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technology innovation. developments around russia we've got the future of. the ukrainian army involved to take the rest of a regional capitals. in the east block by block as residents of free in the tens of thousands are g is on the russian ukrainian border to meet those braving the crossing to try and help but. the russian navy says it's chased away an american attack submarine in the air rushes close in the arctic ocean and not for the first time in recent years. for the taro got the right stage is playing out a lot closer to israel renewed its bombardment of gaza that has triggered mass rallies worldwide we report from london and one of the many global protest against
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the spiraling pelosi and toll. and american airstrikes take out a militant positions in iraq i made accusations a washington is bombing the very same fighters it helped in syria. welcome to our day international law from moscow this evening you with me will say . the ukrainian army says it's getting ready to take you gone and in the east street by street and building by building the two cities are regional capital centers of antigovernment resistance and now the target of a fierce military campaign now at least four people were killed in the latest
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attack on a new ganske the army's shelling has left it much of the city in ruins he hasn't areas that have been hit as protests by the locals who are there now as you can see here on the spots that are popping up on the screen there many have not been able to escape the onslaught of five hundred thousand people who used to live here almost half of them have now left murray financial report from the russia ukraine border where thousands are fleeing the war saying. it's the final countdown for the against. the winds are now eastern ukraine remains under the control of and to get them and forces on the shelling in the region is intensifying to try to cross the border to cover grevilleas to come the next checkpoint at the russian ukrainian border the line of cars and people stretches for kilometers and almost nobody is willing to cross into ukraine once you are through here we're in the empty terribly
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ration zone where no one can guarantee your safety for hours research for a driver to take us towards the guns with little success then we met and i told lee he's sixty three years old and he's from the guns almost every day he travels to russia and then back to equate with a mission. when people escape from the attacks they took very little with them that's why many of the refugees don't even have documents when they arrive in a new place so i bring them away mr recently people have started to ask him to bring the winter clothes they've lost hope of a quick and to the crisis. and the to me says sometimes he arrives too late and the house he has been sent to has either been looted or lies in ruins we ask him to take us along on one of his salvage trips but he says he hasn't been able to get across the border for two days himself the reporter go on you don't know if you'll
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be shot at or not when you're driving through the guards there is an area the army uses to attack the city where they're surrounded but they keep attacking the city. so instead we try to get to danny ask we ask an anti-government fighter what lies ahead for alexander tells us his small town which lies between the city and the border has seen some of the most intense shelling in the area he's driving back there and he admits the rocky trace six really a boomerang but i think they don't want to let the refugees cross the russian border which is why they are shooting at the roads they're also trying to cut us off from humanitarian aid food and water the moment of alexander politely refuses to take us with him we take his number and agree to keep in touch to check on him and the road once he reaches his destination we wrong several times but no one is answering raif nationality on the russian ukrainian border
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playing an active role in care of crackdown in the if the national guard a privately funded group that largely consists of ultra nationalist here one of the unit of the i don't want to fund what they call separatists if you face all the storming a house dragging out a man and creating him they then take him away in a car with a bag over his head. russia serves all relevant government agencies of joining to the search of for a photo reporter who is missing in eastern ukraine he works for the russia ria novosti news agency and they stand in disappeared on tuesday and the latest reports suggest he may be being held by ukraine's security services here has made no comment and is providing no help in identifying the reporter's current location a string of journalists working for the russian media have been snatched by the authorities and his disappearance has led to
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a strong show of support on twitter a campaign has been launched by people concerned with their stand ins wages they are calling for him to be released and return to his loved ones others suggest kidnapping reporters will not prevent the truth from being told. q. of central square is on fire again after a second attempt to clear it and as many days met with resistance the afterwards they are refusing to leave despite all efforts by police and city services to dismantle their camps their tents with the burning but were later extinguished earlier this broke out leaving dozens of police injured and several protesters arrested the activists said car tires on fire blanketing the city center in fix my kids male form my done activism vitali klitschko has vowed to clear the area claiming he has already reached an agreement with those occupying the square and the city council building. as you can see there are few signs to back that up.
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ukraine could cut the transit of russian gas or through its territory here ever believe that that will help increase the pressure on moscow after sanctions were imposed by the e.u. it could also however end up hurting its allies as irina going to school reports. obviously it will affect russia's shipments to europe but it should look at the implications the situation will have on russia's european partners especially of the countries that are in the center in the east and in the south of europe some of them are getting as much as almost one hundred percent of their gas supply from russia via ukraine and of course with all those countries have already found themselves out in the cold literally here in the so-called gas wars between russia and ukraine some years back and they could be looking for another repetition of that experience if indeed ukraine does go through with its promise of sanctions and we may assume that ukraine wants to punish russia by imposing these sanctions but
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as a result what we're looking at really is ukraine punishing its european neighbors political analysts and the tail saddam fell to believes ukraine sanctions plan is likely to raise eyebrows among its european partners this proposal will never gets reality since the pressure from brussels by commission and other actors from the national states but furthermore it shows that the ukrainian government is not willing to cooperate at all and sees only their own interest after hearing this is for all the states in southeast europe like austria. hungary serbia and bulgaria to lobbying much more to get a very secure supply of gas and if you create it's not building to guarantee it there will be other options. well one of the options to pump russian gas into europe while bypassing ukraine is the south stream project well now the
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construction of the pipe is stalling under pressure from u.k. or rather even lawmakers who argue it doesn't comply with certain regulations despite that southern european nations involved say the ready to adopt the necessary laws in order to finish the construction. right and american submarine has reportedly been detected near russia's more than ensures archies rim on kozyrev as more. american submarine was detected by a russian northern fleet in the barents sea near the russian border according to the commands of the russian navy they've pushed a vessel. off that area and that the vessel had left after about half an hour contact now the submarine itself is reportedly all five virginia class it's a nuclear powered it's capable of carrying two as well tomahawk missiles as meanwhile the reconnaissance mission against russia continues both underwater and
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above ground as well in the sky just about a month ago an american spy plane was detected near the russian border the crew all of the american spy plane reportedly headed to sweden in order to avoid confrontation with the russian fighter jets and american and the swedish authorities tried to keep. it for about a month but the swedish media once said none of that they had made a huge deal out of the story the u.s. embassy in sweden had to eventually admit that this fact had taken place and they apologized to the swedish government for illegally crossing the border with sweden . at least five palestinians have been killed in gaza a day after a fragile cease fire with hamas crumbled three bodies including one of a senior hamas official were found under the ruins of a mosque in total trimalchio destroyed overnight as israeli warplanes continued
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strikes on palestinian territories fighting erupted on friday reaching a brief calm in the month long conflict which has claimed one thousand eight hundred palestinian lives and sixty seven israelis the death toll triggered widespread protests across the west bank kerry i reports hole are the key from ramallah where one of the clashes just played. behind me. palestinian use caution with israeli troops many have just buried their relative and friend twenty year old mohammad al qatari who was killed yesterday by a gunshot to his heart in clashes with israeli soldiers this side an illegal settlement nearby here and earlier this morning another palestinian man a middle aged man succumbed to his words sustained in sept for clashes in the south west bank yesterday hamas said code for rage and thousands of palestinians came out
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yesterday and clash with his radio troops throwing stones and in some cases fireworks against a well armed and well ahmed israeli soldier who responded with tear gas and in some cases gunfire now inside the gaza strip several palestinians are being killed including at least three children since israel resumed its operation against hamas hamas has resumed its rocket fire into southern israel the hamas movement wants to win serious concessions from israel mainly the lifting of the eight year long paid of the gaza strip inside the perceived coast along favor of almost one third of the population remain in touch the displaced and today israel has stepped up its strikes on the gaza strip it's not only the west bank that is involved in protests thousands of londoners have also staged a mass protest over events in artist maria costa sent this report from the hunt of
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the rally. thousands of gathered here at b.b.c. have orders who were going to isis are saying this is our biggest rally to date in support of the palestinian people the rally started here because this is the year of protests against what they say is the b.b.c.'s on their voice over it all the phones like in gaza are just the first time they're your father back because they feel that their message is not being heard the b.b.c. to not presenting like you want to study now that they're not moving over to the us embassy will be the one thing the worst government stops thanks to a strong word demanding the british government to do as he said was it's also whether arms exports are growing people are going to try to force arms exports ok to the preschool which they're mostly good for. one or more of the power to the israelis so we can kill innocent children already and published which are not
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actually destroyed so of course comes all the rules of war and over the middle of the run of the story from the coalition over what he says to that structure and. that's the position of. the bringing to the ruling this week that it was the protests. across the world the protests have been held to condemn the israeli operation in gaza which shows no signs of ending this included countries like run straight and south africa. well in hosted rallies today in the streets of new york will see the scene of a very public show of anger the only one that is not the only place where mass rallies are being held berlin is also about to has it's already started staging its protests and across the atlantic people in new york also joined in angry at the offensive as well now protests is obviously going around the world and inside
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israel itself there are many making their anger heard but as are his policy reports that can be consequences to speaking out. the warning gaza is becoming a hash tag headache the air war in the skies has been joined by the hot air war online with almost two thousand casualties across the border it's no wonder many arab israelis are rebelling in support of the gaza brethren but sometimes there's a price to pay as russians are treating the most russia helped organize demonstrations against the israeli army and posted online about what he and others call the i.d.f. massacres in gaza the police investigated me several times for my political activity especially during the war period and also i have received threats through the phone through facebook by right wing callers who work for things like. killing and things like that several israeli mayors have suspended
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outworkers for posting support for gaza's fighters online some israeli universities hospitals and even mobile phone companies have followed suit one student who wore a t. shirt with the word palestine and a cafe near a traditional palestinian scarf now faces possible expulsion they are expressing their opinion it might be in a sarcastic way but it doesn't have any incitement to violence it doesn't have an incitement for its isn't it doesn't call for any act of faith violence and therefore legally speaking it is part of the speech that should be given the protection of the constitutional air protection arab students were too frightened to speak to us on camera but what they would say is that the university had completely ignored posts calling for their death the reality shows us not only now but also before that when it gets to the freedom of expression of the arabs it is easily more easily restricted l.f.
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a tip deals with such cases as the head of a worker's rights organization he's now contacted almost daily baraboo police who've been fired. suspended for speaking out against israel's operation in gaza even those who condemn the racism of far right wing israelis face punishment sadly we have been in this before like the for the second intifada of a situation of like this time that's what more wider. and you feel it's a lot of hate a situation of really going to the bad. i'm not feeling that the government is doing anything for a country that claims to be the only democracy in the region it's a serious charge in today's world the fight for public opinion is arguably as important if not more than what goes on on the battlefield as critics of israel's operation in gaza continue to climb both in and outside the country tel aviv will need to find a more efficient weapon than just merely trying to silence her detractors policy
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ality tel aviv. coming up on our international giant to take exploration project to russia you would boil giant sun meaning that the most northerly oil well in russia was coming. when the unit union promised to net ukraine become part of it it clearly contributed to the exacerbation of tensions within ukraine ukraine will not become part of the european union won't tell tales ukraine absolutely doesn't have the economic level to become part of the e.u. or.
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i marinate join me. in that impartial and financial commentary for news and much much. only on bombast and on. the pentagon has released a video of a strikes against the hottest militants controlling the launch and strategic a crucial western iraq here you can see and that's eight hundred tons of that of which are waiting until early positions belonging to the islamic state terrorist group the attacks come from after president obama pledged to protect the was
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personnel in iraq against the. rapid advance of the extremist but as r.t.c. got these quotes washington can be targeting its own military hardware in the. one leaving behind a sovereign stable and self-reliant iraq three years on is america coming back today also rise to operations in iraq. targeted airstrikes to protect our american personnel and a humanitarian effort to help save thousands of iraqi civilians the target this time is the islamic state formally known as isis a terror organization which hasn't only been rampaging through the country with tremendous speed and extreme violence but is even proclaimed its own state stretching from iraq to syria so radical even al qaeda says it's too much brutally murdering anyone even muslims in its way destroying holy sites attacking religious minorities taking control of key infrastructure including wood refineries and dams
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military hardware as well well certainly potentially more dangerous today than al-qaeda they are very extremely radical group with increasing capabilities capabilities which you are only slamming state to set its sights way beyond iraq and syria. and could tell you. and i know i don't know how to do that to another but it wasn't just the two of you know the. lot of the not enough. of the self and the model. because you can't buy shell love and hate and i got so enough i'd say a lot in keep a will of dealing with them on its own back that's to washington for help but where did the slumming state or isis fighters come from we are where we are because we armed the syrian rebels we have been fighting alongside al-qaeda fighting alongside i says isis is now emboldened into countries but here's the anomaly we're with isis in syria we're on the same sort of the war so those who want to get involved to stop isis in iraq are allied with isis in syria that is the real contradiction to
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this whole policy the white house says that the limited u.s. military action in iraq could be saying that. the slanted state tightens its grip on iraq according to the un and around two hundred thousand new refugees have fled their homes while isis claims it's made more than a dozen military gains over the past five days alone. r t. washington says its latest operation in iraq is aimed at containing the advance of the jihad is what many believe they were given a wall then a leg up by the u.s. in the first place. we really have to look at the reality and kishen of western foreign policy in the middle east hostility place because right now we have a situation where the west is opposing isis rebels in northern iraq and rightly so but has been tacitly ordered personally supporting them in syria is madness these are us weapons us weapons on both sides in this combat just as three years ago in
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libya and in so many wars when you are the top supplier of weapons to the world seventy nine percent of weapons transfers into the middle east or from the united states you're going to have u.s. weapons evolved on all sides which is just fine for absolutely heartless weapons makers looking for a profit but it fuels destruction. here's some of what's lined up for you online a u.k. health care providers to decide if better to even hail them to inject twenty cups of heroin addiction find out how they are lending a helping hand. and a thirteen year old girl takes the wife principal at a value in an innovative method of tackling teen five a boiling for more head to our tea. well giants from russia and america have launched a joint project to explore the arctic now rather than after an exxon mobile using
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a giant ray go in but no we didn't company and all the atlantic drilling to work on an oil well that's the most northerly in russia during a teleconference shot at the launch of let me read to had a word of praise of for america's exxon mobil and its cooperation in the project both u.s. and russian companies have expressed their long term commitment which will. start in your book but what if their attention resources in this project can be compared with the biggest reserves in saudi arabia and are much bigger than the resources of the mexican goes along. ask canada so we're paying special attention. of the road on your street that would look like from is located far out on the open sea so there is a multi-level system of security here and reducing the lead to stick knowledge of. the sea where the two will be operating is covered with think eyes for most of the year but underneath is an estimated six billion tons of extractable oil it belongs
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to the west siberian province which already provides russia with most of its oil and gas now the platform is capable of drilling down seven kilometers keep the boy filled out of the center for policy studies think tank believes is spied thank sions this it will be as the feds for example of international corporation. particular project they've been working on it for several years. mobil have already invested many many millions of dollars they could do with the oil and they're going to have the sanctions do not apply to this particular project because the deal was already signed a russian state oil company has a twenty percent investment by b p a mobile exxon are really looking to find new sources of hydrocarbons so they really need this fine may have already
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invested considerable amount of money so they'd have to write that off if things didn't go ahead so i think in that respect prospects are relatively optimistic. now look at some of the world headlines this hour an egyptian court has dissolved the political wing of the muslim brotherhood prevented taking part in parliamentary elections expected later this year the government declared the organization and terrorism group last year accusing it of supporting protests after the military removed president mohamed morsy many of the party's leaders have previously been sentenced to death on charges of murder and infighting going. in pakistan supporters of an anti government cleric have clashed with police in several cities at least seven people are reported killed in the violence and several of arrested get a base to hear that he returned to pakistan in june and vowed to stage mass protests to topple the government accusing it of corruption. bad break in the
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saddle with abby martin. during a press briefing president barack obama said something very unusual and used a certain term you'll almost never hear from a government bureaucrat he told the audience that in the immediate aftermath of nine eleven we america did some things that were wrong we did a whole lot of things that were right but we tortured some folks yeah it is a rare thing to hear someone in the white house admit to torturing people after nine eleven but the question is why did he say this now please allow me to suspect first obama is the teleprompter master since he loves to read off
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a screen i doubt this was some sort of slip up this was probably done consciously but why well it always helps if you a look good by condemning the moral failings of previous presidents liberals and democrats love to hate bush so this could be subs kind of pandering or trying to look good by comparison headlines like obama condemns torture sound nice and dry out the fact that he sure approves of shelling civilians in eastern ukraine if obama really does feel that the post nine eleven torture was a shameful part of american history that as the leader of the executive branch of the nation he could do a lot to punish those who did the torture then and prevent it from happening again the future but if i do obama this is all just a bunch of sweet talk but that's just my opinion. and. more likely to be raped in college and in the real world. i didn't think
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civil did that to each other when they knew each other i thought rape was a stranger in the bushes. girl complaining about the son of an alumni gives millions of dollars to the school why listen to somebody who's going to lose money at the school if schools that make money based decisions are much more common than they would ever admit publicly. because. of the political. because. what's happening guys on abby martin and this is breaking the sets we got a packed show for you today will be covering the a ball outbreak in west africa the fallacy of missouri's new right to farm amendment and feature an exclusive interview with city member of parliament george gallup.


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