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tv   Headline News  RT  August 13, 2014 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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to have you with us here on our t.v. today all researchers. coming up on our t.v. ferguson on the edge of the city has seen rioting for several days after police killed an unarmed teenager over the weekend r.t. has a crew in missouri following the latest developments. a humanitarian crisis continues in the eastern part of ukraine people caught in the crossfire are leaving the area as the death toll rises more from the embattled country coming up. plus a news network for teams a sixteen year old says he can do it and he has supporters backing him online we
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talk to the teenage entrepreneur who wants to change how young people stay informed . it's wednesday august thirteenth five pm in washington d.c. i'm in illinois and your watching r.t. america. we begin with breaking news the seventy two hour cease fire between israel and hamas ended however the temporary peace in the region may actually continue a mosque official tells the a.p. that the group has agreed to extend the truce to another seventy two hours other reports say it could be up to five days just two hours before the existing cease fire was set to end military sources in israel claimed hamas fired a rocket that hit a building and half ashkelon hamas has denied the accusations the latest incident came as a surprise to all part. he's involved in the negotiating process will keep you
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updated as more details become available since the beginning of the israeli operation in gaza back in july more than two thousand people have been killed and at least ten thousand injured and the fatal shooting of michael brown the armed eighteen year old in ferguson near st louis has sparked several nights of unrest throughout the area around was shot dead in broad daylight on saturday afternoon witnesses say as he was crossing the street with his hands up protestors speaking to the press have made statements such as it's not about michael brown it's about all of us that's referring to the widespread feelings of racial divide between the police and the community that they serve in ferguson which is largely african-american take a look at this the police department of ferguson has fifty three officers on the force of those only three of them are african-american
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a clear disparity in the racial demographic makeup of that town as you can see in this graph it's clearly a force that lacks racial diversity now overnight a drive by shooting occurred near the rioting area where one woman was shot in the head in that drive by but shortly there after yet another police related shooting reports say police were dispatched after reports of several armed men taking to the streets the subjects' gave chase and one of the men reportedly aimed their weapon at a police officer the officer responded by firing his weapon which led to the subject being critically injured in the exchange with more from ferguson is artie's on the . it was the family has got a town mortified angered and in search for answers. ferguson in the suburbs of st louis missouri a predominantly black community sees residents spilling out onto the streets
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following the death of michael brown and an armed eighteen year old who was shot multiple times by a local police officer on saturday riots looting and vandalism in sue one stores torched and burned down we've been dealing with injustice was so long when you got a lot of harassment out about a cops you don't say and i just forget that we can go on and on and on and it's the me how police in riot gear used tear gas for two nights in a row we can see right police in full gear broaching towards protesters and somebody just threw a bottle against a pas look they just fired tear gas. we were bitter gas and it got sort of quite a while where they were shooting into the complex and we were in the streets so why you shouldn't and so the complex shots were fired at police helicopters prompting the federal aviation administration to close airspace over ferguson on tuesday. after four days of chaos midweek you can still feel the tension in the air. police
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remain on high alert while the community demands justice is on the reason we are is for peace for justice. there's no reason why a young man should be righted in details of how and why michael brown was killed remain unclear as accounts of what happened differ according to police and altered cation for a police gun took place between brown and the officer who killed him in the service for six years his race and name are being kept under wraps in fear for his life but witness accounts differ from the official version locals have been saying that they have seen michael brown run away from the police car with his hands up in the air showing that he was unarmed and despite this he was still shot multiple times and died for a community that has long lost trust in law enforcement the tragic death of a teen about to start college was the breaking point this baby has been taken down and destroy who's going to be next which child is going to be next we just had
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trayvon and jordan davis and other black children all around the world this is a systematic rices problem is apartheid in america let's call it what it is local and federal investigations are currently ongoing but few here have trust and real accountability. while michael's life can't be brought back people here seen justice and a sweep of the system would bring back some relief to the streets there's races that these good ol group when it's all you need to vote the burton the chief get their l.f. guys they describe. few locals approve of the looting and violence that have taken place here but they see desperate times call for desperate measures. to reduce and misery. but the chilling footage of eric garner being put in a chokehold by n.y.p.d. as he's heard saying i can't breathe repeatedly is a picture that america won't soon forget it's all caught on video from
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a bystander but what if that video was captured by cameras physically mounted on the police officers well that's exactly what and why you see public advocate leticia james is calling for james hoped to have at least fifteen percent of precincts in new york try out this pilot program she argues that this sort of technology would not only create accountability and better behavior from police but that it would also begin to promote better relationships with the public at large so could officer mounted cameras be the future i was joined earlier by ian freeman host of free talk radio to discuss the pros and cons of this potential game changer i first asked him if police officers have a right to privacy when performing their jobs. well i think the more cameras we can have on the police the better off we are whether it's the police having cameras or more importantly individuals having cameras i mean i've done
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a lot with cop blocked out of order over the years one of the early the founders and kind of funders of that and i've seen a lot of police encounters and i've seen how cameras have changed those police encounters for the better in most instances it's certainly true that there have been instances of police freaking out about cameras becoming more violent as a result of that but i think overall it's a good policy to report police in and the police can have their own cameras that the public can access video from then all for the better now can you tell us what do you think are the concerns regarding the police officers having control over how over when to turn these cameras on and off when they feel like i mean what if they know they're getting in a sticky situation i mean when bad affected because they can control absolutely i mean you know you know the war control they have the war likely it's going to be that if you get into a situation with one of them that whoops the video didn't record or he'll claim that he did turn it on but the battery fillers will be some sort of we've seen this
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with the we've seen it with the dash cam sprinters for instance where they'll be reporting something that's really notable and then all of a sudden if you know i'm footage or the camera malfunction and so that's why it's so important for us to have our own cameras we can't rely on the police this is a good idea because adding an extra camera in can't hurt anything but we need to have our own dash cams when you know her own cell phones with them to user which is a great free app that you can install and stream video right out of the internet and also store it on your phone so if they take your phone the video is still out there they can take the video away so these are important tools that we need to arm up with and now does the argument that police officers shouldn't have to wear these cameras because they claim it violates their first amendment. rights does do you think that are going to hold water because of one as far as i can see it's no difference between them being on camera and say at the cashier at
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a store who is employers place a camera right over there their register is right it's ridiculous i've never heard the claim that having a camera on a police officer would violate their first amendment rights i'm not sure what exactly you know that would violate you know the first amendment supposedly protects free speech and freedom of the press you know the right to religion are the police saying it's against their religion to have a camera but it's bizarre well what about in terms of privacy i mean like like i said i mean when you're when you work for a private employer at at say a boutique they at the cashiers have cameras right above their heads right i mean what's the difference there is no difference i mean if an employer in this case the government wants to install cameras they certainly have cameras in their department i mean i've walked into plenty of police departments and you're on video when you go in there and so are their officers so obviously it seems to me that any objection from police whether it be the individuals or the police unions to having
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these cameras is based more out of the question of well what is it that you have i mean aren't you doing the public's were on the published on and should you be accountable and i know that here in new hampshire the police are supposed to be accountable for that and here in kenya where activists have regularly used cameras in the streets the police have become acclimated to that so again it really is really the key individuals getting out there and doing this kind of cop block stuff up wiped out or going to great so i can really help. to understand cameras and to be more respectful towards them but there can be that is you know kind of difficult learning period where they might arrest a few people where they were and so now on that note in these cities where cops don't have cameras you know not on their cars not on their person what can the public do to keep them you know at within their within their range.
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of. legal force i should say. well obviously using force in response to the police is a terrible idea so remaining peaceful remaining as call means possible and reporting video in whatever manner you possibly can whether it's having a dash cam which are so cheap these days there's no reason not to have one that way you're reporting you know what's happening in front of your car what's happening in the cab usually the dash cams have two cameras on them so you'll have you know all almost three hundred sixty degrees of coverage there and that also helps if you get into an accident and you've got a video record of something that's happened there so it's also useful for other things you've got your smartphone many people have these more and more people have smartphones if you've got a smartphone you know there's a video up on there by default but again i recommend them to use or use or be a and b. us are it's a free app it streams video live to the internet and selecting the really important question if you're out on streets or not in your car you can just reach down have that thing set up where you can quickly access it and go and start recording
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situation and don't be afraid to record it takes practice the police are intimidating they're trained to be intimidating and so it can be scary when you're reporting to police especially for the first time so you can help to actually go out specifically into the streets on like a friday or saturday night with other people who you know and trust and have multiple people with multiple cameras because we go out alone against the police there's a good chance we're going to pick on you they're bullies in a lot of cases and they you know two versus three three versus one whatever they're going to come after you so try to outnumber the police with your cameras as well asa thank you so much that this is definitely an ongoing topic and i'm sure we will talk about some more in a future that was airframe in the house every top live thanks for being on the south thanks for having me manila. the number of victims from the fighting in eastern ukraine has doubled in just the last two weeks that's according to figures released by the united nations human rights office the estimated death toll is now
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over two thousand that means an average of seventy people have been killed daily since the beginning of the conflict in mid april at least five thousand people have been injured and overall the war has affected over eighty thousand people those who may have had their homes destroyed or lost family members most are victims of shelling and airstrikes in civilian areas now as the fighting and suze are to correspondent or if an ocean or accompanied one of the refugees all the way from war torn with guns to the border of russia but in today's unloading who don't get pulled in the guns pecking they has been noted to city in most of the city for almost two weeks now and this show. has already sent her daughter and her grown to two family friends in the russian they didn't see each other for
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a month we meet her when she's getting ready to follow them kompany her all the way to the border. you live just stop for us we wake up stand in the bread line for two hours then get a water and there were two camille to eat and the same thing happens every day at this time was standing in line we can only center the news on the radio very ingenious husband was due to come back from a trip to their country house this morning but he's still not back the phones are down and she has no way of knowing what's delayed him. but with daily bombings she can't help but be worried when monday says any of the there is no connection so i don't even know what happened to him maybe he went to visit his brother one in tina puts in her girl's winter clothes and finishes packing she leaves her home was sick
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specs and a very heavy heart. zenaida from the guns krege and has cancer her home was shelled twice but she tries to remain body and but even her up to me soon was not enough to do with what she saw that day that convinced her she can stay in lugansk bush. i was at a bus stop and then i decided to leave for some reason soon as i left the bus stop a shell exploded right behind me five people died one man had his head blown off and a woman lost her leg took me three days to get over it she says making the decision to leave was not an easy one but it was a very quick one. it's not about the fear of death but more of our great panic was always going on but she was this for their peaceful people here zenaida leaves and just like many others hopes to come back but she fears that you would
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never be able to do so. well we talked as he needed but in tina reunites with her husband and three public transportation is sporadic at best and he missed his bus with no way to call home it's less than sixty kilometers from lugansk to the border but this journey might seem endless to those forced to flee. already in russia it's a mixture of pain anger despair and hope as these people turning lead paint of their lives so later wellington and her husband will spend some time in this refugee camp at the russian ukrainian border until they manage to get to their final destinations joining thousands of others who lead is the new crane living their lives and homes behind them they do not know what tomorrow holds in store but at least they say their war he's now behind them. in ukraine and russia.
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teenagers are lazy ill informed and apathetic when it comes to politics right while those are the stereotypes that andrew democrat or a teenage journalist from cleveland is trying to change he's a high school junior he's already known for his confrontation with nancy pelosi for her stance on the n.s.a. take a listen why are you supporting me on this series legal when you get what is going to be very much. well i do not question it's a bad thing that a data collection that they were collecting unless they are recent to do so you did vote for a bill to continue funding for the n.s.a. the. deal of course i don't think you should not for the securities that know they do then there's a baby in a serious violation in the form of the money the symbol of what they should but they do should be subjected to scrutiny and some of the things. well now the sixteen year old is setting his sights on crowdfunding his youth news network
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called political asked the online news network will specifically target the youth of america and will feature national and international correspondents and stories and andrew joined me earlier today and i asked him what inspired him to pursue this news project. i probably have to say the just the youth is the literal future of our country in our world and it's just so disconcerting right now here in america you know teens or people just can't vote until they're eighteen so my thought process is that if you can't vote until then people kind of think apathetically hey why should i even bother to understand politics and with political aspect something that we want to change and that's a really good point because you know the fact that people are too young to vote before eighteen so they do turn eighteen and they kind of don't know where to go from there right so that probably prevents a lot of even eighteen and nineteen year old voters seem to feel that's true definitely and that's the thing too you know we kind of phrase this the first news
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platform for political broadcasting run by teens but i also kind of i guess i interchangeably the word teen and used to because just because someone's you know one day over eighteen years old i don't think we really want to exclude them from this but the general premise is that how we want to go about doing this is we want to get a handful of teens and youth that are already interested in politics and already somewhat knowledgeable and take their knowledge put them on air package them professionally rent out a studio and package everything so it's visually appealing and engaging to people watching and then the second step is to syndicate that content produced by these are ready knowledgeable teens syndicate that via social media to interactive teens because we know all too well that teens can't get enough of being on their smartphones and then in so doing we hope to really inspire the interactive youth to become active and take that next step and become you know an anchor or reporter
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on politico asked we want everybody to be a part of this and that's great for this content with become available to take with them on their smartphones on their i pads right so now what exactly what do you believe personally what do you believe is the cause of the political apple. among the youth and how will your network combat that apart from what you've you've already mentioned exactly well like i already mentioned just to go back for a second you know the main reason that i see is that you know we can't vote until we're eighteen therefore why bother to understand politics but the fact is like i said the youth is the future of our country and even beyond the youth just in general if people don't take an interest in politics politics will take an interest in down and you know if we're the future of our country we just need to get active and so the way we're going to combat this is kind of like i said to syndicating this content via social media to people so they can see it and we'll also try to
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simplify the buzzwords of media and the bureaucratic language of government to you know the motto that i kind of thought of was simplification without dilution we want to simplify the news to the point where it can be easily understood and easily accessed without trying to take away from the actual content and meat and potatoes of the stories that we cover now let's talk program play about the the media climate today as it exists right now why do you feel that the current news outlets are failing to reach people in your generation. well for one you know like i said the content is just kind of drab they use all these big words that nobody really seems to understand so that for one also you know with the advent of social media that's one of the aspects that we really want to harness and utilize to our advantage here with political as with social media everything's decentralized you know in mainstream media here in america ninety percent of the media climate is
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controlled by five corporations i think so the flow of information is just so restrictive and that's another thing that we really want to emphasize with political asked as well we want to have not only the studio broadcast that we're that we're going to rent a studio for so like i said everything looks professional and people are engaged in retentive but also we want to have reporters actually go out go on scene in two thousand and sixteen the r. and c. is actually coming here to cleveland so that's one of the local issues that we want to cover are local events we want to cover it could become an issue if it's like tampa where was a police state in the last r. and c. and then we also want to have reporters that are traveling around the country and also we want to. get reporters and get youth involved from even around the globe we want to have international contributors so all those combined i think we have a really unique and unprecedented prospect here that has a lot of potential yeah it sounds like that would be a more interesting way to access the people in your age group in
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a way that the existing media outlets are not doing to engage them so that you found that the use of these you know these very expansive words and a kind of makes news not accessible to the youth is that right it is that kind of condescending to the youth definitely and going back to your last point of how we can engage the youth and kind of combat the the apathy that we're facing now as far as america in the world's youth and another idea that i kind of thought of just the other day actually a few days after launching political ask the campaign here is that kind of like we see we've seen in. in breaking the set on r t with abby martin she integrates a lot of pop culture music in our work and stuff and i think if we can integrate that as well it'll it'll be an extra added bonus that the youth can kind of get engaged with so even if you're not interested in politics per se as far as you know the ins and outs and everything i think you can still take part and you know convey
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your message in and in an interesting medium now even though you mentioned that stuff like the pop culture references can we still expect more hard hitting questions like the grilling that you gave banty policy and definitely that's that's one of that's also one of the reasons that i kind of came up with political ass as far as inspiration because after uploading and posting about online after one of viral so many people said we need more people like andrew and you know i take that with a grain of salt this isn't about me but just the fact that with the youth demographic it's just so interesting and unique because you know like nancy pelosi politicians don't expect these questions to come from just you know your average kid so so i think by putting you through reporters out there kids you know you see with babies they just tell the truth tell things like it is so i think if we can get people to use demographic like i said out there asking real questions i think that would be something really promising to change the very gloomy media landscape we see right
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now address thank you so much your project sounds awesome i can't wait to see more from you thank you that was answered down that are the founder paletta cass thanks for being on the shout thanks so much. and our t.v. has been nominated for an international emmy for our extensive coverage of the guantanamo bay hunger strike take a look. we're not psyched to an octave camps at one time their patients are horsemen on the terms of their strike never turn world's attention to the place that some jobs gulag of arts minds. are t. was one of the only news stations to send cameras and crews to the u.s. detention center we were also one of the only stations to illuminate the harsh conditions the detainees endure on a daily basis are too focused on the dire conditions of the detainees and the
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perils they faced during their hunger strikes the winners will be announced on september thirtieth in new york and that does it for now for more on the stories we just covered go to you tube dot com forward slash r t america. pakistan is the only country in the world where polio infections increased last year and according to the world health organization that's a direct result of president obama bragging all over the place for political gain here's the story remember when the obama administration gave their spiel about how
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they killed osama bin laden in pakistan and of course you do president obama was all over the t.v. bragging about it hollywood even made a movie about it which come on is free to kill this white house officials really give information about how they got bin laden to every media outlet they came across they leaked so much information that dianne feinstein even called for a criminal investigation into the leaks but of course they were bragging all over the place with all the bad news about the economy and a crappy foreign policy everyone in the obama administration was incredibly thrilled to have this blockbuster story to make them look like heroes again the problem is that a lot of the leaked information gave the taliban and pakistan a lot of pluto's as to how the cia operates over there they were watching obama's media blitz along with everyone else so along with the rest of the world the taliban heard how the cia recruited shaquille afridi
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a senior pakistani doctor to run a door to door hepatitis b. vaccination drive in an effort to collect d.n.a. they were vaccinating people and collecting d.n.a. to help find bin ladin when they got wind of that the taliban banned the polio vaccine. where e that is just another cia plot and now they're targeting and killing doctors who tried to administer vaccines in pakistan as a result according to pakistani officials there are now two hundred and fifty thousand children without their vaccines just to avoid a cia plot pakistan saw a fifteen percent increase in polio cases last year the country was on its way to eradicating polio completely until the taliban learned how the cia it used to have but i didn't leave a clean campaign to do their dirty work officials have no doubt of the direct relationship.


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