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tv   [untitled]    November 23, 2013 10:30am-11:01am EST

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to increase this ability of the magistrates and the ministers to collect accountable evidence that is can be produced in court so it's a lot of training and it's increasing the strains and stringency of the laws last month were discovered that poachers killed three hundred elephants through cyanide poisoning in zimbabwe how does something like that happen without any oversight by authorities injury expect to see more types of these kind of drastic actions taken by poachers well if i'm not going to say it's without oversight of the authorities i mean each country each nation has a different set of rules and security situations for their perks so poachers and the syndicates are very very savvy we're not talking about the poachers who could come in and shoot an elephant and bury it and you know a one off guy this is highly highly organized they're highly trained games using high tech weapons and they constantly shift with the landscape in terms of what is
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being done to combat the poaching so if they're coming in with a k forty seven s. then you can find a way to train up the eco guards or the rangers on the ground if they're coming in with poison now you're looking for something else so it it's not a one size fits all response but trust me a lot is being done there is a lot of training going on through the range state subsaharan sub-saharan africa where elephants live and this is very much in the spotlight and a lot is being done shockingly this took place in a national park i mean why is it that national parks are so vulnerable is necessary for the federally protected land. is it nationally protected us federally government protected land it's where the elephants are. so the poachers are going to have to go where the elephants are elephants are highly. highly intense
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intelligent animals but we've come to learn about them their research has social structures complex societies big brains deep inner actions and they understand safety zones verses high intensity combat zones so they will go into a safe zone or what they presume should be a safe zone and cultures know this i just can't imagine how someone who get away with carrying a three hundred elephant corpses outside of the the park but i guess you're saying that this was happens all kind of invading anyone who's there from an authority perspective well you have to understand a national park is typically a huge swath of land and ranger teams are not like having a police lineup where you've got hundreds of thousands of men or even hundreds of men so it's. securing scouting an area and i'm saying aren't there cameras on add to the national park site there's cameras and i'll a lot of the areas of the reserves you know you know there's some there's research
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trap camera traps but no we're not talking about that kind of security being available on the funding available for that type of security measures to be taken but that is what is trying to be scaled up but that requires a lot of funding and many of these countries just don't have that for let's talk about the drilling rhino population as well and we in conservation have been called sounding the alarm call about these drastic declines in these species for over forty to fifty years it's a very difficult. message to get across when you're not living with the tangible evidence or lack of these animals so wildlife conservation in these areas is typically under the theory if it pays it stays so if it's tied up in land laws it's kind of good private ranching it's kind of in how governments use. yes
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reserves and national parks and where their revenues come from if it doesn't pay it doesn't stay right a warning has become extremely expensive on the black market and once again it is the international syndicates and cartels which rank third economically in in terms of big business next to human trafficking drug trafficking and weapons wow let's talk a little bit more about the ivory and it's true you just mentioned it's the third and term the black market really shocking who specifically is benefiting from it that's not involved so severely with the poaching i mean that has to be covered up somewhere in and aided and abetted by some sort of government forces here what countries is this happening on the prominently in. ivory is typically destined for the asian market which usually ends up being china and russia horn is destined for the asian market typically vietnam and thailand so. you could write it weren't
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issues for traditional medicinals and it's gearing up as the middle class economic population expands they have more disposable income so it's also a status symbol with rhino horn and ran a horn is worth anywhere from thirty five thousand to sixty five thousand u.s. dollars per kilo so that's that's big business there's a lot of money in it and it's low risk you can still legally hunt right now in south africa and south africa is home to seventy five percent of africa's right-o. pot while white rhino population so there is a big deal which would be difficult to get into into here about legalizing the trade in rhino horn which could prevent the species from becoming extinct because currently the laws are in order to get rhino horn you have to kill the rhino so there's a whole lot going on of illegal. uncredited killings through private hands as opposed to national along. said the poaching in national parks so the syndicates
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are highly highly placed everybody knows who they are everybody knows where they live but there's so there's so much money involved here and they are so highly protected and corruption is a huge huge issue that it's difficult to get to them but there's a lot of information out there and i'm going to give a plug to one of the best investigative books on this subject is julian read a myers killing for profit al i will talk about solutions or you are part of the u.s. fish and wildlife the van where six towns of irene was crushed what message was this action meant to send both and there are general public in ivory poachers and also let's talk about your organization what can people do to help because as you mentioned this is a pretty detached topic for people who are living outside of these areas. well the u.s. average the u.s. fish and wildlife has seized had seized six tons of ivory over the past thirty years that was coming in illegally through or passing through the u.s.
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borders the u.s. is the second and third largest user of ivory own in terms of trophy and illegal ivory coming through so if you think of china and ivory chinatowns there's a lot of ivory going through the u.s. so this is based and in a statement in line with obama's executive order to help stop and poaching in the killing of elephants the u.s. fish and wildlife crushed six tons of ivory from. the whole tusks to carvings to chomsky's to little earrings you name it and it was the first time the u.s. stood up in a very public statement against the ivory trade and support on the band of ivory selling ivory only weiss founder wild eyes foundation really appreciate your time thank you very much thanks for having me. stick around you guys we're breaking the stage with push method that.
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when ben bernanke to keep interest rates at zero percent he's helping to increase america's debt load it's also time as the debt bubble pops everyone who is of the debt the bankers including we're ninety get iffy on the size of the debt issued they don't make money based on profits and losses they make money based on the size of the debt big issue so when a car is a debt issue a quantitative easing is debt issue getting a job of donald put yourself into debt that gives fees to the bankers it destroys the economy it destroys society it destroys everything but the fees for the bankers . plus live.
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live. live legal limit. live. please write the state. first strike you live and i think you're live.
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on a reporter's play live instantly live clearly in the live. if you're thinking about an alcoholic drink associated with russia it's probably not going to be wife that springs into your head but they've been making it here on the black sea coast for more than two thousand kids and there's an industry which really can compete with the best the rest of the world has to offer i've come to meet some of the people going the greats and to see if i can find out the secret to the public. but. i. live.
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but let me just tell you something right now president george w. bush never claimed their right to extradition really assassinate american citizens this president barack obama should be impeached for crimes against the citizens and against the constitution because he has killed women and children in drone strikes so i just like to say that i think that history is not going to judge the presidency of barack obama and george bush in the same light whatsoever i think obama is way worse than bush and i am not a big fan of george w. bush ok and you could probably be co-hosting this program i guess i don't need to say very much definitely give you reflect upon what we've heard from give ruby and for a monster america there is no compare and contrast between either president whatsoever besides having a spending problem this president currently has spanned and pulling the debt and deficits out of control more than all presidents combined however george w. bush did spend too much but his governing style foreign policy prowess taking
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a set of crisis and leadership style are night and day over what president obama's are. one of my favorite parts of the job is given a platform of musicians that use their music to fight for change and to increase awareness about issues that most performers are afraid to. push method a band headlined by dusty your re and have a seat and bodies this notion and uses hip hop and fuse vocals and socio political
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lyrics order to get their message heard well i invited them on the show to perform an acoustic version of their songs cars and stripes check out. the serious with cheesy. we're in for a frenzied so in the movie. dressed in. a suit and. piano blows were forced to be. chilled to the sun filled with the power will compel people to take now will the pedophile priests who will help the power with out with a chat with one of the i still want to see crazy the facts tell it all to supply the privilege to get to the principal place of the taliban like if i have a point you could have a choice the difference is that settling up look at polls pulling the pussy just so
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you can look up but just because you put the seat down to be sure you could use the text. but we. still won't. see. talk about scars and stripes what that's about you know i think for me on my own part it was you know sometimes
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you're able to a to articulate how you feel a particular time and that that course of that song does that for me in the sense that you know it speaks of that sort of apathy that we have out there and that the sense that there's nothing you can do about it cannibals we're forced to be because that's the system we're in and you have no choice but to go out and try to earn an income and work for the man and work for this whatever corporation you must in. the apathy and the loss of. our sense of passion that comes from that but then there's also the hope because i feel like there's a waking up going on you know i think there more to being human and all this pettiness we see just chasing money all the time an empty celebrity so so for me. it's a reflection on that in the personal struggle i have but also what i see in other people and the poverty i speak to and that is not necessarily the poverty the literal poverty you see in the world but more of the poverty of us the poverty of
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us not being able to see through all those petty things and make our lives about a little bit more as i know that you guys are also both activists talk about what issues are most pressing to you right now. for me it's definitely that arinze and homeless veterans coming back and you just you see it all over new york city right now you walk down the street you see some twenty five year old kid sitting on the sidewalk with a piece of cardboard the says i'm a u.s. veteran and will have his credentials to prove it right then and there and some people walk by and they give money but they just kind of shocks me and to me people coming home after doing what they did. and just to not have a support i mean there are a lot of organizations that do support them and some of them work and some of them . but a lot of guys coming home you know. a lot of friends they came back you know a little out there. seeking the right help and then reaching out to the right
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people is always a challenge it's unfortunate you have a government who will use the veterans to sell the wars and support the troops and get people on board but then they turn their back on them. mediately when they get home it's just incredible the truth frustrates me like you had this thing in the n.f.l. and i'm a big fan of the n.f.l. but i and i'm a big supporter of veterans you know i mean i have one of my best friends is a veteran and you know i follow vets for peace and i love what they're trying to do but you have this thing that seems like this blind blind support of something that they don't really understand or ever investigate why in the first place does it need to be so big i mean you know i somehow or one of the biggest generals ever in this country spoke against the military industrial complex and it frustrates me to see that sort of just blind to let's just go ahead because that's what we're supposed to do as americans right now. dusty what about you any other issues that you feel like are really you know i think if i were trying to sum it up you know
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there's obviously like you there's so many things but if i were trying to sum up my personal view is that being a part of things like the occupy movement and the the global revolution that's happening but for me i would really like to see something more like an evolution rather than i don't want to see bloody overthrow i really that's the same thing for me is trying to find a way through all the things that frustrate me. and really compromise really try to find a peaceful path to evolution to making this country and this world a better place not through blood in a horror and revolution and cutting off the king's head you know and so i see a lot of a lot of activism people i appreciate that they just get so angry and i wish i i saw more ok here's the solution here's maybe we can think about thank you so much you guys also have you on thank you so much for coming to your farm and you guys are.
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it's. fifty years ago today u.s. president john fitzgerald kennedy was assassinated in broad daylight as his presidential motorcade drove through the streets of dallas texas it was a pivotal moment in history if you're from a younger generation you need only ask older relatives where they work that they j.f.k. was shot to understand the magnitude of this event john f. kennedy was america's thirty fifth president his life cut short only one thousand days into his first term in office in a brief span of time he left a lasting legacy who is perhaps tried the most during the tense standoff of the cuban missile crisis that is regarded as the closest the world has ever come to nuclear war and nine hundred sixty three signed a limited test ban treaty with the soviet union which highlighted his
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administration's priority to curb the spread of nuclear weapons j.f.k. also established the peace corps as a goodwill program to promote world peace and friendship since being established in one thousand nine hundred sixty one over two hundred thousand volunteers have served in the corps cross one hundred thirty nine countries and what was the johnson ministration that actually implemented the civil rights act of nine hundred sixty four it was anybody who championed the cause of outline discrimination in its major forms no doubt j.f.k. served during a volatile time in american history before taking office eisenhower warned kennedy and the rest of america about the dangers of the military industrial complex according to eisenhower was a force that was so strong that even threatened to hold peace efforts by the u.s. government hostage. look i could speculate all day over what kind of president kennedy would have been if he had lived to see another term i'm also not keen on historical revisionism and i can. only assume that kennedy was not as great
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a guy as everyone makes him out to be for example not only did increase the u.s. presence in vietnam but his orders resulted in the spraying of agent orange during the war which killed countless innocent civilians but perhaps the most notable scar on his record was the disastrous bay of pigs invasion to undermine the cuban revolution however in a recent interview i did with the cademy award winning director oliver stone i asked him why kennedy was so different from any other and perilous president and this is what he had to say. candidly inherited this office as a young man. and he was suspected by the military leaders of hardliners of the us that he did not. really continued the eisenhower policy he had failed to do so in laos to go in to send ground troops he trailed in cuba at the bay of pigs to give it to the air support that it needed when he failed in the vietnam to really carry
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through a a much more in didn't gauged process with the vietnamese he said non-combat advisors but not combat people we wouldn't be alive if kennedy had not done what he did at the cuban missile crisis where we were really at the edge of war this is they want to which the joint chiefs of staff wanted to go they wanted to invade cuba oliver stone could very well be right kennedy very well could have been all these things there's no doubt they pissed off people in high places after all he was quoted as saying that he wanted to splinter the cia and to a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds now on the fiftieth anniversary of his death his assassination remains one of most contentious events and us history with the majority of american suspecting that oswald did not act alone and it's no wonder why after all over fifty witnesses testified to having heard a fourth shot coming from a different spot than the book depository on that fateful day professional snipers
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have also tried to replicate the shooting to no avail also interestingly worked at a coffee shop a stone's throw away from the office of guy bannister a former special agent who worked as a covert action coordinator for the cia not to mention a house commission on assassinations concluded through forensic evidence that there were more shots and i was not the lone perpetrator but most significantly is the captain back man on what jesse ventura the former governor of minnesota recently spoke to me about. the littlest cats in back was the acting attorney general monday morning naturally bobby had lost his brother he wasn't common in to work on monday so he was the acting attorney. role this is a memo from him to lyndon johnson the new president and he explains how in the memo we have to make the public know that walter acted alone that he had no partners who
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are still out there conspirators who acted with him and that he would have been convicted had there been a trial all of this laid out in a memo and this doesn't even cover the deathbed confession of you howard hunt or the fact that you are fidgeting or said that he believes there was a conspiracy even nixon said on tape that the warren commission was the greatest hoax ever perpetrated look i could go on but i think you get the point unfortunately we'll probably never know what happened to j.f.k. or his brother r f k but we do have a strong reason to suspect that the elements that led to his death involve people with the capacity to not only carry it out but covered up the military industrial complex that eisenhower warned about and that kennedy inherited ended up swallowing the presidency and redefining the role of government as it stands today all rooted and myth something that kennedy warned about long ago. he said the great enemy of
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the truth is very often not the lie deliberate contrived and dishonest but the myth persistent persuasive and on realistic belief in myth allow the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought. you know this. one thing that i still can't understand i said that i don't want to ruin your good mood but i have this one question with doing this so for you that you had everything. respect him so that he gave them all up in the senate to go
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your way but what for. it was a wait and for him he tried to restrain himself but look at all the first out anyway . if it really puts me off that i have such a father. coming to this one small but very great secret that i have to live with for his. dramas the chance to be ignored. stories others refuse to notice. the faces changing the world writes never.
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full picture of today's events long i pondered on from around the globe. broke to the. t.v. . the limpid torch is on its epic journey to such. one hundred twenty three days. through two thousand nine hundred top two cities of russia. really by fourteen thousand people or sixty five thousand coming. in a record setting trip by land air sea and others made. a limp the torch relay. m r t r t dot com. over. did you know the price is the only industry specifically mentioned in the constitution and. that's because
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a free and open press is critical to our democracy albus. role. in fact the single biggest threat facing our nation today is the corporate takeover of our government and across several we've been hijacked why handful of transnational corporations they will profit by destroying what our founding fathers but once will just i'm tom are in on this show we reveal the big picture of what's actually going on in the world we go beyond identifying the problem trying rational debate and a real discussion that critical issues facing america five for ready to join the movement then welcome to the big picture. but let me just tell you something right now president george w. bush never claimed they were right to extradition really assassinate american citizens this president barack obama should be impeached for crimes against the
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citizens and against the constitution because he has killed women and children in drone strikes so i'd just like to say that i think that history is not going to judge the presidency of barack obama and george bush in the same light whatsoever i think obama is way we. bush and i am not a big fan of george w. bush ok and you could probably be co-hosting this program i guess i don't need to sing very much stephanie can you reflect upon what we have heard from. there is no compare and contrast between either president whatsoever besides having a spending problem this president currently has spent and the debt and deficits out of control more than all presidents combined however george w. bush did spend too much but his governing style foreign policy taking a set of crisis and leadership style are night and day over what president obama's are.
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high hopes for a historic deal with iran over the country's nuclear push top diplomats gather in geneva to remove the last remaining hurdles in the free document we go live to geneva shortly. march. in a bid to make people forget the fascist activists take to the streets of germany against the growing popularity of nazi views in the country. against jumping into bed with the e.u. and closes up to russia instead brussels accused of meddling or president putin says it was europe using the dirty tricks. and also the olympic torch is on another leg of its epic journey to sochi plunging to the bottom of the deepest lake on a concrete open space.


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