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tv   Cross Talk  RT  July 4, 2014 3:29am-4:01am EDT

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every other person saying their opinion on camera we've got to be a lot more careful but that's just my opinion. it's about seven years old it's one of the largest ten cities on the east coast of america and it's got about one hundred people here just because of economics the cost of housing in this area especially is very high and i believe as an american we have a writes. about honor to possess public land until something is created that's my house you see back there live it send them to well at least then. if we hadn't done that we wouldn't have been home i want to go we don't just how do you know people a tent city we don't know anybody that needs help so tell your friend to just give us more take care of him or a mistake i'm never going to censor the internet with one fell swoop got
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a place to live once on monday i'll be out here with my dog. pillow unwelcoming props for all things are considered i'm peter lavelle indecision in ukraine while it appears there is a commitment to a multilateral ceasefire in the country fighting continues again talks the talk of peace though its forces pursue their assault in the east is pushing coke in control . to cross-talk the crisis in ukraine i'm joined by my guest alexander in the cross if in law. and in he is a political commentator and
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a former kremlin adviser also in london we have belton he is a journalist who's been covering east ukraine for the b.b.c. and the independent and in moscow we crossed john roberts he is a writer presenter in journalist for the voice of russia right gentlemen cross-talk rules in fact that means you can jump in anytime you want public about a month ago you wrote an article titled what a shanghai is likely to fail as ukraine's new president do you still agree with i wouldn't want to be in his shoes he probably wishes he was still. selling chocolate he's got a lot to. the deck stacked against him you know this war is probably actually to be the most popular thing that he does pretty soon i.m.f. india is going to come online the gas price going to have to go up the i.m.f. prediction of the economy is not going to grew very fast so it will be a very rocky twelve months this is probably actually is going to be as good as it gets for an interesting way alexander you know cease fire no cease fire cease fire
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no cease fire we have the berlin talks and then we have the state department saying go go go i mean what's going on here the americans are not saying the same thing as the europeans that's for sure. well i think of the whole crisis have does demonstrate that. america has a separate agenda from europe if this trying to basically drive away between the russians europe it is failing a lot of the statements coming from europe should be taken with a pinch of salt because you know americans expect some of the needless to say some tough things trust me for example that they in britain david cameron and his government are not very keen on spoiling relations with russia the companies like b.p. like shell the pressing problem the government saying are you you know are you saying guys what are you doing we have multi-billion dollar contracts that are in russia and you are talking about you know the rest extensions and song as regards
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president poroshenko i think he did his job already i think he was elected to sign that deal with the e.u. that's said done but throw now can do whatever he wants he can you know basic osip and just listen to the or this coming from washington so i mean what's the owl and maybe what i think it's a little bit more complicated than that john if i can go to you here in moscow you know he has right sector looking at him to you know the mog obviously and sitting there in in the my don they're keeping a close eye on he's got to do something or he's going to lose their support. that's absolutely right i don't envy petro poroshenko i don't support him either but he's almost in an impossible situation i agree his i think his main task was signing the e.u. agreement he's done that he also has to keep himself out of some international tribunal or facing a war crimes charges so he has try to play both sides of the fence if you listen carefully to his speech as though there's some very coded language for the right
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sector in there so it's really down for that he's following. something other than their agenda in my opinion of if you think the train has left the station because if you look at some of the video coming out of east ukraine i mean shelling a village is i mean these people were no threat to anyone it is quite dreadful looking at these pictures here it's going to be very i mean what if they go said he was going to go to the east the first thing he would do and he didn't he went west ok had a nice photo ops with people but i think the train has left the station i'm really worried about that i don't want to see any kind of military intervention from russia i mean that very very clear that would be a terrible terrible mistake but the slaughter continues can i say something on that now let me go but it's all the france let's go to public go ahead. now that i've been in the east for the last month since i was in these to election day. what's amazing is that both the d.n.i.
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and kiev are saying that they're going to talk even they agreed on when state to carry on talking in the me to try that before not on saturday it kind of looks like pushing it was trying to achieve a quick cheeky advantage on the ground just drink them him at the table you know he's going to lift forces on the ground for one now he's got between forty thousand and sixty thousand forces deployed in the east in march there were probably six thousand battle ready troops in ukraine that's that's that's that's a massive escalation terms of on the ground these chaps are letting to fight as they grew because the forces we don't typically could. states took over and there's been some in some pretty key personnel changes but galatea just come in as minister of defense there's also been this this famed crowdsourcing of kits and even the people's drones. both sides have got some pretty hefty preconditions even though they've been saying that they're willing to talk to the rebels having to lay down their arms that you can force them to withdraw entirely from the east but i mean i
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heard from a couple of leading separatists in the administration building went and talked to them over the last couple of weeks that they don't think they could hang on for more than a month or two so i think both sides know that there's going to be a little more there's going to be some sort of political economy i'm even if both of them see the you know the the moment. i think that the one thing the key of could maybe be used to leaned on is. you know he said in an operation speech that evolution was crimea to he is quite convinced that any forward devolved government would basically be taken over quite quickly by by people to be obstructionist and quite strongly procurement. it's not completely clear to me that's the case and one of the interesting things i mean the important thing about the separatists the d.n.r. is there articulating sense of grievances that are pretty widespread in the east so even after arms are laid down i think at that point you've got such
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a massive difference three years i'm very of the mind on the national debt even done by us ok john we have to be stitched together somehow somehow john jump in go ahead. i just i want to protest about the label separatists but it's ok because i just wonder underline the fact that i mean that the people who are being bombed they didn't do anything other than disagree to be ruled by a i'm sorry it's a nazi fascist who. legally grab power and they're being punished for disagreeing with that as far as a military operations i think it's about time there was some sort of international at least a peacekeeping operation i don't know how russia would be able to play a role there is they've already been labeled the aggressor but really the civilian population needs absolutely needs to be protected there it's i think that's imperative i still don't understand why the european union is just sitting on their
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hands ok i don't i don't think they are sitting on their hands alexandrovitch let the oh isn't that who we got alexander here alexander you know this is this is the problem here because you know one of the things that really bothers me with western main stream coverage of this is that all of the diplomacy that russia has been pushing behind the scenes in front of the scenes and we had mr lavrov and berlin talking to anyone that would listen to him to bring peace to this country and russia continues to push diplomacy you know i think the problem is this we are always talking about what key if and put a president finking on saying we're doing but unfortunately it's not but missed the prussian koos deciding but that's the washington people who decide what he's going to say and what he's going to do and then my personal opinion america's at the moment not interested in a new peace in eastern ukraine at all and there's a reason for it and the reason being that this is
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a crap we are witnessing and grap by american companies now that talking a lot about you know democracy the future of ukraine and your rope. the wonderful future in reality behind the scenes they are taking all the ukrainian assets they have already taken all the spy ply which runs from russia to our desk that's the chemical. chemicals going there to address it to a future and to price which i think is already being bought by the american company so what they're doing is that they're taking a full industry chemical industry in ukraine they don't need peace in washington to be established in ukraine they will do anything to stop any negotiations that is why you people pointed out you know russia is doing most its most i don't even know what else can put in and lavrov say i'll do that can
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convince the americans to stop doing something but it won't work it won't work this is an assett grab this is a typical aggression ok if i go back to you and want to meet you i agree on says some level it's an answer grab it if the country becomes a failed state that it's worth nothing. yes i i think you are right on this i think it a privilege a couple days ago. no matter what exactly does the putin wants one second thing that he does not want is is a completely destabilized ukraine he doesn't want it to fall to pieces on the border. this is not in any sense in his interests. and i do you think that there will be a massive step back the precipice reasonably soon in terms of the a russian economy to stop growing actually to the i.m.f. just said because of the level to sanctions new body. inside or the russian side wants it to escalate to this actions. do you think we will start to see some
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political winding down of this at all the let me let me finish let me just one minute and johnny are we go to the break here i mean i guess i think that we we missed the point of the political players in kiev we have some really radical people on the ground that push angle has to be very very worried about they want results and i worry that we're going to get to my dom three i think that's quite possible as far as the failed state i don't think they really care i mean if you look at the people in libya if you look at what they did to iraq i mean and we have they can just buy oil from the bandits that are running around in the and there are islamic terrorists and what i want to say about the media coverage because i've had people coming from directly from don boss i've done several interviews i've been in contact with a lot of people and what i've heard is that our coverage artie's coverage which is the only probably normal coverage in the world of all this is actually not showing how she's really really bad it is it's worse than what we're us right john i like what you say but we got to go to a short break after lunch break we'll continue our discussion on ukraine stay with
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our. this immediately though so we leave the media. by the same motions to cure. all your party musical. questions that no one is asking with the guests that you deserve answers from it's all on politicking only on our t.v. . as a new physician i swear to abide by the hippocratic oath. to the best of my ability
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and judgment. i will prescribe for the good of my patients. i will not give deadly doses to anybody. or advise others to do so. i will never do harm to the. doctors of the dogs onto. that the piece of legislation was
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a terrible mistake and the i'm very hard to take on to let once again a little longer here is a plot that never had sex with the target there's no lens lets a little blood. tests. listed the m . one of the subject. of the.
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welcome back to cross talk where all things are considered to remind you we're discussing the recent developments of the ukraine crisis. ok patrick i go back to you in london and some of the things you said earlier in the program find really quite interesting because the way things are going this this anti-terrorist operation they're not gaining any results or killing people but they're not getting any political results and it's dividing the country more and more and i would surmise that pretty soon there were to feel like they're occupied by kiev and that's something that is untenable that will keep the country very divided and we could even see something like a guerrilla war start which russia does not need on its border go ahead. in many respects i actually agree with
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a lot of that i mean the ukrainian forces already being seen in a lot of the east. badly this this is tearing a creative part of it i mean you're starting. what's amazing is senior separatists have told me over coffee last couple of weeks at the beginning of my dorm the support they sought is antek as a crusade against corruption you know they can sign on with a lot of the things that people are saying there in kiev and look where it's gotten i mean if you've got a national data that's come out of my don that doesn't speak at all to the east doesn't gauge them it doesn't do anything for them doesn't really work them in and then in the east there are more maybe than at any point the last decade starting to see themselves as a separate has been connected is not understood some one done boss said to me the other day you know patty they're talking about building a wall to keep us while things are what is a source is all about and how to spin game of thrones to. instill advance i mean a city of a hundred twenty thousand people has no electricity really. somewhere around thirty
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to forty thousand people a flared muesli cotton club as a way to speed up the course they're in at the moment i mean the people who are left to generally be quite infirm quite old really it is a bad situation and just the best for everyone really the soonest that you know what's really interesting here is what i've got alexander and now we have the association agreement where the country is going to go quite possibly into a depression in its four already i mean this is why push and go has to get something done something on his name because now the real pain economic pain and economics affects everyone and this is going to start starting immediately and the winter is coming we have no gas contract russia has no gas contract with ukraine i mean the worst of it's ahead of us. i have i have absolutely no idea how and you know president poroshenko and his people were thinking you know how this will work out when they signed this agreement i know that had a sort of
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a contract to fulfil that we're on the step but you know technically on the gun collar they're going to do this when this impact of that agreement kicks in seriously and you know the one when we were talking about before even before the agreement was signed i made the point to some of the ukrainian officials that they're being union is not in good shape itself so i said you know what are you doing why are you trying to get into it when it's a sinking ship and he get they don't understand that you know because the big place apart from germany for example that will bankrupt britain is bankrupt technically france is bankrupt italy is bankrupt and yet they're going in there is no money on the table has no money on the line on the table. absolutely now i come to understand well but i shouldn't chris people are sitting there and planning that
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you know a comeback strategy ok so i always go the alexander and i will know what i want to go to john right now i found out in the last few hours the only thing ukraine is going to be allowed to export to the european union are eggs really that's it that's it on both well i believe all. their whole industry is going to be completely wiped out i mean if they can trade with russia that's it they're finished i mean there are there are industrial sectors going to be gone their military industrial sector is going to be gone their agricultural sector is finished. i don't see you mentioned they're all bankrupt well in ukraine they're going to have a lot of free cheap resources that's the way i'm reading it i mean they've got that four point two billion or what is it of gas that's already russian gas that they're holding there and i guess what are they going to sell that or get that for free or what. i go back to you in london i think one of the interesting things and i think it's not commented on anough in media is that the way things are going with this
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european association agreement and the south stream pipeline russia can replace its factories it'll be a little painful but they'll have new factories not soviet era factories will have new ones in russia they won't have to worry about what i'm getting at is that russia has a long term view now of course there's going to be suffering particularly for the people in the east but it's just not worth it it's not worth it if the european union and the americans want ukraine take it it isn't going to bend there's a difference between economic integration and actually joining the e.u. they're not doing you any time soon i mean that is deep and meaningful free trade that's all they're going to be offered for the foreseeable there will be weight is they will be in the west they will be heavy loses there in the east and internal discussion that ukraine's know it how it is how winners from korea trade are going to compensate losers and. it has to have that conversation alexander do you want to jump in there well i think that basically the problem is that for ukraine is that
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there is no threat that you're on the table the european union is offering them nothing america is offering them nothing and this was basically an opportunist step by signing that the agreement and we now can on the stand by the way why victor unocal which didn't go for that because i think i suspect he's people told him that with this is a trap this is a swamp we're going to go in and work and that we will never get out of it so in this respect it's very difficult to understand the lord or the people in key if if if we don't assume that these people they're not playing to stay long that they have plenty probably to move out and you know base their future somewhere else then it works out for them but for the long term future of the country there are you know i don't understand how it's going to work and i suspect nobody on the stand i do i have and i got a theorist i got to say that i've got
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a theory ok john here's my theory ok ok he pull like victoria nuland don't want vladimir putin helping out in syria you know the chemical weapons and people like victoria nuland doesn't want a country like russia to be involved in iran's nuclear program and pledged weapons that they don't want russia's help that's what the problem is this is payback and they want to create a a problem on a huge problem on russia's border and blame all of it on russia and you know by the way make the russians pay for it on top of it that's what it works out to exactly i don't know that i can add to what you said i mean. i think you would you pretty much got it ok you who want to do you want to jump in there you want it well well i think you know pete there's another important point you know when you create tension right on the border. over russia you do course russia a lot of problems let's face it and i think this was you know on the political and then the minute to
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a level that i think that's what they wanted to achieve and i think that they caused russia problems that you know let so little waste about that's true the tourist president putin must be a warrior you know if you have tension like that on your board right basically with your door you all boarded the boat this especially this can spill into russia so that they have achieved you know hitting ability i think personally that america is creating instability all across the look what's happening on call in kong you know they've sent a signal to china we can do things that will hurt you and now we have this huge massive demonstration demanding democracy and for some unknown reason all of a sudden just because you know america is playing its games look at the me the least look at everywhere everywhere we're seeing tension and it sometimes makes no sense at all you know not so i thought i'd let you know i want to go back to ukraine there bob because i'll go back to you were in eastern ukraine. and one of the reasons why i wanted you on this program because you had personal experience
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there. did they swung to stay in ukraine in a federated way or the longer this goes on the more they want to be completely separate and ergo join russia which the russians are not keen on really. depends on who you talk to you would talk to and you would have a lot of people even if they see themselves within ukraine as a country who will see themselves as meaningfully russian but they don't want to live in the state of russia they probably have to live in the state they live in this but at the same time their psyche pained when they see attacks on the sea and most of or the phrase that it's often used but which in which peter this this causes them some some some angsty even though they see themselves within ukraine as a project the separatists themselves. you talk to them a lot of them will tell you that the beginning they would have been reasonably happy with the federal solution. and then they think the moment for that's passed.
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now there they could hold out for either independence what's interesting is that a lot of them actually are taking their preferred solution is independence and they see themselves in a sort of switzerland yeah will trade center with the. union but their luck they'll be on their own. and you know if they're willing to conceive that a month ago a federal solution would be on the table. to think maybe they could be tempted back to it ok and then of course you'd have a lot of ukrainians because you see them this all is a bit silly. and the people instruments who just want fighting to stop yeah i think you know all of this is unfortunately you know if we look at a year back all of this is so weak as it never should have happened in the first place it was intentionally done alexander what it was you know what about the self-determination of these people on the ground because it really stuck between a rock and a hard place because russia is not going to intervene unless there was some gross gross ethnic cleansing which i don't think you know if they're just killing people one of the time here with their shelling but you know what about their
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self-determination what's going to happen to them well i think you know it's the situation at the moment because of the regime and it's not really sure where you and your willingness to talk to the people in least until there is some willingness to talk. and you know to the discuss the situation then i don't think anything can couple westville by the way have this so-called unity government right they called it unity government when they created the after the cool and it's still people from the you know from the west who have no interest in talking to the eastern pot and and basically no interest in helping the east the cold so until there's this balance exhibit a and actually whether we would be able to balance here gentlemen we've run out of time many thanks and i guess in london and in moscow and thanks to our viewers for watching us here in our d.c. you next time and remember crossing. the ceiling.
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he finished with the economic up and downs in the final month stay for the deal sang night and the rest of the flight think the cake will be everything on. the thames about seven years old it's one of the largest ten cities on the east coast of america and got about one hundred people here just because of economics
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the cost of how is a in this area especially is very high and i believe as an american we have a right. tree about or to possess public land until something is created that's my house you see back there live in it's add them to well we spent tens of thousands of dollars. if we hadn't done that we wouldn't have been home i want to go stand we don't just help you know people a tent city we don't know anybody that needs help so tell your friend to just give us a moral. mistake on never going to city and today in one fell swoop got a place to live once on monday i'll be out here with my dog. for probably the most complex difficult human activity.
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all of us are still locked up. in the phenomenon of friendly fire probably extends back to the invention of gunpowder. to kill a bunch of people you know don't know if they're on their premises there are of us people. right i'm writing. this something shoots my brother in the leg not intentional because it is because it was night time or in the morning even the best given the mesh shoulders. are going to make. this whole idea of brotherhood. and camaraderie in this sense in this context it has absolutely no place.
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ukraine's president says he's ready to reestablish a truce in the country's east but the army steps up the offensive on defined cities with more residential areas coming on. saudi arabia sends thirty thousand troops to the border with iraq for a wave of radical islamist insurgents reportedly force iraqi border guards to flee . and a standoff between asylum seekers barricaded in the band in school and authorities put on a triggering protest in support of the refugees.


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