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tv   Headline News  RT  July 30, 2013 3:00pm-3:30pm EDT

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think. orders with. breaking news from our team at eleven pm moscow time the world bradley manning is found not guilty of aiding the enemy and lifting the lid on american military wrongdoings but he still faces lengthy jail time on a host of other charges the details ahead. israeli and palestinian diplomats meet in washington to revive negotiations after years of failed peace efforts while in the palestinian city of hebron report from where the roots of the deadlock most keenly felt. and this costs of a chinese slowdown cast a shadow over the global economic outlook we ask whether the numbers actually back
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up the pessimism. internationally is kevin in with you this hour thanks for your company will one story dominating our coverage the first half of this news hour the verdict in the trial of the twenty five year old u.s. army private responsible for the largest leak of classified documents in american history has been delivered bradley manning has escaped conviction on the most serious charge against him of aiding the enemy which is punishable by life imprisonment but has been found guilty on every but on every other charge but let's make that clear now manning sentencing will begin on wednesday morning and army spokesman has told the media that the whistleblower faces a maximum sentence of one hundred. thirty six years is he speaking convicted among
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other things on five counts of espionage is one of the theft and computer fraud whistleblowers family said it was disappointed with the ruling but also relieved that the judge conceded that money never intended to help america's enemies through his actions. in court for the verdict. we were in and out in a matter of moments and you know after months and years of waiting for this it was kind of a relief in the media center here in fort meade maryland there is around sixty seventy journalists just sitting there waiting hunched over their laptops waiting anxiously for the moment in the courtroom itself it was packed with thirty spectators and a handful of journalists there's actually so many people came in from as far away as boston new york city and people drove all night hundreds of miles to get here they actually packed an overflow room in order just to sit there and watch private manning here his feet from colonel denise land and really private manning will still face one hundred thirty six years in prison but now that he's avoided conviction under the charge of aiding the enemy it was really just
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a sigh of relief for most people it's it's not the best news that you would expect if you were a supporter of manning but it was still very significant in the fact that we no longer can say that this is a person who has been accused of aiding the enemy and the government agrees but that it the government no longer agrees with that. part of a. court of so let's bring you know that washington d.c. correspondent going to come and go and he has the. sense again and resonating what is the reaction from america what are you hearing. well they now as the news says sinking in of course we can talk about to what we have seen in the past three years actually that bradley manning has been in custody and much of the u.s. media together with the government have all but convicted bradley manning even before any trial took place and the main narrative that the u.s. government has pushed forward and it was effectively delivered by the american
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media is that manning's revelations have endangered u.s. national security but the conversation that's been avoided and is still being avoided you know what you can say is that perhaps the government's killing of civilians with drones and otherwise has generated more enemies for the u.s. than bradley manning's revelations have that is of course a rhetorical rhetorical argument that had no place in court amening was convicted of multiple espionage act violations but he was found not guilty of aiding the enemy charge and not clear whether it's because prosecutors have failed to prove what concrete harm was done through the information that manning has leaked or because the judge who came to account quickly manning's intentions and from the evidence presented it was very much clear that manning had no intention of aiding the enemy he said he wanted to start a public debate on u.s. foreign policy he wanted the public to be more aware of the cost of four of the human cost whatever the judge's reasoning behind the verdict it's an important precedent for these types of cases that the espionage act was never intended to
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punish whistleblowers it's a nine hundred seventeen statute for spies with the obama administration has already charged eight whistleblowers with espionage but again although manning was found not guilty of aiding the enemy he is still found guilty on five cards of violating the espionage act and in total is found guilty on nineteen counts which is still landed me in prison for the rest of his life we'll see what the judge decides the judge can announce the sentence will start sentencing this wednesday that is tomorrow whatever the sentence manning is of course entitled to an appeal. oh and we will probably see a lengthy appeals process following the sentence of course we don't want to underestimate the fact that the judge has cleared manning of the aiding the enemy charge it means a great deal especially to us journalists that kind of a verdict would have served a huge blow to investigative journalism the obama administration's treatment of
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whistleblowers has already done a great disservice to investigative journalists especially those covering national security matters many of them say their sources have dried up people are afraid to speak up when journalists have already learned that they can be targeted as accomplices of a crime for seeking classified information for publishing it as is the case with with julian assad so it does mean a great deal here all right thanks for the update in washington d.c. going into it you can consume more thoughts of course coming in more reaction as well as opposed to wiki leaks spokesperson kristinn hrafnsson we can lease watching this very very closely this is what he had to say about the verdict. he is obviously facing a long time in prison especially when you think about how this trial has been carried out by judge lindh one is not filled with any optimism only last week. to allow the prosecution to change some of the charges on the last day of the trial.
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the trial has been partly closed off to journalists to journalists have been intimidated what feasible tangible good did he bring things have changed we have seen that despite the way that bradley manning was treated. being tortured in prison in isolation in solitary confinement for almost a year it has not stopped whistleblowers and there are still brave people out there and will act on their conscience and to with the public interest in mind we have seen now a new era beginning and an expansion of the limits of journalism an era that began in earnest of course prior to two thousand and ten but with the wake of his revelation in two thousand and ten the world saw a new opportunity and a chance for information getting out bypassing the mainstream media who often act as lapdogs of the year administrations instead of being the watchdogs they should
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be we've seen this trend continuing and now we have snowden stepping forward and informing us about the most grave attack on privacy in the world in history so this is a continuation it's a new reality with the new technology and the new media online and it should be a thing that we can look to with optimism and and hopefully see change in the future. martin you have who bradley manning is in some background he's a twenty five year old from oklahoma who enlisted in the u.s. army in two thousand and seven two years later he was deployed to iraq where encountered video footage showing u.s. forces killing unarmed civilians apparently mistaken from surgeons journalists children were caught. they were among the victims know that video was labeled collateral murder by the wiki leaks website that published it after it received it from manning the army private was arrested may twenty ten and saddled with twenty
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one charges relating to espionage computer fraud theft and aiding the enemy and it's that last charge that carried a life sentence while he's been in confinement in a maximum security prison the publications continue to be released exposing multiple wrongdoings by american troops in afghanistan and iraq the u.n. torture reporters said that manning had been subjected to cruel and inhumane treatment during his detention well several bring more comment let's do so now. on the line she's an afghan peace activist joining us from toronto there hi thanks for being with us how was your contribution do you think manning made to your movement i think. i agree very. well. in my mind that in sort of. our long we'll. you know anger gartman bradley manning.
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and iraq are you on the ground reality you particularly of course in afghanistan revealed that atrocity the two thousand and nine grow a massive massacre forty seven civilians were killed you think that was just the tip of the iceberg you think there could have been more of that that we don't even know about. there is though doubt in my mind that there are far more topics that we are not only been exposed yet i mean i speak with bettering every day anti war veteran who was there and both iraq and gaff and they can. they they can testify to that fact as well that there are countless war crimes i haven't committed both in iraq and afghanistan and that we have not even seen the half of it you think i mean we've brought to justice for those crimes i'm afraid not i thought. we thought. that the military justice was something more
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interested in protecting the military industrial complex than protecting innocent lives and sending suggesting no but school from from abroad the money is done as that is what he's done been invited as far as that sort of is concerned i thought i was a question talking about whether anyone would be brought to book holdem in a tribute shooting as you put it the has anything changed on the side as far as mining is done as any good to that of people any changes a bit of wasted time no i don't think either way i think he helped raise awareness he helped build momentum people are waking up people are being. ugly realities of this war and it's a war that we see this especially. because i thought i was going out and access. it just there's a lot it's a cry i can maggie that's happening and both of gas and iraq and and i feel
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sorry for the mindset that also services the iraqi and afghan people service and helping shed light on things as i said. the cruel acts against humanity being committed and you actually stronger final fifteen seconds your a personal source about this verdict today. i mean i'm not i'm not to cry but all. i'm actually quite that bad life. are a lot for your life have already been robbed and i may not. be in. battle well you know we're all not a criminal we should be let go and we've. sort of come peace activists on the line from toronto thank you for your thoughts. stay with us so we've got real time full coverage of the bradley manning trial coming up much more of that ahead over
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the coming hours and days of course. this is the first surgery. news continues after a quick break with me kevin though in tonight we'll be bringing you the latest on a big fires broke out tonight at moscow's main t.v. studios not us i must must mention we've got more coming up in just a minute or two. technology innovation. developments. the future of bird. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought
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. i'm trying hard was a big. download the. application to choose your language stream quality and enjoy your favorite. if you're away from your television or it just doesn't matter now with your mobile device you can watch on t.v. anytime anywhere. i guess not international large fires of mentions broken out in or on the sea even one of the main t.v. centers in the russian capital the a stank in
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a building has been evacuated fire crews are fighting the blaze there. joins me now for more from the scene how the alexy it's the main television studio for all the main channels at rush hour i must say it's not us we're somewhere else i saw pictures of it just a little earlier on the seem to be a heck of a lot of smoke there how serious is this fire. well right now we can say that the fire has been localized to the presence of fire brigade that the scene here is still very heavy i've seen several ambulance cos pulling towards the astonishing a building we do know that broadcasts of several t.v. stations were suspended but now reportedly most of them are going back on law and as we speak. obviously the fire has been localized but it was very serious and very huge more than a hundred and fifty square meters it was it's a total capacity and we understand that the fire brigades who are fighting the blaze at the scene rated it as a very difficult and very serious fire yeah i spoke to some of them here now as i
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was as i came here to the scene and they said that it was probably a malfunction of electrical cables or a short circuit which caused the blaze but thankfully the way the building while back in the soviet days in the sixty's the fire was the fire brigades were able to quickly localize the fire and you can probably see now in the background that nothing is burning no. it's coming out of the building there are obviously lots of people gathering here and we're going to need like see that everybody is safe. no injuries nor casualties reported so. or but as i've said i've seen several ambulance corps pulling towards the building we may receive some more confirmation where there. have been any injuries but as far as when the stand more than a thousand people were evacuated from the building but no injuries no casualties have been reported by the emergency ministry so far no course the are stuck at a t.v. studios the big television transmission tower that looms above moscow is also caused
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also called a stand can remove as well motivated confusion there among some of our four of us about what it is they're both very close to each other are they ok. thanks for that welcome back curve for an update little bit later from you thank you. know israeli and palestinian negotiators have agreed to meet again in two weeks to continue their talks on a long sought peace agreement the process had stalled for the past three years the sides still have got major disagreements the borders and security there's no compromise on the rise and just yet washington wants to broker an agreement on a so-called two state solution which would allow israel to co-exist peacefully alongside a new palestinian state but the burning problems continue to be israeli settlement expansion the fate of palestinian refugees and the status of jerusalem the resumption of talks is extremely unpopular among the palestinian people who want israel to return all the land seized in the one nine hundred sixty seven war in
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a gesture to restart diplomacy tell of eve on sunday approved the release of one hundred four palestinian prisoners yet thousands more remain locked up in israeli jails paula slee reports from a town where the divide is bitterly felt. hebron to israeli settlers seen through the barbed wire that protects us of a she's home his is the only outhouse left in the tell made him able hood in the center of ancient hebron. she lives on one side of the street across from him his secular neighbors who he watches only through this video camera afraid of what would happen if he didn't like this you are. now lady. did you see what you did you are in your daughter's are to russia is
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a boy he she is daughter she's afraid to visit her father because the settlers throw stones and eggs at her and her children. getting worse my mother was first give birth we called the ambulance but these are early on we did not give permission for them to get close to the house so my father and my brothers carried my mother out on the chair she gave birth in the chair and the newborn baby died but it's not only ambulances who refuse permission to drive down this road no palestinian is allowed to use a vehicle here seventy eight year old she has no choice he spins out always each day walking these well trodden stones to fetch groceries gas or to go to the mosque because of what had you are but what you really say they closed the road because they were afraid somebody would smuggle bombs but i asked them how we were supposed to get to our house when they said you can buy a donkey so i told them people are flown to the moon and you want me to buy a donkey or you go home by car. palestinians in hebron are no strangers to vote
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blocks here in hebron the streets are a maze if you palestinian there are some streets palestinians can't use or others they can walk on but not drive and still others they can access only with a permit it's to make sure the seven hundred. grady's who live among two hundred thousand palestinians in hebron can move around safely although his brand is the second oldest and largest palestinian city it's also the second most holy site to jews after the western wall corrosive for us to sit in the land of israel this is the very roots not only of judaism but of monotheism. just down the road as the second holiest site of the jewish people in all the world and only since we've come back as everybody who wants access to that holy sorry. fable to go in and worship there these radios justify the road closures arguing they protect the settlers who live here but palestinians say it's often done for no other reason than to make
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their lives difficult and you have the often soldiers prevent me from crossing for no reason it depends on their mood whenever they feel like if they refuse this commission. all of abu ayyub she's arab neighbors have left this part of hebron the city has made their lives a living hell but he says he's taking a stand one step at a time. r.t. hebron. early we're told dr hyder either political analysts will actually university in gaza he says neither side is ready to take up obligations required by international law. the national law guarantee is the right to self-determination to the palestinian people and the right to self-determination of the palestinian people in kenya is one that lives of more than seven million palestinian refugees are scattered all over the world living in miserable conditions in miserable if e.g. camps all over the world actually their right to return also international law guarantees that i took the quality of more than one point two million palestinian citizens of
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the state of israel who are treated as second if not third class citizens but also international law guarantees that out of you know palestinians in the gaza strip and that wish to bank to live freely and free from direct military occupation and i don't think that you know that assumption of the negotiations means that the palestinians and there is or will be able to deal with these serious issues. china's similarly unstoppable economic rise appears to be leveling off with g.d.p. growth note a twenty three year low some economists are already holding a longterm slide down to three percent in the coming years the banks a voice of alarm over the numbers from china which come at a time of recession over in europe and the fiscal problems of the u.s. but despite the naysayers the chinese government remain staunchly optimistic pressing ahead with informed plans and setting an ambitious seven point five percent growth target for this year so i would see the end of the chinese economic miracle or are those doomsday predictions premature will his artie's business correspondent katie pilbeam. china despite enjoying phenomenal growth over the last
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three decades is not immune to the overall global slowdown and as an economy reliant on external investment and demand the cracks are beginning to show. as it currently stands a chinese economy is expected to grow a modest seven point five percent by their standards having enjoyed a nearly ten percent average growth for the past thirty years now some point five percent is certainly not a disaster this figure acquaints of the whole of switzerland economy one of the wealthiest countries in europe so china's growth was to stay at this rate because you would be adding the whole of the swiss economy to its balance sheet every year but nevertheless the economy is slowing so what is being done to get the chinese economy to accelerate a bit more and avoid this three percent scenario will happen chinese whispers that the government is planning to implement a huge spending package to boost the country's gross rushing out
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a new route ways and infrastructure the government also intends to dig itself out of debt most of the country's risk comes from having high deaths in bad loans now all of this sounds bad it's nothing compared to the situation in europe where the your area is expected to contrast and over in the u.s. growth is expected to reach just below two percent and china's spello emerging markets are expected to grow five percent this year the fact remains that while china's some point five percent growth may be ruffling a few feathers most of europe can only dream of being able to fly high. joseph chang a professor at the university of hong kong says china is stumbling because of temporary cycles in the global economy but nonetheless the leadership has got its eyes set on long term structural reforms it is cyclical in the sense that the external and merriman is unfavorable and hopefully when u.s. economy branded european economy improves and the chinese economy we do
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better it is structural into sandstad china has to change and transform is economic development model it cannot be pan all the time on cheap exports new leaders. and parents be ready to suffer from a slowing down of the economic growth rate and gage in structural reforms so as to deliver better at a later stage. that's news right up so far but with more of thirty five minutes coming away the after the break most because it's a talking crime and punishment for the financial the sonics program.
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i got a big question for you how stupid can stupid terrorist paranoia get according to for progressives dot com the texas department of public safety demanded that any women entering the state senate hand over any tampons or pads before entering wow so why would they do this are they really that scared that some terrorists are playing a sneak a bomb into the place at any cost according to news at yahoo dot com the official reason is that they're afraid of people using projectiles as a form of protest against a law that would really restrict abortions oh well no i kind of see where you abortion is an issue that people really get furious over now it kind of all makes sense but wait wait wait wait what's that they're afraid of projectiles but people with guns were allowed to take them into the senate are you kidding me i think the second amendment does a lot more good than harm by i think it goes without saying that for women to concealed carry their hygiene items they should need a permit or permission from anyone but that's just my opinion.
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wealthy british style. market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's concert a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into. con is a report on r t.
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i am x. kaiser last week rumors a bounded that as bro was going to answer it is a new monopoly board game without jale finally commentators thought it was going to reflect the real world of american oligarch and capitalism where there is no such thing as jail for the elite players. but no the wall street journal report was wrong typically as bro said there would in fact be jail in the game of monopoly version as there always has been jail now for more on this return to stacy herbert yes max because hasbro even a game justice is sacrosanct and they are saying of course there's no such thing as having no jail in monopoly now the reason why they say that they have
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a new game coming out is because apparently young people don't have the attention span to spend more than half an hour in a team so they're trying to shorten and that was one of the ways it's just get rid of jail but you know it also gave away i think the wall street journal how they see the game being played by the players on wall street is that they don't have a have to go to jail so we see that the first headline s.a.c.'s cohen risks lose some fortune while keeping his freedom stephen a cohen founder of a fourteen billion dollar hedge fund indicted and what the u.s. calls an unprecedented insider trading scheme faces a future without a fund or a multibillion dollar fortune on the other hand he won't be behind bars oh yeah well steve you cohen has got the you know version of the monopoly board where there is no jail you see stevie going to take and he's making it real easy he's doing it and you know he doesn't want jail stevie cohen you know he's got he's re-invent.


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