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the slippery slope doesn't only concern the use made of these machines. technological evolutions give these weapons more and more sophisticated capabilities in. the sea ram is a cannon that destroys missiles while they're flying. it is fully automated and decides to shoot by itself. we can turn the machine on we can turn the machine off while the machine is operating we can't stop it but when you have a missile coming in your reaction time is what i call mid course war. you have
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less than a second to decide and if you're wrong you've not only killed yourself but all your friends and soldiers around you. autonomy is the new wave it is the word in the mouth of every specialist these robots are they so skilled that they will eventually become independent and execute missions without human input. no sharky is a professor of robotics field university in the u.k. . he knows what military researchers are preparing. what concerns me most about the drones is not the five not the currently. in the loop drones but it's the future plans towards autonomy and the means drones that work on their own select their own targets and kill them and this seems that
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these are going to be required in the future if you're fighting a sophisticated force because the first thing they will do is to jam all the signals so you want feedback coming back you won't be able to control your drones cetera so most restarting much aware of this and the united states roadmap since two thousand and four has been discussing the idea of the next stage from money in the loop to man only. to the about a year ago i was at an international law conference and there are all these international lawyers arguing back and forth and one of them was the. general counsel for the u.s. air force and he said we would never ever work on armed autonomous systems because that would violate the law we would never ever do something like that and all the lawyers might be that's right that's right that's right and a couple days later i was at our office of naval research and we were laughing about it because i was meeting with a couple scientists who were working on our top of the systems this isn't science
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fiction things out of the future we're working on this right now. and indeed the export seven b. is finishing its trials and will be operational in twenty fifteen. it's a supersonic drone completely autonomous which will be able to decide by itself whether to shoot down a target or not. but there's there's worse than that there's a program by darpa which is still in the early stages of testing but testing has been done and that's the t.v. to program and there's a jet called the fulcrum and that has been tested at twenty two thousand kilometers per hour and that's not supersonic that is hypersonic now the him of this program is that the united states will be able to have an armed combat plan anywhere on the
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planet within a thirty minute when do so anywhere on this planet they can get to instantly well thirty minutes and be ready combat ready within the time flying from the united states and that's very worrying because that what that means is the united states border zone is not the whole rest of the planet that is the united states. it's that good last step in the industrialization in the in the industrial revolution is to industrialize warfare make it really clean see a factory of death were robots can go and completely destroy and kill with like people really being unfolds much.
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but the really big change in the overall history of war is we went from fighting inside machines to fighting an outsider machines that we went from having to zero robotic systems in the u.s. military to now we have more than seven thousand of them and this is only the start that there were only a couple of countries dabbling with unmanned systems to now more than fifty countries around the world whether it's the u.s. the u.k. france germany israel russia china australia pakistan iran that all of them shoved into this robotics field to me that's what batters. just me please you even been. a resistance is building up against proliferation is there any amen and somalia i
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speak out on behalf of those in this in think they deserve an apology from you mr brennan well how many people are you willing medea benjamin is used to shock actions people here in the pacifist militant is addressing paul brennan the then anti terrorist in chief for obama to drown strife i speak out on behalf of the you will run out of walking sixteen year old born in denver he'll be a bit just because his father was like i speak on behalf of the constitution on behalf of the rule of law i love my country. by killing oh my. god. man full of activists want to raise awareness of new dangers linked to the
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unstoppable rise of drones in military operations. in the suburbs of las vegas media has gathered her pacifist militants to prepare a new operation and taunt weapons manufacturers. that's what this administration has said that capturing people is messy you don't know where to put them you don't know what kind of trial to give them what do you do if they're innocent killing them easy if they're innocent well too bad too late. the wounds of nine eleven can never be healed. hunt and kill bin laden was a. huge success for the obama administration. but the president never managed to close guantanamo prison. the closing of guantanamo the
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first major pledge from the man who received the nobel peace prize a couple of weeks after entering the white house. even with all the efforts of his team obama never managed to obtain a trial for the prisoners so that they can be found guilty or innocent and sentenced or sent home. they remain locked up in the judicial limbo of the american enclave in cuba. it's fascinating to me when i first brought a lawsuit through other lawyers in america against one ton of we were told by the right wing you know this is absurd you should have legal rights for terrorists and if you insist on legal rights religious killing and i thought that was all true then but one of the ironies and it's a very sad irony. when he opposed one ton of and he was right to oppose it of course is that he's replaced detention without trial with execution without trial and he just kills people know and the idea that the intelligence that america has
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before they kill someone is better than the intelligence they have as they lock someone up for ten years and guantanamo is just silly so we can be pretty certain that the people they kill or render inappropriate as the people they put in runtime that. executions without trial now replace arbitrary detention. or. no. all of this robotic stuff shows that if they can build it they will build it even if it's on why to build it and so that's why we're trying to see. hey we need to stop developing this stuff just give me can build something doesn't mean you should build. because it's not just making the robots it's making the little sensors smoking all the
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components of that the go right these fairs and said what are you going to do when when the wars are over you know when it's many of these and they'll say with a laugh all of them that i've spoken to say we'll just start another war. because they were just a ploy to roll first unit as well for the soldiers fully trained in afghanistan. in a flying force take forty five missions there. that many lives were at about seventy dollars a player then do they have any kills or do you know. they say they're safe to say their first interior ministry. was revealed earlier a specialist for years and. do you think
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manufacturers don't have any responsibility once muslim religious. nutters. thanks for talking to get. there from. the pride of a weapon manufacturer when the dead pile up it means they have a quality product. the. last flight over the fair last action by the anti drones night falls over vegas and the party is over. it's time for us to pass through the looking glass and discover the reality in pakistan. if your friend posts a photo from a vacation you can't afford. to different. the boss
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repeats the same old joke of course. your ex-girlfriend still tends to rejection poetry keep. ignore it. we post only what really matters. to your facebook news feed. do we speak your language. programs or documentaries in arabic it's all here on. reporting from the world talks about seven p. interviews intriguing story or you. can try. to find out because it. waters. the problem because.
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you haven't the whole. process drowns out on the tissue inquiry furthermore restriction. really knows what's side of. the unit been union to net ukraine become part of it it clearly contributed to the bathtub ration of tensions within ukraine ukraine become part of the european union loans telltales ukraine absolutely doesn't have the economic level to become part of the e.u. in. i'm. the
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problem it was terrible they were i'm very hard to make other plans against the money or the club has never had sex with the target there's no lens let's listen. to some of the m o m. o m. a.
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pakistan an ally of the united states yet still exposed every week to american drone bombings. that ackbar is a lawyer who decided to fight drones through justice. he has been prosecuting the american people involved in the kill chain for two years. by giving them compensation what we're doing use we're trying to bring the people in tribal areas into the mainstream system that they believe one institutions that deal courts and get them justice that they do not have to kill to get justice just like america is killing people illegally to get justice for whatever happened to them when they are low. his most significant action was to prosecute the head of the cia in islamabad forcing the spy to leave the country.
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despite his escape has no intention of giving up. the judgment comes in our fair word it means that we'll be having international arrest warrants against this person who was directly involved or draw truck. medea benjamin supports as odd and brought a group of american pacifists to discuss what was nearest our representatives. was here a stand is the pakistani province bordering afghanistan a location that proves to be its curse shazad persuaded these tribal chiefs to come and testify about their morning to these americans who is bombs and missiles they fear every day what are those who were killed in this strike seventy march two thousand and eleven in that strike there were about fifty. people reported killed all civilians and the larger number of people killed was dr elders because odd
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opens the dialogue and translates for both parties dispute but the cultural divide remains obvious because doing this week will be for you just business secondly they're quite intimidated by the cameras and so many customers and so many women as well that's why there's no like on her please avoid eye contact and just start really with introduction one thing we should play like. i don't. know you have like like an i go into you look at them but there will be avoiding eye contact well because this is a. tribal real showing respect to women than to keep their eyes nor. the first reason that i came here is to offer my apologies as a citizen of the united states for what my country has done to your lives and that is a very small thing. but it is what i can do i'm secondly i would like to ask you gentleman if you had a drone what would you do with that study you're going to guy my god i'm not
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a side we're not there but i'm i'm going to go on but i'm lazy. i want to also sign obama white house but as i look messiah saying ok. so you're saying that if we have drawn you not going to mark. that you know which part just wasn't. answering the coalition zadan medea a march to was here a stand is progressively organized. there soon reunited with clive stafford smith a lawyer specialized in the defense of inmates of guantanamo. who joins illegals or groups that trying to. legal there's nothing illegal about the drug salute there's no war between pakistan and its allies the united states so everything
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that's happening here is illegal this letter is the threshold for going to the united states so dramatically because no american gets in danger and i'm the only american rather few americans ever that there are many of us within a thousand most of us first here and so there's no danger to the natural state people are sitting in the father playing video games with the lives of people and reservist total and that's not what threshold is you know united states wouldn't send that sixteen dollars into reserve some they couldn't do that politically but they can do it with drones and that's what makes these things every day is amazing the fact that we are here we made it this far we feel that we have helped raise the issue internationally and we're very excited out of iraq. soon several hundred vehicles follow the crowd to an impressive gathering. imran khan a national celebrity leads the event
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a candidate for the next presidential election. cameron is a very popular character in pakistan and his bid should not be dismissed this is why he is taking a firm stance against drones with the intention of making a clear difference from the tepid reactions of the incumbent power. i think that it was very little of it will. reveal their awful. party on bell south park just on time through we want to thank all of your bravery . of pakistan when all is really is that it. was. now pakistan is a shadow theatre. its authorities complain about this. franks but never do anything serious such as calling for the united nations to stop.
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this ruse. and if america or anyone else in the world was flying a drone over your hometown and they were firing missiles at anybody that would be will go three in the french air force would shoot things down in a heartbeat and you know when the pakistan government says they're doing everything they can you know it's not true and you don't know quite what their motivations are and i daresay that quite complex as to read that some are just afraid the americans get so much money from the americans that they don't want to do anything i had one come to say with one of the pakistani elite who honestly said to me that the americans give us so much money that you know what's three thousand people and reservist you know they can kill that many then kill more if they want and this is unbelievably horrible attitude and i'm not saying that by all pakistanis and
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government i think there are some honest people who are opposed to it but they've got to do a lot more than that during their lists of all the drones are killing some militants . again that qualifier for us to say that this people these people be killing in self-defense because they have some crazy thoughts in their mind although they're unable to do anything against registered which is thousands of miles away from what one has thought or was it a stunt but in the us the defense we want to kill them because they have bad dreams about us it's as silly as. the number of attacks in pakistan is already diminishing but even if medea and her friends were successful other drones will soon take the stage. this industry benefited heavily from the iraqi and afghanistan wars its new goal is to bring back the machines tested on the battlefield so that tomorrow in the skies of western
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democracies they can secure border lines and fight against criminals and terrorists lobbyists are working full regime to persuade public opinion to learn to love the drones which will soon fly above our urban areas hello henry quiet i am but. we want to welcome you to the monk mckeon and henry choir are the two representatives delegated by the drone industry to sell their machines to american congressman we face a new reality of increased violence along our southern border associated with illegal traffic of the all purpose drone is coming next to your house the drug traffic illegal immigration protests anti-social behavior it keeps an eye on everyone not. want to. read. the question with drones with robotics and law enforcement is really not. if
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question should or shouldn't worry is it wise to use them this way it's an inevitability. increasing a temple devoted to god a second it has been erected at the end of the runway. candice de priestess. performs ceremonies devoted to peace. while predators pass endlessly above her head. soon to be sold all around the world predators have already won their war. the war
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to make acceptable the delivery of death sentences anywhere around the world as seen fit by a faceless executioner. on the predators. how popular are they we watch them all the time this i.c.l. . taken out and those people like living by these machines and nobody cares but when there's a. military or civilian humanity will soon learn to live under the eyes of drones citizens of a democratic country you can certainly hope for a few legal guarantees. citizens of a weak state or a zone declared enemies by super powers. your fate will quickly be decided to strike united states policies that is achieved exactly the opposite of its stated
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goal so its stated goal is to reduce extremism instead every time you kill someone you create another group of people who hate you and you increase extremism but it doesn't just do that and resist. you know we did the thing this difficult apparently the pentagon to understand is there's no one in resist on who could possibly threaten the united states but if you go killing people in this hypocritical way what you do is you and get people all around the world including in america and indeed the times square bomber if you recall said that the reason he wanted to blow up a bomb in times square was the drones campaign in pakistan so we are exporting terrorism to the united states and europe in a way that they couldn't possibly do otherwise is the most ridiculous policy ever so you have so-called homegrown terrorists in britain in america who are so angry that they don't have to come from was their stand as they were ready in britain and
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they then do terrible things that.
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science technology innovation all the least developments around russia we. the future covered. a series of school days of trying to clear the squares of people who are going to be your new to your life or just your reaching every minute. touch me no law no weapons of my own wife with. most of society. ceases to meet women. sometimes for nothing. this season and simple changes it's
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not just keep up the still we can still be jobst if you see a stage eight lupita but speech was. as f. scott fitzgerald might have said free trade agreements are a racket like the movies and the bread birds business you cannot be modest without admitting that it's constructive contribution to humanity is exactly minus the zero . i stray. in december two thousand and ten. more likely to be raped in college than in the real world. i didn't think people did that to each other when they knew
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each other i thought rape was a stranger in the bushes. girl complaining about the son of an alumni who's gives millions of dollars to the school why listen to somebody who's going to lose money at this. based decisions are more. your friend posts a photo from a vacation you count for. different. your boss repeats the same old joke of course you like. your ex-girlfriend still tends to rejection poetry keep. norris. what really matters. to your facebook.
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ukraine threatens to stop the russian gas from running through pipeline international look at why the state has a warning signal for europe. and the ukrainian army involved to take back a restive cities in the east street by street brick by brick wall we're on the border trying to get into ukraine right now but fighting is making. us on issues a new round of northern iraq and. we report. powered by washington's foreign policy.


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