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tv   Headline News  RT  November 17, 2013 1:00am-1:30am EST

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there and finds itself trapped in a corner as world powers again disagree on a nuclear deal and sanctions looks set to be sharpened further much to the delight of israel. syria is given a new timetable to get rid of its chemical weapons but there are major hurdles in the way with no countries willing to host the destruction operations. twelve years of scandal and no end in sight one town of mowbray marks another anniversary even as america's most decorated former generals speak out against it all report from inside the facility in a few minutes. and more than just a nuisance a debate flares up in the u.k. over a new open ended law that could make the right to hold peaceful protests a thing of the past.
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i welcome you watching r.t. in our stories now hopes of reconciliation are on hold for iran with crippling sanctions over its nuclear program still in place and opposing powers lining up against it despite all the smiles and handshakes the u.s. is renewing its trade restrictions and even considering toughening them meanwhile iran's most spoken critic israel seems to have a new partner in france which shot down last week's tentative deal in geneva more details now from artie's to bang. the pieces are in place. we have time and again said that i know no circumstances would we seek any weapons of mass destruction including nuclear weapons nor will we ever wrong and how you see a corporate with respect to get connectivity is to be undertaken by going.
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to meet all present and party. woman words flowing relations yet just as the deal in geneva was on the cons between the world policies and the one came concern from france a surprise move that stalled the talks but and friends new friends in israel who'd been the traditional stumbling block up to now still small ting from the threats and intense rhetoric of the recent ponced is will refuses to budge that's a bad deal it's a dangerous. because it keeps iran as a nuclear threshold nation. we are not blind and i don't think we're stupid as well the main bargaining chips the sanctions lightning not could prove the deal maker but congress is having none of it put in president obama in
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a tough spot i think rouhani has staked his position on the idea that he can improve relations with the rest of the world and so far he's been saying a lot of the right things for the privacy for israel. be very wary as well of any kind of. talk from the iranians and then there's the bargaining hammer israel building more subtle moments when things don't go its way approving more units only last month leaving us congress to get trigger happy with more sanctions don't draw us into a bad deal with iran we already know how israel's benjamin netanyahu feels advocating his case on twitter through yet another colorful graphic presentation and the red carpet will be rolled out for its newfound french friends present it's tough to predict whether the p five plus one will equal unity when they get back around the
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table next week in geneva. they are t. moscow meanwhile the u.n. atomic watchdog says iran has slowed down its nuclear program almost to a standstill we spoke to barbara slavin senior fellow at the atlantic council a us think tank and she believes that both iran and the u.s. a genuinely committed to striking a deal. john kerry is generally quite diplomatic and he wants a deal and if it's found fits in the way he's not going to go out and publicly critical criticize the french he's going to work behind the scenes to try to convince them to sign on now it's iran that's changed its attitude toward the talks most radically let's face it this is foreign minister zarif who came with a new proposal at the last round of talks and who is very serious about wanting to get an agreement for him for rouhani this is a second chance it's what we call a do over they didn't manage to improve iran's relations with the united states and
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get a nuclear deal the last time they were in power and i think they are determined to do it now on the countries will soon get another chance to reach a compromise a second round of talks on the nuclear deal will kick off next week and according to russia there's a strong likelihood of success find out what is behind the optimism that are going to call. this week the international chemical watchdog unveiled a challenging road map to seriously get rid of its toxic weapons the end of june next year has been set up as the moment of truth when syria has to declare itself a chemical free country the organization says that so far damascus is proved to be a reliable partner working hard on meeting every deadline but despite the positive momentum major stumbling blocks could be lurking on the country's road to chemical disarmament is artie's poorest explains the banking on albania to take these weapons in and albania has since indicated that it will not be party to this now
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this decision this announcement by albania came as a shock to the united states and the european union of the union is seen as a very strong partner with a so-called and shakable alliance to the waste it is also a very poor country but they have world wide scale protests in albania with people saying that they refuse to allow their government to be party. two taking in the weapons from syria now the problem is that only a norway also indicated that it would not allow these weapons to be brought to its shore no way however saying that it will send a ship that will help with transferring the weapons to wherever they are taken but this is the problem it's not yet clear where in fact they will be taken and the latest word from the united states is that it has other options on the table but no indication as to what these options are this is a very ambitious time frame that has been saved by the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons it says that by the end of march next year most of
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syria's chemical weapons will have been destroyed and that by the end of june all of them will have been destroyed but again it seems as if it's facing an uphill battle not least of all with the decision as to where in fact to destroy these weapons and why european nations so far seem unwilling to take on the task of destroying those weapons foreign affairs journalist robert says there are more than just practical concerns at stake. the reason why france is a via scandal is that france has a considerable program running all the time disposing of chemical weapons left over from the second world war which keep being uncovered so they have the technical capacity to deal with the problem the trap for the french apart from the fact that they appear to be recognizing bashar al assad who they have spent months and years decrying on every possible ground is that the public may well say that if france minded the set of business in the first place that would be in this awkward position of having to be helpful over chemical weapons in the certain areas where
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the syrian government can't go and certainly the team of inspectors can't go syria is difficult to criticize it at the moment quite frankly at therefore i can't see this process for easily just because in the short term countries are queuing up to take the chemical weapons while the e.u. is already being dragged far deeper into the syrian conflict than it ever wanted to be many young europeans have left their homelands to join the jihad he sees social media campaign seemed to be having some success and if they had some of those fighters could return home radicalized and counterterrorism coordinator says the trend is deeply disturbing. we are in the process of trying to understand better the reason why so many europeans are going to syria where we start being. and that's where we understand many of the mean the joining.
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you could. actually reach not only wants to work through assad but the global jihad really wreak fully the project and therefore we think. we'll see that in the future but many of them will get back in europe much more radical to be inspired by order recruit order or do you mean for saab even directed more to attack in europe the skeletons in the closet on the iraq war look likely to remain hidden a crucial inquiry into the invasion stumbles over america's refusal to release the facts and britain's reluctance to bend its powerful ally we've got more on this in a few minutes time also coming up bruised and battered by allegations of connections to the criminal underworld bitcoin is struggling to improve its reputation our teammates the people thinking outside the box though who are using the cryptocurrency to do good. in this week's or
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a heated debate in the u.k. over a proposed law that could land people in jail for annoying behavior the new bill would make it easier for local councils to break up peaceful protests and it's vague wording means that can be interpreted in many different ways if passed it will become an offense to even threaten to be a nuisance to other people as activist kerry and mendoza says this could seriously undermine freedom of speach. attempting to do is give the police the or sorry city to make any lawful protest immediately illegal simply because it's and i quote this directly from the legislation may has always likely to cause nuisance or annoyance and as you can imagine the whole point of protest is to cause nuisance and annoyance is to get in the way to disrupt people in their ordinary daily lives so that you can have them focus on an otherwise ignore bore issue which is really
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important. my farm is in front of struggling to make ends meet amounts forcing many to take from take action in the face of mounting debt later this hour r.t. finds out why the suicide rate among workers is skyrocketing and we've got this story a more after a quick break. americans also came up with another reason to reach a democracy people wanting to be liberated people wanting to be free you reach is also you know part of the message of their revolution no it's a new more. we need to use. these same sources for those who push you create the conditions you say some country has moved. to with one of mass destruction. in the case of. this was
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a bleak life. choose your language. because without if the federal system is still so much. choose to skip consent you can. choose the opinions that immigrate to. choose to stories that impact your life choose to access to often. welcome back when talum obey reached a grim milestone this week marking twelve years of torture scandal and scrutiny three dozen former generals and admirals of the united states military used the
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occasion to call for its closure labeling it a betrayal of american values artie's and this is going to brings us her final report from guantanamo. when it comes to this prison the numbers speak for themselves since being set up after the attacks of nine eleven a total of seven hundred seventy nine hundred have been held at guantanamo today one hundred sixty four people remain over half of them have been long cleared for release but remain locked up a total of six people is currently under trial alleged prisoners of war brought here since two thousand and two removed from the battlefield of america's ever expanding war on terror it's both the policy of the u.s. not to hold anyone longer than necessary but we also know that whenever we release someone we assume a richness over a period of more than a decade the majority of detainees held here have been set free and if the men of
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guantanamo are really these superhuman monsters you know the worst of the worst quote dick cheney. they would have been with. most of those still kept locked up have not been charged and are being held indefinitely what sort of a black hole of the weak system where the president of the united states simply refuses to say the innocent but u.s. officials say the law of war brings behind this barbed wire the idea that in a war when you capture folks you as the capturing authority are permitted to hold people during the duration of hostilities. when hostilities and or if there's no longer any purpose legitimate purpose to to hold them then they must be released a tiny problem the war on terror has no geographic borders with men once held here repeat treated to a wide array of countries. who are only specific to guantanamo you can't even you couldn't even the case on the u.s.
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mainland because it would be unconstitutional and illegal the war on terror also has no end in sight and national security is a popular excuse to simply ignore the law. this by the rhetoric really isn't about national security or prisoners being so dangerous that they can't possibly be released that can't be true after being locked up the legal process if any moves at a glacial pace in two thousand and twelve five detainees were transferred to had completed their military commission sentence two were court ordered released. detainees have been repatriated and one was a suicide over the years countless detainee claims of mistreatment and abuse dozens of suicide attempts mass hunger strikes lost patience and hope just this year the majority of the prison population refused to eat for six months street only to be force fed the. mandate that we have is being able to provide adequate nutrition to preserve life washington has appointed a new envoy to close
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a camp that is a dark spot on america's image this comes after a mass hunger strike that returned the world's attention to the place that some have dubbed the gulag of our times even if close to it seems. to mean a state in u.s. history forever it's very easy to end one ton of right you release the men that you're not prosecuting. and as you said only six men are being prosecuted right now the military prosecutor has made clear that he intends to prosecute a few more but he's also made clear that it won't be more than a few more the record on a promise to close the notorious facility on day one of his presidency he's now in his second term it's only a president who can do it and the idea that it's you know that it's congress's fault is just not correct it is the president the top holding these men in detention some president has to come in and this. it's hard
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to tell right now exactly how one will be down here doing this mission. and artsy guantanamo bay cuba well next hour we report on yemen's plans for a successor to guantanamo bay but washington has severe reservations is that potential terrorists will end up on the loose to suspicions that it's all just a plot to milk the u.s. for cash also next hour moscow's migrant deila r.t.u. follows the lives of undocumented workers some witnesses a police raid to find out why the shadow workforce is causing increased tension. and ambitious british inquiry into the country's involvement in the invasion of iraq this is expected to challenge the official version of events may be left without vital information the u.s. government has stepped in to block the release of top level communications from
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that time the message from across the atlantic is that london has no authority to release details on discussions between then president george w. bush and prime minister tony blair but the four year long million pound probe now stumbling david cameron has been put in the embarrassing position of having to choose between damaging the so-called special relationship and satisfying the public demand for the truth antiwar activist lindsey german says both countries have plenty to hide when it comes to iraq. there's likely to be no outcome anytime soon and that really seems to me a cover up both on the part of the people who support tony blair and of george bush it makes you wonder exactly what is in these conversations between bush and blair the must be quite a lot to hard for them being to be so worried about about them being released people want to know what did tony blair and george bush agree how early did they agree the war what were the conditions of it because nearly two hundred british
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soldiers died during the iraq war who have been hundreds of thousands of iraqis who have died there were millions of people demonstrated all of these people have the right to know and there is absolutely shameful that our government and the united states government are trying to prevent them from knowing. more stories on our website including the space spectacle of the decade an annual meteor shower has been lighting up the sky do you had to r.t. dot com to read about a site the like of which has not been seen since two thousand and two. also with r.t. dot com a child's dream come true a five year old leukemia survivor becomes his favorite superhero for one day thanks to a san francisco wish fulfillment foundation we've got these stories plus of course plenty more at r.t. dot com. more french farmers die through suicide than through axes and stealing to farming itself
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a recent report is found artie's test recently went to the country's worst hit region to find out what's behind the phenomenon phenomenon and what's being done to combat it. since two thousand and eight years of milk and meat had to plow on the face of rising production costs and a fall in profits with some farmers taking it much harder than others. fifteen days ago my colleague tried to commit suicide because his bank manager told him he's credited won't be renewed. we work very long hours seven days a week they were simply disconnected from the rest of french society who work hard and keep our heads down but mama look around we ask ourselves what do we actually have. the plight of french farmers has been causing a lot of in a frazzle recent report show that two thousand and seven two thousand and nine a total of four hundred eighty five farmers had committed suicide and that's an
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average of one suicide every two days making it the third biggest cause of death after cancer and cardiovascular diseases alarm bells are already ringing at the ministry of agriculture but farmers warn of the reality is even worse for insurance reasons when a farmer kills himself it is said to be an accident because the bank won't pay for his loan if it's a suicide so the figures are wrong one farmer a day commit suicide in france when farmers are in debt the bank should not immediately send a debt collectors but someone else in the social system who can assess the situation and help find a solution brittany where isabel is from is the french region with the highest number of suicides the suicide rate among farmers we're talking about those producing milk and meat is thirty percent higher than the general working population of the same age samas have more trouble talking about their problems and we observe the when they decide to take their lives they tend to go through with it
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paradoxically france is the biggest beneficiary of e.u. farm aid nine billion euros a year in the twenty fourteen to twenty twenty period but most of that money doesn't grow. each small farmers french president francois hollande has already pledged to shift almost a one billion euros towards the livestock farmers and away from the better off crop farmers but the frustration has long boiled over isabelle hopes change comes before another farmer she knows throws in the towel does or cilia r.t. britain. a quick look now at some other news from around the world a protest against police brutality in turkey ended with offices directing water cannon demonstrators with at least one woman injured rally which will be nice in support of a fourteen year old boy he was allegedly put in a coma after being hit in the head with a gas grenades june saw a string of similar episodes as millions took part in anti-government demonstrations all over the country.
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in the city of the if the country's largest opposition party has staged a mass rally or edging the government to step down thousands of people have joined the demonstrations accusing the leadership which took office in may of corruption and calling for an early election people have also marched in support of the government in other places across both garia the nation among the poorest in the european union has seen a number of political crises over the last year with frequent protests calling for political reforms. tens of thousands of people have protested initially demanding millions of tons of industrial waste to be cleaned up many held up pictures of friends and family they say have developed cancer because of the pollution recent tests show it's poisoned local water supplies from local mafia syndicate has alleged the group has organized the illegal dumping of waste for years. now the value of one bitcoin is
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a new record of over four hundred dollars this week critics of the fledgling online currency says it's a shadowy way of buying goods and services that are sometimes downright criminal but it's artie's piece of all of our reports it has another much more positive side as well. in the headlines it's betrayed as a vehicle for drug dealers and potential assassins these people see big coin in a different light god will only help you if you have your serve so we could do charity to get the possibility to have them for all we have to do to start thinking and make this possible is for is a mixed school and it's already being seen in uganda where supporters of using the calling for charity hope to see one hundred percent of the donation reaching those in need something that other charities can't offer the reason that bitcoin can benefit charity is that every penny of what you donate ends up with those who need it no middleman no admin no cut for anyone else if somebody in somalia
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has access to the technology and to the hardware. and he needs a shovel for his acre he can put up a charity project that just says i need this is this is my acre i need to grow some food there i need a shovel will cost me two euros and can put that up there getting those in need access to the technology is one of the main challenges that those behind the krypto charity say things are moving along quickly where you were to go payments for my bob ryan there's already people doing it corn payments for my ballpark and so all of this is going to work itself out just one click in the right place on the website and your donation is there however those that work with established charity say they are convinced all of the kinks have been worked out in this system just yet this is so it's very difficult to control if the money is being spent in the way it was intended at this point i'm skeptical in the future will see bitcoin
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advocates are determined to push charity as a use for the cryptocurrency it's peer to peer formats adding a personal edge you can show people this is my face my name my family my village and this is what we need can you please help us it's being portrayed as funds without borders if bitcoins twenty first century philanthropists all right it could help some of those most in need peter oliver r.t. belin. thanks for being with us this morning up next it's ups on a boy and well it's upon.
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president obama despite being king liberal loves to flatter the troops he loves their courage selflessness and teamwork as he said in his state of the union address but he doesn't love are there expensive injuries which the troops are going to have to pay three times more for according to yahoo news the president's administration wants to force military retirees to get out of tri-care their current plan and added to obamacare the plan calls for them to raise premiums from up to ninety to three hundred forty five percent within five years one example provided by the free beacon estimates that a retired army colonel with a family currently paid four hundred sixty dollars a year for health care would have to pay around two thousand dollars making you pay even more for your war injuries apparently that's what obama is actually planning while he is reading those lovely speeches off of teleprompters people who are against the post nine eleven war against who knows what are often told that they don't support the troops well to the people who say bring the troops home never advocate tripling their health care premiums no they don't all of the chicken hawks who send the troops off to die in questionable wars are the ones who want to make them pay even more for their injuries but that's just my opinion.
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i don't know well three worlds apart here think of revolution think of the path of relic of the cold war era. to the epitomized resistance to the imperialist policies of the west but with the onset of the arab spring revolutions seem to be back in fashion again nowadays often supported and aided by washington and its allies how to distinguish a genuine revolution from an orchestrated well to discuss that i'm knowledge joined by based on only one of greatest living revolutionary del dia as well i thank you very much for your time sir now in the beginning of both the libyan and syrian
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uprising many of the organizers try to style that revolutions after the cuban one the moment that your father was famously called the july twenty six moment so in libya the revolution was called in a similar fashion february seventeenth revolution in syria they call the march fifteenth revolution do you think these events of the same nature can they all be called revolutions are they similar sometimes. their words are used in a way that has different meanings. i think that when you want to single out something that is happening concerning the big change or something you put the word revolution against. something could be allusion the other one can be revolution which i will.


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