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tv   The Truthseeker  RT  December 1, 2013 6:44pm-7:01pm EST

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moved in nigel's small garden sent everyone pitches in. even his son joel. five years ago. when the recession album but. he couldn't afford to pay for everything. nigel has led three employees go and joel has been working thirty hours a week ever since on top of school. seven pm after closing up to go and the family is still busy the shooters regularly organize auctions extra work in order to help make ends meet.
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but jol is hesitating at fifteen should he carry on working. full time it's not an easy choice especially when the decision could make things even tougher for his family i wanted to go to six. obviously if i went to six. and heart of a kelly because obviously i'll be there five days a week and i don't think it's normal that people my age the responsibility of things like this. which from my from my view it's quite a benefit from a because obviously being able to stop a young age it gets me gets me so i train. i'm doing it all myself. once again joel's putting his back into it it's midnight and he's still loading things into the car boot you know it makes a very large. it's a bar and morning joe's dance lessons
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a state for. twenty five days. since you know twelve year old kids used to work you know one hundred years ago but not anymore but again. to support the families and now we're back almost a full circle gamebox away. we want to talk to the mayor of duncan star about this alarming situation. and. that.
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is to refuse to answer all questions next to local m.p. and finally the minister for work in duncan smith pool turned down our request for an interview. only one british academic will publicly criticize politicians and a certain sector of british society for looking away from the problem. people don't talk about the because it's very embarrassing. at the extreme end of poverty lots of evian passing things driving the current management the cuts is the feeling amongst government that they need to look tough so that people who have money to move around and she opened it will keep on leaving the money in britain or invest in money in britain because they in the british government is tough. it isn't just great britain in fact new european country is taking action against child labor so who in europe has the wherewithal to fight against this phenomenon. we went to oust
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the european council of political organization with the mission of assuring human rights and democracy within the european union. we show extracts from filming to the human rights commission. interesting way he now seems to discover the severity of the problem i think it's far more widespread than we realise and done some good work. many people think human rights violations are something that happened elsewhere and not in their own country and that they're not they're not ready to look at who are the most vulnerable and most at risk groups of in their own societies we like to think that we we are very developed we have the european social model we have welfare systems we have functioning states and by global standards we are not that. europe's thought it was immune to child labor because its conception is that a solid body of legislation to protect children's rights and very concretely the
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ways that you can use the european legislation to force countries to. where n.g.o.s bar associations. individual activists have realized this will take a long time to go through all of the domestic remedies and then to the european court of human rights but once there is a judgment. that will be very hard for the story more completely when there is a violation of european directives you can also fire the country for lead oh yes you can send a commission the european commission is not very active in taking its member states before the european court of justice because european court of justice imposes very large fines on companies and member states and so on trust legislation and so on but it has not really done this on many human rights issues. the message is
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clear politically speaking europe doesn't have the will or desire to make sure member states respect a fundamental right the right to a childhood. i when autumn arrives in the fall garion village of writable get to know her and parents are back at work on the last stage after the harvest packing but dried tobacco. you're you happy. has she been working hard no not really. they're only interested in money these kids and who have just had the tobacco for you this year put it. into what else in the world yes i'm satisfied they do work hard they listen to me they do what they're told and they also study. just like the guys that offs the whole village is getting ready for the big tobacco sale.
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so when do the buyers arrive we have to bring our tobacco to a designated area. is you know then it's they are the ones who decide they organize the sale. they fix the price oh yes in half an hour and isn't it possible to negotiate no. i don't think the price for tobacco is fair but it depends on the buyer. anyhow the prices in bulgaria are always low because there aren't any subsidies anymore. a few kilometers from the sale has already begun. one of the main buyers here is. a tobacco multinational. each producer brings his harvest and awaits the verdict how much per kilo. can you tell me what the lowest and highest price would
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be. so how much i can say. it's all relative. if this worker has refused it's because the prices are very low from two fifty to four euros per kilo gary and tobacco is the cheapest in the european union do you work together as a family with the children yes the whole family my wife and children it's our only source of income how many children do you have so i have two children in my village all the children in the fields but nevertheless a so-called job employee says the opposite. it's. a look it's written here guaranteed not to have used child labor. not on any large child labor is forbidden in our company in summer our inspectors survey the fields
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and they make sure there are no children in the fields. it's forbidden to send children to work it's a company priority it's inadmissible. should therefore have inspectors on the lookout throughout the area. and parents to stop sending the children into the fields. but do they sometimes go back. sometimes they don't go back. because our producers the ones we work with they don't use children. we never came across one inspector finally people change their story big bird if you have a four hector field you need a lot of people so obviously that's going to include children otherwise the yield would be smaller. yes yes they do help those kids but the important point is that they're not treated badly. just that it's not forced labor
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. end up admitting the children are working in the fields so who is going to buy tobacco. what types of cigarettes to produce tobacco for people much variance. for. the few that we mainly produce for philip morris. he's the principal buyer. so the tobacco produced by children ends up in cigarettes which belong to philip morris in packets of chesterfield merit among other brands which is sold on the global market. on his website however philip morris claims we do not tolerate the illegal employment of children and we do not tolerate forced labor so we called philip morris to. find out if he was aware of these abuses i'd like to ask you two questions the first one is are you aware of what's happening in
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bulgaria with so good that using tight labor and if you are. the second one is if you're not aware what are you going to do about it. what this communications representative tries to tell us is that philip morris is financing a foundation against child labor the e.c. l.t. yet the e.c.l. t. is completely financed by tobacco industrialists and while the e.c.l. t. foundation runs its costly programs targeting child labor some of its members continue to have children work in their fields. in the end philip morris got back to us by email. they read directed us to their
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website and their statements of good intentions. belgariad england italy but also spain portugal greece and europe there are no longer any countries shielded from child labor just how low are we prepared to sink in order to dig out of the crisis. giovanni dreams of his father will work as a pizza maker again. is carrying on working in the bakery. michael would like to join the british police force. joel has just decided to go to technical college to train as an electrician. get dana can see herself as a primary school. in her hometown. what
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is the fate of the house of saud on its list of complaints against washington is long and getting longer the saudis are furious over western dealings with iran disappointed that obama didn't bomb syria and one of its only real friends in the region is israel given all of this kind of house of saud afford what it calls an independent one paul.
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i. right from the seat. first right. and i think that you're.
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on our reporter's twitter. instagram. b m. this is the place that has been consecrated to god for almost a thousand years people came here twenty some years ago so the established a life on the silent. and people feel the love of christ working. people say you can catch. something happens on this island that makes them return to it again and again they say the below saves them. join me james brown on a journey for the soul. only on nazi.
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chaos in kiev hundreds of thousands of pro e.u. protesters battle police and stormed government buildings in the ukrainian capital demanding the president step down for not signing a trade deal with europe. a breakthrough nuclear agreement reached between iran and six world powers met with angry statements from hardline hawks in israel capitol hill and iran who claim the deal's a failure. scottish independence movement launching its manifesto. he would also call a halt to damaging to pull the seas are pushing so many people in to pull the critics say the way the text is heavy on detail and light on facts.


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