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tv   Headline News  RT  December 2, 2013 8:00am-8:30am EST

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it is good grounding under the bed. and so every year they would borrow money. and they would use that same amount of money to pay back all that. in all that money really. the wages that. ukraine witnesses its largest protests in almost a decade hundreds are injured and government buildings are assaulted on both sides accuse each other provocations also. all of the founding fathers of the left party hoping the creation of this one party will give a voice to those a feel represented by the current government british leftists return to the grassroots in a challenge to what they call i want to establish one that has sold out of the country's working class ideals. and sassed world problem a mass addiction to a single drug in yemen is being blamed for
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a nationwide shortage of drinking water. live from moscow this is our senior national with me. thanks for joining us another day of tension in the ukrainian capital thousands remain in kiev central square while others have moved to the prime minister's office protests turned violent during the night government buildings or stormed and hundreds of people were injured including police first houses and journalists demonstrators on demanding the president's resignation following his rejection of an eight year trade integration deal going to the events in kiev for us. we cannot talk about the number of people subsiding as a matter of fact there have been more and more people coming in and sound the
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locals are saying that there are buses entire buses of people coming in from various regions of ukraine to join the protesters and the and the key has essential independence square these are the largest protests ukraine has seen in almost a decade since the orange revolution unfortunately they are also they also seem to be the most violent protests and just as many years my colleague ali senior chefs king was in kiev over the past few days and he's been covering the events several hundred people have gathered in front of the government building there now blocking it obviously the book in the road as well so that no government official can get inside this is their way of telling that this government needs to go the night has been more or less peaceful they have been no clashes reported even though there were some warnings coming from the police at some point that they will try to get back the city administration building which the protesters took over last night during the protests the tension pretty much tangible in the same protest is happening in front of the presidential ministration building i went there last
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night and i saw that the cord on between the protesters and the police there still remaining there's a very thin line separating those protesting and those defending the presidential administration ministration of the president building became the scene of a battlefield yesterday when several hundred supporters clashed with the police in a very a group to man up for ukraine with rocks flying towards the police to you gas use flash bangs it was pretty much hell breaking loose we are certainly watching the situation how it unravels here and give but for now these people are here they're not letting one inside the ride police are inside they've blocked the entrance with these buses as you can see and the standoff continues in the korean capital we're talking about who threw the first show and the violence has taken place and came over the last couple of days it's really hard to pinpoint the origin of of course. ask these supporters all of the western integration and they largely seem to come
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from the western regions of ukraine seriously and that it's it's their opponents whereas those who are supportive of closer cooperation with russia saying all the provocations came from those who are looking for integration with europe and yet there is a third party of people who are saying that all of this is in fact done by forces from the outside of ukraine in fact when you look also at the reaction of some of the western politicians to the events in ukraine you will see that some of them particularly those of polish origin people are very supportive. of you who are bored of europe and we will sue poor hugh reverse. you know. i came here to support your dream your striving towards the european union to support your march most knowledge but i know that there are forces in ukraine who think different. and of course how events in kiev will turn out only time will tell. and we asked the school ski there
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recto the european center of geopolitical analysis whether it's acceptable for polish politicians to chair protesters in ukraine as far as i know and no one knew that the president either the prime minister has entitle them to speak and voice the polish. polish official opinion about the events in kiev second i don't know if mr proper shave each had the right to speak on behalf of european parliament i think they're trying to get some more political out the answer rather here in poland for the polish public opinion done to earn some points on the international arena so i wouldn't really seriously worry about they are speeches but of course their speeches are let's. at least intolerable if we look at that point of view of the diplomatic relations between the two countries
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if we look at data from the point of view that mr pratt i share with you the deputy speaker of european parliament and he hasn't had the right to voice the opinion of the whole european parliament i guess. and to sing them for it is from the scene in kiev riot has appeared to be acting in organized groups and i mistook a school skate believes evidence of outside influence staring out violence in order to put more pressure on the government. first and foremost we see professionalism of those who have organized the protests before the protests we have heard about the activities of as several and buses and n.g.o.s financed and supported by different countries by foreign countries so we see that this is the kind of president exerted by external sources for the ukrainian government for ukraine and i'll for at least think once again that box. which ties is joe
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political choice which geo economical choice would be right and better for ukraine ukraine said it needed time to sort out its ever growing foreign debt and work out how to fund and modernization program he have said this would have helped save gone jobs if ford and into any deal with the easy but foreign policy analyst we're only going to question unique about things the e.u. won't let you crane profit from europe's economy. as european union officials and heads of hew rypien states try to explain the advantage yourself european membership. in. the. even a few ukrainian products there would be able to penetrate the european market and there is only one explanation for that that there would be none indeed the european market is a very protected market and it is actually the ukrainian market that
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europe needs particularly in the time off in the economic crisis so it is ukraine is viewed as an extension of the european market. protests in kiev began november the twenty first soon after the government said it was suspending a major trade deal with the e.u. rallies on the company as independence square lasted another week with several thousand demonstrators and police occasionally engaging in scuffles on friday night however security forces ran out of patience and raided the camp using sheer force to despise the crowd of sorties were quick to ban any process in central kiev but this has only served to encourage activists the opposition took a day to regroup and lead the square only to return in their hundreds of thousands to retake the heart of the campus oh and call for a revolution now the protesters control the mayor's office have tried to storm the
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presidential palace and are demanding the resigns along with the entire government and of course we're keeping an eye on the situation in kiev on r.t. dot com where you can find on days as well as the latest videos and photos and we're also timeline of events way in case you missed anything. we are what they see as the broken promises of britain's ruling functions acts of is laying the foundation of a new al tentative left unity party its aim is to revive the working class ideals of the labor party which they say now only caters to big business tests our senior finds out what of the time is right for change. this area right here in front of the house of parliament the house of commons a scene of numerous protests from those who are gets the bedroom it's a sturdy or
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a very high cost of living that's simply unsustainable for many in this country the two thousand and thirteen little social attitudes serving it found that about seventy five percent of people here the political system is not working for them to their disenchanted dissolution and look for another solution to gather here the founding fathers of the left unity party hoping the creation of this new party will give a voice to those who feel like resented by the current government we conservatives and stooges launch an all out class war on the poorest people in this country and labor is doing nothing about it britain is different to the rest of europe in most of the european countries have a project to lift people in poverty if that's the best they can with their economy then we can think of a better wherever we can load has been for the say the u.k. and the puppets party have done all good right by creating a party of the seriously challenged conservatives who want to do on the left now
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they acknowledge the change will not calm overnight but if movements like this highlight is that a recent thread of citizens reaching a point where they are looking for the truth of that which they feel simply do not exist within the walls of these institutions. reporting from london and. now down to the left. will be eager to point out that david cameron has gathered some of britain's richest businessman and industrialists around him for a trip to china after the break we'll pull from the visit what a prime minister is going into overdrive to secure beijing's favor and cash. and as bahrain boasts about its achievements in ensuring human rights we talk to the wife on an axe of as to who was jailed for complaining about an official newspaper.
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sigrid laboratory mukherji was able to build on its most sophisticated robot which all unfortunately doesn't give a darn about anything turns mission to teach the creation why it should care about humans inbreeding this is why you should care watch only on the r.t. dot com. choose your language call it a killer though if. that. changes the consensus to. choose the opinions that invigorating to. choose the
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stories that imply. choose access to. this is all see international live from moscow welcome back and i'm controllable sas for one and now cos i can get in a thrashing to leave the whole nation short a waltz or on the conscious conversation has almost chewed itself dry already has also has this account and after our reports. it's midday in the sun not like clockwork each afternoon these now only fill up with people buying cut oh my god is the essence of nature if we don't chew we're not. banned in many countries but legal in yemen the leaves contain
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a mild narcotic and almost everyone chews more than ninety percent of men going to the world health organization at this market countless realities and plenty of customers. have a second so this is about five dollars worth of hots chewing the substance moving around the national past time somebody will say i'm national a dataset i know already getting a lot of rejection comes out of a whole one that the country has a whole lot less of as a home for the illogically yemen has no shortage of problems but a shortage of water could make some not the first world capital to run dry current is one of the main culprits. yemen is chewing itself to death the country has limited water resources ninety three percent of the extract of water goes to agriculture and that's mostly to grow pot amid the rugged landscape on the outskirts of the capital got trees as far as the eye can see they can be harvested
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all year round and the farmers here say they earn more cash from drugs than food it takes an incredible amount of water to irrigate these got fields the more you pump in the faster these trees grow but even here it's taking its toll of the thirty wells that serve in this village ten have already gone dry and two more are on the verge. in some no the consequences are already visible those who can afford it buy their water from these trucks the rest struggle to get by however they can there are public taps but. the water is often dirty and shortages are common the city's groundwater could be depleted in less than a decade but for the poorest residents it's as good as gone should be talking about . what went on this his actions on the water it's a matter of definitions now. and that's not just some countries who have the most
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serious what's the problem in the world. it's a race against time and one that yemen is losing but here the evenings belong to cart men gathered together to talk smoke any true those are chosen the speech for a country that has precious few of them for now escaping the water crisis simply have to wait another day. r t sanaa yemen. and still ahead this hour leaving the promised land for good. news right for me at least life was like every day going to war. and vicious israelis lining up to head overseas this struggling economy at home pushing them to seek my prospects abroad. a year after missing the dalai lama it appears human rights concern concerns have taken a back seat at david cameron's works to secure investment from china the british
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prime minister is in a state visit with more than one hundred businessmen in tow and they are desperate for beijing's favor david cameron lavished praise on china stressing at every turn that britain was its best friend in europe the pm even promised to personally trampin beijing's interests in europe that after china pledged millions to buy a share in the u.k.'s nuclear industry europeans guarded fearing that unrestricted trade would give china too much power more now with chung direct this. center for international business ethics at the university of international business and economics mr chang thank you very much for your time now and just me by david cameron's demeanor seem to be bending over backwards to appease the chinese leadership what impression do you have.
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the he is demonstrating a very strategic vision that the complimentarity of these two countries economy prevails everything you know there are political friction politically. most issue was brought to the table. well ideological differences can really exist but the economic cooperation will mean the benefit of the quality of life for both countries so therefore it is really the intention from both sides to work. closer together and set aside their differences. the u.k. has also been. in the meantime i see that yes right the u.k. seems to be china's one of china's foremost critics on human rights doesn't mean that business probably is overshadowing that is all forgiven and forgotten.
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well i think no yes the cultural ideological differences are there that can hardly be ironed out it was a number of encounters. and now i think the first of all the come around the is under greater pressure from the business circle that they cannot ignore all you've been a fan and the china market players because china is still dominated by a number of big businesses and the government has a stronger influence over the business operation so therefore they really have to come to terms to. china in terms of the ideological pursuit. in the meantime the china site a while china is suffering from the the sort of
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a depressive gross in the continent of europe in the meantime that britain offers a. better promise for china to trade and invest so therefore it is really in the interest of both sides to work closer together. china has now begun exacting its dominance of the disputed territories and angering the west while doing so is beijing trying to buy support from influential friends. well i think. china is not really buying but china does feel the need to expand its. economic power and economic cooperation with the rest of the world great britain has a lot to offer to china in terms of the information technology a lot just stakes on other environmental technology is setter.
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that the british business are very familiar was charged a trade and investment environment so the. really it is really the economic pie that really brings those countries closer was a better driver of course in the meantime chinese businesses are getting more aggressive to invest overseas and great britain for is not only the experience but also missed the market for it but generally in the air about infrastructure building unfortunately will have to be read that last chang director of the center for international business ethics a big investor international business and economics thank you very much indeed for your time. barry's government has released a list of twenty six points it's sees as milestones in efforts to reform the rights and roof and freedoms of its citizens but human rights groups and the opposition have dismissed it as smoke and mirrors there's already been international outrage
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over bahrain's decision to keep opposition leader in the bill for a job in jail despite him being eligible for release another blow for the protest movement was there rest of hussein jawad another major rights campaigner his wife asked madonna wish told r.t. her husband is innocent and the government knows it. craney channels ignore that when husband is innocent and he is just defending human rights and he is exposing them by donations practiced by the government of rage i have tried to company it with a police station with. confusion norris plant has been nearly carded mr neville budget was and is and he is a peaceful if human rights defender he always calls for peaceful movement amnesty international and other organizations as well as e.p.o. which are has been pressuring the bahraini government to release him but there is no cooperation from bahrain's site the government to respond at least two or three
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of these letters being sent or calls or join to statements or whatsoever. young israelis are streaming out of their home country to start to live in greener economic pastures and as policia reports this is ratcheting up the tension between those who stay and those who go. their ancestors may have called it the promised land but more and more young israelis are seeking their fortunes far from its golden shaws a former israeli prime minister yitzhak rabin once branded those who immigrated from israel cowards but these days most of the people who are leaving are young educated smart and successful many don't come back there's a word in hebrew for those israelis who leave your dream which means descending until recently it was attributed to misfits lower class and people who couldn't find their place in society but alone a is
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a straight a pupil she want to scholarship to study at the american university in washington d.c. the fact that that's the only jewish country plays a certain role but it's not something that should limit ourselves. but the debate was reignited after two of this year's nobel prize winners in chemistry were israelis who left for the states an embarrassing reminder of the extent to which local talent has fled very by a girl who's a computer technician who sitting up his own business in the german capital in israel for me at least life was like every day going to war your always fight with your customers and fight with your clients i had my own business there and it was always a struggle into your life is more calm you can relax you can sit quiet you can sleep quietly like barry many israelis land up here which is why the country's finance minister recently funded from his facebook page that he's a little impatient with people who are willing to throw the only country the jews
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have into the trash because bergen is more convenient actually pissed me off. to read this comment on why if i stay there it's because it's good for me financially it's good for me socially but bottom line it's still economics for many the most common complaint among those israelis living abroad is that back home salaries are low and prices high and it's almost impossible to make ends meet. it's a cliff does well two years ago with his ecuadorian wife after giving israel a try they decided to leave for her country if israel was in such a complicated economically. i wouldn't have left. tens of thousands of israelis live today abroad to israel's finding fathers it's a sad lament goodbye to the beloved country. tell of of. us for a while doubt day to escape outrage. ukraine
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is in a tough spot right now trying to figure out whether to join the e.u. or the arrangements custom union it would be nice if they would you know maybe allow the populace to vote for their future via referendum but sadly it looks like the politicians will be making a historic decision i can see why some people want to look west and some people want to look east but i don't understand why so-called ukrainian nationalists want so desperately to join the e.u. first off any nationalist groups in the e.u. are automatically demonised as right wing extremists and the politically correct west patriotism is pretty much a dirty word generally nationalist like their culture and the people who are part of it but if you look at migration trends within the e.u. we see that the slavic part of it is flooding western europe looking for work i have many relatives from the slavic part of the e.u. and almost all of them have to work abroad and might sound nice to be able to work
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in europe but the reality is that ukrainians will probably be paid even less than bulgarians rumanians to clean toilets in london ukrainian nationalists don't have to like russia or join the customs union or join any bloc of countries but advocating a future for themselves the e.u. seems absolutely backwards at least to me but that's just my opinion. right to see. her street. and i would think you're. on a reporter's twitter. instagram. to be in the.
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hello welcome to the r t sports show i'm kate partridge and coming up is twenty six action packed minutes of sports both russian and global and here's the pick of the bunch. record breakers trouble winners by anyone except new markets in europe and the bundesliga as the german giants win again moscow and at home. plus old clothes and new friends to a boxing legends are reunited in moscow five years and make a lot of value a defeated evander holyfield the last win of his career. and maiden milestone as such he marks one hundred days to go until russia's first ever paralympics tickets go on sale for both and if it is then. local first there and the needs have boosted their chances of reaching the
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champions league playoffs after an own goal saw them draw one one at home to atlantico madrid but two russian champions suffered a straight one defeat to holders by in munich and constantine but top of takes a closer look at the record breaking german side. in munich fairytale began last season when they claimed the unique treble of german league and cup success as well as their champions league triumph and their fans want to carry on living happily ever after the bavarian side's dominance shows little sign of ending . they'd be trod bottom line graph braunschweig to me where they are only and serena on the back of a wee one win over to his crime snow in moscow sitting in new champions league record of straight victories the last team to defend the european side toward a senior one in one nine hundred ninety one coach pat what viewer says it's not easy to repeat that.


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