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the millions of bees with. no cells from st petersburg to france we travel in search of the songs. we've. covered. that have. a mother and her five year old son are killed by ukrainian army show even as the president outlines a peace plan which includes a ceasefire. iraqi forces are on the brink of losing control of the country's biggest oil refinery to islamist radicals out of purportedly already taken over an airport and are advancing on baghdad. a group set up to fight semitism adopts militant tactics in france threatening to kill those who don't share their point of view. greenpeace nato smoking after the head of the alliance goes public with this conspiracy about plots against the.
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life from our news center here in moscow twenty four hours a day you're watching r.t. international i'm you know neal this is the ukrainian city of slavyansk after weeks of artillery on earth strikes residential areas hospitals schools and administration buildings lay in ruins still the bombs fall ukrainian troops blockading the city call it a hotbed of terrorism but as for reports many of those being killed pose a risk to no one. the shell landed right in the backyard of a private residence instantly killing a thirty year old woman who was scrambling to get to her son and here is what this woman's mother had to say village got to get her to life my mother said look they started i told her to get in the basement immediately she grabbed her son turned
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around and that's when the shell hit she just cease to exist. five year old boy received a multiple head going that he was rushed to the hospital unfortunately does officers were unable to save his life they were working on the little boy for the entire night so they discovered the thirty fragments of shells in his head elsewhere yes and other christian orthodox church came under fire by the crane in military the caretaker of the church was killed instantly meanwhile the church itself was really destroyed the shelling continues in the east of ukraine despite the announced plan so implemented a cease fire by the president better push and go he actually announced at fourteen point two bring. eastern ukraine and russian president vladimir putin had already spoken to the other but i shan't go at least that's why it's in the last week alone
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urging him to implement a ceasefire as soon as possible once prosperous cities in eastern ukraine are little more than ghost towns now tens of thousands have fled the affected areas those who remain suffer from water food and power shortages there are large queues forming on the border with russia as people hurried to take the children to safety . to some. serious carries you see flying planes any time i saw them i ran to my mommy and daddy and tang also very scary. they fired gunshots at us and showed us we had next to a couch in the basement we were very scared. it's a battlefield then const them find my parents hide in the basement but think cool to have a skid because we wouldn't have lasted long i don't understand why they do in this we've lost everything. when radicals came into my c.c. and started shooting people we had to leave the scariest part was when armed men
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came to our house asking about our men load a few days later my son told me that they shot the unknown. we've got more on the ongoing crisis in eastern ukraine including a detailed timeline dramatic footage on expert analysis all that and more can be found on our website r t v dot com. the iraqi army and jihadi fighters sharing gauged in fierce fighting over the economically vital oil refinery and tell a far airport report suggests government forces have been overwhelmed the tele far are surrounded at the refinery washington says it's dispatching what it calls three hundred military advisers to iraq let's have a listen to what president obama had to say because of our increased intelligence resources we're developing more information about potential targets associated with . them going forward we will be prepared to take targeted and precise military action if and when we determine that the situation on the ground requires it well
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to better understand how exactly the u.s. president is trying to help iraq let's listen to our i'll be martin a she picks apart the details of his speech in the latest edition of breaking the set here's a preview of her take on obama's words. because he spoke mostly in a vague military jargon you had to listen closely to understand the underlying u.s. response to isis is growing influence while obama insisted no troops would be sent to actually engage in combat he did announce that he would be sending up to three hundred military advisors to the country it sounds innocent right unless you consider the fact that so-called military advisors were the original precursors to the us invasion of vietnam but probably the most interesting part about obama's speech was his claim that iraq is a sovereign nation that has the right to choose its own leaders seriously when did iraq become a sovereign nation the minute the us and realize that it's of war in the country result in the creation of yet another failed state because seeing how western
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powers have done nothing but violate iraq's autonomy by dismantling its government launching depleted uranium and white phosphorous attacks and occupied its people for the last decade this is all news to me the rapid advance of the islamic state in iraq and syria group is a major cause of concern internationally they are targeting the capital baghdad and plotting to establish an islamic order in the ruins of a failed state. reports iraq code ready be falling apart. iraq is on the verge of erupting isis is controlling a predominantly sunni part of the bach shia sphere there further onslaught kurds could split off at any moment isak tarion war is brewing now the government will have to make a strategic choice putting the entire army to attack and take back that city and risk a much wider sectarian fight or have this group in control of an area that was a response with all the consequences not just for iraq for the region and for the world i says belongs to
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a faction of sunni islam committed to radical fundamentalist convictions that they seek to impose on other muslims their advances have long stopped being just iraq's problem these darker green spots are where the population is predominantly shiite you can see iran is the main shiite power in the region syria is largely sunni but the government of bashar assad is alawite which is a branch of shiite islam isis being an extremist sunni force has managed to advance this far both in syria and new was because of the support of sunni communities on their way iran wants to help iraq's shia government repel the onslaught of isis an initiative which washington seemingly supports but targeting sunni areas which isis controls could create a backlash with other sunni nations getting involved like saudi arabia which has already warned against foreign intervention there's not going to be a simple military solution to this issue isis is also controlling parts of syria
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fighting against the government there are offside these problems are intertwined in a really demonic way u.s. politicians have tried to present the conflict in syria as being between those who want democracy and those who don't so maybe the crisis in iraq is an eye opener showing how complicated the dynamics in the region really are. r.t. washington d.c. . the kurds living in. north east iraq are also fighting on their own battle front after isis launched its advance kurdish forces were able to push islamists of the city of kirkuk taking control of a vital oil center honest defense consultant. believes kurds have been given a chance to create their own independent state not all the country's been broken away as it is except it's not officially broken where they wanted to separate the oil rich a kurdish region in the north away from the main iraq it's been set up from the
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beginning from the ninety's the americans gave them the possibility of a semi autonomous region now all of the been running the kurds have been running their own kurdish region since the ninety's. and now all they're going to do is break away from iraq once and for all and declare independence originally numbering around ten thousand five years the ranks of isis are no swelling by the day including with recruits from the west intelligence analysts estimate that three thousand foreigners have signed up with isis so far and britain's foreign minister says there's four hundred of them believed to be british no the steady flow of fresh recruits is in part thanks to an intricate online campaign being carried out by web savvy jihadist recruiters on their efforts appear to be bearing fruit here's one twitter user from the u.k. voicing his approval of the isis onslaught in their rock and in syria this is another one this time from germany hoping that hamas will claim victory and it's
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not just in the west over the internet supporters of isis come across the globe be it europe the us or asia or to surf earth has more. from the front lines in iraq syria and another battle is being fought in the u.k. this week band aid making it an offense to be a member of the group but the organization is always a voice well i've been speaking to some of the isis supporters online and i vs one station media why is supporting isis despite the reported killings and he's applied for me that he. has come the closest yet to establishing an islamic caliphate why do you think isis holds such appeal for some of the people back home and i think. if you were to use this word in its. terrorism six places more than the one sort of that she got into trouble they're
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going to come back all the people here in the u.k. when he went to the trouble to be identifying with. the two constituents is a potential threat. which has existed ever since nine eleven so in a way that constituency has always been that it's possible that they'll be more encouraged by. what's happened in syria and become more active not as a direct result of some. feel on the sort of wave of islam isolation of the world and then you've got the people who actually come back and who can spread who can become recruit first and that's a really dangerous thing that's a meeting is the national security council this week prime minister david cameron said the government was doing all it could to address the threat posed by foreign fighters including interviewing individuals if you take orders canceling all with touring u.k. passports and introducing new measures to prosecute days he planned to train with
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terrorism. before should be united states and its allies have known about prices. their activities and the danger they pose for a few years why haven't you stopped these groups from leverage why do you allow these groups to get stronger and stronger why do you allow certain countries to support them financially why do you allow foreign partners to get into the last estimate the number of british fighters abroad at four hundred and growing professor griffin tells r.t. the government now desperately needs to strengthen its response to some of the most precious people coming by people who are pretty disillusioned by what's happened. and who can produce a counter narrative of people. seemed killing an explosion does to a baby. intent on stopping it that other side of the story could be more crucial than ever much of the british population watches in
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horror the grisly images of some of the killings taking place in iraq at the hands of isis fighters but to its european supporters. is not the enemy the west is so. reporting from london a number of european states have passed laws allowing them to deny entry to nationals this suspect of being part of islamist groups but middle east journalist current look felt sees it's the west itself that helped create a norm those radical movements. we have seen that the group of the friends of syria of which germany is a member they supported militarily financially and politically groups fighting bashar last i know these groups shifting over to iraq and they aren't actually by gulf states and for example the german government the german arms sales have
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more than doubled to the skull states over the last two and three years so they have known what they are creating and now they are afraid of the spirit they created that they come back to their homeland so i think it's quite hypocritical. of the head of nato has gone public with a conspiracy that's been made with a museum and a greenpeace underage fogh rasmussen suggested russia is paying eco friendly groups in europe to campaign against fracking he believes it's part of an unlikely plot to force them to buy gas from moscow well to say that the groups were surprised is something of an understatement a greenpeace spokesperson was left to wonder and i quote what have they been smoking over at nato hey check you need to deployed its own p.r. people pretty swiftly the point was only expressing his personal views a lot of head of the energy unit greenpeace russia says humor well it's the only reasonable response to claims like this well there was no any evidence that it was
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. real there was ground. but this is. kind of a continuation of political debate. which greenpeace try to keep these terms we so very difficult to accept and take this one of them quotes seriously. so that's why we try to call my base this kind of statement sense of humor so i think it's not serious. i don't know what is the background of this that's coming up shortly in the program tensions in contested waters a tiny village in the philippines could soon turn into a multi million dollar u.s. military base just washington expands its presence in the highly disputed resorts laden south china sea.
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they all told me my language as well but i will only react to situations i have read the reports from unlike the pollution no i will leave them to stapling to comment on your latter point the monkey is a. sick yeah because i'm not talking now gonna. think you know more weasel words. when you they need a direct question and he prepared for a change when you run should be ready for a. freedom of speech a little down to freedom to question. dramas that can't be ignored. stories others refuse to notice. the faces change the world lights now.
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so picture all six days. from around the globe. dropped. to fifty. seventy minutes into the program welcome back members of a right wing vigilante group going to trial in france later today charged with making death threats against a journalist but they're not. or even neo nazis they're from the jewish defense league which claims to be bottling up the semitism arenacross repetition of the story. i never know what they have a strong following and a clear message as only we are here present we are jews noble and cruel we are well trained well equipped we're not afraid and we should be more afraid of us than we are of them the jewish defense league claims its goal is to protect the jewish community from hatred and anti-semitism but some jews accuse it of doing the very
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same thing it's meant to be fighting against and these people say the organization is not protecting anyone but attacking those who don't share the same views and opinions jonathan mol adopted claims he felt the rights of the league when he started researching them in paris i exposed my friends. in the book crazy for doing this job in september two thousand and twelve my car of been bombed by a. bomb i received death threats and a couple months ago i went to cover a protest against anti-semitism they reconnect me and there were like fifteen people jumping on me break a my camera and. beating me up on the ground what is being done to prevent this from happening again what is the police doing at one point intervened and took me out of the protests and i told them there were many of them on the place so i told them why don't you a resident oh you would do anything you create a riot the jewish defense league is an international right wing organization even
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though it's considered a terrorist group by the f.b.i. it's completely legal and countries like canada and france where it has around three hundred members. at the crease is present of course but it's not everywhere so we have to do what they are incapable of doing correctly from attacking left wing students protesting the in groups and even writers at their own book launches the league has been accused of being behind a string of violence but the victims say the police have no interest in investigating and accuse them of willful and action. is. pretty strong and in the police we know there are some people the will to do their job but point you have people in here that are blocking the fight and when those people go on trial the judges most of the time they're being they're being lenient in two thousand and four a documentary actually filmed two members of the j d l training in an official building
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that was being leased by the police if the police dog walling them or training them the league had no desire to talk to us when we contacted them about their publicity speaks for itself do not get in our way because will hurt you very very very badly various local movements in and see racism activists have called for the group to be banned the french authorities have ignored those calls and those who feel victimized by the group are left looking over their shoulder marina cost survive reports in from paris for r.t. . the jewish defense league burst on to the scene several years ago after an anti semitic scandal involving the british fashion designer john galliano he had been caught on camera in a parse cafe expressing his love for hitler insulting to women he believed to be jewish the group responded by later targeting the premises covering it in posters labeling galliano an enemy of israel under fronts. over on r.t.e. dot com right now the rise of female bosses in russia and international business
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report shows russia has the world's highest proportion of women in top management positions at forty three percent which is double the average figure for western companies. also on our website find out who's been aiding and abetting the n.s.a. edward snowden has leaked new documents showing the u.s. spy agency struck secret deals with over thirty countries given a carte blanche to monitor their web users. a small village in the philippines could find itself a sucker official pawn in its government's fight for the resources of this side to china see a huge american military bases plan for the same area with the philippines looking to use increased military cooperation with washington as a way of keeping china now the two allies are planning joint drills near the speed area that beijing claims ownership of this month but journalist james corbett believes pressuring china could lead to better conflict. this has to be seen as
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just part of a trend towards the deepening of the us and philippine military alliance that goes right along with the developing us japanese military alliance the us australian military alliance so i think this has to be seen as more part of a regional trend that's developing both china and the us and its allies are playing to their pull respective political bases and they're looking for economic stimulus that comes from militarization so they are looking to divert more government funds towards the defense sector i think it's part of a feedback loop where one side makes a move so the other is seen to respond to it so the other side responds to the response and cetera and i think when we're caught in that type of feedback loop it runs the risk of running into a some type of military confrontation scenario simply because when you have all of these ships in these highly disputed territories that are at times running into each other as we start to see these types of incidents that could become a hot war scenario perhaps inadvertently. more news for run the globe but now.
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we're playing violent protests and stopped on one of her cells for the world cup host cities the march to the month free public transport started peacefully but reportedly turned violent and a local anarchist thrift store in the demonstration protesters started to smash bikes on car dealerships and police responded with tear gas. a truck explosion in western syria's hamas' province has left at least thirty people dead medics say the death toll is likely to rise with fifty others injured many critically the bomb laden vehicle detonated an alawite village the strong several nearby houses police say the terrorist attack was carried out by rebels fighting the assad government more than three years of civil war in syria have left an estimated one hundred and sixty thousand people dead. israeli soldiers have shot dead a fifteen year old palestinian boy. and seriously injured three more in the west
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bank they fired in response to the teenagers throwing stones the troops were involved in the search for three israeli students who disappeared two weeks ago israel accused hamas of abducting them but human rights activists say i.d.f. soldiers often opened fire and palestinians even when they were unarmed and posed no danger thousands of romanian children are growing up without their mom and dad at home the country's dire economic situation means parents are forced to seek work wherever they can find it leaving their families behind. can often reports the cost of earning money for your children can be a high one. it's become very rare that ten year old willing to you know gets to see her mother she left romania to work in italy a year ago leaving her daughter with her grandparents there was a it's very sad because i have no one to talk about my problems to this. is younger and much more introverted he prefers to spend more time alone both of his parents
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work in germany while he's also being raised by his grandmother. they sent me toys and clothes but i don't remember when was the last time i saw them. unfortunately nowadays in romania cases such as well in china in andries are far from unusual so this here is called the heart of wishes it's filled with notes from the children where they wrote their wishes and they were told that they would come true next year so all these notes are about parents for instance this one says i wish my mom would come back from london bring toys and then i would go together to another countries another one here says i wish my mom would come back from italy and i wish my dad would find a job. sure these kids haven't been abandoned by their parents in fact one of the main reasons they want to work abroad is to ensure a better life for them but the long distance relationship can be much harder on children than it may she may feel isolated. might feel depressed
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feeling. and they may be not having so much friends like those. according to official figures over eighty thousand remaining children have their parents working abroad but n.g.o.s are reporting much higher numbers between three hundred fifty thousand since most parents used to head off without notifying authorities. the situation is there a year especially when the mother is. leaving. mainly for the smaller kids because they're very attached to their mothers and. so all when and especially when the girls started on a sense and they need some guidance and support recently the government passed a law obliging all parents not only to notify the state when they head off to work abroad but to appoint someone to be responsible for their children in court while they were gone but frankly with the average salary in romania barely reaching four
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hundred euros per month it's unlikely parents would stop looking for what the broad anytime soon aged you've got this could alter our g. bucharest romania. of next year an r t international paper labelling gas the scots why president poroshenko is promise of a cease fire in eastern ukraine is unlikely to be fulfilled to stay with us. eugenics but eugenics vulgarize ation of darwin science and punishment for an on committed crime i was sterilized to learn to believe in eighty feebleminded still today for the few i don't know why. but i still don't know why genetic improvement through forced sterilization the basis for nazi ideology they don't stop at just sterilizing yet not going to now go to the point of death. for years rarely
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discussed. till now i'd really rather not talk about that right. some people say that when it happens to someone in time not a very nice one like a curtain falls down. fit some point and i could no longer stand it i decided to kill myself. even i was scared of what i'd done but i punched her but i didn't understand where i could be when a man raising his hand the woman should. it. run from him. everyone who sees this video to also speak to the children's father. my has then became a control of people that he can do anything. while you're crying don't cry
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i know i'm tired of crying too. serious to fix up a society. water. bottle or destroy every minute of. the time. our last thought well. why the hell. is it still. sometimes for nothing.


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