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tv   Documentary  RT  July 24, 2013 10:29am-11:01am EDT

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to form some kind of interim government while the al qaeda affiliates one to form an islamic state what the fighting shows is that attempts by al qaida to secure could if support has failed although there are some kurdish jihadists of course there are still tensions between the kurdish groups themselves but it seems that at least for now they have found common ground against the extremists turkey of course is looking on with concern it's worried that if they could fight al qaida they will get support from the waist but on the other hand the kurds in cells are not keen on the syrian national council either and they have refused to join in the turkish backed syrian opposition that has not given them any assurances of promises as to a division of syria to president bashar assad now meanwhile washington's it is congressional hurtles to arming the rebels moscow has reiterated weapons deliveries would go against previous agreements and the future peace conference on syria the
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opposition coalition has undergone a series of shifts in its leadership but still suffers from a chronic lack of unity artie's polls god looks at who exactly is fighting president awsome. while the opposition are united in their desire to overthrow president bashar al assad that seems to be where their similarity ends the syrian national coalition is the umbrella group recognized internationally as the legitimate representative of the syrian people but they don't represent all factions opposed to a sad one group operating out of their control for example is the al qaeda linked al nusra front the coalition say they've hijacked the revolution or they've been classed by many in the west as a terrorist organization elsewhere a separate syrian group to be eighty two al qaida helped facilitate a jailbreak in iraq over the weekend freeing high ranking al qaeda operatives infiltrated by foreign fighters on the issues agenda seem separate from out of the coalition and it's even led to infighting on f.s.a.
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commander was killed by a rival group and the f.s.a. feel they could soon be fighting on two fronts what we used plea who are we talking about where the coalition alone is made up of at least eleven different groups including the muslim brotherhood who have recently called on the u.s. and the e.u. to send arms in the battle with assad while only offering loose guarantees they won't fall into extremist hands there's also the coalition of secular and democratic syrians the syrian democratic people's party supreme council of the syrian revolution and so it goes. syrian opposition combined with the presence of islamic extremists means any nation looking to support the rebels a walk in the spin room tight rope with very few guarantees that any military supports one backfire and actually encourage the one thing they're trying to fight elsewhere. the days of harsh copyright regulation could soon be gone for good and send one to as you can learn right now by a lot to go on to our website r.t.
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dot com all the finnish parliament will maul log called the common sense in copyright act which was completely drawn up by the public war on the breakthrough i just lation our tea dot com and just another click away online and these replica gun heels look quite real but can shoot however was no argument for security staff at a new york airport to ban them from being taken on board. right to see. the first lady. and i would think that you're. on our reporters there.
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now a number of leading companies in german industry have accused the chancellor of following policies towards russia there are damaging the nation's business interests giants like love tons of siemens volkswagen were among one hundred eighty companies and unions lobbying for their interest in eastern europe the group believes merkel's government is not pay enough attention to its relations with russia and wants to see a new strategy to prevent relations calling any further or key to that or closer ties between the markets of russia and the european union with business leaders also criticizing politicians in the media for their a negative portrayal of russia are just bitter all over reports from berlin. this report has come out it's been published by the committee on eastern european economic relations now what that is essentially is a group of almost two hundred of the the biggest companies in germany now they were polled about. how they do business and how they see the relationship between
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between germany and russia with fifty four percent of them saying that that relationship has deteriorated in recent times now fifty percent of those who were polled said the reason for that deterioration was the foreign policy of chancellor angela merkel and the fact that russia hadn't been given the required importance in that foreign policy. germany is russia's major trading partner in europe billions worth of euros of trade between the two countries free every year so it's seriously a quite a big deal economically also this could be seen as something of a a warning shot to chancellor merkel there is an election coming up in september and her main opposition in that election is. now he has called for a change of attitudes towards russia saying that germany should be less competitive
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and more understanding to its russian partners and this is what's been echoed by the business leaders as the director of this committee for eastern european economic relations told me those jobs that generated by the russian market are integrity to germany. our business is really to to have the fundament to have the relationship very close and i cannot make ties we have a lot of energy toys we have thirty percent of our energy comes from russia that is true for germany and for the european union but also we want to export our machinery or cars you know to russia and we do so and have a lot of work in places created in russia one point five million working places in germany depends on the german russian trade well nearly half of one ton of all prisoners a will have their cases reviewed and the boards are to decide whether the inmates still constitute
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a threat to america that merits continued detention and it took at the u.s. government more than two years to carry out this plan order by president obama well out of the one hundred sixty six prisoners currently held at guantanamo bay seventy one inmates will get paroled style hearings most haven't been charged with any crime because there isn't enough evidence to hold a trial but they were still considered too dangerous to be released well all of the rest only nine have been charged six of whom are awaiting death penalty trials and three have been convicted of war crimes eighty six others are also ineligible for reviews because they were cleared for release a long time ago well earlier we talked to john eisenberg one of the prisoners lawyers and he says that while parole hearings may be a welcome step toward shutting the facility it's still not enough to make inmates stop their hunger strike which is nearing its six month. in the case of these detainees the statement they're trying to make is stop are
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a definite detention and it's inhumane that brutal half of us have been cleared of cleared for release let us go the only way they can express is by hunger striking and it is very much get in the world's attention that's the purpose of it i believe international pressure i believe pressure from members of the senate in the tap and through letters written by senator feinstein senator durbin and next i hope pressure from the senate committee i hope all of this together will continue to put pressure on the president to do something positive about the problem that has become. well in our mind of our breaking news story this hour the lawyer assisting outward snowden until katrina has announced the whistleblower will not be leaving the transit zone of moscow's sheremetyevo airport today because his paperwork is not ready he said he can't name an exact date when the axiomatic will be able to
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enjoy a refuge in russia well on a toy katriona confirmed that the whistleblower wants to remain in russia indefinitely and has been stuck in trim a table for more than a month now ever since arriving from hong kong snowden's formal asylum request could still take up to three months to process and he'll then get asylum for a year and will be able to renew his state annually well wolf course be keeping you up to date on the story right now though we can talk to the human rights lawyer who's been assisting snowden and overseeing the entire process on until he joins us live now from outside cherami to airport on tell you thank you so much for joining us here today to discuss this well everyone all of the journalist at the been there at the airport that we're closely watching the developments and everyone to be honest with you was expecting snowden to step out of the airport today but obviously he's not going to do the. what seems to be the problem.
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look on your screen. just say that i did not expect to see so many journalists at the airport today as well but there is a procedure and certain procedure for the federal migration service to follow it has to consider the request that edward snowden. on the sixteenth of this month. into russian laws but i think there is a government decision that regulates such matters. for example it says that a request for temporary asylum should be considered for three months so some initial peepers were issued. but i'm quoting two general rules. this is what the federal migration service does when they study old the papers that come in for the new temporary document and they then they consider
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the request in the thought of today there was some misinformation. saying that this paper has been issued no this paper has not been issued in the papers are still being considered i talk to migration authority almost daily as they work on edward snowden's case so how long might it take for this or piece of document for this temporary certificate that will enable snowden to leave the airport take to issue. well i think this situation will be resolved shortly at this point i'm not ready to give you a specific date because i want to avoid confusion as much as possible. because there was so many journalists present today probably because of this misinformation
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that we had in the media ok well on the telly everyone is out curious about the brown bag in syria airports are to hand over to snow in the what was inside that bag if you can share that information with us at this point. frankly i actually did not want journalist to see me with his bat but unfortunately i was on the bill to do anything because they were journalists all around this please send me some immediately when i came in. i had some of. those books in english. and i had several shorts pants because. he has been wearing the same clothes for about a month so i will write some clothes for him on this point he doesn't have
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a way to get it for a school of it's because he's seen this special area inside the airport. so you know this is what i had in the brown bag so looks like there were some items from the sort of people survival kits for a successful stay in russia. well i tell you my next question to you now wow. while the legal sort of issues are taken care of itself the moment and all the documents are being prepared when you saw snowden today what sort of exchange you did have with him i mean what did he say to you how did he look and you know what what kind of conversation did you have with him. well i can always reveal part of this conversation to you because i'm just trying smiting what my client says edward snowden says. so definitely
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some current issues of his current situation that. this is actually the reason invited me. because i am in contact with the migration authority use when you might and of course he did not have a proper understanding of current affairs and he asked me what will happen if he is granted asylum and the status of a refugee will he be able to travel in russia will there be any restrictions and i told him of course there will be no restrictions and he will mean free to travel within russia and he is granted asylum but his status will allow him to do that and we want to add a short exchange on why i chose these books specifically for him and i told him that. when i talked to consume in the past.
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this dictated the choice of course what i told him you should know who rest called like a few was then as far as chaff is concerned i told him that. i wrote the time . for russia about the people in russia but he was a humorous color right turtle so. we decided that he will read those books first and then i me and some more in the did add words now to get your sense of humor. because he was smiling well you know let's talk about his mood and because you know the man has been stuck in the airport for for almost a month now and you know absolutely not knowing what's going to happen to him next
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. how do you look to you i mean do you feel excited that the state of the airport is actually nearer and there's some formalities of course need to be taken care of before that happens but how did he in general how do you feel about this whole situation when you saw him today. well i have to say that he looks bad. i don't know if he was excited. or said probably he's currently in a situation where he's expanded. it is very important for him to get a response to become clear about the situation as soon as possible this is what we talked about that. i told him for example if the migration service turns down his request you know what would we do next i told him and if we can get and.
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we can appeal his decision in court. which. i can see that he is just waiting of course he is trying to look for a. he trying to figure the situation he is in very thankful to russia. for not the bending came for not betraying him and for the fact that russia has some wonderful people he had many positive comments about staff a fear for it and he asked me to say hello to all the journalists covering this story in an objective voice said hello to all of them and for all the people who call them all for money all for their homes as temporary residence this is basically what i talked to him about. so you have to realize that this is he's currently not his certainty he's just waiting and waiting. and we all know that
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when you wait for a long time without a realisation what will happen next to you whether your response will be positive or negative this is the best description of his current condition ok well i'll tell you mentioned also the journalists in this answer now and i'd like to ask you whether snowden is actually prepared to face so much media attention once he comes out of the airport and once he does do that what's going to happen next where is he going to go. no because they do their way to. what is but you might well you know i think you have to understand the situation edward is in. when you much you have to show some understanding you would have to the personal security is the priority to just. go to school and more the so at this point for him to travel freely even after
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hearing cvs this status of refugees you do before without considering his security would be properly i think this would be wrong of upmost. the matter of what your team to new conditions and his understanding the situation they realize what the situation is this is important for him step but it will come when we discussed the issue of communication with him because he's my communication with him because. currently we only he can contact me so i told him i'm still let's wait. and when this issue is resolved we will see if you have any questions you can feel free to call me any time this is what i told him ok well i'll tell you here's a question on a somewhat lighthearted no because a lot of people are wondering what snowden has been doing at the airport while he's been basically stuck there in this capsule hotel how did he spend his free time
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well obviously had a lot of free time there. yes you're right this is a question on a lighter note he has a lot of free time but he's an extraordinary kind of person you know several days i gave him a text book in russian language and he said a few words in russian to me he said to those who don't you know. there was one more i can't remember which one so i think he has. a very good idea. that language skills at least he promised that next time he will speak in russian to mean police a few words in russian all right that kind of indicates that he is here to stay i mean at least he is taking interest in the russian language and culture speaking of well you know the next chapter in his alive what sort of lies waits him
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what sort of developments are have him here. was that you. you were well you know. it's hard for me to say what kind of life to expect but i think this will be interesting life. given his convictions. and. the violations still for human rights i think if he really dedicates himself to you wish that human rights step to this his life will be interesting right on until he could read a very much appreciated your views here that was aware of who's been assisting edward snowden thank you so much sir for talking to us and honestly katrina was joining us here talking outside of your mental airport bring us the very latest on the snowden saga well also to discuss this with me i have.
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ever we've been discussing this case before and you know every time we speak there are some new developments there you just heard this interview with. and he told us what's been happening to edward snowden and what he has been doing what sort of activities he has been involved in obviously had a lot of free time there now listening to all of this what sort of thoughts pass through your mind. that well. this is the little jealousy because that's rejected. i think that that's going to be very high stakes very. well. i'm not surprised that the train is almost against her right obstacles that you have to say that this is what i said one. runs noted. but it looks like you're on the one hand you can see this is i think this goes through your head that there's a bureaucratic process process that which we're trying to get through there's going to be other than a lot of. robots you want to make sure that your eyes are going to the t.v.
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roles as well sir as we were expecting i mean here we all saw that edward snowden will step out of the airport today and there'll be like a crowd of journalists around him and asking him questions bombarding him and. with questions but this is not going to happen today as we just heard until we could hear in a saying there are some legal formalities need to be sorted out and they are all solvable so that's that's a good sign he was rejoicing with the comments that were said he didn't expect so many journalist. yeah. yeah he genuinely started the movie yes well ok. well yes. you know i mentally did to actually reveal give us some information as to what's going to be happening to the word and how this case is going to be resolved what sort of things are necessary to complete before you know he is able to step out of the airport and he did give us some idea as to what snowden should expect once he is out of the
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airport and start a new life in russia i think we'll show. that there was a press briefing that went rather than what you would it would be approaching surely today well i think it's just a good thing because for me here that's ok ivor thank you so much for this that was either a cry talking to me about edward snowden's fate of course and we earlier talked on the talk of the lawyer who has been assisting snowden of course we'll be bringing you more on the developments there as soon as we get more information to report an update our viewers on this case so do stay with. us. i've seen the per session of the cross many times it doesn't matter if there's snow a heat wave or hail stones people keep on going i don't expect anything i just want
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i told myself i keep on going as long as my heart told me to make sure that's all i want to get the moment. i can send so my cheese cd i'm carrying these sayings on my shoulder. do you want me to put a band that shared no that's fine a lot of people were so exhausted they could barely walk their feet hurt and some of them fainted with the evacuee three two wanted to keep going i don't know what tomorrow will bring.
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please. cluck. cluck. live. live. live live . live
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live. live . limit. the speed.
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limit whistlin. live. good lives. and i'm. gonna. be interviewed live.
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live . nobody chooses to be homeless nobody chooses to me and now sorrow. is a royal sort of show to. get in the six pm get out six piece six a year. they were really strange things for. my mum to me the class before the. days of your biggest.
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it's tough to think about own homes and such and to know that many may not have only been the last to choose to never be me but they're also due to for closure so never should and. i would rather as to why shouldn't the people in positions of power instead of speak on their behalf and that's why you can find my show larry king now right here on our t.v. question more. breaking
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news this hour here on r.t. the lawyer assisting outward snowden says the whistleblower won't leave the transit zone today because his favor works not yet ready. links militants holed around two hundred kurdish civilians hostage in northeastern syria we try to gauge the madness faces of the country's opposition. now across the border in iraq al qaida is pushing the situation out of control with a group carrying out prison breaks and fresh terrorist attacks and what's been the bloodiest month in the country this year.


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