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tv   [untitled]    January 31, 2014 1:30am-2:01am EST

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that how. you. feel. when you when you're young you have a lot of energy and headed because our and i went around painting beggars in the street and i went to the bowery i painted bums i'm sorry. i'm not political i'm not that. you know to me it was more about. statics you know if i paint black people it's not because i love them or don't love them i find it beautiful i find it easy to paint. it's political i mean it's the city is so close to you know. to me. it's like the rich get rich in a plug. it's nice to watch. how do you full so far down so most.
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from me unemployment. and half expecting me plus my friends. and tell police where you're angry to usually if. you live on a street you know something i must down to change station sometime i live in a change agent to get coal no more on city got a lot of house and phone list people but the government is not really funding it. no and then a lot of the shelter today be having people bellies down the street because people begin to raid didn't shelter to get god you got to sleep with one eye open and one out close i was in a shelter in one town and a guy like right next to me being chano grateful so i jumped in a no stop go live in shelters is no good that's why you see a lot of homeless people under st do you feel safe here. steve you know to make
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a few here and pay somebody to let you stay at night it's that way you know you say . you know. you know it's not that much but i know you only got one life so i'm going to happen it's going to happen anyway and i just prayed to the lord to don't. i just keep my head up every day. i've got another shot. that i'll be taking your entire yeah and you think that. when i grow up here in new york in the fifty's and sixty's for instance there were three soup kitchens in new york down the bowery and one in brooklyn today there are twelve hundred and over a hundred camp trees and other emergency food programs batts how the need has grown when they first started this soup kitchen in nineteen eighty one or two or three depending on who you ask and it was an epidemic show almost just in the eighty's
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you couldn't walk down the street without four people each block asking you for something almost so this was very visible today thirty some odd years later there are more homeless people in new york then there were of them by almost double and yet you don't see them as much because what the result of the laws and the result of the regulation is just high homelessness not to fix it not to cure it but i think that's what the result of safe cities broken windows file policies all that stuff that's with the result of that is stuff i almost missed and to make it a crime. i
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came to. the place in me to a program. to have. a. look around and put me in a room. smaller than the jail for six and i believe that's missing that. the bad news to bring. to the man walking out. so homeless people here in new york city that's come december was very very very very very cold snowy. people do you feel i mean. i've been i've been on their own home that i would on the subway i did not come from the subway hey could you sleep in shelters because i got jumped in the shelter i just do i've been doing it does anybody get locked up on purpose no. just like
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why do they get locked up for shelter and food. coming from them right now ironically ironically i'm worth more to the city of new york the home i don't personally work. if i. didn't even read a make money. to get people who have been. ok i mean so you make me the city in one way and i think you know as you get locked up. actually in defense of america if you have an address you can get supplements. or you. will say that. they don't like you but then if you're supposedly able bodied men they will give you welfare but they want you to work a few hours or something but. if you're disabled then you're entitled to
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supplemental security income which is about like eight hundred dollars a month plus two stents plus medicaid but you have to have an address in order to receive a check it doesn't have to be your own lease but you can say you're living with somebody you are living with a friend or how do you get it rest if you only. need. a good approach. right take. a class. take quote write programmatic kate this is his corner this is this is his spots and everyone who lives on that street knows him and when they go to nice restaurants and they have extra food to take out to get them to give a gift to him both in a good mood to give them a cooler or. nothing.
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at all. but if. put up a little kevin please look at me a little bit this is a really hard to do you know. moment and. then go when he was in our room he painted the postman the poster he was like in costume get a blue suit and he had a hat and a beard when you paid regular people like someone like a lawyer or doctor or some imagist nab you know it's boring. and sometimes the homeless people do look biblical it looks like they're out of the bible but they have long beards and tragic eyes and so this is what interests me the basic statics of the subject. i know subject to. participate. but not a sense of humor. to catch fire. dates
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coming. up i think i'd i'd like. to see reason he better say like. i we saw the people that's the way one would. sound assaults sure. his deal said he would not look at my painting until it was. that it was finished he wanted to take it away he said that's my soul you know you're a jewel you're going to get a million dollars from the guggenheim museum i mean it was like and so educated and in certain ways you say that i'm taking a page yes mine so we have to we have to fight with it so it's ok if they can today
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because we buy it be it you know i'd love to talk about it so i bought him a. beer and i grabbed my painting and i read into it thanks. to him to get away. it's a great deal of mental illness and some of it is quite serious some of the schizophrenia and look people are very very hard to treat and really need medication in order to function in somewhat normal way and then the people just angry at the world as a society and don't want to have anything to do with any part of of any system and would rather find their own way of surviving. stalled talks accusations traded and endless demands made this sums up the process being played out in geneva with virtual stalemate on the battlefield outside proxies. are left to make the hard decisions and compromises to alleviate and then
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to finally end the civil war but do these outside powers have the political will. no c.n.n. the m s n b c news have taken some slightly but the fact is i admire their commitment to cover all sides of the story just in case one of them happens to be accurate. that was funny but it's close and for the truth from the might think. it's because one whole attention and the mainstream media work side by side the joke is actually on we're going to be coming up. at our teen years we have a different brain. because the news of the world just is not this funny i'm not laughing dammit i'm not how.
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you got us into the job so i will hand over the stuff that i've got to. choose your language. surely we can we know if you're going to stay still some of. us choose good the consensus. and choose the opinions that you think. choose to stories that impact your life choose me access to. hear you and. how do you operate dylan but i'm going to ring was good sports such. as roof road rules i'm not an olympic hockey player by much a. week and my son.
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i am pleased. that small amount of having is a. funny and marching to those. double whammy the amount. was. the train chairs. to the absolute central park. no taking naps in the library. come a long way. finally. leave. you know it is.
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closer to the sweeter the made with the for the better just. the going to be a great thing was born of kids it was difficult times on a new york city summer in america out there through and out of the education but like everybody there mr chairman well we will do some searches hours in the halls and i find out what i've been interviewing hamlet's but that has become really in harness i found columbia presbyterian church and i came and i started eating here and as i started eating here i started to see the service that was being done here in the midst of that i found on their ship it was michael was giving a call on them because i and i joined the class i think and still am i going to do my says if i get to become a column it will show it has been a hard year but i joined. doing what i do give him a bad person and give him service in the community as it is he will be doing. is
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a wonderful feeling to know that you can be a long shot and slowly but surely very so. and through all of that now was able to create a catering as well because we all their oil and the way they are in order to keep something we share is simply in the apartment i put upon the hot water. just so we don't treat. the stuff on it being that when it comes to the debate. as to the last thing i could teach. my kid new businesses little is now major is now that i'm doing a major company anything so far i've service from behind two and a thousand people depending on the have been depending on the party so this is one
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of my six second close's jobs things that i actually do that i took the first one was working with kids and that worked with kids for twenty years teaching chess and after school now i'm hoping that now i can go back into the afterschool program but now not teaching chess but teaching all unary and teaching the next generation how to eat how to cook condom and tame a well balanced meal and not only to eat but correctly so we don't have to be dependent on medication. out of the. south. i came here i was like wow i am president i try. to go to my friend whatever it takes to. everything went down you. know so much money.
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it's amazing how fast. and it's never just one thing i want. to take you here if you're not here overnight you can't be exactly. the same really really seriously. but i guess optimist i mean. sometimes i can get on the system and i can get something and it takes a lot. to me take you. to see. most of them is crazy because society can deal with. most. suicides it does more harm to be. most of time you be here in the media brainwashes you mean think in this brainwash you into when they used to have a girl if she was so smart she ate up the actions. she was.
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issued the song touches so people say when was the english and so we challenge. and she say. to you. if you. can do what. i can do with the site when you're out on which. you. know you didn't give. me. the next one you can. see the first. at least the vast majority of people who were there. grew up or. were for their. that's a big difference between that and. your. kitchen stood
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a dark room for they grew up middle class or better and something happened something from enron to an illness with no health insurance through financial collapse to what ever and very rarely was the trigger out all or drugs usually goes through most of the people i've got into their substance abuse problems after they've been a. mile this is my daughter she's like everything you know i love it so much affection change now for i was like wow. you know life where did i good night right now and is ninety. eight she been out for over to. my donation i doesn't buy her all that just don't want her around me. it's not memory make sometimes
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steep in no matter we read whatever you had with members of change go and you have no memory to see if you had no kind of like inclinations of anything this beautiful was something that sticks out in your. life they were. told we deep into a depression. strangest h.d. you know you want to change the subsumption into a position you can't find your way out. no i really don't have anybody. you know that guy is somebody. i guess it was. me. it was i guess.
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let's have a moment of grace for our meal and i think i did this last year a little song for us to learn that i think speaks for all of us so here's how it goes this is a great room to sing and so sing isom around. us to. suit
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us. and bread loaf oh. you. and. justice to those who are fit and. full of justin stew those who. sued us. regular soup kitchen serves about one fifty or so hard to go soup kitchens have been serving him out of town if they i imagine will serve my country maybe more depends as long as they keep coming we'll keep service or. we've got food for here's another order. and they're.
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good. ok put it obama we're good after a while you know everybody has a pot. you know what i mean somebody's bottom is no you know his legs logo on something go to the bottom. you know when when when you see when you get a lot of that lady and you see a skin on ground out there some people don't have the that will come back to come back all this way very very there be. it's hard just to make up your mind and say i'm coming back yeah i'm going to this is a man to take them and when you push you take that first step mentally it does we come from baby men to leave once you take this to push it mentally everything you've got to change everything you've got to be around people who feel that way you've got to be change willing to go to bed with a good discipline that's what it takes it takes a lot of discipline at the bottom line is
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a mental thing we need shoes to do something about just something about john might have to make up your mind to do it and put yourself in the position and be around people it's like mind that you were there with salinity and you just going to make you just have to start from the very bottom did you reach and work your way back up and get some time to take some tips did you meet with five years here or. do you might go for it was kind of a mare's on initiatives at a certain point near history where the mayor asked churches and other religious institutions to step up and helping solve the homeless i think back so a lot of faith institutions actually did step forward and provide to the church that program for our program guests arrive between seven thirty and turned thirty and night and then they leave by someone talking. morning it was set up that way namely because that's so only way we could make it work with the volunteer staff
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here. if you really happen anywhere to get out of this just a one bedroom apartment and it can happen. we have. this pos case here because it is full but you know people would appreciate any where they sleep. on a want to say about these people is that you don't ever wish you know how to feel we've tried to make. it a great opportunity that will make it easier to make it a no. no no he. was. will be your plays the. lead you call the grow up and stop to be up to. what the people believe you pay money for do give you.
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the truth. what people. don't want you one get up. he says say the right hands doing. good work his should never be no home in this city or the richest city in the work and all because you got over twenty. two. there is obviously more for the latest because it's pink. women wanted to avoid
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rape they really needed to buy guns environ how to use them i'm. sure this is the one that i want to go with them once again it's the field for. women definitely a target of the gun lobby and one you don't kill them when the killing money but if somebody would you would piss with her. i'm noticing more and more if that's really scary marketing tactics which implies that women have some sort of moral obligation to tell him guns to protect their family and young girls shoot out here too so we do have a paying quality. for kids young kids choke on food than are killed by firearms if being armed made us safer in america we should be the safest nation on earth were clearly not the safest.
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put it under bush on arm in a washington d.c. college face i think you're right. a pleasure to have you with us here on t.v. today i roll researcher. play. place.
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what is the who's writing it and where was it leaving to be seeking to bearings we seem to turn to the news to take heat for the medium is the message and this most by will mean the planet is now the method for defining collective reality each night if it's not on the news it didn't happen right. dramas that can't be ignored. stories others the few who still notice. the faces changing the world lights now. so picture of today's mug. from around the globe
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live up to. fifty. bucks. the building behind me will become the center of startup communities from around the world to come together to talk about the best way of putting new ideas. on the bowls lots of old so well the global financial holdings will take place in
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the most. aeration out to the u.s. secretary of state will meet ukraine's opposition leaders for the first time you need this is washington can see the sanctions against the government. a crisis in capital punishment a shortage of illegal drugs forces america's death penalty states to look at i will tell that you often will painful methods of execution. you know or someone stumbling and no only partly you know not quite leading. up to x. prize to find down to what condemned prisoners face and there's no drugs to kill them. as he sleeps into the olympics light inside to find out what a wave plays and kind of competing for medals in the winter games.


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