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tv   Sophie Co  RT  July 11, 2014 2:29am-3:01am EDT

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really. you or me corporations. and leave. we're not going to we won't stop until it is done what is more precious music more movie. welcome to the enco i'm sophie shevardnadze is out says she a crane gripped by a cast civilians are struggling to find safety i should protect innocent people to ring the spotlights to their plight so they wouldn't worry people precious foreign
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ministry has compiled their report and human rights violations in ukraine since the start of the armed conflict the man behind his work the mistress' commissioner for human rights. was my guest today. those who suffer most from war are those who take part in it with the ukrainian army on the offensive will the civilian plight in eastern ukraine get worse who can stop it and how and who should be held accountable. because that's russian foreign ministry commissioner for human rights is great to have you on our show today now we're going to start from the latest news the killings of the russian journalists it's a horrible tragedy obviously. but there's a full fledged war going on in ukraine is it really possible to find who is to blame and who is responsible for the killings. well obviously it is possible or
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what it takes it takes first of all political will. bubble on the part of of kiev authorities korean authorities. definitely we. will think that it is horrible it is absolutely permissible to shoot a drone of this anywhere because they are performing their professional duties they are not taking sides they are not combatants and they are not participants in the conflict but they are civilians and what we witness in ukraine in the eastern ukraine right now ees. eet is military operation which is being waged against not just. people with arms against syrians and sudan casualty is huge in ukraine russian side square guarding journalist precious science is convinced that most killings are deliberate but there was italian journalist with
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his translator also killed why do you to russian side believe that these killings are deliberate well first of all all. drone that is i mean they have markings on their clothes they have markings t.v. or press markings on their vehicles and. there are numerous witness reports that we have obviously formation which is in the open today that they are being persecuted that the russians in this have been persecuted by russian journalists are journalists in general only will not only russian we because attacks of journalists they have continued for for a while and. let's remember british journalists who are there who work that you do for who are absolutely and who was if i'm not mistaken and there and he was also have to have that. several russians on this. have been killed three russians others
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have been killed in this act and then it's at the end of this as well there was there it is impossible not to see that you are shooting at journalists because once again we are clearly marked and. given that information we have all the reasons to believe that. these are deliberate actions and let's not forget that what is happening in other parts of ukraine these are be driven this is basically which we can't because they are you authorities they are counting down. ukrainian journalists not russian ukrainians on this who. allow themselves to speak. against the the the official lay against the official lead or at least to try to do to. put three more or less objectivity the picture of what is happening
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inside ukraine today so it is it is full fledged at tech on the freedom of the media and of freedom of speech want to touch upon the refugee situation as well there is evidence thousands are fleeing the conflict zone and instead here crane by the u.n. asked and this number is one hundred and ten thousand are those numbers accurate well. obviously the it is difficult to count. least number is closer to the real picture and you know that the russian the respective russian authorities they have estimated that almost half a million people have fled to russia. leave the initial u.n. figures are much lower than one hundred of those the u.n. presence is in the eastern ukraine and obviously is not significant they don't have many wanted to. and so they if i. do think that they figure is obviously on all
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that there are much much. out the state department says that there is no evidence to back the un fagan's written figures regarding their refugee flow from eastern ukraine could u.s. monitors thing write it to a crane to monitor maybe to clarify the situation well i believe that. there are some of us more interests this far as the voice even is for this goes. let's not forget that we mean presidents wanted to work in presidents is not the u.n. presence there is the always. they have several hundred monitors unlike you. know i think it's not the mets or all of us are representatives in the wanted to do which is as such i think it's a political line they're watching to the state has been taking they do everything possible not to. not to. see the facts.
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or to misinterpret the facts. so they understand that this is unfortunately this is part of the political game this is part of the information war and we take it as it is that it is it is obviously what we what we hear from the department of state only on this issue asian with if you jeezy's. is unthinkable you know it's difficult even to comment on this so. it is a far cry from the from the real situation. ukraine prevents many to cross the border from ukraine to russia know what happens to us here on doing out their fate well because i found well the feed is it is not difficult to foretell the the fate i mean when i was. on my way to tell you today
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i had to just another report from the russian media that. the blue green ian security forces and the national guard which in rules basically knew enough sentiments of the extremist elements ultra nationalists they restarted shooting at the refugee convoys or just the civilian cars in which people were trying to flee the has that it is and to cross the russian border gears will do is unfortunately are being numbered in hundreds and in civilian casualties over the past several days only after put a. restarted restart it's the military campaign now you've compiled a report the white book that details here and rights violations in ukraine. why do you think anyone outside russia will actually save us report seriously because from what we know everything that comes out of moscow or is lost class family and it is dismissed in the west as not credible well when you see in the in the west i think
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that we have to differentiate a little bit who is in the west if you speak about the official quarters and the official circles yes in the in washington in some of the european capitals obviously they will be happy with our new book they haven't been happy with the first one as far as human race defenders are concerned that we have received positive reports from many of them positive signals that they have read our first book the telephone the first book the first of white book by the russian foreign ministry useful. in their teachings and i think that's where we are pretty much of the mystic that this second wave will not be condoned by those in the west who seriously and practically concerns about human rights situation but i mean the main goal of this report is to start an investigation what happened with the first but
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what are the chances that carries the investigation what are the chances that they missed occasional started and even if it is started what is your and goal what do you want to achieve will do you agree with sort of the they have reported several times that they have that the fed the started in this to the sniper the sniper case the so-called yes even in the huge massacre in a. new will and some on some other or some other tragedies you know there's a good citizen at the ticket that's one civilians but there was investigations made there. objective nor professional so definitely what is needed is the very significant international participation in there was of this that you did a lot of those but just to get off we see you we have council of europe which has established the we. respected group. aimed at helping facilitating the investigation we have you m.
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other internationally as well as it is not an easy path but i am a little just as a diplomat special it was up to as a as a human being as an observer. interested observer absolutely called for the. quite a number of people will be brought to justice you agree this is it will happen i mean you swear that. you have to take a short break right now where i'm going to take a break and well we're back we'll continue to talk to wolf question for i mean is just commissioner for human rights are there talk about who is responsible for the ongoing violence in rest of ukraine and if there's a chance to end the war stay with us.
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this is a media lead also we need to be. part of the scene push and see to the play your party is able. to choose that no one is there with the guests that you deserve answers from. politics. right. first street. and i would think that you're. an army corps.
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i know c.n.n. the m s n b c news have taken some not slightly but the fact is i admire their commitment to cover all sides of the story just in case one of them happens to be accurate. that was funny but it's closer to the truth and might think. it's because one whole attention and the mainstream media works side by side the joke is actually on here the kind that come. at our teen years we have a different approach to the case. because the news of the world just is not this funny i'm not laughing dammit i'm not. ok. if. you guys stick to the jokes i will handle the stuff that i've got to.
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we're back with gus thanks wolf russian foreign minister as commissioner for human rights talking about ukraine now you've mentioned the sniper case in the first part of the program why do you think they should have snipers aligned on hasn't. been resolved why hasn't it been investigated properly because of the heavy use by a certain political groupings of forces or for specifically political businesses to rock the boat and the rope to the boat and they helped the cycle situational. change of power or who did it was there a part of the part of the machinery that's why people who are now with power even
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chieveley who perhaps some of it so much interested in at least not yet in. disclosing. the tools but once again for ultimately i'm sure it will be it will come to the surface. literally them and we will discover i mean we have the international community we will discover a very interesting facts but. violations go both sides there are human rights watch for example says that the self-defense forces are also in eastern ukraine abducting people attacking them some cases even torturing them have you looked in these reports as well well over reports use. is focused on the most of the scribes and. more significant i would say violations of human rights and the principle of the rule of law and those violations have been committed so far. primarily by the by
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the government forces by the extremists all those by tendencies of his bike illinois ski created by column whiskey by the right sector. we do not deny that certain certain. violations also might have been carried out by a by the by the opposition forces so let's call them. you know by people who are. who took up arms in the southeast. but this is the war this is the armed conflict by the way the human rights watch i think for the first time openly qualified. the this situation you create as the internal conflict and. it is important because we have been saying this for for a long time and not all our international partners and colleagues have the courage to admit this it means that geneva conventions are a political it means that the norms of international media and law are. about but
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the shortcuts to do stopping there were allegations used to seize violence is to stop violence is to still be there to ration which is being waged and this is what the believe declaration and geneva agreements are about but you sat through a number one in you say asiri that those responsible for this hideous crisis are mostly the right sector. or the ones who are volunteer battalions from the west but these groups are these people aren't necessarily under the official camp's control south fair is it to blame the official care for what these people are doing and well as. the official as you say ukrainian authorities are still under the obligation to do this design and disband the illegal armed forces from asians and the right sector. one of them and so and now it's part of the next will guard
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you know all you create so the planes we have bore me the administrative buildings and the residential quarters via under keeps control. and there are there is evidence we hear that they have been interceptions of the or because of the over the can the seizures because the pilot said b. and b. and the battery there was you know. the tanks which are there a pretty much end to end there with the ukrainian army they're pretty much on the key was control and they're being executing the orders which are being given by the ukrainian defense ministers officials you know and the offices if it means that large portion of responsibility. rests with key thought it is you know if the if the extremists and you know neo nazis are operating in some cases outside gives control is just another. factor which necessitates. their disarming disbanding and bringing to justice the the the members of those of those
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formations the army of the the those who will those who will fight the civilians who kill civilians so then you know that the next question from the west would be who is responsible to call who would be the authority responsible to disarm the self-defense squads in this chain crane well they're still defense forces in the in the ukraine definitely. because all eyes are looking at russia you know right up to the well russia is not a is not will first of all the president. has said more than once that we do not have control over those or over those there are forces we are not there as russia you know they are fighting in the ukrainian territories territory first secondly i speaking about effective control so secondly definitely are. each used to
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be part of the whole dissolution. if you read the. believe declaration it speaks about about stopping all violence and definitely leading down arms. and we'll let adam is there respected by both sides it is a set fire it is up to that if it is even is not respected them the only alternative is the agreement of the conflict what we see now as we speak is the aggravation of the conflict. and huge increase in the number of civilian casualties so as minister lavrov said that already you know each and every day all of. the without cease fire brings more and more casualties among the civilians because the most vulnerable people in the zone of conflict of the civilians while they are stand apartment spokesperson says that they reason this is for any crane didn't really work out is because the russians have not taken the steps need it for at the end of to implement this is fire they were backed by
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president par shank a horse a set that russia is not fulfilling its promises what exactly is expected from russia well russia does not want to give russia's other participant of the of this conflict we have sad and we are doing what we have pledged we are definitely. calling on the self-defense forces we have actually called on them to respect the first. and definitely they have been way lesions unfortunately on both sides but you cannot compare the scale of those violations you know it is. very and. military aircraft are being used. and they shoot you know indiscriminately this is a huge way of you know you cannot compare it to kalashnikov fire you know but but at the same time although anyway leaf was bad but no no what it was the it was the
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part of the government of president bush and got himself who actually. to give. a critical responsibility to to not to to continue. this is flat and to resume and it's a rhetorician. so basically. this is. this is what happened and this is a fact which is difficult to deny. what we hear from the department of state well you know. if. we let you put it in this way when the longest suppressed pretty much may what we hear from the department of state this is very unfortunate we hold that we still hold that the united states government will will. starts looking at the situation in a more realistic and constructive way and once again whatever we can do we are doing but. the ultimate responsibility for the.
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for originally ceasefire for stopping the the the. facilities rests with the kiev government to give authorities and obviously if it is down and definitely we are confident that the defense forces will follow suit but it should be steady if you don't both science going to both sides then to takes to just a follow up his deputy secretary of state after a new line has sat that it's russia that is to blame for it they just carry ration of the situation in eastern ukraine you know that. you know she. also said at one point that she was distributing those you know cakes to everybody not just to europe my dumb activist but to to to to also to the militia. you know officers you know the. officers you know so
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differently knows better but. seriously speaking i think that it is crucial time for all concerned parties for all parties concerned i mean globally you know. for all parties concerned to. start serious efforts to influence both sides of the conflict to lay down arms to still cause that it is and to start. to start a full fledged political process dialogue aimed at consideration of reforms and aimed at finding compromises which will cater to everybody's interests and to the interest of the entire population of ukraine including south east i think this is you know political games be praised for political games. is is there a way that you know. you know when. small children are being killed on a daily basis i don't think that anyone of the united states anyone irrespective of
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political. political views nobody wants this to happen i'm sure we can just say that they observers are praised aren't objective and a lot of terrorists why one day what's a find and they also say the little children doll area is so much for well we see you know we have russia we have support it's always the mission whole happen and we continue to do so then i think this points of roughly fifteen russian officers russian guys well this morning to us in the in the in the mission we think that they have a critically important member it and if the hopefully bilin degree is. implemented we see you will have under the declaration you agreed to will to play but. so far the only force right you are as well as the u.n.
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observer mission reports they have not been. they have not been. object different off they have become. months they have become a bit more complete. a bit more but looks completely complete total jiggles will be a lot of the still can do a lot of sets. also play legions of human rights by the extremists by the ultra nationalists and by the authorities by the by the ukrainian . army. the still do spirit at them through your shoes which have nothing to do pretty much with the human rights situation in ukraine so we have our problems we continue to have problems with our reports but i think that's hopefully. we will also be more instrumental. in this situation. would be the parties.
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to a cease fire i think it's very important political rule which was he used to play or be un one of those alone there actually is a sense in belgrade freshened foreign ministry sat on the commissioner for human rights thank you very much for this insight because he has put a report together called wide cloak examining all the human rights abuses that took place in ukraine for the past months we're talking about face human rights violations and what should be done with it that's it for this edition of sophie and co and we'll see you next time.
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rejection poetry keep. norris. what really matters. to your facebook. israeli air bombardments of gaza have now led to the deaths of more than ninety palestinians among them many children we hear from those who were right in the midst of the shelling. relations between the u.s. and germany reach a new low. official in retaliation for the latest spy scandal plus. as kiev says it is ready for a cease fire in ukraine's east our teammates and the families.


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