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tv   [untitled]    December 10, 2013 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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smear about guys stead of working for the people both issues the mainstream media are working for each other bribe writers vision to find. a dead rather. slow. i milled area ft okimoto i'm seventeen and i live in the kook unit district of st petersburg this is my entrance. death hello. this is my district. football field it's my old school in my nine story apartment block. so this is where i live.
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oh. yeah i used to take drugs and drink like a fish i skipped school and was a real hooligan i stayed out all night and well you know. listen to me watch superstar you come here sit down and have a chat all right guys i don't know what we can do about this scene it hasn't come together yet and full of holes please let's rehearse the final scene. down my. right action. the concept is clearly simple we're circus of cool events and we break down stereotypes about kids from disadvantaged backgrounds. and the circus is
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a modern circus stuff by socially disadvantaged kids. at five. the go i did ok thank you. guys we need to buy cloths. when you to meet all the guests and think about their accommodation like everyone should be comfortable. then we should finish the staging and rehearse the role it's a pity we don't have to be six hours in a day then we have plenty of time for everything that fills. our words so we're putting on the flying kids festival for the sixth time i thought
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we needed an event that would stir everyone up a bit of service or something to make people eager to work till midnight painting the building and solving administrative problems across a festival seemed a good idea also it was to see one. life conditions were tough that life was hard because a man's life was worthless murder and violence were considered very good things have you ever heard the word. so you know what that is they wrote anyone they mad on the road. or will that will after i had joined my school i was skipping
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classes for six months. i was dating a girl then and had no desire at all to study i just wanted to go out with her. so i had to repeat a year then i came here i think i'll finish this year and then try to join a circus school. strain your legs. push with your arms. and your but it also works is made up of kids from socially disadvantaged groups of people their self-esteem is usually love and they don't have any relevant physical skills. i've almost done three because some of these guys sniff glue but they were very agile the most they are easy going boys and girls the very assertive little boys were to teach them from scratch you first have to stab a report with them because if they're not willing to listen it will all be in vain
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to begin with. one more time. your bell is sticking out. this wasn't my idea it was a berlin university student as to it sure and who brought it to st petersburg. actually the concept behind the absolute circus was a graduation project. and the university students can go anywhere in the world to set up a project that was how the circus was created. our children come from disadvantaged backgrounds their children with various behavior problems and disorders. we take new students once every three years we find most of our kids in saint petersburg crisis centers you know that number will get us inside and there are wards social workers bring them to us sometimes our friends call and say we know who he got and he's just what you need company at him one popcorn get it right it's just minutes the police brought me here fourteen i played football
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and tennis at first and then i heard about the circus because i didn't take it seriously but came to have a look anyway until i saw the kids who were really doing something so i decided to try and i really liked it even brought my sister into friends here but it will. not be to look at the audience sees my life is pointless. for and sure it's fine it's fine as our play on don't ruin your own act. see how poor you guys remember your places i've got and are you running like
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a little rat like a rat if you want to grab it and it should be like this this girl has just turned my life upside down and you're like hey dude should we go somewhere watch alone bomb bomb bomb. there's nothing more expressive when data that you've done is facing a dilemma now i think you'll struggle with it for a couple of years he has to choose between behaviors it's. own will be what's typical in street culture isn't acceptable and that it's still a circus and the other is fine for us but wouldn't be tolerated on the street he has to adopt one of them it's a difficult choice but it's important for him to make it. and it's not that i broke i think i wanted it myself. because we always choose what we identified this song i allowed myself to be weak. would be
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a more. of a i'm talking about drugs. i took the wrong road and i thought i could leave it just as easily. go i was a fool. then i made a choice because i saw that these people really wanted to help and i was turning my back on them it's bad. or bad about that hurt i knew as soon as the kids enter this room they turn into actors he's got but they're not children any more the professionals who play a role in the performance i always tell them they should leave their problems behind that door did some way join with her so's we were let me talk about what's happening in their lives after the rehearsal but when you're on stage you have to work there are certain rules and penalties because it's like a kid might be banned from the next week her still as a punishment if he steals from other kids it's most likely he'll be excluded from the circus. if he starts taking drugs again and comes here while he's high then the
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door will be closed to him. i play a street cleaner who's in love with a waitress. in one of the scenes i imagine that my dream is the girl i'm in love with. it was different in real life i was writing on the metro in so a girl and we were just looking at each other for half an hour she missed her stop and they looked into her eyes plucked up the courage and spoke to her it's like we've been going out for three months now.
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and the circus i've gained lots of experience that i couldn't get anywhere else and never had that before. people offer you a lot and you choose whether or not you accept it you just have to listen to older people who work with you then everything will be fine. no i should one more time. i really wanted to go to russia and you know what's happening here and i really wanted to help the kids because. i really like gymnastics and circus and all of us acrobatic things. but. i came here for the project and some assume. because we met five years ago. you know superstitious about it and i was very impressed by the
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progress by the children on the stage and i own two or nursling. my running to save them cameron bianco you cry me your but. there was there were. those moves so. it's something. i've worked with a lot before but they were all like normal kept more than also normal they are here but it's hard sometimes it's difficult but in the meantime when they're here you don't really know that they're different that they come from i don't know are difficult family is when they hear it's a little more serious than the moment sometimes you get you know it that they react different than other kids sometimes. oh if they don't want anything they really don't want it you can't if them to do things. that. she loves and i don't
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want to be right but just so on our show volunteers from germany have been coming here almost since the beginning of the stream me helpful because every time they bring a breath of fresh air and new stories the stories often they take on a lot of responsibilities to me it's. now we have two volunteers christina and evelyn and he's helping with smaller kids. during rehearsals. christina doesn't only help with classes but with the ration is for the festival and accommodation for the guests. will be playing the workshops and performances outside the various teams will perform inside the tent. there will be a tunnel from france and our friends from finland and the last good team will also be here. and we'll be there two. days will be very busy.
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getting ready for the festival look we have cool new t. shirts let's go to the tent now. are you taking pictures let me see so are you afraid just a little too of course to. take down with the event yes well try well. yes they are let's get to work but let's stop filming. old. technology innovation all the latest developments from around russia we've got the future covered. on your. face people.
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pleasure to have you with us here on t.v. today i'm sure. ok. did you know the price is the only industry specifically mentioned in the constitution and. that's because a free and open press is critical to our democracy correct albus. in fact the single biggest threat facing our nation today is the corporate takeover of our government and across several we've been hijacked by handful of transnational corporations that will profit by destroying what our founding fathers one school class i'm tom hartman and on this show we reveal the big picture of what's actually
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going on in the world we go beyond identifying the problem. rational debate and real discussion critical issues facing up to five go ready to join the movement then walk a little bit. when they don't have anything to do but i often put on street performances i do it alone or call the guys and we perform together and i enjoy it people watch and in my heard me and sometimes they did money but it's not about.
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the no one thing i have told him something and if god forbid anything happens to him or his family or he has financial difficulties here he can go on the street with his hands and earn a living with his act and they'll be no shame in the good student. yes you go i believe everything you do comes back to you if you heard someone or did something bad it will come back. there was a lot of trouble i broke into apartments and stole things from people oh. yeah i was once going home from school when a guy approached me and ordered me to give him my phone when i refused and he hit me in the face him back and we started fighting then two of his friends joined the fight and i just stood up every time so that they could knock me down of course they didn't beat me badly. so everything comes back. it's.
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done i think in two thousand and seven and then we have matt. send me germany i'm no different places and. every time we speak that yes we should meet we said do projects together. i meant don't tell us. in london seven years ago and this is the sixth time i'm at the festival in st petersburg.
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this difference between cell service and the ones that i know in. europe is the fact that they have a very tight group it's small and they're very committed to the project the social sectors in general it's more like a circus being taken in to. kindergarten. to a different institutions but here it's different when children come here and they become like a family so in that way it's very different. because they ask what you do when you gave when i look at the audience i think the old look so nice to get them up to me i think about twenty percent of them have no idea what the oakleigh circus was sold to yallop i stood almost every performance by explaining what kind of circus we are before the performance tomorrow i'll do the
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same thing it was goes with. the horse also thing about the city i don't know i don't doubt for a home i did not for any other place and it's just to set up on the roofs and say you. dislike and you feel sort of free and i really love mom. i'm going to go back to germany in africa waits and it's already like so close and i would really love to stay here one longer because i really got so long for the kids and the people. when i return with children. yes it's only for training in the new go home after training day stained
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a suitcase and so i speak with them i play with them i'm much closer to a better. way to live in. yeah it's quite far away from the sick and that's one of them here in noise made the mars than air and since a long way to the surface to this. same to. police come here every day. every hour three police cars go around the block and pick up drug addicts. that's. the way in terms of drug trafficking. people get killed here you can't go outside after ten without a knife or a gun and i've got my friends so i'm not worried. i think after the army moves away to sochi maybe with i'll have a rest then come back earn some money and go to europe for
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a good of what. i just need to serve in the army and everything will work out fine i'm sure of it. show you a trick. these guys already have some experience but the circus world introduces them to completely different experiences and values and they're tearing them apart. the kids have had a taste of success. they've come to grips with their own body see a way to establish they have the energy and well developed muscles now so if they suddenly realize that they are strong and can use the strength on the street. it was this mission that's that's what triggers an internal conflict new getting through it is really difficult for them they have to make a choice they want can you go and they can either go out with this experience and
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these muscles and become funds in the street or develop themselves as artists which . this is my audience. i'll tell you one thing i'm very scared whatever you may think i'm not actually very scared are you scared to. say. good luck to everyone. so what do you wish me nothing so what do you wish for and so what they should love. what do you wish me because lack of love yes indeed luck is what i.
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good morning once in winter in a small bookshop i run across postcards by alexander it's. a look through them and so something gentle kind open to everyone. is a sense of postcards called a walk with my nephew. my guy and i instantly decided that i would adapt it into an interesting absoute little story consisting of several episodes human. you know that i was looking at the
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nephew thinking of me where will i get such a boy no one in the group will match it to be a very strange character and that's when he started working with a group of special kids something i came to our classes mostly children with down syndrome. eve and one day the door opened and in came anton that was two years ago and he was even smaller than he's now national he wore a cute cap with ears like a bear skin and i think glasses still is the final piece of the puzzle. oh oh.
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i don't like to write on the star so i could see he would develop it's the most important thing for us at the moment but it's even more important than school. he spends nights and days here he knows every character has lines an average of four months and practices at home every day. right here my heart misses a beat when they discover they can actually do something when they've just learned a difficult trick and try to perform it in your own children and teenagers need adrenaline to do all it's crucial for them if they're to face danger possible. and more they can find it out on the street or hear the circus the choice is theirs.
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thanks. rush some of our graduates who know like cordwood have become skinheads and dogs will turn into great to look people eager to think and develop and make up most of what some of our kids choose a different destiny is incredibly important to me to want to meet or.
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thank you. hello i'm on my way back from the festival that just ended. i'm going into my apartment. ted to sleep alexei. i was at the festival. do you know how much you missed this and has it with those who didn't you come. to z's alexei and. my mums at work and dad's asleep is just back from work and minds to. test and you can see that i that i really enjoyed the festival which seemed like
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a it was magic and for me it was much more than just a festival which. will show all in all it was cool that. i would rather ask questions to people in positions of power instead of speaking on their behalf and that's why you can find my show larry king now right here on r.t. question more.
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i've got a quote for you. that's pretty tough. stay with substory. let's give this guy like you would smear that guy stead of working for the people both missions the mainstream media are working for each other right runs vision. of a good run. that
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i think. everybody's going to do is show that you know the price is the only industry specifically mentioning the constitution because it's my that's because a free and open prize is critical to our democracy should recall books. that i know i'm tom are and i'm this show we were real the picture of what's actually going on we go beyond identifying problems we're trying to fix rational debate a real discussion critical issues facing america have my number go ready to join the movement then walk about a bit of. the on tom are going to washington d.c. and here's what's coming up tonight on.


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