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suspect. the really. good you know the price is the only industry specifically mention in the constitution. that's because a free and open press is critical to our democracy schreck help us. to make you know i'm sorry and on this show we reveal the picture of what's actually going on when we go beyond identifying the truth rational debate real discussion critical issues facing america ready to join the movement and welcome the big. bomb tell margaret in washington d.c. and here's what's coming up tonight on the big picture. you're looking at a live feed of the house floor were just moments ago the house voted three hundred
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thirty two to ninety four to pass the murry ryan budget deal plan heads to the senate world will likely pass as well and while it's good to have a budget is the murray ryan deal really the best thing for the future of our country more on that with my pfaff and tonio just a moment also francis the first is the most progressive open generation so how are conservative american catholics reacting to the man some people are calling the pope of the poor and today's republican party resembles a group of street thugs more than it does the party of barry goldwater i'll tell you why and how i still eat it. getting you know this is a lot the news today but there is one consistent thread that runs through it all and that's the republican agenda to make america a poorer and more violent country although it's now been almost
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a year since the newtown massacre the gun control movement is still fighting an uphill battle one hundred nine done different gun laws have been passed by state legislatures across the country since december fourteenth two thousand and twelve. thirty nine of them have tightened gun restrictions and made it harder for people like the newtown killer to get weapons of war but seventy of those hundred nine laws have loosened gun restrictions and of those seventy four actually seek to nullify federal gun laws or the hope for gun control on a national level faded almost immediately after republicans and a handful of red state democrats in the senate filibustered the mansion to me a background check bill back in april as you can see in this chart the gun industry ramped up its lobbying right after the newtown massacre last year so it really shouldn't be any surprise that the national gun control efforts of stall this morning sure but definitely not shocking meanwhile senate republicans the same
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senate republicans who blocked the mansion to me background check bill hadn't let up an inch when it comes to prevent our government from doing the people's business after thirty hours of debate thirty unnecessary hours filled with g.o.p. delaying tactics the senate finally confirmed in a poll art as a d.c. circuit court judge at one o'clock this morning democrats limited their filibuster powers back in november but senate republicans are changing their ways that when a majority of the d.c. circuit court is on the line d.c. circuit court has jurisdiction over most cases involving federal regulation and laws things like labor laws even gun laws the republicans do not want that court to make decisions that were this is a more progressive country so now they resorted to obstruction in a last ditch effort to get their way and hanging over the anniversary of newtown in the ongoing republican party's abuse of its governing powers is the murray ryan budget deal a budget deal that offers some relief from sequester but does nothing to repeal the
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sequester as a whole its austerity budget plan simple and it's a reminder like the failure of gun control after newtown and the ongoing republican sabotage campaign in the senate that the right wing is not giving up its plan to make this a poorer and more violent country. for more on all these stories i'm joined now by mike patton tony attorney and host of ring of fire radio welcome back mary flying good to see you let's start with guns you heard the stats thirty nine laws of tighten gun laws and you've got a couple of legislators by the way have been recalled as a consequence of that seventy have restricted what's your assessment of how things have transpired since newtown well most of the time you expect the federal government to lead on issues important is this this endless political debate about guns is landed in a place where you have a republican filibuster a republican party with the all time low of approval that has continued to pave the way for more really an epidemic of death with our school children almost two
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hundred school aged children have been killed by the n.r.a. epidemic of death just since that vote took place support for loosening any restrictions on guns remains steady if you take a look at the real numbers tom you just look back a little bit further is one million deaths that have taken place from handgun from guns since nine hundred eighty and that number is geometrically increasing is the best we have seen to describe the thirty million dollars that gun right fanatics are placed into this effort to let the continue the continued killing primarily of children that money is not match at all with the voice from the other side which is about it's actually less than one tenth that the folks that are in charge of trying to put forward some gun control have actually been raised to accomplish that so it's a pretty one sided fight well and you raise this issue of i mean the reason why people pay money billions of dollars
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a year to advertise is because advertising works and the n.r.a. they're lobbying and in particular they're advertising against politicians who oppose them and for politicians to support them works and everybody knows it so. oh really this is almost a citizens united issue is not and this is this is like you know you've got big money a huge industry that makes huge profits off death using them citizens united to steamroll any opposition and that's an excellent point i think what's even more important to expand that point just a little there's a continuity within the crazy right the continuity is that an issue like guns may not be anything that really affects other political concerns of other words somebody who's who's doing everything to some group some conservative group is doing everything they can to to fight gender laws that are liberal in this country that group will say you know what simply because this is
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a conservative issue we're willing to give money to that into to fight guns you don't see that quite so much on the left and all you have to do is look at these numbers as i said thirty million dollars raised by the by the gun industry to try to promote the sale of gun on the other side the folks who said that they're in the business of controlling it barely to raise one tenth of that there is no there's not the same level of continuity on the left tom is there is on the right in this is a really good example that shows how how strong that continuity is for the real crazy fringe right now the one example actually there been a couple from the last couple of elections. what's her name who tried to buy the governorship of california and she was the former executive as i recall and you know and then there was a woman who from california who was also running for the for the senate in california as i recall who was another you know. both of them spent over you know ten million dollars of their own money. and lost meg ryan meg whitmore
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was was you know and what happened was in the case of that war as i recall was and carly fiorina was the other one the former theory that b.p. . whatever h.p. executive. what happened was that because they were spending so much money the money became part of the story and thus it neutralize the effectiveness of their advertising and promotion it's kind of gotten out there that wayne la pierre makes two million dollars a year that the n.r.a. is spending millions and millions of dollars in the weapons industry makes billions a year do you think that might be a strategy or is that even catching on that mean that people are figuring out that this industry is just using using money to take apart these gauzy tom ard like to think so but look we're look at the face the face of what's happening i mean when you look at the numbers of what's happened since the last time the do nothing
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republican the beltway do nothing republican types voted to try to stand in the way of this there really was not a caliber of outrage that you would think again it comes down to the idea that we've become so docile here our children are being murdered in schools i mean no other way to put it to simplify it but nevertheless we're not willing to go to the streets like maybe we would have done forty years ago it's almost it's almost a so much of the best but best description i interviewed somebody about a week ago where they said it's almost like we we've been been held back by some type of soma that doesn't permit us to be as militant is we need to be in the face of these types of issues and this is a very good example of that kind of so moment ality i think you're right. she got. put on the d.c. circuit today she's very progressive the people comparing her to ruth bader
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ginsburg republicans use the maximum thirty hours that they have to basically debate a nominee but they've lost the ability to filibuster harry reid looks like he's pushing the stuff through just step by. stephanie blew up a nuclear option that regard have you newfound respect for harry reid. you know what i do i very much respect what happened here but let's understand he was pushed to do that by some by some other senators and some other house members that said it's time that the problem is to reverse this trend that's been taking place as liberals have sat there and i the only watched as the courts were being packed they've now reached a point to where almost above seventy percent of the appointments at the trial level apply appellate level in the federal courts are held by a very conservative judges now that's because rahm emanuel told obama when rahm was
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in charge of the he probably still is in charge some degree but when rahm emanuel told obama listen people don't really care about the courts they're not really focused on the courts and then all of a sudden we saw we saw citizens united we saw the voting issues that surfaced and we realized that every one of those issues originated at the appellate court level where some very conservative appellate court judge made this an issue that ultimately went to the supreme court that's how it works karl rove was brilliant when he said the thing we must do is stack the courts and they've been very successful is going to take a long time to turn that around just a minute left i'm curious your thoughts on the budget deal that just passed the house well i mean the thing that strikes me the most is if you take a look at not one tax loophole was even addressed in this budget is she sixty three billion dollars sequester relief is is what it was supposed to occur twenty three million dollars in deficit reduction twenty three billion dollars in deficit
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reduction and this is all been passed on to government workers and the people who are out of jobs it doesn't solve the job issue at all it doesn't help this economy recover at all it's simply a way that the democrats can say and the republicans can say this is a new. today it's we're all going to get along well you know this moment is going to cost people who need this money the most an awful lot in in the long run it's going to cost our economy actually not even the long run the short run it's going to cost our economy billions of dollars lost revenues absolutely because it's still an austerity budget and we're still in an austerity mode which means ratcheting down the the economy rather than building it up by patton tonio thanks so much for being with us tonight thank you joe. always great to see you coming up. the most progressive generation since world war two so what's the republican plan to get young people to vote conservative the answer after the.
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legal. illegal. or legal. rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want. this is the media leave us so we leave the. potions to cure. for the
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physical. issues that no one is asking with to get that you deserve answers from. politics only on our t.v. . they look like bounty islands where the locals can enjoy the sun and the ocean. but what was buried here years ago. means these people are suffering the consequences. how much more poison lies on the ground. behind this zone there is what we call the bank on which there is a deposit of plutonium left by security test which caused the dispersion already and you clyde's despite previous cleaning efforts there remains a deposit of
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a little less than two kilos of plutonium stuck in the rock the coral reef about ten meters down. tests a never ending legacy. i think you. should have you with us here on t.v. today i'm sure.
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in the best of the rest of the news progressives have a friend at the vatican and his message for the catholic church is a world day of peace pope francis the first who has just selected is time magazine's person of the year argue that the modern world's problems are a direct result of unregulated capitalism as he put it the grave financial and economic crises of the present time find their origin in the progressive distance seen a man from god and from his neighbor in the green pursuit of material goods on the one hand and impoverishment of interpersonal and community relations on the other fighting economic inequality now appears to be a major goal of francis's papacy in his mission statement the joy of gospel the pope wrote that as long as the problems of the poor are not radically resolved by rejecting the absolute autonomy of markets and financial speculation and by
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attacking the structural causes of inequality no solution will be found for the world's problems or for that matter to any problem. so secret the statements like this of one francis allies on the left but how are conservative catholics. reacting to the man some people call the pope of the poor joining me now for more on this is neil mccabe conservative commentator and editor of the guns and patriots newsletter . nice to see you again so you're a conservative catholic yes i am jesus was a communist aren't you glad to see the pope following in his footsteps while i don't know if jesus went so far as to be an atheist no he was a communist was he an atheist well did he call for the senate i say he's all for centralized banking while his you know money his it is calls for an inheritance tax and in his his group they shared everything and they were communal ok let's say he was a communal sed well so are a lot of monasteries and so were the brethren or the cause of life and certainly
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there is there is something to be said for communal life and it doesn't necessarily have to be marxist ok well ok i didn't mean to just go well actually i didn't mean to cut out i. said well here's here's what the pope said it is world peace mr he said the grave financial and economic crises of the present time find their i already wrote this i did you know i really really mean i did but of course remember he is a jesuit but he took the name francis are in it within the church you know the you know there are different cultures within the church and the franciscans in the capital. are begging orders and are focused on the poor francis themself was the son of a very wealthy man he demanded his inheritance from his father and then he gave it all away to the poor and so it's very symbolic of him to take this name francis because because he certainly there are plenty of jesuits saints and jesuit you know names he could have called on. i think most catholics appreciate the social justice
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message of francis i think what concerns them is how some of his other statements about priorities are being interpreted well he came right out and he named trickle down you know he said there's evidence no. that this is worked in fact so all this harm and he named trickle down now the only are going to trickle down either in the world who has ever used the word trickle down in a positive way was ronald reagan well i think he was trying to address the fact that this his sort of reaganomics was being called trickle down nobody supports this sort of trickle down oclock reagan and all his buddies have you know i never saw it we call it supply side we call it conservatism we call it free markets but we don't trickle down art laffer on my radio show and he's talking. i believe you know i should say that i don't and i know probably how he was saying it he was conceding the term tom because he was your guest you want to be polite well no i think there was this belief that if you stimulated the economy if everything grew
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that benefits would accrue to everybody that it would lose they have the ideas if you have to choose between the demand side and the supply side reagan's phrases you know ses rising tide lifts all boats he was say well it's also kennedy but say's law says that supply creates demand and so if there is if the prices of houses are going up your solution is to increase the supply of houses not to subsidize demand through tax money being paid to people. and that contradicts classic economics of kabul to class adam smith as contradicts three hundred years of it also speaks of the middle cars today's sardo the middle class squeeze is that the poor get it for free the rich can afford it no matter what the prices and the people in the middle of the one. second there's nothing for free the poor don't get it for free they get it they get whatever they're getting it was the first ball was the medicaid and food stamps food stamps oh well what do you pay for they say so they get it in exchange for being on the front on the cutting edge of capitalism they get it for
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being in the face of their gone bad rins of the war it really are of the brutality of an economics as there is a program. above people do you think there's a program by republicans to make america poor yes i do i would tell. they had to i would i would but it is not i won't go back to. the conservative mind in one hundred fifty one yet he predicted was predicted in fifty one and i followed the stuff. i was a conservative back in the bush or i was born in fifty one but you know he was predicting that if the middle class ever got too large that you were going to see social eruptions and then it happened in seventy one when when louis paul wrote his memo you had women demanding equal rights you had you were ten years after the birth control pill have been legalized you were demanding legal abortions this was two years we were for roe v wade your gaze this was two years after stonewall you had young people say hell no i won't go to war you had african-americans in one thousand seventy one when paul wrote the memo is burning cities just five years six
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years after the but i guess you act african-american all of thirty cities all of us all through the sixty's all of the sanger was calling for birth control abortion in the twenty's and thirty's all of this stuff was you know it all came to a head in the seventy's and lewis powell crystallized in that memo where he said you know russell kirk was right nine hundred fifty one this middle class has gotten too big these people are demanding things and on top of that then you had you had ralph nader unsafe at any speed nine hundred sixty five you had in sixty three sixty seven sixty five you had rolled our eyes you know as well and spring i was going to need ten business a unity was under attack and they said we've got to stop this and so thirty years or reaganomics has done that but i just miss embodied the middle if i sell where to you i swear to you i've been in these republican i've been republican meetings like i worked for president reagan when i was in high school in one nine hundred eighty to get elected i've been going to these meetings might my whole adult consciousness has been from defending nixon to the moment i'm sitting here with you today and i
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have never once in a republican meeting or conservative meeting or publication anywhere has anyone said this to me i have never heard it as to my argument as will produce i was never social and i've been in some i haven't been in the top you need to go back and i believe what it means long. i mean i mean some crazy meetings like no one israel says this right about that i mean i. just shrink the middle class that actually said we need people to be poor that was really but it's all about how it was only set in code. if you have read ronald reagan is free college they will protest if you give women these rights you're going to have a problem with those who are if you give african-americans these rights are going to i mean they're going to have always going to have there are problems with birth control and there are problems with abortion so you're a minority against these things well they're out there corrosive to the american spirit so who knows if they're making my point but you know he was however i don't want to when they shut up birth control is not being impoverished birth control because it's corrosive to true love that's a human condition that we're talking about you can't have true love if you're not
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going to have a baby what i'm saying is it's ace selfishness is evil and birth control is a selfish act. well so is shaving is not i mean you know well let's i mean trying to try to have your life the way you want it to having when two people are together and they agree to share the product of their love that's the most selfless thing humans could do but that is an act that is an act of pure love or twelve months but that is an act of pure love and every says active and every death that way for any no woman into a breeding stock really yes what we call them now yeah well that's that's that has been the consequence of patriarchy is absolutely i've never i've never been in those meetings either i've never i've never been in those meetings you are not familiar with societies where women have ten twelve fourteen children and they're basically treated like breeding stock i lived on that street ok i know what you talk mean there's much there were a lot like that right i really grew up in a family of four and i always felt i was embarrassed because we didn't we only had
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four kids in my house so i knew in catholic group yes exactly you know i grew up protestant you could always tell the catholic families because they were the eight and ten kids families in the area may have been hard on the parents but the kids had a blast ok well let's let's change gears and sure turns out that the church picked just the right time for a progressive pope millenniums people who are between eighteen and twenty nine years old twenty twelve are the most left leaning generations since the world war two generation the so-called greatest generation recent pew research survey study looked at the voting behavior of the five most recent american generations and found that the youngest the millenniums on average voted democratic in every election since two thousand and four the year most millenniums first voted the only other generation with that's consistent democratic leanings is the generation that lived through world war two in the great depression and to me this is the similarity i think that the reason for this the reason for the similarity is that
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the millennial are living through a great depression if thirty two years or reaganomics has ripped the guts out of the middle class you had the the deregulation. bill clinton happily signed that was authored by phil gramm gramley wiley in the commodity futures modernization act and in two thousand you know to satisfy his wife wendy's you know being on the board of enron to make ken lay happy and it has devastated this country these young people you've got a trillion dollars in student loan debt there's only eight hundred billion dollars in credit or less and i don't think the millennial are are voting democrat because of of wendy gramm or or lay or enron or anything like that i think that blew up their car blew up the reaganomics i mean this whole deregulation blew the kaname is as the federal reserve was was was pumping up the economy with cheap money and then greenspan turned off the spicket in march of two thousand and at the same time clinton gave a signal for the price of oil to go up and if you remember oil was at what ten
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fifteen dollars a barrel and it went to thirty and so the combined shock of greenspan's increase of interest rates and clinton's nod to the oil prices to go up so that indonesia and russia could pay back its debts that's what collapsed the economy so let's go back to the millennium back if they are all right i think that f. a lot of people and i was raised by these people right with f.d.r. or if your parents told you about f.d.r. but he was overheated if you're well he was a winner and father was a socialist one hundred fifty or he was a christian he was a socialist he. f.d.r. was actually a heretic the d.-r. was a wartime president and he was he died in office after going through a terrible war and then so as millions of families were mourning their own war dead f.d.r. was then added to that list and i think that that bond with the american people was so strong that it created a bond that was beyond politics f.d.r.
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came into office with an overwhelming majority in the election of one nine hundred thirty two he got three quarters of the house and two there nobody i mean thirty eight wasn't great i mean he. he had bad congressional midterms but i'm saying that you're saying why did those f. to go why did that generate that greatest generation continue to love f.d.r. and consistently vote because he got them out of the republican great depression you know harding coolidge hoover they crashed the economy or that or the giant tax cut now the with the millennial the millennial ok by the way this is your akio thank you so much for good to see him and merry christmas thank you very close to you coming up the phone lines are now open for your take my take it live segment so if you want to chance to ask me a question live on the big picture give us a call or two or two nine zero four twenty one thirty four and maybe i'll be talking to you after the break.
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i'm the president and i think a society that i think corporation kind of can. can do and the banks and all that all about. and that's only sick for a politician writing the laws and regulations. there's just too much. of a diet. that. whatever you're taking.


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