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tv   News Weekly  RT  July 21, 2013 4:00pm-4:30pm EDT

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free book video for your media project a free video done to. the boiling pot racial emotions run high across the u.s. with mass protests in dozens of cities after the killer of a black teenager walks free. convicted bail but unbowed russian opposition activist alexei navalny awaits his appeal against a five year prison term for stealing half a million dollars. turkey allegedly lets israel use one of its military bases for a recent attack against syria according to an r.t. source but on her firmly denies the claim. the trial of u.s. army private bradley manning drawing to a close as prosecutors refused to drop the most serious charge of aiding the enemy which could land the whistleblower in prison for life.
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midnight in moscow i'm at treasure bring you today's top stories and a look back at the week's news thousands have been gathering this week all in cities across the u.s. to protest the acquittal of george zimmerman this after a jury found him not guilty of murder when he shot dead unarmed black teenager trayvon martin the ruling set off a nationwide debate on racial hatred as our correspondent guy reports. we've seen protests in dozens of cities in the u.s. throughout the week following the verdict in the george zimmerman case people took to the streets demonstrating at courthouses and police stations throughout the country demanding justice for trayvon martin the seventeen year old black man who was struck dead by a neighborhood watch volunteer dozens of people were arrested most of the arrests were made on charges of a lawful the families some places like the san benito protests turned violent demonstrators the rocks
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a passing car many many americans were following to zimmerman's trial it's obvious that racial disparities in the application of criminal laws in america remain all these people think had trayvon martin being white he would have been a white trayvon martin could have been me. thirty five years ago there are very few african-american men in this country who have near the experience of being followed when they were shopping in department store. that includes me. very very few african-american men who have never experience of walking across the street and hearing the locks click on the doors of course. that happens to me at least before i was the son of the fact of the matter is that under florida's stand your ground law the defense doesn't even have to prove that their client is an angel it's enough to prove reasonable doubt that the defendant acted in self-defense and they're free to go so in this case you have a clash of different issues great civil rights vigilantes guns in self-defense law
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these people see a clash between the law and just states a very recent example also in the state of florida black woman a mother of three was sentenced to twenty years in jail because she fired a bullet at a wall to scare off her abusive husband nobody was injured and the woman is in jail for twenty years while george zimmerman walked free so you see the basis of these people's outrage. demonstrators don't seem willing to back down as trayvon parents are joined by celebrities in leading the movement to profile backing giving added momentum to rallies like this one in new york u.s. attorney general holder urging a review of self-defense laws while the justice department really launched a probe into the murder to see if civil rights card charges could be filed against zimmerman or he spoke with martin luther king jr's daughter bernice who told us the case exemplifies that lingering racial tension in you which. had this been a white american
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a white young man and i doubt very seriously george zimmerman would have reacted so so swiftly in this situation i think you probably would have thought about it twice a lot of things have changed in america so we can't say nothing has changed i just think we're still contending with just laws and more importantly laws that disproportionately affect african-americans and african-american males. more than any other group of people in america and it's kind of issues were very prevalent in my father's time oftentimes you would have all white juries in most times when there is a black victim in this case and when i mean by victim is the one who did. nine times out of ten back in the sixty's or should i say ten times out of ten. that person would have walked george zimmerman zimmerman walked in this particular situation plenty more authority dot com regarding the justice for trayvon campaign
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some of the stories and pictures of nationwide rallies video footage and social media reaction all lined up for you a click away. also a fast moving week for a russian opposition activist an anti corruption blogger alexina vallone said this to a half a decade in prison for embezzlement thursday and then bailed out a few hours later to the cheers of thousands of protesters who were denouncing the verdict against him or arena gulu show has been following what's been called one of russia's most controversial trials in yours. former workers five and four years in prison alexina vining to that if it's ever spent of the for setting up a dummy corporation and defrauding a state owned timber company to the tune of half a million dollars the judge insisted the verdict was not politically motivated but foreign media the blogger supporters and opposition activists declared otherwise critic and a convict the conviction means that he won't be able to stand for mayor of moscow says the embezzlement charges brought against him politically motivated an
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outspoken critic of the russian president vladimir putin has been sentenced to five years in prison one gets the feeling that people have already made up their minds before the case even started before the trial even started and they're not actually looking at the facts of the case or of the way the trial was actually conducted but are simply following their own opinions which they informed in advance what kind of comments is that someone like mr valma should not be prosecuted on this kind of charge because he is a famous opposition personality now that seems to me to put things completely the wrong way round thousands of people in moscow's main years in the square a stone's throw from the kremlin indignant at the verdict calling it unfair and immense police presence and if east of panic and social media for a while it looked like the situation could escalate. but there was a curveball from the prosecutor's office requests to me enough to serve until their
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verdict comes into effect the immediate arrest a preliminary detention to stick to measure as you put in spokesman said there was nothing unusual about the trial or the prosecutor's appeal stressing that the president can not and does not influence the court decision and that those convicted should carry out their punishment as prescribed by the judge and his blog novelis said that he was ready for a long term preliminary confines and ordering books from the library and battling mosquitoes and his self but he spent less than. four hours in detention before being released from this court house straight into the arms of his supporters eager for his campaign to continue so who is the self appointed opposition figurehead who's running for mayor of moscow a lawyer by profession now where you spent the better part of the last few years flirting with nationalistic movements as well as leading a popular blog exposing the hope still corruption and trying to make a for a into politics his trial the verdict and the surrounding media frenzy may have been closer to that goal he can according to your earlier report run from moscow
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city mayor he can give us many interviews as he likes it's an absolute publish city god send for him it doesn't remove him from politics at all it's the absolute ideal solution for him in a sense that's been referred to abroad as russia's mandela moment perhaps too bold a claim the b.b.c. there's the state run there british broadcasting corporation calls it russia's mandela and they've been running stories all day just as previously you know bill keller the executive editor of the new york times used to lord this man you know novell me you already outlined his nationalist views here in this country we have laws against incitement you have the semitism incitement to neo nazis ism which of course this man has flirted with repeatedly although he may not be major household name in russia yet. support abroad he is paid by or has been paid by the united states of america when he set up a democratic alternative party
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a year or two ago it received money from the ne d. the ne d. is the national endowment for democracy funded by the us congress that was the main organization funding the orange revolution in ukraine back in two thousand and four novell nice party received money from the american state as wiki leaks showed it not so long ago it even goes quite central russian. israel originally used a turkish base to launch a strike at syria information coming to our t.v. from a source this week on a chorus or a news lead denying involvement but it is claimed that israel's latest attack against syria happened july fifth targeting a russian made battery of antiship missiles middle east correspondent policy or has more. there was a lot of talk and uncertainty in the region this week after our sources revealed that we have information that is will launch a strike on syria from turkey now the reports are been ekta to a strike back in early july on the syrian city of latakia if accurate this would be
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the fourth time in recent months that tel aviv has launched an attack against syria the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has neither denied nor confirmed these allegations he simply says that israel's policy is not to allow the transfer of dangerous weapons to hizbollah and other so-called terrorist organizations and that this is a policy that the country will not deviate from that and now who also saying that every time something happens in the middle east israel is to blame the turks for their side have denied the allegations the turkish foreign minister saying that turkey will never be a part of nor a partner to such attacks he also said that the allegations were aimed at destroying turkey's power and riki taishan what is interesting is that relations between turkey and israel are at an all time low they deteriorated after the fratello attempt back in may two thousand and ten in which nine turkish activists were killed and there was an attempt to bring humanitarian aid to the people of
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gaza back in march the israeli prime minister apologized to the turks for that incident and what is happening now is that real questions are being asked about the sincerity of that apology there are also questions being asked as to why would turkey ally itself with its arch enemy in the region is role to launch an attack against another muslim country now it's no secret that turkey has spoken out against the regime of bashar assad in syria but this certainly is not a sufficient enough as to why turkey would work with israel to launch an attack against syria policy r.t. on the israeli syrian border. so you look at previous alleged israeli raids on syrian territory only confirmed by anonymous sources military compound just outside damascus bombarded twice in january and may rockets also struck a warehouse at the capital's international airport allegedly holding surface to
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surface missiles on all the occasions attacks explain is operations to wipe out iranian weapons thought to be bound for hezbollah in lebanon journalist oxen a writer whose covered the civil war in syria says israel took a side in the conflict long before the strikes i don't think that this is a huge change for all the general situation because. what's supporting in the past the so-called rebels in this what the media claim it is the civil war but it's in the reality it's a long time a proxy war we have right now militants from more than twenty five nations fighting in syria against the syrian government and of course east river was supporting the rebels they were they were they fall and arms and weaponry made from. the revenue side and turkey also is supporting in a strong way the rebels on syrian soil. we're going to take a short break but still to come the shifting sands of u.k.
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policy toward syria david cameron saying there's too much at the museum and too many bad guys in the syrian rebel ranks comment seen as the clearest sign today that london may not arming the opposition was. a look at how heroin is ruining the lives of millions of pakistanis a country awash with drugs due to afghanistan's a booming opium trade all that and more in a couple of minutes. zesty what happened i don't. build. years later is when i got arrested. for a crime i did not do. we have numerous cases were police officers lie about polygraph results you get people to confess the police officers don't beat people anymore i mean it just doesn't happen really. in the course of interrogation why because there's been this is like no because the psychological techniques are more
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effective in obtaining confessions than physical abuse they were taking they could do what they wanted they can say what they wanted and there was no evidence of what they did or what they said. quarter past the hour now a german magazine claiming the country's security services were actively taking part in the u.s. global surveillance operations they reported alleging that both domestic and
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foreign intelligence services had been using one of the n.s.a.'s programs for their operations chancellor angela merkel denied previous knowledge of the u.s. spy tactics saying she first learned about them through the media and word snowden revealed weeks ago that washington kept europe and especially germany under close watch the n.s.a. whistleblower himself awaiting russia's decision on whether or not to grant him temporary asylum and word snowden who exposed the u.s. global spy program plus the secret surveillance operations of a number of european states holed up in the transit zone of a moscow airport for more than three weeks he needs the necessary paperwork from moscow to be able to travel to one of the latin american countries that offered him asylum to be allowed to stay on the russian's territory the thirty year old had to agree to stop further leaks second to harm the u.s. or he's now wanted for espionage jim killick from the open rights group hope snowden will find his way to continue revelations. i hope it doesn't mean that he has to not talk about what the united states have been up to in broad policy to i
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mean he's been very careful not to threaten individual peroration is not to expose particular agents or it's of make claims which would result in people safety being compromised rather he's been talking about the rules programs that the united states and the u.k. have been dealing with he says he's got a lot of material and i certainly hope he has more to tell us it does seem that way completely change the debate right now it is very important not to bait keeps happening i think a lot of things are happening in the wake of that there were at least two legal actions being launched in the u.k. on the back of what he's revealed i expect will be more in the u.s. say that. tech companies the challenging all the places of their own free speech or not was i to clear the names of i will be going on so there is a lot to happen whether or not he's got more material to give but i really would like to see whether he has got more to say and i hope he does well snowden goes out
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of his way to avoid washington's prosecution the week's long trial of fellow whistleblower bradley manning nearing its end the army private arrested back in may two thousand and ten admits to leaking thousands of classified documents to wiki leaks he insists he didn't day the enemy the main charge against him which would lead him in prison for life artie's lose wall has more. private first class bradley manning faces several charges twenty one total the most serious of which is aiding the enemy the other charges range from computer fraud to theft of government property and asked to be a notch if convicted of that most serious charge manning could spend his life behind bars without the possibility of parole even if he's not convicted of aiding the enemy the remaining charges amount to one hundred fifty four years behind bars this week the judge could have dropped that aiding the enemy charge but she decided
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not to manning already spent some serious time in prison about three years before his trial even began now the trial is in its final stages we should hear closing arguments next week that it's up to the judge and this court martial to decide the verdict now this comes at a time of great debate over whistleblowers in the country many see manning as a hero but his opponents see him as a traitor for exposing government secrets the secrets include iraq and afghanistan war logs and videos of air strikes one ton of obey detainee assessments and diplomatic cables many activists believe the outcome of manning's marcel could set an example for future whistleblowers a glaring example for this is n.s.a. leaker edward snowden many points of manning's pretrial treatment and heavy handed charges as an example of what's to come for snowden should he set foot in the u.s. leading up to the trial and during the trial there have been several demonstrations in support of manning the next major one being organized by manning support network
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is set for july twenty seventh it's step the international day of action for bradley manning the group is calling for protests in several cities throughout the u.s. and abroad and here in fort meade maryland live all our team. attorney and archivist kevin zeese is prosecuting manning on aiding the enemy charges me undermining the whistleblowing movement as well as press freedom. this is a very abusive charge and inappropriate charge and it's very unusual a really raises the stakes are for was the blowers especially the national security arena because in the enemy in the past has meant that you had to have the intent to aid the enemy not just the knowledge that you could be in the and that's a very big difference normally this kind of in the enemy would mean so on really becoming a traitor and and working with the enemy of the united states not somebody releasing
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material to the media as not just a risk to whistleblowers it's a risk to the media to journalists to reporters now a reporter writes a story. criticizing the media or point points out of the military or points out some faults in the military some mistakes of their making isn't this a team the enemy and so i think it's a really raises lots of questions not just for whistleblowers but for journalists in the twenty first century when we're also connected by the internet anything that's written on a blog i can be perceived as a in the enemy so there's a great risk for freedom of speech and freedom of press for the future. so i can already dot com for more on the stories we're covering on the air including the story behind a nazi for a where the stuff in gets dresses german soldiers and was open for two years before sparking any outcry plus. how the heritage listed marine park on the australian coast became the inadvertent target for bombs that dropped from
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u.s. fighter jets. britain's prime minister seems to be having a change of heart about weapons supplies to syrian opposition in the b.b.c. interview david cameron saying he's still committed to helping rebel groups fighting government forces but that the groups including in his words a lot of bad guys this signals a change from november two thousand and eleven about a half a year after the syrian conflict erupted back then cameron called on the international community to engage more closely with syrian rebels he upped his appeals for more aid the following year saying the regime must be put under pressure and defeated fast forward a year and the rhetoric changes he still vehemently anti assad but not so sure that arms shipments are the way forward this brings us to the present with syria's government advancing on a rebel militias the official position failing to you know opposition failing to unite mr cameron calling the situation a stalemate. he explained earlier to me what could have been the u.k. leaders shifting position. situation is complicated at home he will have
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difficulty getting. approval because there is quite a lot of i need after iraq to put this coalition partners the liberal democrats are on remarks are supported we had under republican opinion is not. wrong just being realized in the west that no matter. how much there are surance of from western governments that. only the good guys will get help in terms of supplies but that's not the case on the ground and saudi arabia is where you worried about the rise of slum fundamentalism in syria because jordan and some of the white cloaks the minute the united states and britain indirectly by the are helping the syrian rebels that has not
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stopped decades of war in afghanistan have made economic development almost impossible but set the perfect ground for the onset of the world's biggest heroin industry with amount of land under opium cultivation constantly rising it's also affecting neighboring pakistan where today it's sometimes easier to get high than to get fed or jesus and half our reports from the front line of the drug drug epidemic epidemic sweeping the country just a warning some images do viewers may find disturbing. an ambulance rushes to call rogers largest morgue another body is brought in to be identified there's no shortage of ways to die in the city target killings bomb blasts and drugs abdullah was hoping not to find his father here has been searching karachi for more than two weeks as a last resort he checked this morgue but amid the portraits of the dead a grim discovery and a familiar face abilities father was addicted to heroin for almost
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a decade now he's another one of the drugs casualties. but i don't want to doing to be hard to break the news to my mother but this is what happened and we have to face it there will be tears at home tonight. tears that abdullah believes could have been prevented he says his father tried to quit several times but in pakistan there are few treatment centers and plenty of temptation i mean that argues don has been flooded with heroin it's easy to get that it's even sold out in the open the police do nothing because they're also involved and just a few blocks away a dark underworld in broad daylight these heroin addicts don't even bother hiding their habit it's thought that pakistan has more than four million drug addicts but fewer than eighty dedicated we have clinics. where these young people may be in part because for the current problems they may be popping the problem but they share one thing in common what you assert that london or moscow can heroin that deadly. afghanistan is the world's largest producer of opium heroine's main
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ingredient and it accounts for ninety percent of the global supply roughly forty percent of it as smuggled through pakistan it's a multi-billion dollar industry fueled by years of war and instability opium production is up for the third year in a row and is predicted to grow even further and once nato leaves in two thousand and fourteen there are fears that the floodgates will open for the spread of the deadly harvest you are going to get rid of this wall of their school i suppose but you would be inviting end of the war which would be very difficult. to win. and that could be the wall of drugs pakistani security experts want nato forces to take heed they have gone drug trade is the elephant in the room the biggest challenge was fox on his face to face that in all honesty and twenty fourteen post for troll strategy drugs has been left out by the united states nato and other
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european partners as an issue which is not to be considered. the port of karachi a key drug smuggling exit point the city is flooded with cheap heroin which addicts here say is easier to buy than a healthy meal and near a busy highway this hole in the wall serves as a makeshift heroin takeout window money goes in and drugs are pushed out into eager waiting hands. i tell myself that i'll stop using this drug for the sake of my children that's what i'm thinking about but i can't help myself because my body needs it and the heavy winds easy to get to easy it seems pakistanis get through an estimated one point two billion dollars worth of heroin each year but ross excess just a dollar fifty is enough to get him high if it's spreading now it's gone to my heart straight to the heart from the heroin heartland of ghana stan a casualty of the poison spreading from the war zone next door to see caffein of our karachi after
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a short break looking into controversial police interrogation tactics stay with us here on our. i've talked with many times about the absurd things going on all around us like kids being thrown out of school because they had a gun that shoots bubbles or various people getting punished for their tweets and facebook posts it's all really abstract it's hard to truly get angry over until you see the results or playing a stupid video game just carter sarcastically said to someone who called him crazy oh yeah i'm real messed up in the head i'm going to go shoot a bunch of kids at school l.o.l. j k. and for this bit of sarcasm he spent quite some time awaiting trial in a texas prison not only that according to his father he was being attacked brutally on many occasions leading to both to pull concussions and black eyes and in the end he had to be thrown into solitary confinement for his own good you see this is the
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ugly reality of those who fought the bad side of political correctness you know i don't talk about these stories just for fun the main thing that i'd like to say is that it wasn't for some anonymous coward in canada turning him into the authorities for doing absolutely nothing this young man would not have to live with the memory and possible injuries from numerous assaults to the anonymous canadian who turned him in i sarcastically wish you a horrible fate but you probably get me arrested for it so just say that it's people like you who allow tyranny to exist but that's just my opinion. the crime is that of viola manville a seventy four year old woman found dead on the twenty ninth of november one thousand nine hundred eighty eight along this dirt track. dozens of suspects will be questioned and all will be released including frank stirling seen in this photograph. two years later detectives trained by reed reopen the case and are
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convinced frank is guilty. a few years earlier his brother had been sentenced to prison for raping viola manning and frank stirling is thought to have wanted revenge. the police are relentless and press sterling until he cracks the eleventh of july one thousand nine hundred ninety one and exhausted frank sterling admits to the mudda his confession is recorded. many years later the murder of a four year old girl is arrested he also confesses to the murder of viola manning and traces of his d.n.a. confirm the fact. was frank sterling is released on the twenty eighth of april two thousand and ten after serving nineteen years now age fifty four frank has.


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