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if you live on one hundred thirty three bucks a month for food i should try it because you know how fabulous i'm glad i got so many i mean family and i know that i'm still really messed up. very closely. it's. a little worse for the little things like how sick of a. radio guy and for a minute. i want to call for about fifteen years you've never seen anything like this i'm telling. you guys i'm abby martin and this is breaking the set on says episode of corrupt
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american cops we go to detroit where a series of recent armed robberies conducted by alleged fake cops turned out to be real cops you heard me right real cops robbing people let me explain now detroit is no stranger to crime over the last few months maltol people been held up at gas stations and other public places around the city there is a recurring theme when victims called in the crimes the police is salem's were identifying themselves as cops before they robbed them and fled the scene sounds genius right dress up like a cop get a little burglary when someone snapped a picture of one of the robberies going down police soon realize they were looking for one of their own when you take a look at this photo you may not recognize the players involved but the police when they showed up after the reports of an attempted robbery they recognized this suspect the suspect according to the police department a long time sergeant of the detroit police department you know what is this gotham city so not only are discussed. actual members of law enforcement but this guy's
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a pony sergeant for crying out loud first of all tell that they not think they're going to get caught if they're identifying themselves as police and then robbing people i mean yes detroit's no stranger to corruption but a holy wow these cops have taken an oath to protect and serve the people but is it protecting the citizens they're robbing them and yes i know that this is just a smaller scale of what fat cat bankers get away with on a daily basis but you know it's bad when public servants start blatantly screen ordinary people to next thing you know they'll be entering your home tapping your phone searching you without a warrant tasing you without cause beating you down jail and even killing you without trial oh wait too late thanks pat lou for that one and for the rest of you let's break the set. for a never seen anything like that.
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just yesterday hundreds of fast food workers in new york st louis and kansas city walked out of their respective restaurants and demanded better pay in the one day strike workers protest the minimum wage calling for an increase in pay to fifteen dollars an hour far jump from where the minimum wage now stands at seven dollars and twenty five cents but the hourly income is not their only concern fast food workers are also demanding the right to unionize put an end to what they say are abusive labor practices and the walkout is seemingly only beginning what's quickly evolving into a large scale movement organizers are now expecting thousands of fast food workers to join strike set to take place this week in chicago a walky and detroit so to talk about the latest strike and its significance on workers' rights nationwide i was joined earlier by david moberg senior editor of in these times. david you just wrote an article for in these times about fast. strikes
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are catching fire across the country many workers are complaining about abusive labor practices i wonder if you could elaborate on what their workplace conditions are. in the fast food industry a lot of the. service industry one of the big complaints has to do with scheduling more and more people are given only part time work during the week maybe twenty thirty hours of work it varies from week to week meddling do they not know when they're working they don't know how much money they're actually going to be making. and the hours can be withheld as punishment for anything the management may want to punish and to compound the problem. most workers are expected to be on call at any time so that if the manager suddenly needs work at four o'clock and it's two o'clock in the afternoon. you're supposed
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to be available to come in sling burgers or whatever else you have to do we have the ironing now that we have a new forty hours work week movement compared to the nineteenth century when. people were marching made chicago to the work week down to forty hours now we've got in this country begging for forty hours of work a week because they don't have enough work to. to make a living and even if they had the forty hours they still wouldn't be able to make an adequate living thinking this is how to define a living wage donald has already taken the initiative to lay out a suggested monthly budget for their base on their pay scale is their way of appeasing employees. well it didn't work very well for mcdonald's because part of that is that in order to make the budget you had to have two jobs as i said it's not always easy to hold down those two jobs even if you could find them. and
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they originally had such an anomaly he says not including any money for heating yeah let's take a look at that right now i mean what does that say that they you know they have this line allocated for a second job and they have no money allocated for that i mean. out of time workers . well they didn't think things through very well i'm afraid. in terms of p.r. somebody said it's likely to roll on this one i'm afraid i like to see anybody get fired but. basically what it came out of simply. sanjay ssion of the argument. these are the worker movements which you said a fifteen dollars an hour wage basically the mcdonald's budget reinforce the idea that it's very hard to make. a living wage in a major city and have it be anything less than fifteen dollars an hour and
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right now the minimum wage as we all know is. the federal level of seven dollars and thirty five cents more than that in about twenty states. and let's break that down really quickly according the bureau of labor statistics that should be ten dollars and fifty six today considering for inflation but then elizabeth warren has even come out and said that if you count for productivity it should be twenty two dollars an hour i mean how what's the disconnect here when right now we're talking about a seven dollars twenty five cents minimum wage. well there are two things going on here and i think that the pointing out. you have been productivity. perhaps one that is more important. and also harder for people to understand so let's just start with inflation. the federal government revises.
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the minimum wage every so often in order to allow for the effects of inflation eroding the buying power of minimum wage. three times in the last three decades so there's always this delay falling behind the effects of inflation so that people are deeper and deeper into poverty and then they make revisions so this current revision being proposed by democrats itself is inadequate because it would take three. stages implementation of increases in order to get to ten dollars and ten cents an hour so we've got his problem just inflation one of those they're minimum wage act is that what you're referring to right now. harken miller bill right i'm not sure the same title. and.
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of course we can get around to talking about objections to that but one of the. interesting things and one of the tragic things that happened to all american workers basically bottom ninety percent of american workers is that their wages have not kept up at all with productivity. since roughly the early one nine hundred seventy s. so this is a life time for most people where wages have remained relatively flat productivity growth has continued to go up that means there's more output for every hour that people are working. and yet they have a gained anything from the increased productivity gains have all gone to the essential percent of the american population and so right now you have the odd phenomenon where the median wage is only about sixteen dollars an hour and the calculations i saw the adjusted for productivity it would be something over one
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thousand dollars an hour. it's not in this matter simply that the minimum wage i think kept up with productivity clearly it's a huge disconnect for everybody. with productivity and that's one reason why when people talk about nineteen dollars an hour as what the minimum wage should really be that you know it's ridiculous well of course it seems ridiculous because nobody else is going to be getting it right and david unfortunate at a time but maybe you know we just saw wal-mart push out of d.c. because the city was implementing the requirement they pay more than the minimum wage so if nothing gets done at the federal level maybe we can pressure municipalities as an alternative thank you so much for coming on breaking down some of those convoluted issues david moberg senior editor for in these times thank you . i
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surely you've heard by now about the one story with such tremendous implications for you and me that it's completely dominated the corporate media. campaign or says that new sexting revelations will not force him out of the race to be the next mayor of new york city while anthony weiner's bid to be new york city's next mayor is on the ropes as the problems pile up for the scandal ridden candidate it's never a good day when the guy running your campaign runs for the door and he left the campaign. remarkable job we have an excellent staff and an interview yesterday with the daily news winner did not rule out the possibility that he is still sending lewd photos to women who are not his wife when all your scholarly. you know i'm not going to sit and defend anthony weiner because clearly sexting women or not your wife is a despicable thing to do however does sex scene merit this much news coverage and plus who among us hasn't seen
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a pic before regardless this is weird. two point zero zero your latest weapon of mass distraction and it's sad really because a far more important story has been sidelined over and over again out of the trial of army private bradley manning over the past three years that he's been detained most of which without any formal charges we've seen almost zero corporate media coverage of the young whistleblower but to be fair to be fair today mainstream news anchors did take a minute out of their busy schedule to report of the trials verdict and say a minute i mean that literally and the fact the corporate news spent less than four minutes on average reporting on the long awaited verdict check this out starting with m.s.n. b c wowo just shy of six minutes devoted to bradley manning from c.n.n. almost five hard hitting minutes of coverage and finally from fox news an unbelievable forty six seconds of fair and balanced reporting really forty six
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seconds shocking considering how the network spent days i'm sorry weeks on end talking about anthony weiner's penis and of course royal baby bollocks before that so why was the verdict today so important after a kangaroo court trial with very limited press coverage and heavy charges looming over manning's head including the potential to be put to death or serve life in prison the verdict was finally read. and many people breathe a sigh of relief after learning that manning was found not guilty of the harshness of charges facing him that of aiding the enemy the court however did find manning guilty of twenty of the twenty one charges against him could as being in the stealing of u.s. government property and collectively these charges also carry a maximum punishment of one hundred and thirty six years behind bars a we won't know how long he'll spend in jail until the final sentencing is read a process that could take weeks. you know it never ceases to amaze me that such
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a terrible punishment could be dealt to someone who exposed war crimes think about it for work for bradley manning we would never know that writers journalists were gunned down in cold blood and iraq we would never have learned about unofficial civilian death tolls which unsurprisingly were much higher than originally said and we wouldn't know what the true nature of us foreign policy were not to the diplomatic cables that were leaked following today's verdict wiki leaks founder julian assange another victim of obama's war on whistleblowers issued this statement he said it's a dangerous precedent and an example of national security extremism is a short sighted judgment that cannot be tolerated and must be reversed it can never be that conveying true information to the public is as. indeed what a sad day for justice when whistleblowers face life in prison first spose the war crimes while war criminals run free and go on book tours despite this war well in
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reality some of the corporate media can justify our words of fluff reporting and in-depth analysis over anthony weiner's penis but little of any attention is paid to the stories that truly big for a voice even if it's the stories that affect us the most. coming up right after the break we'll talk with whistleblowers and the n.s.a. with journalist david seaman stick around. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm trying hard welcome to the big picture.
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we are facing a lot of problems you know. because no one no good school. what's not enough job is a law in the local needs you want to see l.n.g. motion will be used. you've just done for just i was fired from our skies. right.
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now for. last week dealt a huge blow to civil liberty advocates nationwide when an matia amendment was defeated proposed by representative justin amash a bipartisan piece of legislation would have forbid the n.s.a. from expanding any of its funds in the blanket collection of american phone records and also a huge victory for the n.s.a. which lobbied congress and to make sure the bill didn't pass as one more person had in their back in the aftermath house minority leader nancy pelosi yes nancy impeachment is off the table palosi who in the past was
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a vocal surveillance critic is now being credited with killing one of most important surveillance measures one democratic committee aide told the cable that palosi had held multiple meetings with democrats where she pleaded with them to vote the amendment down considering the enormous amount of influence she wields people have singlehandedly credited her for blocking the amendment is here to talk about all the latest n.s.a. updates and where we go from here i'm joined now by david seaman journalist and host of the david seaman our what is up man are you as being too good to be at a proper t.v. studio yet my living room. so why do you think that nancy pelosi. worked so hard to defeat this amendment david when she was such a vocal critic of bush's surveillance programs in the past i hate to use the word puppet but if you look at the when she's speaking on t.v. her shoulders never move so most of somebody has their face never met is this somebody has their head up her backside you know to be serious it's troubling why is somebody who supposedly a quote unquote good democrat who cares about civil liberties behind the scenes
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working in the hours before the emotion moment vote why is that person working strong armed people into voting against protecting the fourth amendment rights of all of us as a good question and i just can't stress this enough but she was the person i mean she was the house majority where she was basically the house speaker who said impeach was off the table it would cause too much of divide within the democratic party i mean she said that during the bush administration when war crimes are being committed so i never forgave her for that but this is just the you know it's. the icing on the cake really it's shows you kind of how ridiculously partisan these people are but even though the amendment didn't pass i mean we're talking about a really narrow margin here to seventy five isn't that itself of a silver lining yeah and some of those are actually abstained so it was a difference of i believe only seven votes and when you have a margin that narrow it's good that at least some of these people are waking up at least some of them represent our basic human rights some basic constitutional rights this would not have happened five years ago when at the height of post nine
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eleven jingoism and paranoia it certainly would not have happened this kind of vote and i think they can come back again with something stronger and make their case again and hopefully there will be more public support this time around yeah you're right i think for the first time i think there was a poll that was just done for the first time since nine eleven more people more people in this country care about their civil liberties and they do. not exist and . is facing us right now do you think that this is all because of snowden's revelations yeah and i think is played a really big role in this and to answer your question yes he's the first n.s.a. whistleblower who actually had the documents versus just saying this is what happened when i was there and those documents cannot be disputed or at least they have not been disputed by the n.s.a. so far and also what does it say that the author of the patriot act himself i mean cave out actually full support of the modern amenities like please vote for this this is really important yeah i like how they keep quoting that guy is the author of the patriot act as if he's like this great literary dollar i suppose so that
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makes you more credible because you're the author of one of the worst things ever so just shows you how bad you know we've come to know he's going to do so yeah no it's a total joke you know do you think that like you just said i mean more pressure on our representatives you think that we really have a chance to curb back this n.s.a. spying program in i mean this is silver lining and now we have kind of this cab or we know who's we have like a list of people who supported it who voted against it yeah the american people are . very very angry and this is why you're seeing so much anthony weiner i believe i can say penis on this show that's why you're seeing so much of anthony weiner's penis and not so much of the edward snowden disclosures because the american people are angry when you listen to radio shows they're calling in they're upset they stormed a congressman's office this group restore the fourth which is a nonpartisan group that wants to rein in this warrantless spying of people are angry i'd say about ninety five percent of them are actively angry and that's not being covered on c.n.n. and fox you know why. greenwald came out again with with some newer revelations
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talk about the newest kind of development in this case and why it's troublesome sure over the weekend the latest sort of parroted talking point by certain congressmen who were invited on the weekend talk shows was that this program has had zero privacy violations and has stopped fifty four terror attacks of course they're referring to the fifty four completely imaginary or manufactured by the. terror threats that they're providing zero evidence exist i'll go and they say there is zero privacy violations greenwald's new claims are that they're collecting or they have collected already trillions as in a thousand billion that's a trillion trillions of our phone calls and e-mails so when you say there's been zero privacy violations that's like saying yeah there have been hundreds of people dying from you know chicago over the past year but luckily zero murders that's the good news that just redefining the basic terms that everybody understands in some kind of orwellian way to go on a.b.c.'s this week and say there's been zero privacy
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violations just taking people's e-mails and then reading that taking people's metadata and seeing where they are at all times that is a privacy violation well it's just the way that they're able to say oh you know we've been doing all of this lawfully because we've been going to the fisa court it's like well when you have a totally secret court being done in secret you're briefing people in secret weren't able to tell anyone what's going on how is the democratic. courtroom in walt disney world would be more legitimate than the feisty court i would go. reserve you know the government arguing against itself and going you've got it it's all you know one hundred percent of requests approved last year and we keep hearing david that there are more revelations to come oh it could possibly be more than what we already know i think we're just waiting on like aliens or something because that's already pretty bad they keep saying this was at least he didn't get the crown jewels whatever those are maybe they're literal crown jewels that operate the whole program to take them off holy grail let's talk about how obama just removed his entire change dot gov website i mean we're talking about the website that laid out his entire presidential platform all those pledges and promises those
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antiquated ones from two thousand and eight was the strategic what do you think to be fair to obama this actually makes him more transparent than ever this is like changing your relationship status on facebook he's like look you thought i was the civil rights guy you got that wrong now it's not on the website so nobody can go look you said on change dot gov in two thousand and eight so that it did not say that. from reno from every insurance truth. before that when they're just literally revising history i mean straight up one of the promises he removed is the pledge to protect whistleblowers i mean what's your reaction to the verdict of bradley manning yes he wasn't guilty on even the enemy but he's still facing enough charges to land him over a lifetime isn't yeah he's facing up to one hundred thirty six years in prison they're willing to reduce it by one hundred twelve days potentially because he spent some of his time already in custody which he spent naked for up to twenty three hours for part of the time during the day which i'm not sure why they're keeping him naked much for how that how that improves their investigative work but
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to keep him naked in this cage it seems just kind of like a violation of some other constitutional rights now it's one hundred thirty six years in prison and you have to ask yourself even the dude's in shawshank redemption eventually got out you're talking about putting a guy who has not committed any violent crime in prison for one hundred thirty six years and i get why it's to prevent other people from doing what he did because chances are there is somebody else in the military who is sitting on information that suggests that the military has accidentally in. killed other journalists and other civilians so a good way to deter them from coming forward is look what happened to manning you don't want that to happen to you or he's all this like shriveled up little dude he's always surrounded by these special ops guys were holding him by the shoulder it's really creepy stuff it is and i think the you know depriving someone of liberty life the pursuit of happiness i mean when you're keeping someone stripped down in a cell a cold dark cell with really no contact with the outside world that is totally dehumanizing it's actually torture as defined by multiple groups and you know yes
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of course it's about criminalizing dissent it's absolutely shocking what we're seeing with them but the corporate media spends mere minutes covering the verdict david i mean isn't that great that they they find they covered it yeah i think you're missing the bigger story here abby which is that obama's golf game is improving and he had a casual launch with hillary clinton the other day or at least as casual as a launch can be when you're about feet away from the other person and you have your own salt and pepper shaker and they have their own sort of you're not going to share but those are the stories that they're focused on literally that may have a new leader and his poker face his for the war and sad face that's what they're focused on and yet this happens it shows pretty big implications for a future whistleblowers and luckily edward snowden has managed to masterfully play the p.r. in a way that he can't be villainize disease really because you put out those videos right away so when the government says oh he's the next big thing or the next man you know or something we have to lock him up people going to go wait a second maybe he shouldn't be locked up at all you know if you provided useful information of the american public maybe that should be protected somewhere you
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know the first amendment let's say right and david you know that this whistleblower summit and someone asked in the q. and a they said you know how how can we get the corporate media to listen to us and cover these stories and i said it's not about getting them to listen to us it's not creating our own and supporting the people who are creating their own and covering these stories david your doing what you just fully funded your kickstarter you're going to l.a. to launch your show you were thirty seconds a minute left talk about it yeah everybody should check it out if you just go to my youtube channel. i have a couple of videos where i explain it in depth but yes we can you're totally right we cannot revive the corporate media and make it honest at this point they're dead inside i know these people there declared don you know i trust that time to move on let's create our own networks and there are a number of journalists who are doing similar things right now it's kind of a movement and that's exciting to see because it shows that what it shows me at least that were we were fully funded in ten days is that if you give people specific ways to help they don't just sit on the couch people are angry and they want change and they want real media that covers the story they want this information covered david they want media like what you're doing and hopefully i'm
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providing that platform here thank you so much for being the voice of change for making the corporate media relevant we all have to do it david seaman journalist host of the davidson hour always a pleasure and i do. feel like this is so far how do our you tube channel you to dot com break in to send be sure to subscribe so you do not miss a single episode and all of it and be posted separately under the videos tab encourage them to check out my interview with alexis baby mayer but i'm going samples working with us coming to spy on activists and a lot more at youtube dot com breaking the set and that's all for today guys thanks for watching have a great and. good you take three. three. three. three. three. three
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blog video for your media project free media r t v dot com. well. technology innovation all the developments around russia we've got the future of coverage.
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charmin in washington d.c. and here's what's coming up tonight the big picture today president obama took to the stage in tennessee to offer republicans are grand bargain for america's economy a grand bargain that includes lowering america's corporate tax rates so why are republicans the great protectors of corporate america a ball team at the president's proposal also america's fast food restaurant chains make millions of dollars in profits each year those c.e.o.'s are awarded million dollar bonuses so the people responsible for the success of these companies the workers reaping some of the rewards too and tar sands oil has been leaking into the alberta canada countryside form.


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