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tv   Headline News  RT  August 4, 2014 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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coming up on our t.v. crisis in gaza the fighting has slowed in some parts of gaza today after a humanitarian cease fire we'll have an update on the violence and a look at how the u.s. has boosted israel's ability to spy on palestine. and u.s. aid workers or undercover spies the u.s. government is accused of sending students to cuba to try and recruit anti-government activists a look at these revelations coming up. and hundreds of we ukrainian but it's not residents crossing into russia to escape the violence find out who later in the
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show. it's monday august fourth five pm in washington d.c. on the military and your watching r t america. and as the violence in gaza rages on new revelations from edward snowden show the u.s. is more involved in supporting the israeli side of the conflict than previously known glenn greenwald reports in the intercept that the us national security agency has had a far reaching clandestine relationship with the israeli intelligence service according to the documents dated as recently as april of two thousand and thirteen the intelligence agencies share surveillance access interceptions targeting language analysis and reporting on potential threats the n.s.a. has also at least once provided secret payments of as much as half a million dollars in cash to its israeli counterpart the n.s.a.
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along with its british and canadian intelligence agencies have also worked with arab partners like jordan and even the palestinian authority security forces to get inside spying tips on middle eastern targets which it then shares with israel the documents don't show any instances of the n.s.a. identifying specific palestinian targets for israeli forces to strike but its agreement with israel does prioritize quote palestinian terrorists as targets of interest in going greenwald's opinion he wrote quote that covert support is squarely at odds with the posture of helpless detachment typically adopted by obama officials and their supporters. now the u.s. says israel has a right to protect itself from hamas attacks and has called the civilian casualties in the conflict heartbreaking the u.s. has not been completely detached though secretary of state john kerry has traveled
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to the region in an effort to negotiate a cease fire and on friday congress voted to spend an additional two hundred twenty five million dollars to fund israel's iron dome program. thousands converged at the white house in a demonstration to support gaza people from all over the country showed up on saturday demanding peace in the region and for the u.s. government to stop funding and arming the israelis are lindsey france was at the rally and brings us the details. bombs fall on gaza the death toll climbs relief doesn't calm and crowds gather to protest. after yet another failed humanitarian cease fire with the death toll in gaza climbing nearly each day since early july the thousands gathered here in front of the white house aren't only grieving they are impatient impatient because many of these people's relatives are the ones ducking for cover in gaza many of them are calling this more than just a war of weapons and ideology it's
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a war of rhetoric and perception representatives of this community here in washington say there are two choices for the future proceed the same as before organizing a protest each time bombs fall on gaza and lament the government to media bias or instigate an about face change the perceptions of who they are in the public in the media and in the government how can we be effective how can we influence the decision making here in this country because this obviously is not working u.s. media's role is clearly to evoke sympathy for israel and downplay if not not covered all the palestinian boy you have the majority of casualties on the palestinian side that the children and civilians and the world should be outraged at that that's a war crime on any account and no and there's no way you can dress that up and make it look good it is immoral it's wrong the siege needs to end is really it's a poor pullback and we need to end the occupation as first generation americans and
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immigrants many of them from palestine these people know all too well that they are their relatives the best chance at getting representatives of palestine to turn the ear of the president the congress and of course the state department but after a summer of sex tragedy the question is how do you do that when planes human suffering so far hasn't been enough friends r.t. washington. and egypt is urging israel and the palace. to agree to a seventy two hour ceasefire in gaza starting tomorrow morning this comes after numerous failed truce attempts over the past month just this morning minutes after israel announced a unilateral cease fire that was supposed to last for seven hours for humanitarian relief the israeli air force bombed a palestinian refugee camp in the shati region of gaza city the bombing happened monday killing an eight year old child as well as injuring dozens we're still
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awaiting comments from the israeli military about that attack this latest violence brings the death toll even higher now with over eighteen hundred palestinians killed mostly civilians sixty four israeli soldiers have been lost in three israeli civilians over the weekend israel received sharp criticism from the united states and the u.n. over its strike outside of a united nations run school which killed at least seven the targets were meant to be three islamic jihad as fighters on motorbikes the state department spokeswoman jen psaki said the u.s. was appalled by the quote disgraceful strike with the u.n. secretary general ban ki-moon also calling the attack quote a moral outrage and a criminal act meanwhile israel maintains its need to defend itself israeli defense forces spokesman peter lerner spoke with r.t. earlier about that threat that israel says they're facing. well here's the reality
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that we are facing israel continues to be threatened by indiscriminate rockets that are launched by hamas to israel even as we speak even during the continued days as we've seen in the last three and a half weeks i can also say that they have continued to attempt to attack us through tunnels and indeed we had the incident on friday when two two soldiers and then a third were killed in an attack coming out from a tunnel and this is a repeating occurrence so the i.d.f. is faced with a huge challenge we are charged with defending the state of israel that is what we are doing that is what we are trying to do we are doing it in church in a in a extremely complex situation where the terrorist organization this huge body of of hamas which has hundreds and hundreds of militants are utilizing exploiting the civilian arena just yesterday i have an indication of an unknown or a school that for eleven times during the day rockets were launched from specific
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location so it's a huge challenge something we are facing but indeed we are determined to stop the attacks against israel and while israel says it needs to defend itself from hamas palestinians in the west bank are admonishing what they see as the israeli bombardment of the people in gaza many west bank palestinians also gather supplies for the thousands of displaced people in gaza who have no running water or electricity or any other basic necessities are teens hairy fear is in ramallah with more. billboards and banners across the city read here now we are going. this so is remote now palace signs and ministers of capital since israel's campaign began nearly a month ago the outrage at the devastation rule to gaza is one point eight million inhabitants has boiled over into solidarity demonstrations and angry clashes
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several nuclear bomb killed some shot in your chest with blind sided by israeli troops people here are in mourning their lives on hold we do not come ourselves like a distance apart of palestine living the war we watch the news. we send i would say as we said that was so. our deep hurdle our hearts is with because then people west bank palestinians see gaza's horror on their t.v.'s and in newspapers filled with herring images of death ruins of those stuck inside gaza what they consider a defacto ghetto just tens of kilometers away they are not fighting to come out they are fighting their humanity i'm crying in front of the screens of the t.v.'s. the few do under thing go ahead because many palestinians here have relatives in gaza who've been injured or killed in these past weeks don't diminish or abu dahdah
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those fifteen relatives in the highly dangerous border neighborhood in southern gaza not a single house skates the shelling so the structure is totally we are not able to do anything but to just with the news the bad news. in recent weeks not only has hamas strengthened but also the islamic jihad movement flexing against israel from within gaza it's clear that all palestinians here have gaza are on their mind with prevailing anger at israel's actions frustration with their own powerlessness and dismay at the world's reaction sorry fear archie from a lot. a young aid worker gets recruited to infiltrate an enemy country undercover and recruit the youth of that country to spark a revolution while that may sound like the plot of a new summer spying movie it may actually be a reality according to a new report from the associated press the u.s. agency for international development or better known as u.s.
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aid has been trying to destabilize the country of cuba using young latin americans to infiltrate identify and support potentially dissident cuban youth u.s. aid its website states that they are the lead us government agency that works to end extreme global global poverty and enable resilient democratic societies to realize their potential but is that the case down in cuba to break down this summer's latest real life spine movie i was joined earlier by our t.v. producer tyrrel ventura i first started out by asking him what u.s. aid was doing in cuba in the first place. well it's interesting they they had hired kind of a subcontractor to a company called creative associates international to do this work and one assembly they were doing is they they took about a dozen a couple dozen twenty somethings from venezuela coast rica and other latin american countries and sent them to cuba where they posed as tourists tourists you know
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visit the college campuses and then actually created like an hiv prevention workshop but this was all under the cover of doing that work are doing these things but it was all of the cover kind of recruit catalog and find like who in the cuban youth would be dissident to the castro. government the castro government down there and in you know and really kind of be able to report back and kind of make a database almost of potential dissidents in that they would be on our side in an acting change in cuba where those kids and where they aware of what they were signing up for from the get go yes i mean they generally were i mean they they were given specific instructions of like what to look for how to do is that they are on board yeah i did much i mean the. usaid and the creative associates international is also the same group that created the zooms in a.o. kind of twitter you know like the cuban version of traitor that eventually was
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found out to be funded by the u.s. government and they were going to kind of like get everybody in cuba hooked on twitter the question of twitter and then potentially try to use that to enact revolution of the revolution died like egypt or something right so these kids were you know they they knew what they were doing and they knew what they were being asked to do but when you look at it you know when you look at like who these kids were and what they're being asked to do it's kind of concerning i mean they were getting paid maybe five bucks an hour to do this and maybe had thirty minute seminar on like how to spot cuban intelligence agents are any minute right there i'm being asked to do the job of what like a cia agent or somebody like that should be doing. yeah but these are just kids who don't really know what they're doing and so there's a very there's a danger to that cuba considers what usa does. you know they consider that punishable down there with jail time like that it's very it's highly dangerous for these kids to be there in the abstraction for these kids like to get
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them guns like what do you know anything about it as if they taught him how to operate like do code work they you know they taught him how to like you know if you say that i have a headache it means you might be being monitored by the cubans you know if you say your sister is ill on the phone or and or in an e-mail that means that you need to get out of there but really they they weren't given any kind of escape routes they were being protected in any way they basically said look if you're caught don't mention america don't mention creative associates international don't mention u.s. usaid just simply contact your home country's embassy so again they were kind of using these kids to get information about potential cuban dissidents and then if they were caught leave them out to driving like six bucks an hour the proverbial five dollars an hour i don't know it's pretty interesting you know it is especially in light of the just recently u.s. aid worker alan gross was caught in cuba and imprisoned for bringing illegal technologies with cuba deemed illegal technologies into the country like an i phone or something right. to any of this work actually and courage any of the dissidents
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are going to get anything even happened while there any warning as is the according to the a.p. and other reports is that none of you know as far as you can tell none of their kind of political objectives actually were before men were made you know you know in fact a lot of the cuban contacts were kind of shocked that these people they were talked to or thought they were just other youth from from peru and all that they were shocked to find out that they had an agenda as to why they were giving them information or helping them along it's interesting you know these cuban kids even were also saying you know they may have taken to an extreme just you know kind of complaining about potholes or come. plaining about the general baracoa see the country that they were not really dissidents as much as we're just regular citizens complaining about our government candor that guys now when us aid. we're confronted with this i mean i read the statement here they said this work is not secret it's not covert nor is it undercover and steady it's important to our
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mission to support universal values and extreme poverty and promote resilient democratic societies what does that mean for a u.s. aid going forward and doesn't isn't this kind of a black eye on there will be very much i mean you're talking about you know they they do legitimate health work around the world but i mean the three billion worth of the enrile jive the program that they conduct you know but now when you look at this company when they go into these impoverished nations they're going to be constantly looked at will are you here right to do what you say you're here to do or are you here to potentially undermine our leadership and you're trying to overturn usaid does have a history of working with the cia a lot of time the cia will use their agents under cover of being like the u.s. aid worker and go into countries to do their job of finding a mouse and things like that but what made this so kind of disgusting like i said earlier that they were using you know kids who were training to be covert
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operatives you know but you know there's a huge potential danger for them in this block guy from getting kind of caught doing this i mean they can say you know well this is just what we do you know using programs to kind of circumvent other programs a dangerous thing there's a lot more to fall out for that i'm sure that was our team producer tyrrel ventura thanks so much for being here. hundreds of ukrainian soldiers have made their way over the border into russia but the reasons for this are up for debate russia says they've offered up safe passage and sanctuary for more than four hundred ukrainian soldiers who they claim abandoned their duties and of those men one hundred sixty four of them were ukrainian border guard guards who all deserted their posts on sunday night however the ukrainians are disputing these claims from questioning the man count offering a different explanation altogether for why they crossed over into russia kiev
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claims the soldiers were forced to retreat over the border due to heavy fighting not desertion with more on this is r t is maria for know she a she's at the border and has spoken to some of the soldiers. on sunday night four hundred thirty eight ukrainian military laid down their arms and crossed into russia through a google border checkpoint looking for a shelter here one hundred eighty of them held a gun back home but two hundred fifty are still here in this tent camp in russia to restore friesian it was set up specially to embrace them we were able to speak to some soldiers and officers here and this is what they say about what happened and why. we were in circles we had no way out so to keep the manpower say oh commanders started to get to russia i think for no clear reason the ukrainian population is destroying it. because on both on this story and they are the same people are not enough authority smike know brian we're just doing it. we
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already here reaction from officials in kiev they kind of just defy the military's behavior saying they were under shall reign for a month they were running out of ammunition and weapons and they practically didn't have other choice and the commanders took this decision to save the boys' lives we've been almost completely answered i mean ition and fuel for the past two weeks even provisions ran out i couldn't feed my people they're worn out not so much by the fighting but rather by despair the only help we got from kiev where hang in there commands and during the past week they didn't even get in touch with us that we were already dead to save people commanders decided to cross the russian border we've had to leave our equipment and weapons on the other side saving the people was our priority actually this not for the first time that we see something like this happening just last weekend we saw a dozen of ukrainian military again and last month forty others laying down their arms and crossing into russia again and asking for shelter here some of them were
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explaining it saying that they did not one to fight against their own people in eastern ukraine as you know large scale military operation or how kiev calls that anti terror peroration in the. sponsible country still continues others were complaining of all it's a very bad situation in the army and like obama nation weapons and training that was r t correspondent maria and osha. and alleged desertion isn't the only problem facing ukraine's military there's also a food shortage artie's marina closer ever has more. to go they've been called up to serve their country but with complaints of having to fly on their own people diminishing supplies and or living conditions more role in the ukrainian army seems to be hitting rock bottom. is the. business news.
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or the story that we. are says there. are the other. and it's not just poor equipment frustrating the troops as many are forced to live on supplies sun from home we had to got most of the bread from these eight love with of they only have a small edible part in the middle but there are a lot of people here see a couple of cool things for you while others say they're being left to fend for themselves you know. the you know there was zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero second all that into account it's hardly surprising that women in ukraine are begging their loved ones to stay put. mothers and wives of
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those who were going to be sent to the war zone held protests rallies and strikes across the country in an effort to block the ongoing recruitment drive and it's not only out of fear for their lives. but the reason it was used and yet the news cycle that does that to me is that you could see fifteen year olds like i'm looking. like the crimean army should have money to feed and equip their soldiers they get extra cash from online fund raising campaigns a special military tax salaries cuts and from sales over so-called separatists here's mineral water but it appears the proceeds don't always reach the soldiers as of august the first will have nothing to pay the military. concentrations are not the reports of the war in the celestial agencies despite their earlier should crack down. this is what happens when local governments are
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fishing when trying to encourage my view on the. sea just that he should go to the from the morning we saw. during the crash. in new york city the ruling from the medical examiner on the cause of death for eric garner the man who was placed in a choke hold by the new york police department caught on tape that went viral has now been ruled a homicide garra can be heard in the video telling officers he couldn't breathe as they continued to apply the choke hold as they took him down by force a choke hold a band maneuver by the police department does abel's blood from traveling to the brain as well as causes a sexy asian and now the n.y.p.d. is under fire yet again this time in a case involving a naked woman artie's on the stasi a church has more on the story from new york. two weeks after an arrest involving an n.y.p.d. chill pill that led to the death of forty three year old father of six eric garner
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causing outrage and local communities in new york a video of another controversial arrest by the n.y.p.d. earlier this summer is causing a stir in footage obtained by the new york daily news forty eight year old mother of four denise stewart has an altercation with police involving roughly a dozen officers wearing nothing but for underwear according to reports the n.y.p.d. have received a nine one one call over potential domestic disturbance on july thirteenth but did not get an apartment number they knocked on steward's door after hearing shouting and she told the officers they have the wrong apartment steward reportedly having just stepped out of the shower was wearing a towel that ended up slipping off during the chaos during attempts to cuff her to the steward spent over two minutes in the hallway of her brooklyn building just in her underwear topless as neighbors repeatedly yelled out the female officer should be involved and that stewart has a smile while the woman herself also asked for oxygen. literally the house naked
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woman collapsed onto the floor only afterwards she covered with a towel by an officer the n.y.p.d. claims denise stewart's twelve year old daughter and visible injuries on her face an investigation is currently ongoing into these child abuse allegations the twelve year old and her mother were charged with assaulting an officer while two other children often use stewart in their twenty's for resisting arrest reports also suggest that the n.y.p.d. had pepper sprayed jimmy stewart's four year old grandson in the old tradition the family lawyer says the family is mortified and the woman is still in shock while questions regarding the punjab a young white p.d. during such an altercation are yet to be answered and an investigation into exactly what topics ongoing each similar controversial case and disturbing video only deepen the mistrust between police and the local community and the goal of the n.y.p.d. to establish a more trustworthy relationship between the two as has been promised by new york officials. will we be harder to. face if you're going up or to. water woes
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seem to be an ongoing theme across the us lately from droughts in california the shut off in detroit to now toxic water in ohio and michigan today toledo ohio mayor michael collins lifted a water ban that sent relief to thousands of people near lake erie over the weekend thousands of households in both ohio and michigan were told to avoid drinking the water due to algae the city lifted the advisory after dozens of tests over the weekend showed an algae induced toxin contaminating lake erie had dropped to safe levels residents spent the weekend looking for bottled water which was in short supply the national guard was called in to help the governor of ohio says the state will conduct a full review of what happened including taking a look at toledo's engine water system and figuring out how to reduce pollution that feeds algae into the western end of lake erie and that does it for now see you back here at eight o'clock. in the financial world.
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to see these developments coming up. we take you. live there are there are fucked. from. the five hundred ninety six square mile hanford site sits in the desert of southeastern washington state the site was home to several native american indian tribes for centuries then the white man come in and started making nuclear weapons there and one nine hundred forty three that continued up until one thousand nine hundred seventy when the last reactor stopped operating producing all of those nuclear weapons left solid and liquid nuclear waste which now pose
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a threat to the entire area including the columbia river which is great by this site the department of energy cleaned up a bunch of the radioactive waste but a lot of the area is still contaminated one of those hotspots is hanford's s. reactor the deal he just released its proposal for how to clean it up ready for it their plan is just to leave the contaminants there and let them naturally break down and just to keep an eye on it all for two hundred and sixty four years because that's how long it would take for the area to be in the clear that's the deal we use all some clean up plan they say the conditions don't pose a risk to living things and that they be watching very closely but the hanford advisory board thinks otherwise the nonpartisan board's job is to study the hanford site and make recommendations about the clean up and they think the daily needs to do a lot more than just let the contamination take centuries to go away on its own because
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there's a good chance it will leak into the columbia river before then they want to build a pump system that would cost one hundred ninety four million dollars to drastically reduce health and environmental. but the daily's says and that's too expensive don't worry about it we'll just monitor it for centuries and just tell everyone not to live there or something but they're keeping an eye on is a bunch of contaminants including strontium ninety which takes one hundred fifty years to dissipate and hazardous nitrates which are present as a result of the government testing the effects of radiation on farm animals at the f. reactor site such a pleasant place this hanford site right where they built nukes and a radiated animals but the deal we just want to leave the mess there and keep controls in place like testing the soil now and then and making sure no one digs around there for two hundred sixty four years that's how long it will take for the contamination to no longer pose a threat to drinking water in the deal used planned.


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