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tv   Headline News  RT  August 11, 2014 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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picture. from the. book the. ukraine steps up its shelling of the antigovernment stronghold of dawn yes despite local militia the truce to a humanitarian catastrophe plus. looting and street violence in the u.s. state of missouri is anger over police killing of a black teenager boils over witnesses say the eighteen year old was unarmed when he was repeatedly shot by the officer. and israel and hamas create new three day cease fire amid hopes for a prolonged truce in a devastating month long war is that more than one thousand nine hundred dead.
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you're watching r.t. international we're coming to you live from moscow where it's now one pm in the russian capital as kids have you with us we're getting reports of renewed army shelling in down yet eastern ukraine it's less than twenty four hours since the previous round of heavy artillery fire killed one person and injured ten others care forces are pressing on with their assault despite local militia calling for a ceasefire and warning of a humanitarian disaster residential areas were again pounded by shouting. local officials say more than ten civilian buildings were damaged including a hospital and a shop this is the nearby city of shock task another anti-government stronghold and another targets of kids military operation weeks of fighting have turned it into
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a ghost town european security monitors reported gas and electricity supplies are cut off their water is barely available and shops are closed the u.n. says over a thousand people per day a fleeing the war zone is how refugees describe their ordeal. so you. know that you know what this could be looking for this. place it is interesting. you doing a. d.v.d. . that you would be is. going. for the ongoing strikes of force patients and staff of this maternity unit into the basement where expectant mothers are giving birth in poor conditions nurses say they managed to get up stairs for about ten minutes to get food and use
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basic facilities then the bottom and start again. chemical plant in eastern ukraine has come under shelling risking the possibility of an ecological disaster officials at a facility called sterile say it's frequently being targeted by forces. ment's of the city and the chemical plant continue day and night i officially announced their due to the irresponsible actions of the ukrainian army the citizens of ukraine russia and belarus are exposed to the deadly threat of an ecological disaster on a daily bases the size of which cannot be calculated an incident that cyril would cause a leak from the chemical plant where it talks to acknowledge folklore of benzene is stored the minimal impact zone would be at least three hundred kilometers i don't understand why this fact is being silenced by all ukrainian media ukraine's president has told america's secretary of state that he's inviting red cross
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coordinators to organize aid for people in lugansk the city declared a state of humanitarian disaster last week russia wants to send emergency aid has been trying to get permission from kiev to do so real financial reports from the beleaguered city. the ganske made luke abandoned but the rusting people here. those who didn't flee have a daily struggle to survive. the city has been without electricity for more than a week now but it's the shortage of water which poses the biggest humanitarian challenge. this woman is called. in russian her name means home but she has little of that left dozens of the buckboard up isn't even your fault not government cover one beach well we did go to the blue did you can chose a new being to new we've got new cheer warm up mum she's got no question of what's going to get shut out but. for you to miley for your usual storm i'm sure it's getting a bit of queues form early in the morning because people are afraid they won't be
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enough fuel to go around to all those who were there. as it just has been below grandstand we're not sure of wellness to meet you when you're nearly at premier you have the nietzsche when you didn't deliver the birth her feeling here that steely years ago the other near the edge of the earth even the. dead your thoughts of what i was going to say that the new book so far and you'll never get the good of oh no the billionaire financier gets a cut or a nurse or not just the build up and some of the city's districts residents have to use water pumps because it's a no go zone for trucks that could share out the precious liquid before you out of the world or go up to the words you work with the most it is that americans. know that's what we're going to do this city with no water and no power also has no contact with the outside world. the big problems with connection now in the guns going all over the city are we couldn't get any signal anywhere but there are some
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places where people say you might be able to get at this one of the places we keep on trying and try and we hope but still we don't have any but what we don't like about this place resists warning signs say attention do not call shelling area. but people still try their luck they say the entire cities shelling area now and at least here they can talk to relatives and friends on the phone and. every day in the guns at least a dozen apartment buildings and private houses are hate by tillery fire some of them more than once. mccloy's fled is on the eighth floor fortunately none of his family was hurried when it was heat this plasma television is the only thing he managed to save he makes one more trip to salvage his belongings. but comes back minutes later empty
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handed. the u.n. estimates over one hundred seventeen thousand people accounted displaced inside ukraine and russia's authorities claim more than seven hundred thirty thousand ukrainians have crossed the border since the conflict started but in lugansk and other cities across eastern ukraine often huddled together terrified in dark basements and other havens which aren't always as safe as they seem many more remain. in the gaunts ukraine. the u.n. says it hopes that a russian journalist who's gone missing in ukraine will soon be found photographer i understand it was working for the ria novosti news agency when he disappeared almost a week ago his colleagues have launched a twitter campaign with the hash tag save andre there are reports he may have been detained by ukraine's security services the kiev officials say they're not holding him is not the first time
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a journalist covering the conflict in ukraine has gone missing last month graham phillips from the u.k. was working for r.t. when he was taken by ukraine's security forces before releasing phillips they also denied detaining him. coming up later terrified and starving in the wilderness thousands of iraqi minorities flee for their lives in the jihadist rampage in the capital the prime minister's busy trying to tighten his political grip. anger at the police killing of a black teenager in the u.s. state of missouri is descending into rioting shots of reportedly being fired and tear gas used on crowds to try and prevent shops from being looted and set on fire protests broke out after eighteen year old mike brown has only recently graduated was fatally shot by police on his way to visit his grandmother on saturday witnesses say he was unarmed and had his hands are when an officer shot him multiple times mike brown's killing drew criticism from civil rights advocates over
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violent police tactics and racial profiling is going to report police brutality is seen as commonplace rather than unusual. captured on a bystander's camera new york police suspect a man of selling individual cigarettes. and just moments later an officer puts him in what appears to be a choke hold and brings him to the ground. where forty three year old eric gardner can be heard saying i can't breathe several times. very garnet died lying at the feet of those police officers leaving behind a wife and six children my son is missing this day the officer who put their garner in an apparent chokehold has been stripped of his gun and badge and placed on desk duty the video garners death in july would viral sparking protests in local
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communities why has the city not been barking a campaign that targets zero deaths of police brutality but it's not just new york police that has been accused of using excessive force in recent months in arizona police confronted university professors solo or for jaywalking. was back i was never asked what my name was at was never told what i was a violation of in california fifty one year old marlene pinecones walking along the highway when a patrol officer straddled her and began repeated lee punching her upper body. the woman is known to be homeless and reportedly suffering from psychiatric problems i think much of the roots now of the town's farm or cultural problem where police officers have been used to school and a power structure where they can get away where almost anything because they are the police video cameras have only captured some incidents but many more took place
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away from the public eye more and more people filmed their interactions with the police on camera one officer from new jersey was caught saying this to someone who argued he had a constitutional right to take pictures in a certain area of their care or writing course. it's very pretty cold so i don't think there's a paper for hospital where this officer apologized for the statement and resigned as the cases of brutality well documented on camera casts a shadow on the thousands upon thousands of police officers to belittle. they do their work in cities across america but the hope is that greater public awareness will make some police officers think twice before abusing someone in washington i'm going to check r t. m we've got more news after the break including the racial and religious tensions flourishing in israel fueled by the latest gaza war stay with us
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. as the media leave us so we leave that may be. part of the scene motion secure the play your party there's a bill. for shoes that no one is asking with the guests that you deserve answers from. politic only on our team. when the unit pain union promised to net ukraine become part of it it clearly contributed to the south abrasion of tensions within ukraine ukraine will not
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become part of the european union who won't tell tales ukraine absolutely doesn't have the economic level to become part of the e.u. in. the latest attempt at a temporary truce is underway in gaza israel and palestine agreed to hold fire for three days after both accepted egypt's latest effort to broker and to the violence the month long conflict has claimed more than one thousand eight hundred lives and left gaza in ruins. most. of.
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the. palestinian soldier has been killed in a standoff with the israeli border police who arrived to arrest him near his home and israeli delegation is now in cairo for talks on right to long cease fire but a senior u.n. aid official warns that a new round of fighting is likely to resume unless television lift its blockade of gaza more there are hopes that this fresh rest by will last the conflict has already cemented an anger among people it's unlikely to fade or a fear reports. since the latest israel gaza conflict began there's been a spike in racial violence and tension between jews and arabs throughout both keep high territories and israel itself beyond the installed it sister. checkpoints here in two thousand and six now thousands of palestinians who live in the west bank but
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work inside israel mask you from dawn to reach their workplaces for business hours they're actually true to us since the war began has changed completely they have become more aggressive even now when we try to find transport to get to work there's discrimination in new york you find west bank civilians continue to suffer from what they say are random attacks by settlers in one recent incident an eight year old girl was hit by a car palestinians labeled it a settler terror incident. the war began we really feared the settlers one leaves the house with fear in his heart the situation's not like before and some israelis say they too now live in a climate of fear i am in the wife and and i when i walk him back i'm just so i can't drive my myself. an arabic drive come to take me from my home and i'm scared i'm scared i'm scared to drive them because there was
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a case that they murdered. a girl that i go to have well as i killed her own living you. didn't feel any special but it's politics this is the symbol. from here to but hamas i didn't choose. to vote they voted for him for the hamas and now though we've got the bomb but. needless to say the palestinian people see the current situation from a very different perspective as palestinians we cannot accept living. we cannot accept will be violated on daily basis and say we are fine with it but. people because of what the. people because they are jews simply by listing eons. do not accept your patient and its policy. see jerusalem.
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dot com has lined up a picture gallery called starlin childhood with images of gauss' children who were trapped in the violence. also online blinding justice and leaks as america's notorious spy agency has been deleting court transcripts of things they may reveal too much. there's no missing the moon right now it's not it's close i'm brightest in two decades it was how the photographer and many people with stunning images online. right to see. first rate. and i think picture. on our recorders when their. instrument. or beyond.
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iraq's prime minister has mobilized special forces loyal to him off to being rebuffed by forgetting a third time in office by the president vehicles and soldiers have also cordoned off baghdad's diplomatic op where my state institutions are located nouri al maliki then gave a tough speech resisting cool's to quit accusing the president of violating the constitution but he's got the backing of an iraq ereka cool which is ruled maliki's parliament bloc is the largest so he's entitle to continue as prime minister washington wants a more inclusive government in iraq and has pledged its full support for the president janice lowry everest who has written widely on america's record in iraq thinks the u.s. would like to see the embattled prime minister removed the molecule regime has put in power by the united states is a product of the two thousand three invasion it is a horrible imperialist a very reactionary very repressive regime it is you will say carry him to
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carry it out if she describes it you know the sunni population i would not doubt that the united states is manoeuvering behind the scenes to put in power every team that it is more comfortable with it it is now tomorrow all of this in the name of humanity. and the unity of iraq it's obviously part of an advert to oust maliki. iraq's power struggle could hardly comedy was time the country is under attack by islamic state jihadists who have already carved out swathes of the northwest for itself the clad caliphate thousands of iraqi religious minorities have fled into remote areas to escape slaughter by a group that even al qaeda rejects thousands from the as the minority have been trapped by the militants on a mountain near the turkish border forces managed to free some of them but many
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more remain in danger john how do you consider them devil worshipers and have already executed both captured and the u.s. has conducted a strike said the militants in iraq targeting their artillery positions and convoys lawmakers in washington want a direct invasion fearing that the u.s. risks an attack on home soil similar to nine eleven world affairs janice i'll be on the as a k way believes the jihadists are cultivated by the u.s. in the first place. the intervention of the united states several weeks ago but declined to call military advisors and intelligence specialists today has resulted in aerial bombardments which they say could go on perhaps for several weeks what the united states government is not saying is that they gave at least tactical support to elements from the islamic state of iraq and syria now calling itself the islamic state of course they fought for several years by supplying arms and
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other intelligence and tackle support to the armed opposition groups in syria some of the same elements that last year with fighting very fiercely with the support of the united states and turkey and other western states to defeat militarily the government of bashar al assad in syria today these elements were spread out and crossed the border into iraq are in fact being bombed by the united states. now demonstrations against islamic state militants have taken place in the netherlands scuffles broke out with police more demonstrators were also seen clashing with protesters in a counter-rally the netherlands has witnessed several pro and anti islamic state protests in recent months as well as incendiary public speeches on the rise in hate crimes earlier this month the country became the first in europe to brown the flying of the movement black flag in other world headlines this hour. a suspected
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case of ebola in remaining has scared people off from going to hospital after a man was admitted to an infectious disease unit recently returned from nigeria displaying symptoms connected to ebola but doctors are yet to give a conclusive diagnosis nigeria's become the fourth west african country to declare a national emergency over the virus. has been a mass rally in pakistan in support of an exiled cleric who trained the government was corrupt in the prime minister should be ousted thousands of demonstrators who turned out in the whole valley to start a revolution and also protested over the deaths of fourteen antigovernment campaigners in june another gatherings planned in islamabad later this week to highlight alleged vote rigging. and greece may still be mired in a debt that's almost twice the size of its economy but the e.u. is considering disbanding the troika and giving athens greater freedoms to chart its own path ahead but it will be cold comfort for greeks enduring massive unemployment and painful austerity and with widespread discontent and
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a government they say has failed reports. enough is enough to take troika with you and let's us live that is the message from the greek taxi operators association to the government topped with demands the prime minister step down for failing to stop the economic crisis and the strict austerity measures which resulted in poverty and desperation this one with the biggest problem in our industry is the message to the self-employed workers insurance organization and heavy taxation if it takes you makes a profit of five thousand euros the government takes almost seventy percent of that it's not the first time great taxi drivers have reached boiling points but this new calculation which requires them to pay tax on money they haven't even earned yet could send money and so financial debt and. unfortunately our country's becoming the pakistan of europe history will repeat itself will have riots it will get ugly no one is offering any solutions so people don't know what to do the government is
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nonexistent it's subservient to the troika and their economic interest union reps say they feel like slaves working under a government that doesn't serve their interests it's already hard to find a job and that's appalling to me and also lucky enough to have one fear that heavy taxation will eventually force them out onto the streets as well what rising taxes and minimal make up our taxi drivers making ends meet let's find out. who let me. many times return home unable to cover our basic needs they're taxing everything that moves and they expect you to pay for it somehow if you don't you're in danger of going to prison having your house repossessed we mortgaged our lives our children's and grandchildren's lives to pay off debts that we didn't create and we're sitting here taking it with our hands tied what baffles most greeks is the audacity of the government to increase the already high burden of responsibility workers have tried to contact the finance ministry to understand how they justify
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their latest tax increases and where they expect. both to find this extra money their response was no comment. it's been four years of the most draconian austerity measures in europe the troika has destroyed greece their program failed the only thing they achieved was to drag greek society into poverty unemployment of twenty seven percent salary decreases a forty percent unemployment of twenty seven percent salary decreases a forty percent skyrocketing taxes in some cases with increases of seven hundred percent it's a disaster and they need to admit it and apologize strikes are out of the question since taxi drivers can't afford to skip a day's work but the revolutionary spirit is the only game in momentum and many here believe that it's only a matter of time before it spills over again during a coster of our reporting from athens for r.t. . next sophie shevardnadze speaks to france's controversial euro skeptic leader marina in the u.k.
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join option for times and for going underground stay with us. it was recently revealed that under the guise of an hiv prevention workshop and as tourists you know latin americans were sent to cuba by the u.s. government to overthrow that government yes the u.s. agency for international development organized for these young people to go to cuba to recruit and set up new political activists however the infiltrators were not very good at their jobs and the cuban authorities were able to nab these well funded travellers in their country this is nowhere near the first time that the u.s. government has tried to meddle in cuba in two thousand and nine usa he tried to set up a twitter like program to organize people in cuba and we can't forget about the ill fated cuban television airplane that was supposed to bombard the island with western media that was totally blocked by the government during the cold war i
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could see the justification to dominate cuba if the us didn't have influence in a country that automatically the soviets did but now what is the gist why does the us need to infiltrate cuba and by what right do you want doesn't have nukes put in america and they have limited industrial capacity they can't do anything to anyone just leave the poor island alone and let the people there figure out their own future without the us state department's help but that's just my opinion. you got a lot of sneering and not getting fast for your engagements here in russia especially if you public appearances frequent and even though they weren't explicitly politically or just supporting sports. some people's regime has become very adept at is controlling the media lose them. right here c.n.n. do i think c.n.n. is you know completely telling it like it is no i think it's
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a have an agenda i think through genda is is bought and paid for. the a. drama is that can't be ignored. stories others through a few still noticing. the faces changing the world lights never. filled picture of today's leaves. from around the globe to the brooklyn.
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l.o.l. come to set me on call i'm sophie shevardnadze a political earthquake has hit and frances national front is its epicenter how much are they hoping to achieve with their sweeping victory in the elections while they ask the leader of the bloc that magnet then is my guest today. just contempt of the brussels bureaucracy has broken through as e.u. voters swept euro skeptic parties into the parliament but do they have what it takes to take on the system should your press be bracing for change for is this just a passing storm. leader of france is from not so not welcome to the program it's great to have you here at home and of. the last time we spoke you predicted in the election should become the number one party.


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