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b. c b b b. c two other. clone welcome to our newsroom i am and you see now why tonight better late than never it's been two weeks of bloody conflict and used to grind and finally humanitarian corridors promised to be organized to protect civilians but it calls because murder and how mainstream media are not missing a chance to vaguely suggest that putin is the mastermind of the storm in the world cup is brazil really doing such a bad job in organizing the big football event we take a look in the now. there's
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been no let up in the ukrainian government's military offensive in the east of the country despite a pledge from the new president petro poroshenko to broker a cease fire with pro autonomy fighters and create a humanitarian corridor for civilians and entire village has been almost completely raised to the ground as you can see there is hardly a building that's remained standing or not been damaged in some you all of car after being pounded by intense artillery fire locals there say the army used multiple rocket launchers against them let's bring political commentator brad can kind of in the now tonight he joins us live what do you make of the violence in the east and person close promise will he let up. you know first off i think the violence that's happening against civilians in the eastern ukraine donetsk where gangs. is terrible should be happening should be allowed to happen in so far as
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whether or not the new ukrainian president. will follow through and stop the violence of the still remains to be seen what kind of consequences you think he'll face if he doesn't stop the violence. well i think that you know right now ukraine can be said to be on the cost of not you know actually there are violating certain visions of the geneva convention the protection of citizens not targeting civilians and institutions with military force so i think ukraine is walking down that road and i think furthermore he endangers the population there and creates a situation where those people will never ever want to be a part of ukraine despite anything not me how long should a kid you think try to invite representatives from the east to the negotiating table i think there's a question i mean there was a referendum albeit they were not good circumstances but they were still
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referendums of the people there and i think there is a message of self-determination there are those people have to be at the bargaining table certainly. where does russia find itself at the moment they have to work with kids i mean many analysts say they have no choice they obviously can ignore the military action in the east where do they go from here. well you know this isn't russia's back door i mean this was a part of the sylvia you know not less than twenty five years ago russia has has an interest there as well as this new kind of course i think russia has to keep. the pressure on as it has a peaceful resolution an immediate cessation of any military activity especially any military activity direct it is civilians and that's the crucial part that russia can play a big role in putting on a lot of pressure what else do you think we're going to see from washington now they stay pretty quiet on the civilian casualties in the east. was concerned about
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that i mean i i watched try to watch c.n.n. for the first part of the ukrainian occurs this and frankly there was no coverage on it for over a month it was simply bought a plane so about was discouraging. in canada imagine the united states there's not a lot of coverage of what's going on. so it gives the government a little bit of a in that regard as not a lot of public pressure on them about the civilian casualties to clear it was civilian is a political commentator bragged about now live with us in the now thanks so much thank you for having me. russian journalist. is back in the headlines a child of the revolution who became a leading critic of government corruption and organized crime and also russia's war in chechnya and she ultimately became the target of assassins but of course there
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was shot dead in two thousand and six and her murderers were finally convicted to life sentences in prison but the trial is far from over says her son. are you all only be satisfied when the person behind her sass an asian is brought to justice this is just the first step of a long journey from letting the investigator of the case has admitted in a t.v. interview that here already knows the names of the alleged mastermind are you aware of who might be behind the murder to have any idea who this could be. so that when you get it says investigators do not share this information with us just like you i learned about it from his interviewer unfortunately i don't have any information on the most the mind told another question how do you assess the investigation overall do you think that russian investigators are doing what they can to try to solve the case that it will be moved further to find perhaps order this murder. or moving in any deal in my opinion they're not using all of the means at their disposal this is
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one example despite years of investigation we still don't know who ordered the killing just because political whim is missing at the top of the country at this point to track down the masterminds the investigators have pinned down the mid and lower level criminals involved in the murder but no progress has been made in finding the masterminds. so were the cause of this family has no clue who might be behind the murder investigation has been pushed into the corner according to them and they have plenty of complaints about it but c.n.n.'s christiane amanpour has her own suspicions. government didn't want the public receiving any more bad news about chechnya and anna's voice was increasingly isolated. killed a seventy two thousand and six it was silenced forever. fair to say that there's no direct implication of putin's government you know the
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dramatic music star putin written on the screen we get it the public office some not so much. yes and yours you have the words to use the i doubt that if it had been the government no one would have been convicted or told you you go you'll be surprised to know miss amanpour some of putin's harshest critics are russian and live in russia just a couple of headlines for you here journalist not hesitating to call a dictator a man whose main weapon is a gas pipe there are plenty of voices within russia publicly say that putin is an aggressor when it comes to the crimea situation and they didn't even go to jail not enough here is more. like it or what they're going to let you do is we're still in the sky doesn't deal. with but i was about. the subject is about to get the money but yes. but it's going to be easy to buy cosily proxy
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abramoff like. just in the amount of numbers to be able to push the do you think the depression i was going. to light hearted here is more serious ones i have no. choice absolutely. should be released to store. but you need to stay with some accumulate some make some muslim commission. so let's slow down with the conclusions until we know for sure who the real evil is some of russia's biggest critics are right here in the motherland you might have some competition among poor. there's a famous line in jaws where. the fishermen on the boat one of them says we're going
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to need a bigger boat i mean this is what the european central bank has told the market that the fraud is so enormous at this point that in order to accommodate another ten to fifteen trillion dollars worth of credit default swaps and derivatives suddenly fraud they're going to expand their balance sheet by ten to fifteen trillion euros they need a bigger boat. language as well but i will only react to situations i have read the reports. put in the no i will leave them to the state department to comment on your latter point. because on the docket. thank you no more weasel words. when you need a direct question be prepared for a change when you punch be ready for a. freedom of speech and a little down to freedom to last. a
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little us here a little us there i have directed my national security team to make our presence and mission in the asia pacific a top priority i've made restoring american engagement in this region a top priority not only our security in the pacific region but also for the region as a whole. america's expansion in the asian pacific is indeed a top priority the state department even outlines its mission plan on its own website that to do list to expand economically and re benefits promote democracy good governance and of course human rights but here's the most interesting part ensuring military presence which will support america's engagements in the region but we all know what the u.s.
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has been engaged in around the world lately take afghanistan for instance but speaking about u.s. presence in asia pacific exclusively there are two hundred u.s. battleships there more than a thousand fighter jets all across the area and more than three hundred thousand military personnel and further expansion is on the cars as the first drone fleet was deployed to japan while south korea may be hosting the u.s. anti-missile defense system in the near future. joining us in the now is james corbett of the corporate report from japan james what is the potential threat here why does the u.s. need am days and drones in the asia pacific region. well the potential threat at least as far as the united states is portraying it for example in secretary of defense hagel as recent remarks at the age of defense for him is that china is now becoming a destabilizing presence in the south china sea specifically where specifically mentioned the some of the territorial disputes that china has been having with some
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of its neighbors including the philippines and perhaps most notably right now viet nam so i think the united states is attempting to portray china's recent moves specifically in the south china sea and of course also in the east china sea where it has territorial disputes with japan as a growing menace and potentially one of military and naval importance which justifies at least in the eyes of the pentagon the increasing. military deployment in the region what worth bonsa you expect from china this is it really bothered by this expansion it must be. well i think it would be right to be bothered by the expansion i mean just to put into context some of the recent moves that have been made on the u.s. side for example we've seen for example northrop grumman sign a one point two billion dollar contract to supply global's spy drones to south korea back in december of two thousand and twelve just earlier this year signed a twelve billion dollars contract with lockheed martin to supply f.
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thirty five fighter jets south korea just concluded its own negotiations with lockheed martin for a six point eight billion dollars contract for f. thirty five fighter jets we had two additional ballistic missile defense ships are headed to japan to go in line with the extra missile defense radar system that's being slotted into japan we have the possibility being floated of missile defense system being situated directly in south korea that would. b a first we had to go recently touting some sales of apache helicopters to indonesia we recently had for example the united states assigning a ten year agreement to expand its military presence in the philippines there are a lot of signs that should be worrying to china in all of that and on the flip side of it china certainly has been showing more of its naval presence in the south china sea area putting in an oil rig directly in disputed waters that we have nam claims as part of its own economic exclusion zone so i think we see definitely some
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brinksmanship happening on both sides right now but the u.s. says that it's to enhance regional security. that's right well this is the way that they would like to frame it at any rate and so i guess the vision of regional security that's being propounded here is basically the status quo in which the united states is really the the undisputed regional power and the arbiter of disputes and i think that that's the type of vision that worse we're seeing being slotted into place with all of these agreements that are coming about as a result of the recent tensions and we see this even in some some alliances that that may be surprising to some ideas that are being talked about that were unthinkable before all of this for example even in viet nam the disused naval site at cam ranh bay is now being talked about as a potential site for a future u.s. naval contingent and that would make sense based on the recent. instability that
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vietnam spend having with with china so again all of this justifies some sort of regional security but it's a question of who's vision and interestingly enough at this recent age of defense for him where he go with speaking. president xi jinping is representative of a secretary of the deputy of the army came out with a forward a vision of a chinese idea for asian cooperation in security matters talking in vague terms about comprehensive cooperative sustainable security so china actually did forward its own come competing vision of regional security at that forum but that was almost completely drowned out in the headlines by what it's talking about with china right james corbett with us in the now from japan thanks for that you're welcome. well china is pivoting as well and grabbing up waltz's chinese companies are on a shopping spree in the us and investments there doubled in two thousand and thirteen
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reaching a record high of fourteen billion dollars over the past decade the chinese have been buying up firms in sectors ranging from energy and food to entertainment the biggest get was last year's purchase of america's largest pork producers smithfield and the most recent case a taxpayer backed electric car company was sold to a chinese manufacturer after the company went bankrupt in the states. rio and the rest of brazil are getting ready to rumble. of course a major sporting event without the input of the mass media would be just as boring
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but they have to always be so negative that many people are asking why at the last minute still so much what needs to be done it shaping up to be the most expensive world cup in history the biggest drug cartel is promising you quote world cup of terror although it's not as bad as the sochi buzz kill. word of a possible new terror threat character a terrorist threat a terrorist threat to two hundred side by side toothpaste containing explosive material but threat of something bad happening in sochi well it's increasing by the day but still the media is not letting brazil off the hook easy when it comes to their world cup they're highlighting at any chance they get any fails from security and health problems to organizational glitches such as changes in seating plans and safety concerns joining us in the now is graham phillips he is
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in brazil of course cram a lot of negative p.r. on brazil as a host nation you're there on the ground is it that bad. well you know well you know i really the story is not any so i just followed from see it and it's even like bringing up south africa the walkup host four years ago say a soccer ball descends of brazil disillusionment over the last tournament still lingers so it feels like there's a little of a purposeful kind of digging up of this negativity of this sentiment is kind of along the lines that it's bad it's obviously you know we've been extensive coverage of strikes there have been you know. there's been cost overruns of in this world cup is now going to be the most expensive in history is costing eleven and a half billion dollars we do have a strike going on and so paul one obviously real at the moment we were totally based we've had things like the clearing of the bellows which is the slum areas that millions of brazilians live in and so we have a little coverage on the accentuation of the salt lake it so i did it still going
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on you know brazil won the right to host this talk about this is the twentieth world cup and this is a football country and not with two days to go you are starting to feel that the time to say these things the time to make these point as terrorists are now actually more the western media almost just don't want to let it go dormant like a dog with a bone you can't let it go the kind of do mongering and the mood in the streets is that look that's passed and really people want to have the opportunity to host what is a magical a truly you know remarkable the truly outstanding so the great should of the international community of world football of course we'll be watching closely graham phillips hope you get to go to some games and stay safe and matter how tanks and he said thanks to speak is out well brazil certainly has its problems from violent protests to police raids on for well as a head of these games to children sex workers and severe poverty across the country
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but is the message from the media about the games were really about the brazilian people when not all host countries are criticized. couple likely played but to november and january which is in that country. the cooling systems in the state are actually quite efficient and those are the old fashioned ones of the main. yes the main problem with the hosting the world cup encounter are in twenty twenty two is the heat not reports of horrible conditions and sometimes even death for migrant workers or major corruption scandals but how hard it is in the gulf state joining us in the mountain i'd as lieve campaign is the host of a new show on r.t. america called redacted tonight thanks for being with us lee of course any allegations about abuse or corruption of any host country should be taken seriously but how can we ignore the blatant coincidence of harsher critics for some countries and not for others. but i can tell you this you know
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the stereotype about americans and me being american the stereotype is that we know absolutely nothing of the countries that are in america and soccer or football as it's called most places and unfortunately one of those two things holds true for me i literally know more about wolverine and the x.-men than i know about football and wolverine is it real. is there always something that you can find to rip apart a country if that's what the goal is yeah i guess specially when you kind of know nothing about that country if you were to say to your average american something about brazilian soccer players they'd probably say wow that sounds like a lot how many is a brazilian ok monley you don't think any americans are going to go to the world cup in brazil. i'm sure you can find seven or eight they must be out there i
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actually i actually have it in my lineage they do not understand soccer and football i'm related to descended from walter camp considered the father of american football he literally was the guy that picked up the ball off the ground through it and said that should be allowed to hit the can you can watch as news so back to tonight friday's on our to america thanks. to you like once a comedy news and some t.v. . comedy news to be a bare fisted no holds barred fight to the dead. but the truth vampire sliding into the necks of the corporate elite billionaire freaks well they're going. well that's what you get with my new show projected tonight. right that doesn't mean tonight stay in touch with us on line you can write me an a
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now r.t.l. see you tomorrow night right here remember it's now or never. recent events in ukraine definitely have a wide range of interpretation both russia and the west accuse the other of doing a lot of meddling some people call those who are fighting out east separatists or terrorists but others call them a people's militia fighting the kiev and this sort of situation everyone has their bias and it's hard to tell what is going on but i can tell you one thing in the sea of opinion the kiev side is using artillery and fact there have been numerous reports of artillery strikes like the one that just a few days ago hit the sales of hope orphanage which was thankfully empty at the time why is our tour such a big deal well if you send guys with guns in the fight they're going to see their
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target try to kill it but artillery shoots targets they can't even see they just throw shells at a general location and interestingly enough many locations seem to be in populated areas of the breakaway republics so who is the actual target of randomly shelling populated areas well if we turn on our brains for a second we can see that artillery is one of the worst ways to take out a specific threat in a local population but it sure is a good way to eliminate the entire local population because maybe that's who the quote threat actually is but that's just my opinion. the society. people are going to be. good luck and your partner should think everybody.
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not. only laugh oh well. a lot like that. it's. just like. this and. it's not just stupid you'll be shocked if you see the stage. to be absolutely but you just can't understand. what's happening folks i'm abby martin and this is great in the set so sadly is
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sometimes animals have to die mostly because they're considered invasive species and could harm the biodiversity of ecosystems if their populations are allowed to reach out of control numbers not to mention their ability to destroy property farmland and spread diseases as such the us department of agriculture comes out with an annual list detailing all of the animals the wildlife service the department has killed over the past year well the numbers are in for two thousand and thirteen it turns out that the wildlife services exterminated over four million living creatures just in the last year but surprisingly a court of the u.s.d.a. is only reporting nearly half of the animals killed were classified not as invasive species but native species is including animals from gray wolves to be verbs in fact last year wildlife services killed over seventy five thousand coyotes twelve thousand prairie dogs. nearly one thousand red tail hawks five hundred river otters
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former black bears and even the wreath golden and bald eagles yes a bald eagle america's national treasure that was just taken off the national danger danger species list a few years ago why would they kill this majestic bird you might ask we have no idea because perhaps the most disturbing part of all is that there's almost nothing in the report detailing the reasons for the killings or the method the department uses not to mention there's zero accountability when it comes to mistaking the killing creatures that it never should have been targeted in the first place organ representative peter de fazio paul the wildlife services one of the most opaque and obstinate departments i've dealt with we're not really sure what they're doing wow gee that sounds promising the fazio along with california congressman congressman john campbell are now launching a full investigation into wildlife services to account for the secrecy so if you don't think that taxpayers should be subsidizing animal murder and mass join me
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let's break this up. they believe very hard to take that leap to. get back with that or they're looking. at least. attending college in america has traditionally been associated with
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a guaranteed career and financial stability and while it's still true that university graduates are far more likely to get a job than their non-college counterparts acquitting college with financial success will likely get you laughed out of the room that's because millions of graduates are in debt for life for simply getting at the plasma so over the course of the last thirty years the average college tuition has risen over twelve one hundred percent just consider the nine hundred eighty the average cost for one year of college at a four year university was just over eighty seven hundred dollars including room and board in two thousand and ten that cost ball loomed over twenty one thousand and today that number is over twenty three thousand dollars according the national center for education statistics one surprisingly rising costs are forcing millions of young americans to borrow and on thinkable amount of money in the form of student loans drowning entire generations in debt that will follow them for the
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rest of their lives just how absurd has the debt crisis become the federal reserve bank of new york. americans now one point two trillion dollars in student loans and if you exclude the top fifteen richest countries that's more money than the g.d.p. of every nation in the world the last few years in particular have seen an unprecedented catastrophe spiral further out of control in two thousand and three student debt was a somewhat manageable two hundred fifty billion dollars but today it has grown into a trillion dollar be a myth destroying lives and wrecking futures by the day and not only does it serve as an albatross around your neck until the day die but private loan companies can actually pass on the debt to your living relatives once you're six feet under now thankfully to day obama signed an executive order to happy student loan payments at ten percent of an individual's income for anyone that took out a loan before.


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