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tv   Documentary  RT  July 28, 2013 4:29pm-5:01pm EDT

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if israel does not have to give major land swaps and of course that is the contentious issue now the government is seeking urgent approval of this whiff of endemol it is asking parliament to foster track its passage we do expect that this coming wednesday it will be brought to the knesset for a first reading i thought about fuel being bought in the west bank security forces have clashed with that to be supertaster against the resumption of peace talks with israel three people were injured as officers used bombs to disperse on crowds negotiations been injected by hamas officials in gaza you say only israel studies content. so they come on the program this morning with me kevin zero in the french army about to feel the full brunt of the economic crisis thirty four hours in the song by themselves without a job over the next five years as the military tightens its belt. but ima put to go to ukraine hailing unity between orthodox christians we look at the divide with the ukrainian society these days between those wanting closer integration with russia
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and those looking west just a couple of stories from what after this quick break. as the media leave us so we may be. hard to see bush and security for your party visit the. virtues that no one is there still with the guests that you deserve answers from it's all politics. are. sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then something else here sees some other part of it and realize everything you. are is a big. presidential
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election where large numbers turned out to cast their ballots major organizational problems have been reported in the north with many people unable to find the right polling stations and many of the million people forced from the home. growing instability were unable to vote the story gerald horne says molly simply wasn't prepared for the election. the country is not ready at all for example to take the electoral role for example the list of voters it's unclear why does the fact that
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there are so many refugees and internally displaced persons put it this way if i were in northern mali or because i'm to go to a polling station it was not so long ago that these militant so-called islamicist were actually ruling that part of the country we recall the devastation they wreak the havoc they reap in terms of beating women in the streets in terms of destroying valuable manuscripts stretching back centuries that basically revealed the intellectual firepower that then existed in that part of africa it seems to me that it's election in many ways is going to be an uncertain in to an uncertain enterprise. investigative journalist guard coleman says it's clear what result from swan's from the election it can only be thought of the way he stuck at the bar by recall now he represents national interests he represents has a popular grass were behind him but he hasn't had to really to or getting his orders because the elections in the last saw how do you believe success was paris
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gets its candidate a lot of people have been excused from this and it should have many many problems that people if you can't see in a great country they haven't been able to vote and there's been found to be very big debate about this is that he was never out there major war. if fronts savage budget cuts have been planned for the national french army they could see more than thirty thousand soldiers cut from the force is part of a new law being put before the council of ministers next friday that will outline the new shape of the military for the next five years and it's not just his national defense that france's economic problems hitting home with a riff an ocean or explains the crisis is forcing talented young french people to try their luck elsewhere. the grass is not always greener on the other side even for those eurozone countries that are in dire straits even the block's biggest economies are feeling the pinch france is now officially in crisis at least in
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a job crisis june saw another rise in unemployment with almost fifteen thousand more people now out of work that's five hundred new jobless we say there are more than the present of the provision in the broad yes but worked for stocks forty of them but almost ten percent of the division is bought on board but for that bias that the reason behind the gloom is statistics is it's tied to short term contracts that are never renewed as cautious companies can no longer afford to keep people secretly just want to put moore's have no opportunity to develop tuxes or very high gear ocracy is terrible hiring people is a big problem and it's even worse to fire them the result businesses close people with down the streets young. or street youth unemployment in france is above twenty
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six per cent more than double the national average. b. of the business c.n.n. to the negative trend every year he says over six hundred thousand students graduate just to realize they're not one to. be for decades france was a rich country and our old people had money there is a curious situation today whereby grandparents pay for their grandchildren's education but when these people's resources dried out what will we do some young people think they have the answer and that is to leave the country seven million tourists come to admire the evil tower in paris every year that's around twenty thousand people every day france is among the most visited nations on earth but for its own citizens its charms fading. this film producer from france moved to london for career reasons he sings even before the crisis france did little enough to provide beyond issues with proper employment only the now after the economic
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meltdown those opportunities have shrunk to zero. is the whole system of the country moping and it's all stuck in these very if you're disabled you need to have this position and you need to study from this university so they're not really open to ambitious people. these two french students have just began their studies their plans to leave france on the first train to big radiation. that is a necessary sacrifice we can't realize their dreams here and there in your particular. friend adds it's a political message to the government that something's going wrong. when all of there is no direction we're going down the state has no precise line if they're part of something disgusting if we're not going anywhere president on land pledges to bring unemployment down by the end of these here skeptics say that is only feasible if most of job seekers say or who are to france. r.t.
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from paris. economic analyst for french online news site contra pour alex cold war says the socialist government will ever work putting a positive face on the spiralling level of unemployment. the latest negative figures shouldn't surprise. the media or the public because unemployment has been growing for the last twenty six months i almost feel sorry for the government spin doctors because it's clearly a catastrophe and we are seeing more and more unical society and cell society because as long as you know that the state government controls more and more of the to me you are basically the state giving special privileges to a specific interests for example the people working in the public school system i really protected especially by this government use
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a break three powerful explosions have rocked the eastern libyan city of baghdad to the last report of the day to lower courts and a justice ministry office there's been no immediate information on casualties there but i would assess say extensive damage has been caused it comes a day after a thousand inmates escaped from a local prison. in cambodia street protests have broken alleged ballot fraud in the country's general election the preliminary vote count shows a resulting victory for the ruling party meaning five more years than in power for the prime minister hun sen however the people's party is acknowledge significant gains by the opposition in parliament. by brains parliament but animal protests in the capital the justice minister called for tougher measures against escalating antigovernment anger on saturday blasted the country injured three police officers during the series of anti-government attacks. been witnessing arab spring protests for more than two years the ruling family accused of violent crackdowns and human
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rights abuses you can share this with. president putin is in the crimea for russia's navy day the region in southern ukraine is home to russia's black sea fleet the visit follows on from the president's to the unity of orthodox christians coinciding with the arrival of a holy said andrews cross relic in kiev but aside from the festivities and the friendly talks between the two countries' leaders there are stumbling blocks to reports. russian president. president. carried on the celebration and. brought from greece to kiev with hundreds of thousands of people coming to pay their respects and of course to take part in this. event it's not just. russia and ukraine as both presidents of russia and ukraine have mentioned over the past couple of days that several times it's their cultural. and
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economic ties which go for centuries and now is the fleet there has been an increasing movement towards westernisation in ukraine some of the political elite believe. russia is looking to encroach upon ukraine's independence for example during the. day there has been. a nationalist movement others are questioning whether it is something the ukraine really should be doing because. really it's historically and culturally closer to russia. not really. lifestyle which has been a kind of which has been undergoing several changes for example the adoption of gay marriage laws and of course the economic crisis not necessarily something that you could be looking out and finding very attractive.
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when it's time to. break though and it's the truth seeker. i've got a big question for you how stupid can stupid terrorist paranoia get according to four progressives dot com the texas department of public safety demanded that any women entering the state senate hand over any tampons or pads before entering wow so why would they do this are they really that scared that some terrorists are playing a sneak a bomb into the place at any cost according to news at yahoo dot com the official reason is that they're afraid of people using projectiles as a form of protest against a law that would really restrict abortions will know i kind of see where you abortion is an issue that people really get furious over now it kind of all makes
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sense but wait wait wait wait what's that they're afraid of projectiles but people with guns were allowed to take them into the senate are you kidding me i think the second amendment does a lot more good than harm by i think it goes without saying that for women to concealed carry their hygiene items they should need a permit or permission from anyone but that's just my opinion. these are full scope becoming independent schools a nation a nation should be self-governing to govern the feels better than allowing someone else to do. the. right. search string. and i think you're. on the record with.
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the. and i thought your bushel cool tone camera alleged provocations by western forces and shocking brutality by the allies coming up. on me my goals expose us covert ops in syria. nine eleven and blowback. the un has branded as an instrument for war targeting future colonies.
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but also. all those groups of snipers shoot first peaceful protesters and police in syria triggering western intervention here groups of snipers for no apparent reason shoot both peaceful protesters and soldiers in egypt unexplained snipers of spokes on the wrist in thailand venezuela and many of the other nations on the washington's controlled surgeries to report on the recent bloodshed in egypt thanks a lot for joining us to receive the same thing in syria that's correct and again if we examine the same situation in the early days of the syria conflict we have many reports from individuals on the ground talking about snipers station on the roof tops in cities that just iraq some of the early focal points of the protest movement remember that the conflict in syria emerged out of
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a protest movement that protest movement was not a regime change movement that was a protest movement and you know and for economic reasons fuel oil subsidies perhaps an increased political voice but it was certainly not. regime change scenario and it certainly was not a violent civil war from the outset however what drove that conflict which drove the file it's in the conflict were the presence of these snipers in the early days so when you saw women and children being shot in the head in iraq or in amman and they tried to immediately say that it was assad's forces who were doing that conveniently they never provided one piece of evidence to sit to actually demonstrate that and in fact even the arab league observer mission in early two thousand and twelve which was openly hostile to the assad regime which was clearly an anti assad mission even the arab league observer mission noted the fact that there was a quote unquote a third force
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a third element inside of syria that was not the protest movement nor the government of damascus and it was some other element and that element was driving the violence and of course as we see now two years later it was incredibly successful in fomenting civil war there wouldn't fool things within the country to do this it doesn't seem to make sense that either side would really have benefited from this kind of chaos we need to understand this in this broad narrative of those elements internationally used violence as a pretext for destabilization this is no longer the nineteenth century imperialism that we learn about it history books you can't just go around in fading countries and you know imposing your will by force and by violence rather it has to be done in a more overt way and one of the ways that you do that is by creating the necessary humanitarian over humanitarian cover is now official u.s.
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policy revealed in the near us on the manual meant to be kept a secret told him of the destruction most this reads destroyed by any method that will prevent disclosure of the only manual was. least in nov twenty ten just before it was began appearing in syria designed to get around international outrage at direct invasions like the rug the new us army manual instructs future country takeovers must be predominantly covert the book lays out how to infiltrate and religious minorities to provoke civil war using snipers against peaceful protesters is an example work with guerrilla groups to make them respectable al-qaeda and painting them as victims fits this category syria is being bombed as the report advised as an insider has told altie noto allies turkey and israel a bombing from across the border in fact the west been plotting this invasion of syria for years france is ex foreign minister decision two years before the
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violence started british officials told me they were planning the invasion of syria the syrian opposition deny these claims. it is literally impossible for africa to get out of that rustles the kristoff lehmann. made his fifteen colony find a treaty sending earnings from their resources and their gold paris french bank free to think on it then lend africa's own money back for the faint africa's money lend back through it says the west is famous enough to create a. ball that african nations achieve by growing exports is to earn more for france. literally means written extensively on neo colonialism great to have you on the show was been the result of all this. while the ex or.
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you know what it's a really good you know. because we need a. new reality. and. you know. that's excrete in many areas in africa it's. possible. there. are. you know you know. which created gold states by chopping kuwait off iraq and all the old regions from the arab peninsula and handed control to the full force. shells and chevron rise big oil and their bankers in the persian gulf four horsemen eight families and their global intelligence and terror
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network the u.s. literally took some quote truck drivers and mechanics off the streets and installed them to run the country. in a blind boy well before horsemen the country the other ninety nine percent of kids an object poti despite the country's incredible riches knows also dean henderson and u.s. military protection has pushed the shakes beyond any decency that we had. misused or get corrupted with fifty billions are telling yes but i'll take that any time what i'm trying to tell you is so what prostitution rings drug trafficking was spread paedophilia six slavery tools just so widespread and flagrant among america's puppet arab rulers that fifty a slight simply list thousands of the cases leaked to the media you a royal. torturing a traitor he thought quote cheated him the billionaire abuses him with an electric
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cattle prod beats him with whips and a plank of wood with a nail in it and pulls into his wounds the prince shows to the camera man gets close he can watch the tape back later was imported as a child to be the prince. slave notes and his possible confiscated in this photo on a night out in london the prince has already broken nose and damaged his lip and later at the top hotel he's cool beating his slave in the room that night he beat and kicked him to death saudi prince caught on a seven to seven flights of friends with over two tons of cocaine. washington allows freedom from women on civil action by giving them diplomatic immunity retroactive diplomatic immunity or other protection is told to the also big golden henderson great to have you on you wrote all profits are pocketed by the four
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horsemen so all americans get up terrorist attacks from furious that their country is being rolled. and what. more. they are. there ya go. terror colonies and of war vicious circles rise washington's blog of the quickest way to destroy the aggressor economy leading economist complains that america's enormous military spendings a huge drain on growth and increases unemployment water takes the nation's brightest minds from productive industries and gets them to perfect killing which produces nothing this big so also of questioning the war on terror though to kevin
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thanks a lot for coming on why do government figures like lawrence summers cool was a great job creator plots of people go along with this because it's in their personal self-interest look at how military spending really works when it does it takes productive resources out of the real economy and puts those resources to work building things that serves no human purpose other than killing people and wasting resources and not only that you know there's a very very tight correlation negative relationships between military spending and economic growth so spending kills economies and kill societies and that's what's being imposed on the u.s. the question is why so in whose interest is this where's the economic interest here well it's actually the military industrial complex that's colonizing the american people and draining it have its resources and stealing from it and looting it that's what sort of so i think that's a big part of the puzzle here is that these policies are being imposed by people
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who have a soft interest whether at steeple who are making money off the military industrial complex or whether it's some you know banks toure's the roster out on the rockefeller's and those guys trying to build a new world order global government global government in the shape of the un crystal flamen is currently working against countries next in line for quote humanitarian intervention this u.s. army report called string of polls singles out these results which. clear free asian states as makes targets in these countries the george soros funded u.n. team for preventive action international lawyer chris black is performing the very destabilization laid out in the u.s. army manual so it's just promoting divisions the u.n. works with the international crisis group also funded by george soros along with western governments the i c g's concept is quote preventing conflicts through military intervention in other words preventing war by waging it the world peace
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society and many others know most wars only made things worse to label was going on the united nations. instead are being an instrument or. an instrument yeah hembree kissinger argues former colonies have no statehood rights as they were all to fish recreated first time round recall a noise in them for being victims nose and s n b c sounds like another press taking li immoral case of the worst double jeopardy this is the truth.
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as daily violence in iraq brings the body count to record levels now to investigate said another legacy of the u.s. invasion you're radian contamination that's wrecking the lives of those born after all. egyptian army clashes with muslim brotherhood supporters rival rallies raged throughout the country leaving over eighty dead while on the sinai peninsula the military launches a crackdown on supposed to extremists. syrian national coalition talks peace with the u.n. it is for weapons but the u.s. despite fears the hardware will be snatched by terror groups swarming the country. diplomatic wrangling would snowden takes a new turn as washington rules out the death penalty for the bombing exposed spying you see.


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