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tv   [untitled]    November 24, 2013 1:00am-1:31am EST

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absolutely. breaking news on r t a triumph of diplomacy a deal between six world powers and iran over its nuclear program has reached a facsimile putting an end to a decades long standoff our correspondents will bring us reactions from across the globe but. put on the. enrichment program be to continue this first does not say that iran has a right to enrich but so what exactly did the sides agree upon we take a detailed lookout what the new deal holds.
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this is or to come to line from the russian capital i'm marina josh and we begin with breaking news world powers and iran have reached an historic nuclear deal and a decade long deadlock over to iran's nuclear ambitions the breakthrough came on the fifth day of an tan's talks after the foreign ministers from all six negotiating countries and iran narrowed down the remaining obstacles in geneva. was there with a delegation of russia's foreign minister to fall the discussions. meant to say cation first of all off to two sets of failed negotiations before this ten years of political wrangling over iran's nuclear issue five days of talks intense heated talks in geneva a night of several hundred journalists sleeping in the media center waiting for a decision and we finally have a breakthrough that historical deal has been reached now it's hard to describe just how tense the atmosphere has been here throughout the night waiting for any sort of
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news from those negotiations to find out whether or not that deal has been made and up until the very last moment when we received the news about the deal being made there was no way of knowing which way it was going to go because sticking point still remains between the sides now the agreement that we have at the moment according to the russian foreign ministry coincides with what russia had been proposing from the offset in these nuclear negotiations now what are the details that we know so far well we have according to the russian foreign ministry coincides with what russia has been proposing from the offset in these nuclear negotiations we can take a listen to sergei lavrov talking about that right now in a bit more detail just into that in the sense that this six negotiating. to recognize iran's right to peaceful nuclear energy including its right to nuclear
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enrichment on the condition that its program is placed under strict control by the . students and we'll let our you and u.s. . sanctions against iran that's dangerous used by the u.n. security council russia has never recognized the unilateral penalties easing brasher on the run should start with lifting. now among the. it details that one mention that by sergey lavrov is that this will be the six month freeze over iran's nuclear program no new centrifuges are going to be added and no new uranium enrichment facilities are going to be built and everyone has agreed to stop enriching uranium over five percent now so the deal here has been made it may only be an interim deal for the moment which means that you have to start again in six
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months time but at the moment it feels like a historic breakthrough well despite hailing the deal with iran u.s. president obama says the majority of american sanctions against iran will stay employees are going to count as more from washington president obama pledged to put a modest relief of sanctions in return for iran scaling back its nuclear program the relief will include freeing up a small portion of iran's overseas accounts as well as easing some other trade restrictions here's actually what the president said on our side the united states and our friends and allies have agreed to provide iran with modest relief while continuing to apply our toughest sanctions we will refrain from imposing new sanctions and we will allow the iranian government excess to a portion of the revenue that they have been denied through sanctions. but the broader architecture of sanctions will remain in place and we will continue to
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enforce them vigorously and if iran does not fully meet its commitments during the six month phase we will turn off the relief and ratchet up the pressure while again this president obama said the u.s. would refrain from imposing new sanctions because it would undermine the breakthrough deal that they just reached to with iran we know that the u.s. congress was just about to pass another round of sanctions and the president has urged congress not to do that now although the obama administration now says sanctions have worked in these negotiations others argue that sanctions have created this hostile environment which throughout all these years made it impossible to reach a deal but still even though there is a temporary agreement the parties have already come out with what seems to be different interpretations especially on the key issue of whether or not iran has the right to enrich uranium we believe that the current agreement current plan of action as we call it in this thing places.
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a very creative reference to the fact that iranian. enrichment program will continue and will be a part of any agreement now and in the future this first step let me be clear this first step does not say that iran has a right to enrich but no matter what interpretive comments are made. it is not in this document there is no right to enrich within the four corners of the n.p.t. and this document does not do that president obama on his part said iran should have access to peaceful nuclear energy but because of violations in the past he said he wants to be strictly limited in his capacity to develop a nuclear program now we have to take into account that the obama administration is
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now under a lot of pressure from the u.s. congress which is hardly in favor of any deal was iran and its allies israel and some of the gulf states which don't want to see you ron sanctions sanctions relief to so president obama. he president obama as well as secretary kerry they had to work their statements very carefully and ultimately their message to both israel and their partners in the gulf was that this deal will eventually make everyone safer or less discuss this further with asia times correspondent good to have you with us as always so as we see the u.s. secretary of state john kerry and iran's foreign minister mohammad zarif came out of these talks with different plans so why european is there such a difference in diversity i should say and interpretation of the deal because this being a war has started three in geneva and it's going to be go in for another six months
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and you may two thousand and fourteen this is the ratio of the first step. very very important. kerry had to say that so he could of peace the israel lobby do us congress and the wahhabi petrodollar law of the us not to mention some a neo cons in us as well still very thoughtful and in iran it's different they are saying we still have our right to enrich uranium and it's correct because that deal keeping the reaching you running to high five percent for the next six months twenty percent is frozen they will discuss for the next year which will be the definitive you starting in may two thousand and fourteen and all that twenty percent the rich road that they have is going to be diluted to so we can be used to it later wrong for weapons grade material won't have also taken as you said the spin war a start but how will it affect the implementation of the deal now and six months
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down the road who will eventually benefit from it i mean if the two sides have such a diversity of opinion i mean one one day i had some point stall. no no no we have to follow the letter of the agreement this means a enrichment of two percent ok no way to reach that until twenty percent for the next six months no new centrifuges if you run it follows all this they aren't abiding by the deal no problem this ng is if. these. specters which would be on the road practical in a daily basis from now on if you have the usual infiltrators who starts spinning something else i'm sure iran won't break their promises it's in their own interest not to break any promise well in light of the negotiations between iran and washington there is some detail that's emerged just recently which is in fact really interesting to look at and be great to have your thoughts on this well
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what's emerged in iran washington's been engaged in secret talks with iran long before the geneva agreement and even the close allies were unaware of this so what do you make of this. what's course look this is a big extremely complex negotiation you can't even imagine that you have sure those going to geneva lock a months ago or three weeks ago and hammer out the. final deal so we have foreign ministers assigned you seem possible sharp as a start this thing usually moon seen that in obviously we had american ship especially iranian sherpas russian sharpless does are the ones that count britain and france these are spectators they don't count at all france counted because they're in the twenty percent matter they call troll they cornered the market on medical isotopes and if you're running richesses twenty percent and start selling
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they're all made in. cheaper specials and develop world it's not a good deal for france so for the moment francis protect their friends business interests provoke a left out go to our americas in a assessment of the situation and specifically what president obama said i mean. looking out of the deal that was written today he said that this is just a first stamp to reach a comprehensive solution in the future so why don't you or opinion will make a full agreement and what will washington consider for that matter a full agreement. obama is still wrecked when he said this is a first step but very important the way he said it bring it was very condescending even ing sold to iran in fact he was placing all the onus only iranians no descension regions is completely absurd he tracked and he should be dismantled because most of the sanctions they bypass the un like surrogate love rubber has been saying for months in fact very important for the next few months follow the
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money the americans say they're going to own three some of you run so it's thirty two billion perhaps even more there are ten billion in european banks these are not going to be for oldsters brother this is the america's own freeze like four billion five billion they could do it weighs equity for their bio bombs because they can bypass the west congress you know speaking of sanctions as you just said earlier i just want to quickly ask you john kerry on the contrary believes the sanctions did their job in effect there were quite instrumental and helpful in sealing this deal to what extent do you agree or disagree well they did in fact that the iranian population be the price for the sanctions and sect direction government know they can they found ways to bypass it did selling or bartering or treating energy specially with their asian customers well you know how much money iran has in the
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mostly asian clients china japan which is part of asia as well south korea through fifty billion dollars and they still cannot bring this cash back to europe and they have to buy products from these countries so this is something that must be hammered out in the next agreement for the moment we have a breakthrough it's going to last six months there will be all sorts of interests who tried to board bart this deal and i am say specially the. wahabi bit through dollar g.c.c. . interests and the israeli lobby as well but for the moment we have diplomacy in action something that we haven't seen especially between us and iran for thirty four years so this is the major big breakthrough at the moment but we have to be there's no dimension and you have a yes as you just rightly said it was a groundbreaking deal in geneva today and we've seen diplomacy at work pepe escobar
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asia times correspondent thank you so much as always for your views here on you our team and just to remind you we are covering this breaking news story on our the day today and world powers and iran have reached and historic nuclear deal as you heard earlier anding a decade long deadlock over to iran's nuclear ambitions according to russia's foreign minister in the deal the world powers recognize iran's peaceful atom and uranium enrichment under strict control of the i the un atomic watchdog and to let's take a more detailed look at some of the key points of the deal that have already emerged first iran will reduce its uranium enrichment from twenty percent a maximum of five percent and this level ensures the peaceful use of atomic material to iran is also supposed to stop adding new centrifuges sticking to our data equipment and keep the heavy water reactor near the town of iraq
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non-operational the u.n. should have around the clock ability of checking contro any activity at the enrichment plants and in return sanctions will be lifted a law allowing to iran to regain control of some of its assets said to be worth up to four billion dollars for a period of up to six months and coming out more on the story agreement with iran are just bogus leader will be joining us from tel aviv with israeli reaction to the deal. you get a free you take out your personal example off the government topping your phones and you know you see them later on today years later you know some governments cannot afford to do that and only if they get some prominent journalism homes again some has a state i remember thinking at the time thanks coverage of all this if they were tapping my phone for this oh surely in consequential. nation demist been tapping
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into the telephones here and now. we are sure far in debt to a baby born today in the united states when it takes its first first breath of air is fifty thousand dollars in debt. debt is that ringing home we have no money to give anyone how can you call us the richest country in the world when we're trillions and trillions of dollars in debt. welcome back you're watching r.t. coming to you live from moscow and this is our breaking news world powers and iran
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have reached an historic nuclear deal ending a decade long deadlock over tehran's nuclear ambitions the breaks were came after more than four days of intense talks between iran and the u.n. security council's five permanent members plus germany according to russia's foreign minister in the deal the world powers recognize a ron's peaceful atom and uranium enrichment under strict control of the i.a.e.a. the u.n. atomic watchdog tehran in turn will limit its uranium enrichment to five percent instead of twenty percent stop adding centrifuges and whole construction of a heavy water reactor in iraq the world powers will partially lift sanctions against iran for six months and unfreeze several billion dollars in iranian assets . well one country not happy about the deal with iraq as israel the country's foreign minister has even said the agreement signals the beginning of a nuclear arms race we're now joined by our correspondent paul's leader who is live
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in tel aviv for us for all the latest well paula as we can see quite a strong response from israel there with more can you tell us. well yes we're starting to get israeli reaction and as to be expected it is highly critical of the deal that was signed off in geneva a statement from sources in the israeli prime minister's office say that this is a bad deal that this gives the iranians exactly what they wanted which is relief from sanctions one of the same time allowing them to continue with their nuclear program the sources saying that the agreement allows iran to continue to enrich uranium and believes that with all its centrifuges it says that it does not lead to the dismantling of the a rock reactor with the prime minister's office also saying that they believe that economic sanctions would have been the preferable route and would have achieved iran's dismantling its nuclear program that was the israeli preference over any
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kind of deal having been signed the israeli foreign minister avigdor lieberman has also said that this is to quote him the greatest diplomatic victory that iran has had in years lieberman saying that the agreement acknowledges iran's right to enrich uranium and brings us closer to a nuclear arms race lieberman saying that the rainiest have instance being rewarded now we're hearing from an american official that in the coming hours the american president barack obama will telephone the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu to date him on the deal and at the same time to try and deal with netanyahu concerns what has been interesting is that in this latest round of talks in geneva there was certainly a concerted effort by netanyahu in the top members of his government not to publicly vocalize all their concerns or at least not to the extent that they did in the previous rounds of talks in geneva instead what the israelis did was that they try to work in little bit behind the scenes and here you have the israeli
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intelligence minister yuval steinitz who as far as we know has spoken to two of the six foreign ministers he's also spoken to all the heads of the negotiating teams into. uneven what these ladies were pushing for was really to try and address some of the wording on the agreement steinmetz has come on record he says and i'm quoting him here that there was no record no reason for the world to be celebrating the deal is based on a rainy and deception and self delusion and then another israeli minister also making these comments that israel is not bound by this bad deal israel will not outsource its security now the point made by the u.s. secretary of state john kerry was that this deal makes the middle east nations as well as israel safe this is something that the israelis discrete of course the point that netanyahu has always made is that this deal will not only make israel a safe but it will make the international community safe the question now is what is netanyahu going to do of course he has used
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a lot of warmongering in the past he's threatened that he will carry out a military strike the relationship between the israelis and the americans is particularly tense and it's questionable whether or not that's when yahoo will carry out any kind of military action without the support of the americans so that is the debate at the moment here in tel aviv what exactly will be the mixtape for prime minister netanyahu and his government for balls and give floored their reaction for us in bringing us all the latest from tel aviv policy your reporting there. well prior to this round of talks there were reports that if a deal was struck in geneva israel may join forces with saudi arabia in a military campaign against iran the ones on sink a ball alliance of former foes is allegedly prompted by both nations refusal to accept and compromise on iran's nuclear program policy director at the national iranian american council however believes such a conflict is
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a very unlikely scenario. every time netanyahu wants another sanctions bill passed in congress he makes sure to send signals to lawmakers here in the u.s. that hey you have to pass this bill otherwise you're going to have a war on your hands that israel is going to start and the united states is going to finish the saudis and on the same thing not as publicly i think that any time you hear the israelis and now the saudis talking loud about military action that's a signal that military action is not necessarily being planned but that they're trying to use this as leverage in order to drive the hand of the u.s. or the international community in a certain direction when they start being quiet about a potential military strike that's when you have to think ok maybe something is actually underway here i will now be difficult for the u.s. to keep up the idea that iran is a stretch to israel and that's the opinion of psoriasis of a poor old rich and independent researcher an expert on us around relations.
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has been used in flooring the public not just the american public but the whole world for such a long time that it's going to be very difficult for them to step back away from that to mention that iran is a threat to israel it's just something that's the fantasy and if it's a fantasy this been built in order to continue supporting israel to sell arms to the arab neighbors in the region and also to distract from everything that is will defend the region israel has between two hundred and four hundred nuclear warheads and if ever iran were to pose a threat to israel whether a nuclear attack or if it were to build nuclear bombs which it has not decided it is no match for israel's nuclear arsenal. well let's now take a look at the long and winding road to the historic deal iran's nuclear program
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started and the nine hundred fifty s. with the help of the u.s. but it is in the late twentieth century that tensions started really heating up around its atomic ambitions back and nine hundred ninety six the u.s. firmly moved down the track of sanctions lambaste into iran after alleging its nuclear program was for military purposes that's also when talks started the breach deadlock in two thousand and five and iran's president at the time of the job resumed uranium enrichment the u.n. were quick to respond of course and unanimously agreeing on their own set of sanctions a year later this failed to convince iran to drop its nuclear program on the contrary in two thousand and ten and it increases the level of uranium enrichment to twenty first sand all that was widely seen as a significant step towards arms production the move allegedly triggered the assassinations of four reigning nuclear scientists with israel's mossad suspected
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of involvement and finally in june this year iran elected has saad rouhani as its new president something many see as a game changer in tehran as relations with the west well this is it from us for the moment and i we're back with more news and analysis of the breaking news here on r.t.m. that is a groundbreaking deal reached in geneva today at the top of the hour in the meantime worlds apart with its envoy go stay with us. there is now an all new form of humanitarian aid for the twenty first century created by members of the occupy movement this is nothing to do with hunger or homelessness what a different key problem in the so-called first world debt the rolling jubilee
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project has already bought around fifteen million dollars in personal debt for americans around the country most of the financial obligations that they bought were for medical bills and now the people who had to pay these bills are free from their burdens the group claims that the secondary debt market is very cheap and they are able to buy the nearly fifteen million dollars in debt for only four hundred thousand dollars this secondary market exists because banks try to sell consistently unpaid debt to third parties for less than a nickel on the dollar right now i would be begging the rolling jubilee project to get rid of my college loans but alas this is always purchased anonymously so it's all pure luck who gets their debt purchased the important thing about this project is that they're actually doing something against an evil system instead of just blogging about it and although fifteen million dollars is a time a need to drop in the debt bucket it may have really saved the financial lives of many americans but that's just my opinion.
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choose your language. of choice we can with the infidels. choose to consume. choose the opinions that you think. choose the stories good in life choose to to access. hello and welcome to worlds apart journalists have long defended their status as the fourth estate supposedly independent of the other three but as the lines between news and commentary facts and opinions are increasingly blurred we need
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somebody to watch over there watched while to discuss that i'm now joined by our most famous reporter and one of the world's most intimidating to bit debaters winsome brown mr brown thank you very much for the time it's a privilege to talk to you when you began your long journalistic career i think it was clear who the journalists were and what was their status in the society what was their role but nowadays the media field is so broad so a diverse that but much everyone could be called a journalist i wonder how would you define journalism nowadays i see a defined in the same way as it were i would have defined at the beginning of my career or as i hope i would have defined to begin with my career. that our function is to hold institutions and persons of power accountable and remains the primary role of journalists to operate in the country for as a reader and i think that remains tense but i think
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a couple of decades ago the main way you would do that would be through breaking demonic doing some investigative reporting but these days most of the people of your caliber and as i said to you are the most influential journalists in this country do these shows that primarily center on opinions rather than you know investigative stories and we can see that trend all around the world these days i wonder why do you think that is why is this transformer. and this preference for opinionated journalism is so prevalent it is opinionated journalism i've. heard different lights. the factual reporting now is twenty four hour phenomenon and also with social media and with the internet people are getting facts on wiretapping around the world very immediately and from lots of different sources so the function of journalists has changed
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a bit and it is to make sense of this huge torrent of facts that become available to audiences and yes i suppose the enormous is of those facts and the interpretation of those facts involve certain opinions but that was always the case because for instance in the choice of stories that we thought were important that reflected our perspectives our etiologies and that was always a factor and death remains a factor you just mentioned the torrent of facts but how do you really really know that we are indeed talking about facts because all those social media that you just mentioned you know sometimes there are people who are not necessarily professional journalists who are putting the information out there on twitter on facebook on you tube. and those people often seeking to influence somebody else's opinion on the subject so it seems that these drop of the reporting when you actually go somewhere in the field and when you try.


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