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tv   Headline News  RT  August 18, 2014 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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for a change when you throw a punch be ready for a battle pretty well off speech and down the street into class. breaking news this hour on the international whistleblower julian announces hill be leaving the ecuadorian embassy soon. and national guard is called up to move into the u.s. . after police once again turn up protestors as a curfew is extended into a second night. of trucks from a russian humanitarian convoy is finally at the ukrainian checkpoint ready to go we check inside the trucks ourselves to see what is it really carrying. on with the cease fire in gaza said to expire soon fears grow over a new suffering report on
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a palestinian man who's been left speechless to being held for a month in israeli detention. thanks for joining us i'm sure a prominent whistleblower julian has announced he'll be leaving the ecuadorian embassy very soon if they refused to give any details about when that would happen or under what circumstances he refused to confirm reports of his declining health although that even in prison you're allowed to go outside for an hour each day you also pointed out that he has not been charged in the u.k. or in sweden in fact what mr assad was saying was of course this goes back a couple of years now to so-called rape allegations officials and claiming that
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a woman says julian. assange has been denying it. to sweden then over to washington that of course has been. has been stopped from happening for two years now mr assad stuck inside the ecuadorian embassy and i will be teasing i would squeeze will be speaking to you because she's standing by soon to give us the full scoop of the continuation of this live press conference with a songe in the ecuadorian embassy. in the meantime authorities in the u.s. suburb of focus on missouri have announced the deployment of the national guard to quell the ongoing violence there. the police again rounds of tear gas against protesters rallying over the killing of a black teenager by an officer last week security forces say that was in response to protesters reportedly throwing molotov cocktails at them a curfew has now come into effect for a second night following more than
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a week of demonstrations that are also calling for police to stop their crackdown on mostly peaceful protests it's now just off for his artie's anastasio charkha. could tell now would have been hard to imagine a moment where we would have to report in helmets from the streets of missouri earlier just hours ago complete mayhem and chaos was already unraveling on the streets hours before the curfew began where police were firing tear gas at protesters l. rods were being used we know that at least one person was injured really may have on the ground people with children still victim to the tear gas being used we know that a woman in a chill wheelchair was trying to speed away from the scene and just really really hectic heavily militarized police for the second night of curfew here night after night this is exactly a week now since clashes began here between protesters and police after the death of unarmed eighteen year old michael brown because of multiple shots fired bullets by a police officer the community has been coming out on to the streets demanding accountability
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and justice they have not seen many answers if any at all to the death that took place and they're continuing to come out onto the streets to demand that so we'll be here bringing you all the latest as events here unravel as this curfew now begins. well protesters claim the police aggression against ferguson demonstrations as well it's out of proportion armored vehicles have been deployed to quell the unrest and images from one of the rallies show an officer wearing some well very serious combat gear for example his equipment includes a military grade helmet and tactical goggles weapon of choice possibly a tear gas launch your gun right there is also two massive knives on his hips known as fighting knives we spoke to dr mark mason and activists from the occupy movement he said it's very very in wiring to witness the militarization of what should be a normal police. what we have now on the streets these are not police these are
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paramilitary troops you go to central america and sure we're going to find the same thing i cannot over emphasize that i'm old enough to see a very very frightening transition in the united states where the militarization of the police is a movement by. the owners of this country the last year alone in two thousand and thirteen one year the u.s. pentagon donated more than four hundred million dollars almost a half a billion dollars of military grade equipment to police departments in the united states that's one year old lone almost half a billion dollars of material they are not trained to use this material they don't know what they're doing with it and we should not have paramilitary troops not on the streets ferguson and not in the streets of central america either this is clear violent state suppression of dissent. the first of almost three
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hundred russian trucks destined for eastern ukraine are at the border checkpoint waiting to be let through it's taken three days numerous hurdles and a great deal of uncertainty for a key have to finally accept that yes indeed actually the convoy is only carrying humanitarian aid for the vehicles undergo the very last inspection however we dispatched oxys them or if an option to jump inside and see what she can find in the big eighteen wheelers. these sixteen tracks from the russian humanitarian convoy others first to reach the russian ukrainian border they are now parked here literally meters away from donetsk is right in a border checkpoint and you know today the cargo these trucks are carrying has only been inspected by the representatives of the international red cross and now we're going to do the same i'm going to pick up the truck and lastly it's going to open it for us. military to see here's the truck is on.
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it's about the last. reason we're simply carrying it wasn't brought wasn't going. book wait for. their bags or just in case anyone suspects it's guns and munition or something else like weapons of mass destruction but what i did is tells me that each bag is fifty kilograms and there are one hundred sixty bags here which means a tool to hold. eight tons and this is he tells me the maximum or what they struck can carry well these trucks are now ready to cross the border to deliver its humanitarian cargo to those in eastern ukraine who are in desperate need the driver as we have been able to speak to here told me that there will be
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two more inspections at the checkpoint from the russian and from the ukrainian side and after that security will be the major challenge for these tracks as the convoy is supposed to travel through regions in eastern ukraine where clashes are still continuing resolution r.t. russian here kryten border. now the convoy is heading for the struggling population of eastern ukraine which continues to be bombarded by kiev and ukrainian army is aiming to sever connections between the two largest cities lugansk here all the way to do and yes in order to do so though they're trying to take control over dozens of tiny towns and villages on this road that connects both of the main hubs for example music right there anti government fighters managed to destroy one of the rocket launchers the army is being using in that area and then over to. the right here also came under fire many houses there being raised to the ground but arguably the most important town is that of my key right in the middle because of its
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proximity to and yet because basically as close as you can get to the city without actually being in the city itself the fighting there doesn't stop even at night and half the town has been already severely damaged now if indeed the army succeeds donetsk will be totally cut off from any humanitarian corridors left at all the cities or thora he's already warned people that the water supply is being cut off there's no electricity in most districts and deliveries of food and drinking water arrive once every several days and on top of that bombs and rockets continue to rain down killing dozens and destroying what little people have left. and on the diplomatic front some progress has been made in an attempt to resolve the ukrainian crisis the russian foreign minister has just spoken to the press after a five hour long set of talks with top diplomats from germany france and ukraine so to get a lover of it said that a consensus has been reached on russian humanitarian aid both now and in the future
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as well as on the issue of border controls over the sides didn't find understanding on two stumbling blocks that of other cease fire and the political process the foreign minister stressing that the ceasefire must be unconditional but he said kiev continues to demand vague conditions also so get off it off on the line that national unity is key to resolving the crisis. in the meantime doesn't seem at all ball that actually over the whereabouts of a russian photo journalist missing in the country for two weeks now the interior ministry has said it doesn't want to be bombarded with questions over andree stand in although earlier it did issue a search warrant and blamed anti government forces for holding him captive and ukrainian officials have repeatedly gone back and forth admitting then denying that they had him stand in disappeared on august the fifth in eastern ukraine he was covering the military crackdown on the region you can get all the details on understanding on his work as well at r.t.
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dot com. thanks for joining us today still to come a bit later in the program america steps up its offensive in iraq u.s. warplanes support kodesh forces an assault on the country's largest dam and that's while the british prime minister calls for even more involvement in the fight against the hottest. and they say that lightning never strikes the same place twice and that would be true unless that is you get your hands on a machine that looks something like that that is able to actually produce thunderbolts just with a push of a button. it was very interesting because it would drop out of the sky that would roar back up that would shift across a few degrees. of the circle in combat at
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a speed but you know just astronomical speeds. on marriage in the financial world. let's stop and see them fully take you know demand not going to get a new life. those who want to get involved to stop isis in iraq are allied with isis in syria we still should be doing everything we can do for the free syrian opposition who will continue to provide military assistance and advice to the iraqi government and kurdish forces as they battle these terrorists.
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hello again to gaza we go where large crowds have taken advantage of a temporary ceasefire as a protest against israel's a military offensive the truce is set to expire later today with fears growing that will just mean yet more bloodshed until now the conflict has already claimed nearly two thousand palestinian lives and left many more scarred by its physically and mentally artie's harry fear has a story of one of mine in particular who's actually been left literally speechless by what happened to him. in the loft directly from the north and west bank is still unable to speak properly or move his legs following twenty eight days of israeli detention the thirty year old was returning home having attended job interviews in the united arab emirates when he was arrested at the crossing point between jordan and the west bank which is in part controlled by israel almost a month later he was released into palestinian jurisdiction in
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a critical condition with his medical records withheld doctors say when he arrived at the hospital he was rigid unable to move his wife says he could move nothing by his eyes and appeared to be dead or a kid i was eerily freight for him his the type who can't handle insult and humiliation and you must have been a very difficult experience for him he's an extremely sensitive person and he does not except in some little humiliation. a high flying computer engineer who was apparently a normal healthy until his arrest. doctors say he was injected with unknown substances that shocked his system sending him into a comatose state and the patient was given meds new during his detention which are known to us that the hospital presented symptoms of stroke and he was shaking his lawyer says israel claimed he was a member of hamas and supported the movement something his father vehemently denies
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and i know my son he doesn't. remember of any searches even but even how much he was happy even anybody and he just he is thirty years old and he just good with his home with his family with his war with his job until a few days ago it was mute and unconscious now able to mumble words he took hours to tell his father he did allegedly undergone harsh treatment forced into stress positions and kept in total isolation in what he called a black hole of the i didn't see him i didn't allowed me to see him or even see him a field research or for an israeli human rights group says the evidence suggest mark was subjected to treatment that exceeds israel's own red lines it seems that he was broken psychologically afric did from the atmosphere of detention from
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that we have. with him no one from the israeli prison service or army was available to respond to these serious accusations but a spokesperson for the defense ministry said no one is ever detained without a security matter connected to them one of the victim's neighbors visited him at the hospital he too alleged he been arbitrary targeted at the same crossing ten days ago i was on my way to saudi arabia and they sent me back to the border this is another example. daily abuse imposed on people not just for there being problems without having committed any crime. investigator abdul karim says israel stepped up its policy of restrictions since the beginning of the recent gaza conflict sometimes during the two hundred to three hundred beslan deny access and this is i think this collective punishment moth's case although on usually severe highlights
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the tight control that israel's army and ministry of defense have a palestinians freedom of movement both inside and while returning to their own occupied territory the message from palestinians here is that it's not just the blockaded gaza strip that is at the mercy of israel's security apparatus harry fear r.t. the occupied west bank. well many more stories for you right now on our website including this one you might use it but should you trust it. a conference held about wiki pedia. side of the world's most. taken from the international space station.
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in the meantime on the program the u.s. has stepped up its. largest military operation since the official withdrawal of troops in twenty eleven american warplanes of the positions and vehicles of. trying to help kurdish forces or retake control of iraq's largest. the strategically important facility supplies water and electricity to the north of the country and was seized by islamic militants this month. managed to take over large areas of iraqi territory in the north and declare. this is the u.k. prime minister has called for a broader security response towards the threat posed by the islamic state he claimed humanitarian efforts are simply not enough to cope with the issue he suggests using the country's military to destroy the. socialists an expert on iraq says the british support of rebels in neighboring syria.
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and iraq. this is something. the british government should have thought about. when it started funding arming the various groups in syria and said to you over ten billion pounds were spread about fifteen billion dollars and some estimates. and within the context of syria with figures are not available but certainly britain. tens of millions of pounds on the pain. to destabilize syria basically and make it open to all these terrorist organizations these terrorist organizations were created used and used by by the west some factors including including britain and that's the british leader calls for more involvement in iraq let's have a look at what the previous campaign cost we're going to numbers for you here on the program for example there were forty six thousand british. nearly one hundred
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eighty of them died the government expected to only blow two point five billion because of what it turned out to be more than three times that amount most of the spending went to the military with barely five percent of the money going to any of the humanitarian aid efforts are less bring your around the world now a bit quicker than headlines in brief now out of pakistan tens of thousands of antigovernment protests on the streets opposition announcing a forty eight hour ultimatum to the current prime minister to resign also urging pakistanis not to pay their taxes or utility bills the police estimate around fifty five thousand people right there in the eye of the liberian capital quarantine center for ebola patients has been attacked and looted by a crowd claiming the current epidemic is a hoax at least seventeen patients reportedly a skate while ten others were taken away by their families and the attackers sparked fears the deadly virus will simply spread. to indonesia where
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thirteen more survivors have been found after a tourist boat sank on saturday still though two foreign nationals are missing more than a dozen people were on board the boat when it hit a coral reef or went down just off the east coast of indonesia. thunder and lightning for centuries mankind has been amazed as well as rather terrified of the all threatening beauty of nature's fury but these days days though it's actually being domesticated if you understand for now we can even create thunderbolts with the push of a button as ati's any reports. shooting thunderbolts at the click of a button. that takes something as tall curvy and alien looking as these three hundred tons of capacitors and wires deep in the woods and who cares that it's decades old when it can do this. this monster
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machine split second output is enough to power a city like moscow twice over but it's not there to kick out power stations hollywood effects maybe no but it could save your life suspiciously it we use it to test the impact of lightning on things like aircraft if a plane a struggle by a thunderbolt in could cause a disaster here we're testing models to make sure the planes are properly protected and the designers know where to place the vital equipment one such test means at least a couple of thousand zaps the longest lightning zigzag ever produced here was over two hundred meters no surprise then that the home of man made thunderstorms has become a magnet for fans and tourists and i think i was the luckiest. it's finally dark outside now it's only
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a matter of this. train go r t. let's go back to our breaking news here on r.t. international after two years of a stalemate of the ecuadorian embassy in london there's been some rather dramatic developments today in the case of the chief wiki leaks julian assange which. the. forty it was actually the press conference of polly good to see you you were inside actually one of the journalists able to ask julian a question i would also add to that i have to say there in the ecuadorian embassy behind you. well first of all there's a sea of reporters outside the embassy all responding to the room is that was cycle
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eight this morning that julian assange could be leaving the embassy and giving himself up to the british will surratt see there was a lot of reports about his ill health and talking about a very dangerous heart condition a chronic lung condition but i was inside that press conference and he did very cryptically when we pressed him about it he very cryptically said that he would be leaving the embassy stude now that's obviously fueled speculation has no. shortage of reporters out here and certainly policeman who would be willing to grab him should he emerge but actually off to his statements about leaving the embassy we caught a putin you're the. jorian foreign minister stepped in and started talking about finding a diplomatic solution as quickly as possible to this stalemate that's taken two years now and not really going anywhere that i can confirm that ricardo petain you
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left the ecuadorian embassy off to the press conference julian assange did not leave the embassy he went back to his forces and that's where. he's state now in regards to his health and he told me that his health is suffering as a result of being locked inside the building for two years but he says effectively he's been a prisoner for over. for years now ever since he was taken to prison or what charge the placed in solitary confinement in prison here where he said he got an hour outside a day that's not what he's getting here because there's no outside space in the ecuadorian embassy here so he says he's got. a deficiency a victim indian he didn't get he didn't respond to the specific heart condition or lung condition questions he just said that his health is suffering as any healthy human being would suffer but he said that he regarded putin here and julian assange
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spoke about perhaps trying to find a diplomatic solution to this stalemate either organizing safe passage or finding a way of overturning that extradition request to sweden all right art he's a political right outside the accord or an embassy thanks for the. and thank you for joining us here not international coming up next on the network's sophie shevardnadze a talking to the former canadian defense minister who swears we are being visited by extra terrestrials from the u.k. there you're about to be joined by afshan returns. trust me i like video games you could tell from my physique but they like all media can distort reality in the minds of kids and one swedish journalist in something very unusual to step his kids back into the real world journalist carl magnus held
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in son seemed almost addicted to the legendary military first person shooter game call of duty so since they like killing people online with guns he decided to take them to the gaza strip to show them what war is all about mr helder and brought his boys to a refugee camp where they could see injured kids just like themselves getting their wounds to stop they got to see all the blood and tears apparently this in your face method of parenting works and his children have stopped their on line war this strategy might sound a little extreme and we're all very expensive i can't afford to fly my family to israel to prove a point but sometimes we all the to be smacked in the face with reality as a man there's something attractive about roman conquests our ranks of musket fire and a pulley on a conflict those images are nice but the reality is blood and death and if more kids could have the same experience as a healthier and family well we might have less war mongers around but that's just my opinion.
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talking about languages but i will only react to situations i have read the reports . with the no i will leave them to the state to comment on your reply. to secure a car is on the dock you know. you know no more weasel words. what they need a direct question be prepared for a change when you when you should be ready for a. pretty upscale age. down to freedom to. do we speak your language or not a. news program seems documentaries in spanish what matters to you breaking news a little too in a different angle these stories. you hear. that
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the spanish find out more visit. hello welcome to sophie and co i'm so full share of our knots and call haley are served best to canadian minister of defense in the one nine hundred sixty s. shaping the country's armed forces for years to come it was only in his retirement that he says he made a life changing discovery he became the first cabinet level politician from educate could.


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