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tv   Headline News  RT  July 2, 2014 1:00pm-1:29pm EDT

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choose the stories get into the life choose the access to your office or. live from moscow at nine pm the latest disturbing images from eastern ukraine show what's left of a village after another army assault by kiev's forces nine people reportedly killed in the area including a five year old child. russia's top diplomat meantime in a further effort to try to negotiate a peaceful way out of ukraine's ongoing deadly crisis with his german french and ukrainian counterparts. israeli police clash with crowds of protesters after reports of a palestinian teenager now being abducted and killed in jerusalem as israel vows to continue its push against a mass following the deaths of three jewish. and jihadist militants make fresh
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gains on the border between syria and iraq while the white house lined up half a billion dollars to help the moderate syrian rebels. hello this is art international with me kevin no in first this hour the ongoing violence in east ukraine this morning had a devastating impact on one village just kilometers outside the city of lugansk afraid of pictures coming up here you may find setting a man showing here what's left of his mother his closest relatives and his neighbors bodies torn apart houses razed to the ground with black smoke still coming out of the ruins the aftermath of this morning's attack by forces witnesses say their homes were hit by an airstrike from what looked and sounded like a fighter jet locals say an entire row of craters is clearly visible on the ground
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as you can see the place is almost completely devastated what. the army shelling continued overnight across east ukraine is security camera video from the city of sirte. road donetsk in the defiant lugansk region it shows an explosion apparently caused by a mortar shell in a residential area despite president poroshenko pledging not to target the civilian population now in the neighboring donetsk region pictures here from the city of slavyansk which has seen some of the worst fighting since the beginning of the military operation ever more pictures every day coming through destroyed buildings where the tricity water supplies have been almost completely cut off residents say they're just too scared to step out of for a moment or a minute or two to try get some food. because of that but that's. because the markets didn't put them up with that another could because the. numbers are pretty it was just because one beauty of cars are perfectly free but you know it's a good image. we're going to deport you but. we give children.
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several hours. this summer as they were doing there. you said it should only use jet. but decided. he had to miss it when there's nobody at the ready just the boys but he had what it was it's a season but isn't this just doesn't bother you some milk was given you what i did . look at that did let's go to the thing is the venue it's what is the first thing you get doesn't want to be at there you want the much you know. russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov is in berlin where he's meeting his french german ukrainian counterparts in a further effort to try to stop the violence in east ukraine and the government forces there say they want to negotiate a new ceasefire but kiev's already stepped up its assault on the rest of region after a shaky truce ended on monday peter all of us got the details. just to tell our
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viewers where we've been waiting for last hour or so there's an imminent media conference and his counterparts talking about what they may or may not have thrashed out today but we'll go to that as and when it happens what is russia's position here the latest position as it's trying to broker the peace talks. well currently certainly a lover of the russian foreign minister is locked in talks with is german french and ukrainian counterparts just behind me here in the german foreign ministry building may trying to find some kind of peaceful solution to the dreadful scenes we've seen coming out of the east of ukraine the the russian message what we've been hearing we heard from president vladimir putin who said he wanted to see. the observers from the o.s.c. and ukrainian border guards be allowed to have access to the russian side of the border in the checkpoints there we've also heard a statement from the russian foreign ministry itself before mr lavrov arrived for
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this meeting here in berlin they said that they wanted they were asking kiev to stop operations against civilians in the east of the country and that they should seek to find a political not a violent solution to what's going on there they also said that ukraine must stop what they say is the extermination of its own people in the east of the country and that wasn't what modern european nations did so these talks that are going on the church trying to find out some kind of a peaceful solution as soon as we hear anything from that they are delayed from when they said they they would be issuing statements i'll be here keeping an eye on that soon as we get any news on that i'll be bringing you it here live from outside of the the bridge the german foreign ministry here over a billion thanks for now. many women to flee their homes in eastern ukraine to try and get the children to safety but there are some to have decided to stay and take up arms as financial report. twenty one years old
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she's a trained with a passion for need and. and she can somebody. she says she's a good chance to. have a year ahead to. the i have it was in self-defense it was them who approached not. catarina belongs to the east and ukraine's self-defense forces she started on the frontline as a nurse but soon to go up on arms but the problem is that she sees the people she's fighting against as mere porn's in a big game over some of those who are responsible they send young boys to kill us and die for them they hide behind that most of them are young casque result they have no choice and they come to kill us. as a self-defense checkpoint outside lugansk catarina meets a lesson she's in charge here then i'm as good as a few days ago i went to
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a hairdresser and i saw a woman there a client she was looking at me with her eyes wide open it turned out i had forgotten to take my place off it happens. she sees no contradiction in her current status. this is what happens during wartime they don't even ask they just come to your land i was just an ordinary woman i even cook quite well. catarina and a lesser a far from the only two in these women from ukraine's east and south have a strongly warded message for female fighters on the other side educated that it is a little special to lead to that thirty ninth my down women's battalion girls you either stop doing this or you will see still exist if you continue to seek information about our men your men will die. the paramilitary battalion the addressing finds for the new government and for national unity and it's still
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growing them all but on the my today the my down has reached five billion cave sensors that he has embraced the whole country and one must protect its borders one from the thirty ninth the company have set off for the next and the guns and they need your help not. the out of his battalion is also an assistance to ukraine as you defense minister. do not fear reprisals working for the common good that each of us needs to preserve their own dignity as i realized i would be seen as an antiseptic despite a rather than a woman that i will does this mean they would kill me if that's what you need to present i thought why did the family have to hold my firearm close. we are also waging a battle for hearts amongst this ukrainian band considers itself patriotic but sampson's leader expressed ultranationalist.
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would. be proud. but the real conflict is being felt here and was growing numbers joining both sides every day some fear it's passing the point of no return. in eastern ukraine russia's emergencies ministry setting up new temporary shelters for refugees from ukraine according to the un around one hundred ten thousand people have already fled to russia to escape the di humanitarian situation in the region but that's way below moscow's estimate aware that in a moment notwithstanding the u.s. state department disputes even the lower figure. in this situation u.n.h. the r.s. estimate of the number of people moving across the ukrainian border comes directly from russian government source is who suffice to say have not always been entirely accurate here and just a couple of points on this because i know there's been some questions u.n.h.c.r.
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statement did not say that one hundred ten thousand refugees fled ukraine into russia what is said is that number of people had crossed the border at some point that could be to go visit their grandmother and come back washington's line in any case the influx of refugees has led russian regions bordering ukraine to declare a state of emergency officials say to accommodate thousands of people every day the russian migration service puts the total number of people who fled the violence of ukraine four hundred thousand. the funeral of a cameraman from russia's channel one television who was killed by gunfire near a military base in eastern ukraine has been held here in moscow family friends and coworkers all gathered to pay their last respects to a totally. dedicated forty years of his life to filming in warsaw and such as you can rack in syria he survived by his wife two children and several grandchildren. ok well we've been waiting for last hour for the media conference russia's foreign
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minister sergei lavrov is in berlin was meeting his french german and ukrainian counterparts to try to broker a peace the way forward here in east ukraine the top diplomats now addressing the media let's listen in to the got to say. stunk of. these in this place in which one agent listen to government this man according and yeah. you know i don't really give the store of ok i'm thinking ukraine but of and russia. in the asian incomes and very short notice the kind. of expertise even. literally on this case it's a combination to talk. into and stuff to get the not just intensive construct to dissipate it's not coincidence trucks tift is turning as we said dark here in i knew that it was something that
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should be taken in for storage. come to be a. point so we have to be accountability for who can be i haven't been. planning so it's hard i never have to struggle with. we're going to win on the street so how should not it's a sorry gun to the occasion was among those that someone at the moment of minutes nothing serious. in the last four years into a. disputes and an unkind. manner just. it is i pad to say that the situation really is continuing to escalate and might even give it sort of an adonis and getting out of control is not right and be not convinced that we have to use what every opportunity we have in order to change the tide so to turn the trend to turn the tide so to speak and those of you with us today have been following the situation on the ground and your graphic witnessed
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how difficult it is to remember telling all of us a little when we started to talk about what matters we were hoping for an extension of the same lie and now we are hoping for some german ceasefire and i believe that we have succeeded in the negotiations that have just ended and to reach an agreement and agreement on. a number a bundle of measures that are just. taken together will point the way to a matter of actions like no ceasefire common i'm glad it's because we will be distributing the main points of the agreement today it is a clear commitment to a one island. multilateral and because that's the ceasefire all the four parties that that have come here today to negate here that have sat at the same table to negotiate. for
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a resumption of the talks of the tripartite contect who before the end of the week before july fifteenth that is in our paper we welcome to read in a certain russia to of starts could be so good in allow ukrainian border. officers on access to the border and within to the checkpoints on the border with the people also the use of. at the crossing point. at the border and we are calling upon it's to ensure that people. can operate and attend to its task in a secure environment and deal with this the joint declaration which summarizes the outcome of our meeting today will be distributed in a minit of course where where as a fact that this is not the solution not
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a magic formula that will put everything right to the light but i believe that this is a first and an important step in the direction of a bi let trances fire it offers up an opportunity for us and for all of us to seize right now it is an opportunity for us too if we work together and undertake a common a joint effort to stem and face up to the escalation we've witnessed in the last few days and put an end to bloodshed and or of course what is going to importantly it's going to be important no it's not what has been agreed today is implemented as quickly as possible i would like to hand to my cranium colleague. was a little more birds europe. we. are working on the realisation of the peace plan of the president of ukraine our audience for this
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is why the president of ukraine has. an ounce of which cost us the war in europe thirty people there. and of course many casualties. during the c's financer the rule of least separatists violated the cease fire and several times more than a hundred times we double and we are now we are attempting we're trying to work for a pilot season and this is why we have expressed our prettiness to your honor's were very generous you know sure that together to have doors for a resumption of the trilateral contact group of almost on your. which has so far not been able to go on we will do more but your work was a little no come together in you know me in the last few days. where you are stuck with would not we will continue to go on a number of measures which i think it will be missed votes and i would not sit event for home games currencies gilmore girls or the strengthening of the effective
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finance of the border control to the long side to that of a lonely ukrainian should russian border in order to were exact with your protein and to the trickling in of. earth years gone more door new. fight additionally it is important but what is at stake now is that we take back control and as we judge in two or three buddha points trigger points along the border it's also important that the hostage is more be released immediately and without delay we call an owner and an end to. the fighting on the ground that we call upon parties to put an end to the fighting some of your one up or were the marbles we don't know to allow the o.e.c.d. to attend which are two individuals leaving the task of monitoring the situation on the ground we do focus on these were border prayers this range of measures another
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aspect that is very important concerns the freedom was about the press there which and. what was the birthplace to date you may be aware of the attacks against janitors. don't worry because by separatists version against journalist representatives have been with him and wounded have been shot at and we are working very hard to ensure the security of the saying fifty of these people of the world will continue to be active in that regard and it would like to thank my colleagues my counterparts here for their readiness to work with us towards these objectives again i thank you very much the russian prime minister. was saying with the biggest call the. what goes up it's on a descent gentleman bazillion to two days ago but on sukkot you know one june thirtieth the greys are jealous of russia from the ukraine of the federal chancellor of germany. for the couple had
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a little bit in the long telephone conversation. here in which a number of the approaches were discomfort and agreed upon with regard to where a great year later the crisis in ukraine and the foreign ministers were tasked to prepare to do this is a declaration on the basis of these women is telling you that telephone conversation unfortunately we lost time we lost two days because the ceasefire was not extended and in the course of the last two days we have been able to choose between its owners and the militia which is going to get a very clear idea of the price we have to pay we haven't had to pay because of the inability to extend the ceasefire infrastructure has been destroyed because people's life has been porter at risk and it was most of them for the record or we were not so if you will not tell late than never and i'm very grateful to one struggle to find my own for most of these women the taking the initiatives we're
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not letting all things take their course of time to willing us together here in berlin it's bringing us together here in berlin the words of the two draft declaration and in so doing at the mandate given to us by our presidents in your heads of government that is that task has been fulfilled the mandate has been executed mission accomplished so to speak there were two of them where we are trying as best as we can to achieve a sustainable solution this is to be achieved by cooling together the members of the context of hopefully in the next few days for a very first meeting in which your mortgage which which is traditionally. your old of the parties involved into the school would hopefully be satisfied with the meeting of the context because if that is not to be achieved we cannot speak of sustainable approaches and. thus we have to ensure that everything necessary is
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done in order to have that meeting taking place in safety and security of the union so another point that you may all be aware of the fact that president putin. started another initiative with his generative deescalating and defusing the situation coming down the situation on the ground and creating trust and were under a general subverts the us is going to do away with blame being leverage against those individual groups or parties or difficult he signaled russia's readiness to work with what it's used to hear him say loud ukrainian refusal to police the border. that border crossing points and border control points are checkpoints along the border between ukraine and russia and this will. be valid as long as this is why our dogs are through with the new ones a c.s.i. and has been agreed to reverse the russian side will continue to be ready to ring
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such as seeds are trying to use it with the person to do so with just a little sort of survey about. representatives and seal certain crossings checkpoints as known as the cease fire stands apart over the new little to the notices there will be the ones there is a great cease fire in place the o.c. usually comes to take a decision at the rippin that restructure the energy of the coalition because we're very grateful to our counterparts and colleagues here. but it is not the fact that such a decision to go it was to. be taken by the areas. were initially because we will also be working to further improve the exchange of information between russian and ukrainian border guards and the area sees representatives who will be in place and these border crossings or checkpoints it's very important as regards the hostages who. what for there will ease with it have to if you send necessary
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attentions of school that's the documentary we have to distribute it also contains an appeal to everyone involved to all the parties involved. to ensure that with the support of the early c.e. the necessary conditions will be put in place to allow us to implement this here because she you know i would also like to mention that the african musicians and using of the new there's fighting on the ground in the restoration of confidence and trust as in who view this says the pair of sailing human lives was due to an issue of the ocean and forced to deal with it evolving further casualties of. people being killed the infrastructure being destroyed the world's richest soon of than it has to people out three series as a whole and. the
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following is a severe thunderstorm watch announcement from the national weather service the national weather service has issued severe thunderstorm watch number three hundred eighty six effective until nine pm this washing crews the following counties in delaware canton newcastle and cecil maryland in the following counties in new jersey burlington captain cumberland gloucester hundred in missouri mine weapon salem in the following counties in pennsylvania box chester delaware montgomery in philadelphia and delaware bay waters north of the east point new jersey just like a beach delaware remember a severe thunderstorm watch means that conditions are favorable for the development
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of severe weather including large hail and damaging winds and close to the rush area while severe weather may not be imminent present should remain alert for rapidly changing weather conditions and listen for later statements and possible warnings stay tuned to no weather radio commercial radio and television outlets or internet sources for the latest severe weather information repeating severe thunderstorm watch number three hundred eighty six has been issued from one twenty five pm until nine pm for the following counties in delaware canton new castle and cecil maryland and the following counties in new jersey burlington captain cumberland gloucester hundred and missouri mind weapon salem in the following counties in pennsylvania box chester delaware montgomery and philadelphia and delaware bay waters north of east point new jersey despite a beach delaware. also . in order to restore
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stability i would like to thank mr frankel to stun my point is a need to. to come to germany for this meeting this meeting that we're having today was based on the negotiation and consultation that we had had. between us. that you. don't want just. because. you know you push with the. interest you. the leaders of our nations have a called upon us to work in this direction and we can tell you tonight that we have followed up on their instruction our task was clear it is to deescalate the complicated situation in ukraine to that end we needed
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a whole range of issues number one would be the cease fire and then issues such as hostages border controls. today. in the afternoon. but we managed to arrive at a number of agreements and a number of an arrangement you can see them on paper we have also agreed on the perspective. for mutual work for collaboration of course a lot of things that will need to be agreed upon and coordinated further on but this is an important step that we have just made and diplomacy it is the task of diplomacy to ensure peace and stability and i hope that our agreements of today. in berlin will the militias quite often is about who will help us move in the right direction when you prove your generosity and i'm paying for children with the
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charity chanelle that our city get have you already agreed on the frame was when these and tonight terrorist operation is ended in ukraine and who will guarantee that this ceasefire is not violated by the separatists. for wrong and for to suffer because of. this agreement and creating the necessary framework you know the context loops to come into talks with. important two bytes and it will be instrumental in the carrying on your show ceasefire mutual it's important. to think that in the framework condition in place and manner that you can find in the language of this agreement if we encourage everyone and everyone is bad everyone everyone who can do this his or her bit to bring about such a situation should see us find obviously such
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a mutual cease fire once it is agreed also needs to be abided by and respected and that is a second step but that second step is something that i think we ought to look to take a closer look at once and the agreement on a mutual cease fire is in place. the. allow me to complement this by saying that the document stipulates stands and they cease fire. when it is a grade will be monitored by the area see the mission that has already down on the ground in ukraine with. the nand this is corresponds fully with the mandate here we have that the mission. will monitor in an objective way.


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