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science technology innovation all the latest developments from around russia we've gone to the future covered. on mary jane now dr drew on treating addiction you have to be willing to change everything everything about who you are is now open for change the trouble with fame the celebrity has more a question they can skate along the bottom or usually and as a result it's hard to get them into active treatment on how his work affects him the best way i can describe it is through the week the people that recover and come up and shake my hand years later i feel like i can't wait to get my exam works all next on larry king now. welcome to larry king now dr drew is an addiction medicine specialist and radio and television personality best known for his nationally syndicated radio show loveline
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dr drew on h l n and the v h one show celebrity rehab with dr drew he's an old friend a great guess always good to welcome him one of your is addiction addiction or is this celebrity having a different. you know i before do this rehab show i would have said they're exactly the same but now seeing different the two different populations and to differ in the situation. they're slightly the disease itself is exactly the same but they're slightly different in that the celebrity has more a question they're able to find any more money more support for they can kind of coasting they can skate along the bottom more easily and as a result it's harder to get them into active treatment because you know the one thing that i was noticing in this group is you have to be ready to change everything people think it's just hey just get off drugs and i'll be fired or if i can just detox i'll be fired if i just get in the program i'll be fine you have to
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be willing to change everything you have to change your relationships your job your living environment everything about who you are has is now open for change because change and growth is necessary for you survive well you think people are willing to be public to this. go until it was here. in this group i think they just want to treatment so it's fit with us it was phenomenal that they had in their disease could still apply for this and chris christie would and get the treatment they were super motivated when they came in so some of it was they sought treatment they wanted if there's more of that treatment the other is i think we live in a time i mean you and i didn't grow up with video cameras on our facebook i think young people are accustomed to that and so and then they're put their life out of the internet and they make everything their custom sort of living in this cyber world that i do our denver would have thought of being a part of but here we are in the middle of it and you're you're a medical doctor here in regard to talk to always feels the loss of any patient
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they always say could have done more always you or submissions right. was it like we lose someone to addiction it's there's a couple reaction he does for a drug overdose we think we don't even know you are we're worried about of the things here but. i deal in a disease that has a terrible prognosis i'm like an oncologist ok in that the probability in people i can't get this across to people that's what i'm hoping to get across is that the probability if you have severe enough addiction that you need to say maybe your prognosis is worse than most of the people that see an oncologist you're probably have died of a disease is more likely than the patients being taken care of by an oncologist that's the that's the prognosis the nature of this disease and we tell people we tell them we tell their family it doesn't it doesn't get in people don't want to hear it because it seems like something you should have control over we should be able to something about it but it's a brain disorder that leads to death and what time people get to meet their
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prognosis is very bad so one hand it's part of the liability of dealing with this condition that somebody people are going to die and we have to be prepared for that the best way i can describe it is if you are a wheat like the people that recover and come up and shake my hand years later and have ph d.'s and families and and people are may not even given a prayer of survival back liam do it i feel like i can't wait to get to my exam work when we we have a loss you feel like are going to bed do we have studies to show us who is likely to be addicted the younger tintype of the addict gets into is them with a family history it's as simple as that and you have to you know where did this disease come from where did this genetic potential come from and i actually find it very bizarre that we look at this disease as something shameful and awful and that the problem i opinion is that this disease is part of the evolutionary heritage of survival if you look at populations that are isolated there were extremely stressed life scotland ireland certain parts of africa central central europe and north
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american indians what you find is the potential for the disease of addiction rises the people survive in extreme adversity carry this gene now they're not using when they're surviving but the population the gene grows it gets more intense i mean they're better they make great pilots great shortstops get to me. great extreme sports athletes because it's a survivor gene that has this liability when i look at is that. the ethnic jews have a sport of a some interesting subset of addiction there they don't get alcoholism so much i think that got burned out of the population thousands of years ago but not so much all across interesting i've not thought about that but you do see addiction in jewish holidays a lot of young people young people these days the big problem now is pharmaceuticals if my if one of my pego drugs prescribed drugs by a doctor used legitimately which is where the drives me insane that for instance joey cobar i know you for sure you're going to find out he was on pharmaceuticals
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he knows he is never to touch those are there to drugs i guarantee if someone said oh you need to take these what is it going to do if somebody goes in and says i have terrible headaches what is the doctor do you give them by going to when you come from painkillers but but we don't train i'm not there when i lecture medical schools i used to there are medical students for years we have one the reason i did the addiction work at the hospital was that we were teaching is getting people to sniff that out to understand when there's a there's just things are they got tells in this one doesn't feel right to me or watch it more carefully and if it does end up being an addict or you inadvertently trigger addiction you don't go oh that's a bad patient you refer them for proper treatment and we just we don't we don't train doctors quite that way it's bad we're training them that medication solves all problems and i'm here to tell you medications i was raised by family partition my guys prior to share i took out by x. i can only number once in my adolescence and childhood and it was a big deal like only if you really it's really worth it you really need medicines are dangerous medicines will harm you not medicines will make you better and solve
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all your problems we flipped it on its head for some reason it's bizarre why did you choose this field let me explain all that to you but before i do i got to tell you something congratulations on all this i mean i like this i love this this is the year i come and your command of your own destiny you know i mean you're great this is larry's. janell again i think you do what you want with this and that is dead is the future this is it gradually i thought it a good set up but i'm going to your interest i'm internist addiction i'll do so so i practiced on top generals real medicine for years and years. ended up running a. running the medical department at a psychiatric hospital for about a decade and in the course of that i was being asked to see the sickest patients in the hospital i was sort of the new internist with all the skills were just rather sick patients were there all drugs they had all the medical problems there was a guy there at the time that had made detox a clinical discipline in spite of working in a county hospital taking people off heroin and alcohol no one ever taught me a discipline of withdrawal so i learned that now i'm asked to see more drug addicts
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more alcohol or because i get good at which wrong people don't really understand the disease of addiction and i just thought what's that what are those twelve stills funny twelve step things on the wall is guys are goofy what is all this nonsense i'm to get you off the drugs. and i became the assistant director of a program for a guy who then quit and now i was moved in the position of director of illusion of medicine to you happened to me so that i had a really good although i do get a post-graduate training i take the boards and here's what i found sitting there in this program was to do addiction properly use it at the crossroads of multiple disciplines of medicine and i had to become expert in all of it i would be psychiatry psychology family dynamics interpersonal dynamics brain chemistry and pharmacology and then the medical aspect of it all since it's so amazing window i just into medicine but the human experience started out what an adult you think would be i thought i would be what i still do one day a week which is a little practice in south pasadena you take the hard. way actually came this close
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to going to cardiology i mean that because i was talented in intensive care stuff i was on the moon as these days i do that much of that but yeah i still do the high blood pressure of nature for police is it important that the people who deal with the head in the mind in relationships and depression also be doctors. oh so i don't think so i was on but it will if psychologists listen my psychological colleagues i have infinite respect for but they need to know their limits they have to be able to i think. they can describe her but they they have never seen a sick person the way we are just as we can sniff a sick person we walk in the room and they have to understand when they need to refer they know when to refer to good at that and there's nothing i have no complaints about that but we are one unit we are a mind body and things that happen to our body affect our mind and you have to think very carefully always i cannot tell you this is what i learned running a medical department a psychiatric hospital you'd be stunned how many times people come in for a psychiatric problem that ends up being precipitated by
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a medical or doing because of the television show you do you have to also deal with relationship issues absolutely you have to discuss the tom cruise's in the oh the. or even if you don't like that or not like i don't want that i hear have to because we think god they have found the one i talk about that doesn't read very well so they're not interested in the talking about a bit too much anymore but i know i have been willing to talk about it because i think it focuses people's attention and i think it's an opportunity for people learn about themselves and about how relationships work because nothing you do you know every celebrity earth are they different about them and just regular people who have extraordinary kind of weird lives but they're regular people at the it's not like when i evaluate a celebrity have to have a special diagnostic manual for celebrity abuses there's a camera on them a camera on them there they have to have different concerns in their day in day out life but they're their emotional lives exactly the same as the rest of us exactly and so for me to talk about it the only people cheering and not your patients so you're talking about them from afar listen it's the same as if above for
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a summarize the story of the guy with the hat and glasses that i work with is so talented treatment and he goes he goes i don't stand my people tell me i can't talk about before if i'm in line at the grocery store and i hear a guy sniffling complaining about a store throwing sneezing behind me and coughing i want to tell the checkered of why. her hands after she deals with the guy probably has a virus i mean there's you can easily see things that charlie sheen when he was so manic that was mania those hypomania just what that is the guy from coney that was in san diego that's mania that's where they have a media that were if you look up the coney poor gentleman who good was running around naked it's a it's a extreme. state of hyper inflated inflated mood where people become hyper verbal they become become psychotic they can think they're napoleon or jesus or is going to they throw off their clothes away or has free will they will sometimes kill themselves in that state but yes maybe it goes away in a quiet space if you can contain them and they don't hurt themselves it's usually
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treated with medication what do you think of the scientologists and john cruises one tom cruise told me he hates what you do when he really hates any antidepressant drugs doesn't believe in these global world doesn't think doesn't believe that anything the pill you take anything wrong i wish it were like that you know as i just said to you a few minutes ago i am i'm the don't take pills guy i'm the don't take medication guy. but it's naive to speak from a position of not and when you have had experience in training when you've seen people die because they didn't take medication my somebody my family died because of a depression because she refused to take doctor's orders and she killed herself and she would be here today and should follow direction now in my pollyanna world i wish the talk would have been enough for her would the best of drugs do help some people sometimes do we overdo it absolutely absolutely we like and how do we become a pill society where pills as opposed to solve everything and by the way most
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depressions tom's not so far off will exercise music support from friends areas of psychotherapy and we leave the psychotherapy out by the way it's pills with psychotherapy that really is what shows the long term benefits it's all about grief to those. gives her a. very hard take a. look. have you ever had sex with that hurt me here's.
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the thing. i know c.n.n. the m s n b c news have taken some not slightly but the fact is i admire their commitment to cover all sides of the story just in case one of them happens to be. the type that was funny but it's close and for the truth of the might take. goods because one whole attention and the mainstream media work side by side the joke is actually on here. to be coming back. at our teen
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years we have to print for. the good because the news of the world just is not this funny i'm not laughing dammit i'm not. ok. i've. got to stick to the jokes while handling the stuff that i've got to. i. thought was a new alert animation scripts scare me a little. there is breaking news tonight and they are continuing to follow the breaking news. alexander's family cry tears of the wife and a great things out there that there had to be adequate regard at a court of law found alive there's a story made for the movies playing out in real life.
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we're back with dr drew one of a kind of grief you go with personal grief right is there when they don't know life sucks sometimes and if you don't want to die you don't want to live if you don't want to grieve you don't want to love it's a so it's a phenomenon that is part of you have to get philosophical sometimes about these things i mean i've found myself study more philosophy than medicine in recent years but i would imagine the toughest kind of grief. i couldn't imagine worse grief than death of a job yes that's the one i'm not sure i could survive frankly and i'll tell you. i have triplets and my wife became critically ill after the birth and r. and i and i had the only time i've ever felt this feeling i thought oh my god i
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remember i was driving back and got home to pick up a drawback possibly new atsic she was and i thought oh my god in africa am i going to have to look at those three faces and see her in those faces their whole lives are this feeling was i don't think i can survive that and they're going to take it and i are going to kill myself and that's what i've had that feeling and i and i when i've thought about the positive of losing a child that's that same feeling that kind of comes up it's just how do you get over that well what people that i've dealt with who have had that happen tell me that you don't you just learn to live with them and again you have to become philosophical you have to each person has to make a part of their life narrative if that's a sensible thing you've got to make sense of your life in some way that's meaningful to you do religious people do with it better yes. they are in views of people that do when they really have a deep concept of an afterlife and are clear and purpose and meaning i have to get angry sometimes and sometimes when they get angry god look at the prost on the
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heels of that and we listen but they had a relationship with god we give them back to when their heels them do we know why depression is so common. where we have twenty million they as you will see that's low yeah the question you know we're living longer and so that increases the risk of depression we are living in stressful circumstances that increase the risk of depression and i would say this. you know one way to look at depression is to look at happiness and what happiness are that we've lost track of what we mean by happiness by happiness our sort of mean well being and if you leisure wellbeing of the country with the greatest wellbeing you know what the country is with that coast rica because rick has the highest rating and so when they go down they looked at what's what is going to cost rica. what goes on families are intact people have an intent they focus on relationships as their primary purpose in life so we if we get what we've lost we've gone off the rail with that with our prior purposes making money have a career and all this stuff if we go back to the relationship as our primary focus
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we will have less depression willis was eating and less suicide and close to it i don't know that off the top of my head i know this more well what do we know about suicide well i got the great director jones overbridge did you jump over a bridge specially and you worked with him would be a directed me to muse state everyone that i've met that mez met him first was a wonderful guy who loved his kids more than anything and it was twins young boys and that's the part the hugo was how could he do that to them and it's interesting i'm triggering with a memory of my own family member killed herself she always said i could never do that to my kids and you did it so what do that what's the thought process while the thought process is broken this is this is the thing that people have to understand when you're in a psychic when if you were in a brain state a severe mania or severe depression thinking becomes the problem thinking you can't rely on thinking when your brain isn't working right thinking becomes my drug addict patients start thinking it's
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a good idea to do all kinds of things and they really believe it makes perfect sense for them but they don't understand what's pushing it as their disease same depression suicide reality suicidal ideation we call that is a symptom of a severe psychiatric life threatening problem we have to stop thinking about in terms of oh just somebody who's you know thinking wrong their brain is in a state that is disturbed and going to kill them and thinking then serves that if you've seen documentaries of people who have jumped up original survivor most of them will tell you the only thought they have is when they first up they took up the bridge is that this was a terrible mistake now is that because they have some sort of insight in that moment or is it because of the intensity of that moment raises the neurochemicals to the point that oppression gets better and they go oh my god i can see i'm crazy i'm doing. long what about the controversy regarding you we paid to mention a specific drug you know i was on was the story with the story was i got mentioned in a complaint on a large settlement i guess a justice department investigation because of a campaign i did in one thousand nine hundred fifteen years ago in one thousand
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nine hundred seven i got together with a group called the national press of america precipice o.c.a. it is a patient advocacy group we were hired by a p.r. company who got an educational fund from a drug company was welcomer glaxo or something and our campaign was our campaign was not to do drugs not to do medication our campaign was that medication will cause sexual side effects and may destroy your relationships at a time when you need them the most that was our jim don't use drugs don't use medications why how presents are the drug companies i think the drug company was interested in that campaign because their drug didn't have that side effect now so they were interested in you know talk to a doctor about alternatives well they would be what i do is that no point did i say used i mean i didn't you've heard me say use this drug you have to use their virgin that's that's of them not me so we have some facebook questions for dr drew do you twitter i do is going to go into her bars so yeah i think i got in there because i was first of the see i was earlier this week early spring state of war lord trask
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as how would you treat p.t.s.d. what is that post amount of stress disorder is very common and what is post-traumatic stress right it is that we don't know initially. we do obviously a lot more but today you know one of them from war of war and i guess you larry the one thing that's most surprising in my career the people who were asked you know what's the biggest surprise in the work you've done i didn't expect to speak a lot to young people the radio i didn't expect to be talking to some people coming back from war every night every night i mean in one nine hundred ninety s. or one eighty's could it was like we're supposed to do have wars i mean it's incredible so p.t.s.d. obviously these these these i think people are aware that some people get from from battle. it's treated for those guys in a group setting with men and women who've been through this who understand it it is treated sometimes with medication it's treated sometimes individual therapy the v.a. has done a remarkable job this time around of going after it and trying to get it the problem is getting the guys to stay with the treatment it's painful so the guys
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pull out of it and they don't do the treatment the other source of p.t.s.d. is called chronic p.t.s.d. which we see from childhood trauma we're going to an epidemic of children being sexually physically abused abandoned collected in our country and p.t.s.d. is one of the that could lead to suicide absolutely how do you find meaning in life if you feel that worth worthless in pilcher was you know the general feel the need to give adam carolla more advice than color. except see today's with. every day. but i know he adam was an interesting guy he's a unique constitution and so sees things and his insights i like is that i do his podcast who is not nearly as fancy as this moves in and he's a still a friend we're on a good poor as can hypnosis hope you quit smoking there are hypnotists out there that say they do help statistically it doesn't look that great i would say you know consult of it just talking to a doctor about it increases your probability of stopping and continue to try
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stopping because each time you stop you're more likely to stay stopped event really for example i was a three pack a day smoker the only years while i don't hard to stop that day ok but i never sent to mars oh boy i'm not going to smoke i just stopped smoke it's a great story because it's an example of how a normally stops his or her relationship with a substance a normally who's abusing a substance nicotine order when they have a when they have a consequence that stop a drug addict well drug addict and addict who is smoking are the ones that are smoking through the tracheostomy smoking in the corner care unit so was it really wasn't there while an addict know you were an addict what was it you were in. dependent you were on non-addicted nicotine dependence who when you had sufficient consequence you stop the hallmark of addiction is you don't stop with consequence that's what makes an addict an addict they can't stop no matter how bad the consequence now i had five days in intensive care where couldn't smoke helps.
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didn't that it broke your brakes the dependence on your stand you were dependent on the dependency i have it right sure you still love it i'm sure you're going to give it now think about it have we made it we losing the war on drugs. we haven't won the war on the big three or even is there a war on drugs or is that the way to way right way to approach it i always you legalize them oh larry. you're new so we're going to laugh for you and me so a lot of crime listen i heard a lecture yes the way heard some very interesting is that decriminalization of drugs right decriminalization is brings drugs to the same place as prohibition was for alcohol in other words there's different kinds of legalization decriminalization there's decriminalization of distribution deal decriminalization of using it was never legal to drink alcohol turns out it was just illegal to distribute drugs it's illegal to do both so we have to decide what we want to do
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and what would have the best impact on people and our society at large but we are failing on. we need to focus more and from my perspective we need to focus more on treatment and the fact that you know what is it twenty percent of our prisons are filled up with my patients that doesn't make sense to me a mother any other disease that fills up prison time and i'm sure that the arguments are good in favor this is wrong we used to say we never beat anyone over the head we never stole jewelry all we did was fill a public meet gambling prostitution drugs isn't a drug dealer filling a public need. americans use drugs if we didn't colombia would have no reason to bring them into this right what if gets very complicated i'm not sure it's we can tease apart here today but the public need was for alcohol abuse i'm not the i'm not sure they're interested in feet distribute alcoholics while drug use is primarily distributed to drugs and that's not a publicly that's that's giving smoking sick people sick or one of those things are
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you optimistic i am eternally optimistic but i am i because i believe in humans i love you to help you out i help i'm extremely optimistic but i'm worried i'm really worried more about this country more than about people i was on a personal note a good friend of mine wrote. with the problem dr drew successfully helped him he's got a lovely guy to turn to great at my pleasure my thanks to my guest dr drew and thank you for joining us find me on twitter at kings things see you next time. over. did you know the price is the only industry specifically mentioned in the constitution and. that's because a free and open press is critical to our democracy correct albus. role. in
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fact the single biggest threat facing our nation today is the corporate takeover of our government and across several we've been a hydrogen ally handful of transnational corporations that will profit by destroying what our founding fathers once told us my job market and on this show we reveal the big picture of what's actually going on in the world we go beyond identifying the problem trucks rational debate and a real discussion critical issues facing america if i ever feel ready to join the movement then walk a little bit of. a mission and free cretaceous three pounds for charges free. range month three risk free studio time free.
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crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want to. see. what's going on guys i'm having martin and this is breaking the sat so remember the n.s.a. was spying on other countries and world leaders turns out the people in those countries don't take too kindly to having their privacy invaded and now one country is standing out to uncle peeping tom there's only one president dilma rousseff just postpone a trip to d.c. and protest the u.s. surveillance and now the government is working on ways to circumvent the n.s.a. altogether one such plan would require internet service providers to set up local data storage centers protected our local privacy laws and brazil's postal service has taken.


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