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whose exclusionist policies have largely contributed to the crisis now moloch he has vowed to legally challenge the president's decision leaving the country's stability of the in limbo at a time when the country needs it the most but hey i guess that's what iraq is supposed to look like post mission accomplished right now it's great to set. they are very hard to take a. look. at how exactly would that make their lives.
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over the last week dozens of shootings once again claimed the lives of too many innocent people all across the u.s. as seems to be a regular occurrence in urban america deadly shootings full of constant news stream in places like chicago new orleans and other major u.s. cities but those one story in particular there garnered more anger and outrage than usual the death of eighteen year old michael brown of st louis missouri c according to eyewitness accounts brown was walking down the street with a friend when an officer in a patrol car approached the two teens shots broke out following a brutal verbal confrontation and moments later michael brown lay dead unarmed in the middle of the street a witness to the event recalled that quote they shot him and he fell he put his arms up to let them know he was compliant and that he was unarmed and they shot him twice more and he fell to the ground and died. this photograph showing brown's
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lifeless body lying face down in a pool of blood has since gone viral not only because officers didn't even bother to cover the teen with the sheet but left him in the middle of the road for as many as four hours in plain sight of neighbors and onlookers residents however didn't take quietly to the matter and quickly mobilized into protests over the shooting calling for the quote killer cops to go the protests continued over the weekend and grew into a massive crowd on sunday night following a vigil for the slave teenager police responded by sending an estimated one hundred police cars to the scene which is apparently the common response these days when citizens are collectively calling for accountability guys this case reflects a very real problem in america when it comes to race issues the fact that in two thousand and fourteen police will instantly associate blackness with criminality and much of the media is doing nothing more than perpetuating that same ridiculous stereotype check this out after the shooting news outlets were airing photographs
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of brown wearing his high school cap and gown remarking that he was only days away from starting his first semester in college but by the time more outlets picked up the story this photo was circulating around showing brown in a sports jersey and suggesting that the boy might have been a gang banger and surprisingly in response to this blatant race baiting that the news media uses to drive their narrative the twitter community came up with the hash tag if they gunned me down posting pictures of themselves on social media and asking which picture the news media would likely use if they were gunned down by police in this tweet ben valencia ask if the media would protect her as a gang banger or a classy lady and here user posts a photo of himself in a us army uniform alongside a selfie of him holding a toy gun asking if the media would use the pic on the left or the one on the right if he were gunned down. the point these hash tag activists are making is that the court of public opinion is driven by how the media chooses to frame the story now
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every week on this show we highlight instances of how minorities are disproportionately impacted by police violence in america and as well as the stereotypes that end up spinning their stories away from the truth whether it be trayvon martin wearing a hoodie or michael brown dropping a peace sign this is racial profiling at its worst and when it comes to police violence we should be disgusted at the pace with which these crimes are committed according to the malcolm x. grassroots movement an african-american person is killed by police security guards or armed vigilantes every twenty eight hours in america keep in mind that these are often police officers killing members of the very communities they are sworn to protect but look at the end of the day you can blame police tactics that rely on racial profiling or you can blame the media but until we take action ourselves this will continue to be the norm it's time we step it up if you see an injustice film it report it don't wait for accountability demanded because at the end of the day they can ignore us all
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i recently an investigator working with the organization mercy for animals recorded horrifying images of animal abuse at an idaho dairy farm these images showed what seemed like animal torture with workers jumping on the backs of cows beating the animals and dragging them with their chains tied around their necks the undercover report lead to criminal charges against the company involved betancourt dairies but instead of applauding the brave whistleblower who exposed the abuse industry leaders fought back by pushing the state legislature to pass an ag gag law a bill that makes it illegal for anyone to go undercover to expose factory farming but this crackdown on animal rights activism has prompted a new journalistic approach to exposing factory farms look no further than. willis an animal rights activists will potter who launched a kickstarter called drone on the farm a project that flies photographic drones over factory farms and earlier this summer
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breaking the set was joined by will to discuss his viral campaign abbi first asked him how he got the idea for the project in the first place. as we've talked about before on the show these ag gag laws have been spreading across the country now into other countries as well and i've been focusing my work on that photography being criminalized and i saw some photos from satellite not too long ago from photographer called mission hammer and they were really startling to me because you could see the pollution from these industries from australia while you're talking you know it's they were just saying just striking and kind of haunting and beautiful in their own really disturbed tway but as a saying those of us think well what would happen if we could get even closer if we had a drone that could actually be over these farms documenting what's happening and i think it's time to use that technology for productive and powerful purposes instead of by the government and police there and what exactly are we looking at because i mean seriously it looks like a zombie festering wound and discuss the nuclear waste lot here. that's
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a good summary of it these are feedlots on cattle operations and i'm sure a lot of your viewers have heard in a lot of these communities is the pollution is so toxic from spraying the manure on the fields from these what are they what are called waste looked at is that the surrounding communities have higher rates of cancer in asthma and just have to deal with that stench constantly yeah i mean i drove on the five from from l.a. to san francisco a lot and believe me i mean it's just hours of the stench it's horrific and it's also a huge contributor to climate change as well were you surprised at how viral the project got i really was because you know when you have never done a kickstarter and i felt like really putting myself out there is just going to be my friends in a couple of readers and letting all the going to take over and over again that it was fully funded in five days. and i think it was really struck a nerve with people i mean these are activists and they're not all vegetarians or anything like that it's just people don't like being told what they can't see and
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that they can't make informed decisions and i think this really crosses over to a lot of different issues about factory farming environmentalism and surveillance exactly and i think this is really indicative also the case of a niemeyer you helped expose her case talk about why that happened how she was the first person charge of the ag gag laws but then was released and how public pressure was so crucial in making that happen so the rhetoric from the industry about this ag laws it's about these covert activists that are infiltrating businesses and with amy is case she was on the public property and she saw a sick cow being moved by a bulldozer and she just did what any of us would and she started filming it and she was prosecuted under ag gag for that in utah the first person i ever wrote about her case and it created such an uproar that in twenty four hours the prosecutors just said forget it and they dropped all the charges and to me that really reflects. the heart of this issue public exposure is toxic it's toxic to these industries and it's toxic to these repressive tactics and aca laws and
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hopefully we can build on that with this new investigation as well and people want to know why and i think that there's deceptive advertising around where our food comes from people have no idea and and things like this when they see it they're horrified and they're like this is unacceptable and you're doing an incredible job really bringing light to this have you received any kind of response from the industry or state to say hey you might not want to launch this project was bracing for that from the moment it pushed publish we've already seen some response from the industry one industry or what website they compared my drones which i haven't even purchased yet to the death star for which the how to throw those words so do i want to score. another website a lot of the commenters were talking about how if i brought these anywhere near their forums they would shoot them down immediately so if they have concerns i mean this is an ambitious project. it's never been done before like you said but i think the fact that they're already freaking out about this and it's just the kickstarter
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page really reflects that i think we're on to something just like what you said you said what do they have to hide and it's not just these ag gag law as well as you've been very vocal about the and want to praise terrorism act this law was passed under a shroud of secrecy why and what does that do to kind of take it to the next level and i think a lot of people would be really shocked to learn how this has been going on for so long i mean immediately after september eleventh these industries started pushing for terrorism powers to be used against protesters and what the end of the enterprise terrorism act it's so vague and so broad that according to its supporters including democrats it could be used against nonviolent civil disobedience and to me that's really how this is all expanded it's gone from we need this to go after arsonist in vandals to now we need to go after nonviolent civil disobedience and then we need to go after photographers i mean it's getting worse and worse and better just witnesses on a public sidewalk seen a cow getting dragged with a bulldozer ryan shapiro the prolific four filer found this document that the
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f.b.i. basically said that animal rights activists were not a threat have never been a threat to humanity how are they justifying equating this to terrorism and in shapiro's work is a doctoral candidate at mit has also found some other incredible documents about the f.b.i. considering terrorism prosecutions for nonviolent undercover investigators like himself when he was an activist years ago photographing animal cruelty on the docks factory farms. so the disconnect between this is overwhelming i mean more people than ever before what to know about these issues they care they want to find out what's going on and the f.b.i. and industry are trying to shut that down well how did it feel to know that your work was being surveilled by the counterterrorism unit of the f.b.i. i would like to say i felt but it's troubling with you know i mean if you. had a body. that it hopefully can use on the next book which said my work was compelling and well written which was really flattering but at the same time you
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know the counterterrorism unit has been monitoring speeches and articles and interviews like this one this is not the type of material that should be a national security documents and journalists should not be surveilled right exactly what kind of corporations and i know that alec is involved in these two why i mean really briefly talk about who is actually pushing through this legislation so alec as i'm sure your viewers know is this a secretive corporate front group and they literally have corporate money to draft the legislation as state politicians go off to fancy dinners and broadway shows and they have a model bill called the animal in ecological terrorism or that includes much of this ag gag legislation that dates back to two thousand and three so for years and there are all these industries which are the pharmaceutical industry the big ag the national cattlemen's beef association the dairy industry have all been pushing very hard for attempts to criminalize their opponents and will if you're talking about expanding this project now it's taken off viral talk about what's next and how
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people can get involved we have about thirty seconds left it you know as this took off right away i mean really started working with people through ted ted fellow right now and met photographers and journalists all over the world who were eager to be involved and so we're sort of talking about how to expand it to other states how to use infrared and thermal technology on the drone as well and a lot of really creative ways that i think will help shed a light on what these industries are trying to hide big better watch out well part of the nation having on mandrake you so much for your work. are you guys after the break we'll all go over the personal impact of drone strikes in pakistan stick around. your friend post a photo from a vacation you can't afford. to different. the boss repeats the same old joke of course you like. your ex-girlfriend still pens tear
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jerking poetry keep. norris. we post only what really matters. to your facebook you st. i asked trey. in december as he has. more likely to be raped in college than in the real world. i didn't think people did that to each other when they knew each other i thought rape was a stranger on the bus this. girl complaining about the son of an alumni. millions of dollars through the school why listen to somebody who's going to lose money at the school of schools that make money based decisions are much more common than they would ever admit publicly. you got a lot of sneering and negative press for your engagements here in russia especially
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for your public appearances with food and even though they weren't explicitly political you were just supporting sports one of the scenes that certain people's regime has become very adept at is controlling the media for example right here c.n.n. do i think c.n.n. is you know completely telling it like it is no i think is they have an agenda i think through is is bought and paid for. right. first right. and i think.
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after a five month pause of u.s. drone strikes in pakistan the last few weeks have seen some of the most intense bombings on the country's soil to date in fact according to the bureau investigative journalism july was the bloodiest month of drone strikes in two years with as many as forty six killed in northern waziristan the u.s. drone campaign in conjunction with the pakistani military operation has killed at least five hundred fifty people and displaced another eight hundred thousand since june fifteenth according to the new york times but it's too often overlooked is that every casualty from this drone war has a face and a family left behind to mourn their loss one such family came to the u.s. not long ago to stand before congress and tell their story they are that we're
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right mon family headed by refuge and his two young children so bare and the below lost their grandmother when a drone struck their village in two thousand and twelve they came on the show earlier along with their lawyer jennifer gibson to discuss their story. zuberi can you briefly describe what happened on october twenty fourth two thousand and twelve well the thought of it was the day before either and i had just returned from school i was inside the house having a snack and then my grandma had told me to come outside and help her while she was harvesting the vegetable. we're going to prepare for the next day then i saw from the sky that was clear there was a drone that came overhead then two missiles fell right where my grandmother was standing right in front of me and everything became dark i couldn't tell if it was night or day anymore i could also smell smoke and i then felt a pain in my left leg despite the pain i tried my best to run out of there because i was very scared about five minutes later i heard the same dumb dumb noise and
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again a missile had come down but i kept running i later found out that my cousins who were still in the house they came out when they heard the first attack and then they were also injured by the second strike in total nine children were injured and i had left in my left leg. besides being physically hurt to this missile strike leave you with any psychological damage. everything just became brewing and i became very disturbed and anxious and i would have it and i'm constantly living in fear i sometimes would have trouble going to sleep even because when i hear the drones i just be scared that it's going to fall on the same thing's going to happen again just like when i saw my grandmother was blown. what were your first thoughts when you found out that american drone missile was responsible for your mother's. well. i actually was even in the city i wasn't in my village at the time when this had occurred i had gone to the nearby place to the bazaar to collect some supplies
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and to buy sweets for either which would be the next day when i returned to the village i saw that there are preparations for a funeral service and then i had asked some local village children whose funeral it was when they informed me that it indeed was my mother who was attacked. by an american drone i didn't know what to do i ended up fainting and i dropped all the stuff that i had just bought i just i've never heard so i've never been in a situation like this i just didn't know how to react and i felt as if a limb had been cut off for me. very sorry for your loss what was your message to both the american people and members of congress yesterday. my message today yesterday to the congressman and to the americans was i just wanted them to be aware of what had happened i wanted them to know that something bad had happened to us that we are innocent people that i'm just
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a teacher and i've never done anything wrong and that my children are not they don't mean any harm to anyone neither did my mother i also wanted to ask requests that to do whatever they can to end these drones because i dream of have living in a village where we live peacefully and that my children can grow up without fear they can grow up and to be to become professionals they can finish their education right now ever since this incident my children feared leaving the house and i worry deeply as an educator that this is going to cause them not to want to complete their studies. what's your response to politicians here in america who say these strikes are necessary to prevent terrorism. i don't i'm not trying to propose any policies i'm not a politician i'm just a teacher but all i see from this pacific incident that the drone had killed my mother she was the one who brought stability to my family and ever since her death
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i feel like everything has just been turned upside down what i want is peace in my neighborhood and i if they really think that drones is the answer i disagree i believe that this is something that's just dropped in our lives and that we're constantly living in fear and children do not want to continue their thank you for expressing in zubair how does it feel to be in the country that is responsible for your grandmother's. them was the reason i came to america was because i have nothing against americans therefore i'm enjoying my stay here i have seen that americans are very friendly and they're nice and that there's just like in pakistan we have good and bad people there are good and bad people everywhere what i did here though was that obama said that he throws these drones to go after bad people after terrorist but i'm not a terrorist and that's why i came here because i wanted to tell my story and i
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wanted to ask i've never done wrong to anyone so why did i get injured why did my sister get injured why did they kill my grandmother. we're asking all the same questions rafique do you would all blame the pakistani government for allowing these strikes to happen. i don't really know much about relations between the two governments but i do know about august on the government is supposed to take care of me as a citizen. what i also know is that when i did seek. answers from the pakistani government they told me that this was an american drone and what had happened to me although a tragedy i should not blame them that i should america. all i really care about is the destruction of my life right now i am just really concerned about how my children are going to get past this and i'm just here to seek answers thank you jennifer why do you think that the state department refused to issue
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a visa for the original lawyer bar when you never had problems under in the country before. only the state department why they didn't grant visa but one of the only conclusions you can draw is they didn't grant it because they don't want him coming here and speaking he had absolutely no problem coming to the u.s. before he started working on drones and sense that he it's become near so impossible for him to get a visa to come it's unfortunate because he's a critical voice in this debate he's one we should be engaging with and listening to and it's only when we start gaging with the human faces of this and listening to people like shazad that we can really get to the bottom of the true impact of what's going on absolutely jennifer this hearing has been a long time in the making what was the biggest challenge getting the reforms of the u.s. and were you disappointed that only five members of congress turned out for the hearing . oh i'm not sure what the biggest challenge as we've had a lot of them it's
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a band of at a six month process trying to get them here everything from time to get. and machines breaking down and that were necessary to upload the information to them having to get past or had their visa. process itself and then having to physically get them here i mean without. i had to make an extra. to pick them up they've never been on a plane before the whole journey has been absolutely fascinating for me and i think for them as well but in terms of the hearing yesterday. and the turnout if we had done this a year ago i don't think we would have had a single congressman that so i think it's absolutely amazing that i think the total count was six or five. six showed up they came in and. not in significant members of congress either you know we had someone from the house intel committee we had congressman conyers. you know there were there were
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some senior people there and it was nice to see them there it was nice to see them interacting with the family it was nice to see them say we heard you we care sorry . considering how only twenty six percent of americans disapprove of drone strikes the drone or what will it take for this practice to and. i'm hoping it's putting in a human face on it i'm hoping this week is the start of a change in those numbers that there was a poll earlier in the week that said that. you know the number drops dramatically in terms of approval when you look at whether they're killing civilians or not well the reality is here are three civilians right here who have been impacted by u.s. drone strikes they need answers we need transparency in the program and maybe if we can start putting faces to the numbers and engaging with the human side of this discussion rather than just the statistics we can start to get people to take
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action. how do you think the average american citizen going to help and these drone strikes. i think of it this way we're all human beings and by me coming here and sharing my story other human beings. having natural feelings will sympathize and realize that we're innocent people and that we have done nothing wrong and hopefully hopefully by listening to my story and seeing my children and not me and my hearing about my mother about being blown into pieces that they will put some pressure on their politicians but that's something that i can't really speak about it's just something that i hope for i hope for the same thing. to wrap this up would you like to say a message to the american people. with what i'd like to say to them is please find a way to end these drones just the injury on my leg is not the only thing that happened to me i've been impacted my life has changed i no longer feel like going
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outside and playing cricket or soccer volleyball with my friends i don't even feel comfortable going to meeting with my friends or going to school because i keep hearing the drones overhead and i'm scared that one day i may end up like my grandma. thank you so much for all of your courage for coming here fighting on behalf of the pakistani people. zubair not being home and jennifer gibson thank you so much. thanks for watching the show guys be sure to follow me on twitter admin well underscore rob below i'm back to marbridge the site with you guys for the rest of the week so you. just. twisted little secretly to.
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the words i would. live. speak. plain. little. sleep. little play a little play a little little. cross talk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want to.
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live. put it on your arm and a lot of the polish face i think sometimes people. a pleasure to have you with us here on t.v. today i'm sure. i marinate in the fine asshole the world. has to go it's not stop exuberance only take credit not going to get it in life there are good and
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so you got a lot of sneering and negative press for your engagements here in russia especially in the public appearances but. they weren't explicitly political you were just supporting sports the scenes that certain people who zoom has become very adept at is controlling the media for example right here c.n.n. do i think c.n.n. is you know completely telling it like it is no i think is a have an agenda i think through is is bought and paid for. audio in reality radiation is still there it's weak and it is killing our children they are dying also hard conditions asked no leukaemia but the authorities are still hiding the truth for most still and i don't know why don't they have children on their own because you heard so much to know the two counts protect our children
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from this. the police. pulling the plug.


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