainted who were evacuated three to wanted to keep going i don't know what tomorrow will bring. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something
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else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm trying hard luck is a big picture. the first thing that went wrong is that as soon as the police got to the house they decided thomas had committed this crime that was the. first error and then everything they did after that just compounded the error. thomas was twelve years old at the time today he is nineteen. and the police pressure he confessed to everything and was sent to prison. the supreme court would overturn the sentence two years later after the details of his interrogation were revealed. the video recording of the interview was appalling. the pictures caused
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the worst police scandal in the history of the state of arkansas. hard to speculate. in december some of the story. and i'm going to like it he is your boy archie. well we're pretty intelligent. and the viral irony is you know that i broke and. there's no indication a break here. show your sister died and there was only two people in russia could kill. here. that you know my wife can be a book all right oh i don't like your shit ok the tone is set right from the start the police never question thomas about his movements all the facts but are relentless convinced of his guilt the basic era which should never happen during
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questioning i was scared didn't know what was going on. didn't know what to do just there things moved so fast and we just sat there for hours and not know what was going to happen. just so i was lost it's no longer an interrogation but a never ending series of accusations. that would leave old intelligence to fight. well. for it. all. aren't one of our. i want it if your mother didn't leave. you know you did. well and had she.
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i didn't you know. i did. feel a whole lot. thomas will deny killing his sister thirty six times. already do you. i told me you see the man my mom and i completely trust my mother to protect me my sister at all. so done it and the only way it could happen is if i had done it so i thought the police would tell me the truth so i just died and i don't remember
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doing it. but. so confused i can't take the pressure of. the police to use the smallest details of the boy's life to further incriminate him . you're probably right here. keisha. my medication. what do you tell if you know. did you hear from. my gate but i really think that. you're going to feel yourself. and yourself you're going to hear it is. hard. like.
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most kids would have confessed to this crime a lot sooner it's a it's absolutely amazing that he was able to withstand their. badgering of him as long as he then. could hold. the constant harassment has a name the police call it quote cooking over a small fire the officers leave the room and leave thomas to stew on his own there's no need for physical pressure as the suspects imagination runs wild as to what would happen if he doesn't confess the tactic works inside the mind of the twelve year old kid. oh sure you can. sweat and cry and. this is an emotional. confused by the accusations thomas begins to break down. i thought maybe i blacked out.
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because the cops i knew point to cost a lot of money. well . nobody ok. oh. well. after more than one house cross-examination the police have still been unable to make thomas confess so they turn on his mother melody. she's bipolar and hasn't taken her medicines for six months but the police focus their questions on
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getting her to point the finger of blame at her own son. when we. know he hollered and he went on life after her and it strained her and he waited. and i was having fun he's coming home to me can i hear you know i had to write. i don't remember but i think well you know. i didn't. ya know. you don't think. it was that notice was going but pursues my mother. who was there to help me but she betrayed me very much for of. sprint's through me to the cops and said he did it. they're putting their own
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families out of my car. that went nowhere near. as his mother condemns him thomas' interrogation continues this time off camera half for a while thomas finally says i'm hungry i haven't had anything to eat all day and then they turn off the tape and they take him in the other room for the next three and a half hours they interrogated thomas just like they had been doing on tape but now they were off tight they could do what they wanted they could say what they wanted and there was no evidence of what they did or what they said. turning into a girl and he saw talking to me tell me that it was only me who could have that if i do not confess before he left he was going to give me the death penalty. so he
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left and i got scared i called him back in there and by then i realized no way i was going to leave without telling them i did it. tell me if i just told them the truth or what they wanted to hear i could go home so i gave them a story. and i said that and so they added beats bits and pieces for me to add in my story to look fit what they wanted it to. and that's when i took them back on camera. off an hour later he's like an automaton that repeats everything the police have told him to confess. me.
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turn off the t.v. . plan off. morning. he. can. show off scale. or he sent lane the national chief of police contacted me and asked me to contact thomas regarding his interview and they want to use it as an example of how not to interview
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a child and i think that's very telling. after his admission the police leave thomas on his own to confront his mother. he whispers in her ear that he didn't kill his sister before declaring his guilt out loud. i'm. shocked.
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then he consults. to this day the investigation into the murder of young katie remains unresolved. the reason the questioning of thomas went so badly is that the police are still focusing on confessions rather than evidence. of the three hundred one prisoners on death row or serving life sentences in the united states that were later proved innocent about ninety had made full scum fissions during interrogations that had been wrongly conducted.
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in his secret laboratory tim curry was able to build a news most sophisticated robot which all unfortunately doesn't give a darn about anything tim's mission to teach creation why it should care about humans and worry this is why you should care only on the. please. look.
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look. closely colin told. her that. her mother. would speak. to. her her. her her wish her luck her mum if so good luck her fists. and. her. little mouth by no means
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a little. too far. from police. news today violence is once again fled up the fees are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada after the first shanghai for a shelter the day please. right . first street. and i were being put. on our reporters were very. instrumental.
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my brother in law. the boiling pot racial emotions run high apostle marco with mass protests and dozens of cities after the killing of a black teenager walks free. convicted to bailed but unbowed russian opposition activist alex saying they've all made awaits his appeal against a five year prison term for stealing one million dollars. egypt's begins reworking its constitution after another week of deadly strife between the packers and the opponents of the deposed islamist president mohamed morsi. and turkey allegedly led to israel use one of its military bases for a recent attack on syria that's according to our chief source but anchor of firmly denies that plane.


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